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Nov 17, 2017 Phantom Limb Pain Essay,

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another earth essay Rhoda Williams, played by actress Brit Marling who also co-wrote the Phantom Limb Essay, screenplay to dorian, this movie #8216;Another Earth#8217;, has the Phantom Pain Essay, world at her fingertips. She#8217;s young, pretty, smart and intellectually advanced to screw pump, the point that she will be enrolling at M.I.T. in Phantom Limb Essay, the coming fall. Unfortunately Rhoda#8217;s intellectual common sense didn#8217;t get the bath, memo that it#8217;s bad to drink and drive, while staring off at the sky looking at Limb Pain Essay blue dots which may or may not be an concurs meaning, alternate earth. A truly intelligent person would probably pull over to look at Limb Pain blue dots in the sky, but then director Mike Cahill#8217;s film would be about Gas Fracking Risks something else altogether, and Phantom Essay, it was fine the the father science is considered to be, way it was. What Rhoda#8217;s drunken distracted driving has done is Phantom Limb Essay caused the deaths of the wife, child and unborn child of tmc ecampus, Yale music professor John Burroughs (William Mapother), and she also put him in a coma for Limb Pain Essay, a while but he has survived. Rhoda did four years for screw pump, this senseless crime, but she was underage at the time so at Phantom Pain Essay twenty one they put her back on the street. Dorian Name! Also in the four years that Rhoda was down, that alternate Earth has become crystal clear in Phantom Pain, the night sky.

At it looks to be identical to ours in concurs meaning, every way, shape and form. Phantom Pain! But back to mockingjay bird in real, Rhoda, what does this convicted felon do with her life now? What she should do is Phantom enroll in college and use this advanced intellect of her to dorian, try to make the world a better place. Phantom Pain! What she does do is the father political science is considered to be track down the Phantom Essay, extremely damaged John Burroughs, both physically and warm, mentally, and start messing with him. Pain Essay! In all honesty she was attempting to concurs meaning, meet with John to apologize to Phantom Limb Pain, him for what she had done, which we here recognize as a terribly selfish act since the tmc ecampus, only person this apology could bring any satisfaction to Pain, is herself, but we know she thinks she has the concurs meaning, best intentions. But Rhoda couldn#8217;t even manage to Limb, pull that off.

Instead she hangs around this extremely damaged cat, cleans his home, befriends him, and does some other things that she really probably shouldn#8217;t have done. Back to screw pump, the other Earth, not only is Pain it identical to tmc ecampus, ours in form and Phantom Pain Essay, topography, it#8217;s also identical down the name, souls that inhabit it. Limb Pain! In fact it looks as if the tmc ecampus, people on that earth and our earth have lived their lives in Essay, complete synchronicity#8230; at mockingjay bird life least until we saw each other#8230; then theoretically the Pain, synchronicity was broken. Advantages Over Include! How this relates to Phantom Pain Essay, our story is. that it is possible that Rhoda on the other earth didn#8217;t do what Rhoda on our earth has done, which means maybe John#8217;s family is screw pump alive on Earth II. The only way to know this is to Phantom Limb Essay, go there, which looks like this just might happen. Natural! What happens next is entirely open for discussion for Phantom Pain, anybody who has seen this movie. I enjoyed Mike Cahill#8217;s #8216;Another Earth#8217; well enough, and of modern science to be, I had been looking forward to seeing it after I had heard the Pain, description of it a year or so ago, even though I have just gotten around to watching it. So I#8217;ll be spoiling stuff, even though I imagine anybody who has wanted to see this movie has probably seen it already.

This is tmc ecampus a very quiet, methodical drama, with a tinge of Science Fiction coloring the Limb Pain, edges, and it plays out is considered to be, almost as if it is Phantom Limb Essay a two person play. To that end both Brit Marling and William Mapother are very effective in their roles, Mapother projecting the debilitating physical and emotional pain that exists almost constantly within his character, Marling displaying her characters emotional immaturity which is concurs meaning why she makes a number of Phantom Pain Essay, poor decisions which compound upon the father of modern to be one another. Phantom! It#8217;s the advantages over quadrupedalism, end of the film which has most people talking, Rhoda winning an Phantom Limb Pain, essay to Essays, go on the first trip to alternate Earth but giving her ticket to John. Phantom Limb Essay! Then we have Rhoda coming home one day to mockingjay, find Alternate Earth Rhoda waiting for Phantom Pain Essay, her. What did that mean? Well I don#8217;t know, but we all have theories and Natural Gas Fracking Essays, this is what separates #8216;Another Earth#8217; from Pain Essay 99.2% of the dorian meaning, movies we see in Limb Pain, that it does open an screw pump, audience to discuss these theories with this audience given just enough information that maybe their theories might make sense. The Synchronicity is obviously broken since Earth 1 Rhoda gave her ticket away while Earth 2 Rhoda kept hers. But is Pain John#8217;s family dead on Earth 2? Earth 1 Rhoda wrote an essay about how she messed up so many lives, but did Earth 2 Rhoda write the tmc ecampus, same essay? I mean how else would Earth 2 Rhoda hitch a ride on Limb Essay the ship? Unless Earth 2 Rhoda wrote an parsons, essay about Essay how she almost messed up a bunch of the father is considered to be, lives, which probably wouldn#8217;t have won a contest, or perhaps Earth 2 Rhoda#8217;s life went as planned, she went to M.I.T and was so academically gifted that she became an astronaut right out of college and was on the crew of that ship.

I think that#8217;s highly unlikely as well. Limb! Some have noted that Earth 2 Rhoda was dressed very nice and bird in real, looked successful, unlike grungy Earth 1 Rhoda, but come on#8230; Earth 2 Rhoda just caught a spaceship to another planet to meet somebody extremely special to Phantom Pain Essay, her, so she#8217;s going to dress up a little, right? No, my thought is that Rhoda killed John#8217;s family on of modern political science is considered to be both planets. Phantom Limb! Rhoda 2 just didn#8217;t or couldn#8217;t give her ticket away. Concurs Meaning! There is Phantom Pain still a certain amount of screw pump, synchronicity that is maintained, observe both doctors still communicating with each other on Phantom Limb Pain Essay both earth#8217;s at the same time, well after we#8217;ve become aware of name, each other#8217;s existence. Limb Pain! Thus with that thought, Earth 2 Rhoda still went to dorian name, the party, still drank too much, still tried to Pain Essay, drive home and probably saw the theory, blue dot in the sky at the same time.

This is Phantom Pain Essay going to suck for concurs meaning, John 1 when he meets with the equally miserable John 2, but maybe they can find some joy in Phantom Pain Essay, each other. Concurs Meaning! Even if his family were alive on Phantom Earth 2, then what? They have a husband and life, father and don#8217;t need another. Of course this all a discussion about Limb Pain Essay something that may or may not have happened in tmc ecampus, a movie about something that doesn#8217;t exist, but this what makes #8216;Another Earth#8217; a special movie.

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Phantom Limb Pain Essay

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Nov 17, 2017 Phantom Limb Pain Essay,

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Simple Ways to Phantom, Assess the Writing Skills of concurs meaning Students with Learning Disabilities. Student writing can be evaluated on Phantom Limb Pain five product factors: fluency, content, conventions, syntax, and vocabulary. Writing samples also should be assessed across a variety of purposes for writing to give a complete picture of meaning a student's writing performance across different text structures and genres. These simple classroom help in identifying strengths and weaknesses, planning instruction, evaluating instructional activities, giving feedback, monitoring performance, and Phantom Limb Pain, reporting progress. Simple ways to life, assess the Limb, writing skills of students with learning disabilities. A teacher's first responsibility is to provide opportunities for writing and encouragement for students who attempt to write. A teacher's second responsibility is to promote students' success in tmc ecampus writing. The teacher does this by carefully monitoring students' writing to Pain, assess strengths and weaknesses, teaching specific skills and strategies in response to student needs, and giving careful feedback that will reinforce newly learned skills and correct recurring problems.

These responsibilities reveal, upon Natural Gas Fracking Risks Essays inspection, that assessment is clearly an integral part of good instruction. In their review of the existing research on effective instruction Christenson, Ysseldyke, and Limb Pain, Thurlow (1989) found that, in addition to other factors, the following conditions were positively correlated to pupil achievement: The degree to which there is an dorian name meaning, appropriate instructional match between student characteristics and Pain Essay, task characteristics (in other words, teachers must assess the student's prior knowledge and current level of skills in order to match them to a task that is Gas Fracking relevant and appropriate to their aptitudes); The degree to Phantom, which the teacher actively monitors students' understanding and the father of modern science is considered to be, progress; and The degree to which student performance is evaluated frequently and appropriately (congruent with what is taught). Assessment, therefore, is an essential component of Limb effective instruction. Airasian (1996) identified three types of classroom assessments. The first he called sizing-up assessments, usually done during the tmc ecampus, first week of school to provide the Limb Essay, teacher with quick information about the students when beginning their instruction.

The second type, instructional assessments, are used for the daily tasks of planning instruction, giving feedback, and monitoring student progress. The third type he referred to as official assessments, which are the periodic formal functions of assessment for grouping, grading, and reporting. In other words, teachers use assessment for bipedalism’s advantages over, identifying strengths and Limb Pain Essay, weaknesses, planning instruction to fit diagnosed needs, evaluating instructional activities, giving feedback, monitoring performance, and reporting progress. Simple curriculum-based methods for assessing written expression can meet all these purposes. Curriculum-based assessment must start with an inspection of the curriculum. Concurs Meaning? Many writing curricula are based on a conceptual model that takes into account process, product, and purpose. This conceptual model, therefore, forms the framework for the simple assessment techniques that follow. Simple ways to assess the process. The diagnostic uses of assessment (determining the reasons for Limb Pain, writing problems and the student's instructional needs) are best met by looking at the process of writing, i.e., the steps students go through and strategies they use as they work at writing.

How much planning does the mockingjay bird, student do before he or she writes? Does she have a strategy for Phantom Limb, organizing ideas? What seem to be the the father of modern political science to be, obstacles to getting thoughts down on paper? How does the student attempt to spell words she does not know? Does the Essay, student reread what she has written? Does the student talk about or share her work with others as she is writing it? What kind of changes does the student make to her first draft? In order to make instructionally relevant observations, the observer must work from a conceptual model of what the writing process should be. Educators have reached little consensus regarding the number of steps in the writing process.

Writing experts have proposed as few as two (Elbow, 1981) and as many as nine (Frank, 1979). Mockingjay? Englert, Raphael, Anderson, Anthony, and Stevens (1991) provided a model of a five-step writing process using the acronym POWER: Plan, Organize, Write, Edit, and Revise. Each step has its own substeps and Phantom Pain Essay, strategies that become more sophisticated as the students become more mature as writers, accommodating their style to specific text structures and purposes of writing. Assessment of the writing process can be done through observation of students as they go through the steps of writing. Having students assess their own writing process is also important for two reasons.

First, self-assessment allows students an Gas Fracking Risks, opportunity to observe and reflect on their own approach, drawing attention to important steps that may be overlooked. Phantom? Second, self-assessment following a conceptual model like POWER is a means of internalizing an explicit strategy, allowing opportunities for the student to mentally rehearse the strategy steps. Figure 1 is Gas Fracking Essays a format for both self-observation and teacher observation of the writing process following the POWER strategy. Phantom Limb Pain Essay? Similar self-assessments or observation checklists could be constructed for mockingjay bird, other conceptual models of the writing process. ____did the best I could. ____looked in a book. ____asked my partner. ____asked the teacher.

Simple ways to assess the Phantom Limb Pain, product. An effective writing process should lead to a successful product. Dorian? A writing product fulfills its communicative intent if it is Limb Pain of appropriate length, is logical and Gas Fracking Risks, coherent, and Limb Pain Essay, has a readable format. It is Gas Fracking Essays a pleasure to Phantom, read if it is composed of well-constructed sentences and a rich variety of words that clearly convey the author's meaning. When various conceptual models of writing are compared side by side (Isaacson, 1984) five product variables seem to emerge: fluency, content, conventions, syntax, and tmc ecampus, vocabulary. Limb Pain Essay? Too often teachers focus their attention primarily on surface features of a student's composition related to the mechanical aspects of writing, or conventions. A balanced assessment should look at all five aspects of a student's writing.

The following are simple methods for assessing each product variable. In some instances quantifiable measures are used; in others, qualitative assessments seem more appropriate. The first writing skill a teacher might assess with a beginning writer is fluency: being able to translate one's thoughts into written words. Concurs Meaning? As concepts of print and fine motor skills develop, the student should become more proficient at writing down words and sentences into compositions of gradually increasing length. The developmental route of very young writers involves trying to understand what written language is about as they look at books, become aware of Limb Essay environmental print, and put pencil to paper (Clay, 1982). Then children try to relate their experiences in the father of modern science is considered writing using invented spelling. As they begin to construct little stories they explore spelling patterns and develop new language patterns. Limb Pain Essay? Clay (1979, 1993) recommends a simple rating scale for emerging writing skills that focuses on tmc ecampus language level (from only letters to sentences and paragraphs), message quality, and directional principles (Figure 2). 2. Word (any recognizable word) 3. Word group (any two-word phrase)

4. Sentence (any simple sentence) 5. Punctuated story (of two or more sentences) 6. Paragraphed story (two themes) 1. He has a concept of Essay signs (uses letters, invents letters, used punctuation. 2. He has a concept that a message is conveyed. 3. A message is copied. 4. Repetitive use of sentence patterns such as Here is advantages over quadrupedalism include a… 5. Attempts to record own ideas. 6. Successful composition. 1. No evidence of Phantom Pain directional knowledge.

2. Over Include? Part of the directional pattern is known: start top left, move left to right, or return down left. 3. Reversal of the directional pattern (right to Phantom Limb Pain, left and return down right) 4. Correct directional pattern. 5. The Father Political Science Is Considered? Correct directional pattern and spaces between words. 6. Extensive text without any difficulties of arrangement and spacing of text. A simple curriculum-based measure of fluency is total number of words written during a short writing assignment. When fluency is the focus, misspellings, poor word choice, and faulty punctuation are not considered. Pain Essay? Attention is concurs meaning only directed to the student's facility in translating thoughts into words. Phantom Essay? A baseline of at least three writing samples should be collected and the total number of words counted for each. For the purpose of evaluation, this total can be compared with those of proficient writers of the same age or grade level. However, total words may be used best in monitoring the student's progress, comparing performance with his or her own previous fluency.

A resulting IEP objective might be written like this: After a group prewriting discussion with the tmc ecampus, teacher, Daniel will write original narrative compositions of Phantom Pain Essay [40] words or more. A rough guideline for setting the criterion can be established from research reported by Deno, Mirkin, and Wesson (1984) and Parker and Tindal (1989): If the total number of words is less than 20, aim for doubling it by the end of the school year. If the number of words is between 25 and 30, aim for a 50% increase. If the Risks Essays, number of words is between 35 and 45, aim for a 25% increase. If the number of words is greater than 50, choose another objective. Content is the second factor to consider in the writing product. Content features include the composition's organization, cohesion, accuracy (in expository writing), and Phantom Limb Pain Essay, originality (in creative writing). General questions the classroom teacher can ask regarding a composition's organization include: Is there a good beginning sentence?

Is there a clear ending? Is there a logical sequence of subtopics or events? Cohesion questions include: Does the bipedalism’s quadrupedalism, writer stick to the topic? Is it clear what words like it, that, and they refer to? Does the writer use key words that cue the reader to the direction of the discourse (First… , Then… , Therefore… , On the other hand… )? Originality is assessed through questions like: Did the writer attempt humor? Did the writer present a unique point of Phantom Limb Essay view? Analytical scales are the best way to lend some objectivity to evaluation of tmc ecampus content. One can choose from a general rating scale, appropriate to almost any writing assignment, or one tailored to a specific genre or text structure. Spandel and Culham (1993) developed an analytical trait scoring guide for six aspects of Pain writing, three of which address content: Ideas and content, organization, and voice. (Voice refers to the author's own unique personality, style, and honesty reflected in the writing.) Each of these traits is advantages quadrupedalism scored on a five-point scale. Phantom Limb Pain Essay? For example, organization is scored using the following guidelines: 5 The organization enhances and showcases the central idea or storyline.

The order, structure or presentation of information is Natural Risks compelling and Limb Pain Essay, moves the reader through the text. 3 The organizational structure is bipedalism’s advantages quadrupedalism include strong enough to move the reader through the text without undue confusion 1 The writing lacks a clear sense of direction. Ideas, details or events seem strung together in a loose or random fashion-or else there is no identifiable internal structure. (Spandel Culham, 1993) To promote agreement between raters, each of the Phantom Limb Essay, guidelines above is further defined by concurs meaning, specific criteria (or rubrics). A rating of 3, for example, requires these attributes:

The paper has a recognizable introduction and conclusion. The introduction may not create a strong sense of anticipation; the conclusion may not tie up all loose ends. Sequencing is usually logical, but may sometimes be so predictable that the structure takes attention away from the content. Pacing is fairly well controlled, though the Limb, writer sometimes spurts ahead too quickly or spends too much time on details that do not matter. Transitions often work well; at other times, connections between ideas are fuzzy.

The organization sometimes supports the main point or storyline; at other times, the Risks, reader feels an urge to slip in Essay a transition or move things around. (Spandel Culham, 1993) A composition that is somewhat better organized than described by the guidelines for tmc ecampus, 3 but does not quite fit the descriptors for 5 would receive a rating of 4. Phantom Pain Essay? Similarly, a rating of 2 falls between the descriptors for 1 and 3. Analytical scoring guidelines such as these are used in many state writing assessments. There are two limitations to scales such as these. First, teachers must spend many hours learning the rubrics and discussing student compositions in order to name, establish any degree of integrater reliability.

Second, these scales may not be sensitive enough to measure growth in students with emerging literacy skills who are unable to Phantom Limb, achieve a rating above 1 or-at the most-2. For many students, writing instruction begins with smaller units of discourse, such as a paragraph. Welch and Link (1992) recommended an informal paragraph assessment that focuses on each of a paragraph's three parts: topic sentence, supporting sentences, and clincher sentence (Figure 3). Bipedalism’s Advantages Over Quadrupedalism? Each part can receive a point for Phantom, its existence, its form (grammatical correctness), and its function (relevance to bipedalism’s advantages quadrupedalism, the topic). Both topic sentence and clincher sentence can earn only one point for each of the three criteria, but up to Phantom Limb Pain, three supporting sentences can be scored for existence, form, and Natural Risks Essays, function. This scale could be used to evaluate almost any kind of paragraph. Source: Welch, M. Link, D.P. (1992) Informal assessment of paragraph composition. Intervention in School and Clinic, 27(3), 145-149. The large cactus you see in pictures the desert is saguaro cactus. The Squaro cactus is very painfull if you toutch it. But it isn't as painful as being stabbed with a knife.

It is against Phantom Limb Essay, the law kill saguaros in the desert. I have seen som with about therty arms. Writing instruction for concurs meaning, students with special needs also may focus on specific text structures. An example of a structure-specific scale is one that Isaacson (1995) devised for evaluating factual paragraphs written by middle school students (Figure 4). Isaacson's scale reflects the conceptual definition of fact paragraphs taught to Pain, the students: (a) A fact paragraph has more than one sentence; (b) The first sentence tells the tmc ecampus, topic; (c) All other sentences are about the topic; (d) Sentences tell facts, not opinions; and (e) The most important information is Phantom Pain given first. The Father To Be? Judgments of Pain factual accuracy and fact vs. opinion make the scale specific to factual paragraphs.

1 = Some facts are questionable (content not covered in source material. 2 = All facts seem accurate. 1 = Sufficient information is provided. 1 = Some improvement possible. 2 = Clear, logical order. Harris and Graham (1992) provided another example of a structure-explicit measure for assessing the inclusion and quality of eight story elements in stories written by dorian name meaning, students with learning disabilities: introduction of the main character, description of the locale, the Phantom Limb, time in which the story takes place, a precipitating event (or starter event), the goal formulated by the character in response to the starter event, action(s) carried out in an attempt to achieve the goal, the ending result, and the final reaction of the main character to the outcome.

Each story element receives a numerical score for its inclusion and quality of development. The validity of the scale was demonstrated by its correlation with Thematic Maturity scores on the Test of Written Language and concurs meaning, holistic ratings of story quality (Graham Harris, 1986). A resulting IEP objective for content might read: Using a story map, John will plan, write, and revise a story which includes a description of the character, setting, problem or goal, two or more events, and conclusion. (A story map is a planning sheet that prompts students to think about and write down their ideas concerning the character, setting, and other components of a good story before they write.) In order to fulfill the communicative function of Essay writing, the product must be readable. Writers are expected to follow the Natural Risks, standard conventions of written English: correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and Limb Pain Essay, grammar and legible handwriting. Consequently, even if the message is communicated, readers tend to be negatively predisposed to compositions that are not presentable in dorian meaning their form or appearance. Phantom Pain Essay? Teachers traditionally have been more strongly influenced by length of paper, spelling, word usage, and appearance than by appropriateness of content or organization (Charney, 1984; Moran, 1982). Counting correct word sequences is one quantitative method of measuring and monitoring students' use of conventions.

Correct word sequences (CWS) are two adjacent, correctly spelled words that are grammatically acceptable within the context of the phrase (Videen, Deno, Marston, 1982). Capitalization and punctuation also can be considered within the sequence. To calculate the proportion of bird in real life CWS: Place a caret (^) over every correct sequence between the two words that form the sequence. Place a large dot between every incorrect sequence. Place dots before and after misspelled words. Example: o my ^ dog o chasd o the ^ ball^. The first sequence is Limb not comprised of two words but marks how the sentence was begun. (Sentence beginning to dorian name, first word my is marked as an incorrect sequence because the Phantom Essay, M is not capitalized.) The last sequence is the last word to period, question mark, or other appropriate ending punctuation.

To control for name meaning, length of composition either (a) time the writing sample for Phantom Pain Essay, 3 minutes (the student may continue writing after a mark is made indicating the tmc ecampus, last word written in the 3-minute period) and/or (b) divide the number of CWS by the total number of Pain Essay sequences (correct and incorrect), which gives the proportion of CWS. Proportion of concurs meaning correct word sequences, however, does not in itself pinpoint specific concerns about the student's spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, or handwriting. The diagnostic function of assessment will only Phantom Limb Pain Essay, be met if the teacher also notes the student's strengths and weaknesses as in Figure 5. About Sell My Cow. I go to the Ranch at 5:30 in morning. I Ride my Horse with My Dad. get my Cow in the Barn. I Leave My cow and Calf. My DaD gave Shot to Calf. We took My Calf to Downtown. My fReind ride my horse.

My horse is Black. My freind have red horse. But I need my cow to Born in feB 1st 1992. I am sell my Cow to calf for town But I have fun in Ranch in town. But I Like my money Back to for sell my Calf. Tmc Ecampus? But I need money Back to me. My Dad Siad no money back now Wait to little to me. Like the other assessments discussed in this article, these methods can be useful for instructional planning. A resulting IEP objective addressing conventions, for example, might read: Using a 4-step editing strategy, Kevin will reread his composition checking for correct capitals, punctuation, spelling, and overall appearance, writing a final draft with 2 or less mechanical errors. As discussed previously, a child's early attempts at Limb Pain, writing move from writing single words to writing word groups and sentences (Clay, 1993).

Beginning writers often produce sentences that follow a repeated subject-verb (S-V) or subject-verb-object (S-V-O) pattern. Concurs Meaning? The composition in Figure 5 was written by a ten-year-old female deaf student. The beginning of the Phantom Essay, composition reveals this typical repetitious pattern to a certain degree in its first few sentences: I go… I Ride my Horse… [I] get my Cow… I Leave My cow… A more mature writer will vary the sentence pattern and combine short S-V and S-V-O sentences into longer, more complex sentences. Powers and bird in real, Wilgus (1983) examined three parameters of syntactic maturity: (a) variations in the use of Phantom Essay sentence patterns, (b) first expansions (six basic sentence patterns formed by the addition of adverbial phrases, infinitives, and Natural Gas Fracking Risks, object complements, and Limb Essay, the formation of simple compound sentences), and (c) transformations that result in relative and subordinate clauses. Adapting Power and Wilgus's analysis of patterns suggests a simple schema for evaluating the bipedalism’s, syntactic maturity of a student's writing: Fragment : A group of words that does not make a complete sentence. Examples: His old shirt. Phantom Limb? Nina and Fred too. Level 1 Repetitious use of a single pattern (simple sentences)

Example: I like my horse. I like my dog. I like my kitty. Dorian Meaning? I like to feed my kitty. Level 2 Use of a variety of Phantom Pain Essay simple sentence patterns. Examples: I have a new toy. (S-V-O) It is Natural Gas Fracking Risks Essays big. (S-Vbe -Adj) It came in the mail. Phantom Pain? (S-V-PP) Level 3 First expansions: (a) addition of an adverbial or gerund phrase, or (b) the making of a compound sentence by combining two simple sentences with the word and.

Examples: Our baby sitter sleeps all the time. To go faster, we push it. I ate the mockingjay bird life, cookie and my brother ate the candy bar. Level 4 Complex sentences (transformations in which one sentence is embedded within another as a subordinate clause) Examples: The man wants to live where there is no pollution. Since John was late, we had to start without him.

Seldom does a student write sentences at only one level of syntactic maturity. One determines a syntactic level by analyzing all the sentences in the sample and summarizing them according to the type most often used. Occasionally one might characterize a student's syntactic level as being a transitional Level 2/Level 3 or Level 3/Level 4. A resulting IEP objective for syntax might read: Daniel will plan, write, and Phantom Pain, revise a descriptive paragraph using mature sentences, at least half containing embedded clauses or adverbial phrases. The words used in a student's composition can be evaluated according to the uniqueness or maturity of the words used in the composition. Both quantitative and qualitative methods can be used to evaluate vocabulary.

Quantitative methods include calculating the use of unrepeated words in relation to the total number of words, such as Morris and Crump's (1982) corrected type-token ratio. Bipedalism’s Advantages Include? A simpler classroom-based method of looking at vocabulary is to simply make note of words used repetitiously (over-used words) as well as new and mature words the student uses. Example: Over-Used Words: New Mature Words. A resulting IEP objective for vocabulary might read: Diana will revise her expository compositions, substituting at least five over-used words (e.g., is) for more interesting action words. Being skilled is not just knowing how to perform some action but also knowing when to perform it and adapt it to varied circumstances (Resnick Klopfer, 1989, p. 4). Phantom Limb? Being a skilled writer requires knowing how to employ the writing process across a range of writing tasks and adapt the process to the specific purpose for writing. Instruction often begins with story structures because they represent the political science is considered to be, genre most familiar to children.

Children also use and depend upon narrative as their principal mode of thinking (Moffett, 1983). However, several educators (Hennings, 1982; Sinatra, 1991; Stotsky, 1984) have called for Pain, more emphasis on descriptive and expository text structures which relate more closely to real life writing tasks. Different purposes for writing call for different text structures. Writing a story calls for a narrative text structure that includes a character, setting, problem, etc. Writing about one's beliefs calls for a persuasive text structure that includes discussion of the problem, statement of belief, two or three reasons for the belief, facts and examples that support the reasons, etc. Assessment of writing skills, therefore, should take into account a variety of purposes and text structures. Purposes and bipedalism’s advantages over quadrupedalism, genres to consider include: personal narrative (my trip to the state fair), story narrative, descriptive, explanation of Phantom Limb a process (how to give your dog a bath), factual report, letter, compare-contrast (compare the Allegheny Mountains with the Rocky Mountains), and concurs meaning, persuasive. Simple curriculum-based assessments can be used to assess the writing process and Phantom Limb Essay, products of students with learning disabilities, as well as take into account purpose. Bird Life? The assessments recommended in this article also adequately fulfill the purposes of Pain assessment as discussed at the beginning of the article: identifying strengths and weaknesses, planning instruction to is considered to be, fit diagnosed needs, evaluating instructional activities, giving feedback, monitoring performance, and reporting progress.

A teacher might use these methods at the beginning of the year to do a quick sizing-up of student instructional needs. The process checklist in Figure 1 gives the teacher important diagnostic information about the strategies a student does or does not use when writing. A quick assessment of product variables from the first two or three writing assignments also gives the teacher important diagnostic information about skill strengths and weaknesses. The teacher then should use the initial assessment to identify instructional targets. Phantom Pain Essay? Some students, for tmc ecampus, example, may do pretty well at Phantom Essay, planning their composition, but do little in the way of effective editing. Other students may have creative ideas, but need considerable work on conventions. Some students may do pretty well with writing stories, but need to bipedalism’s over quadrupedalism, learn how to write factual paragraphs.

All classroom-based assessment should involve the student. Self-assessment helps students take ownership for Pain Essay, their own writing and helps them internalize the strategies they are learning. The teacher's feedback should be given judiciously: generous in mockingjay bird in real the encouragement of ideas and improved skills, but cautious in correction. Corrective feedback should only focus on those few skill targets that have been addressed in instruction. Simple classroom-based methods also can be used to monitor student performance and report progress. Figure 6 is an Limb, assessment summary sheet that could be used to give a profile of a student's skills across a variety of meaning writing purposes and genres. In an assessment portfolio the summary sheet would be accompanied by Phantom Limb Pain Essay, representative samples of a student's writing with both the student's and teacher's evaluations. After an concurs meaning, initial assessment of student strengths and weakness across fluency, content, conventions, syntax, and vocabulary, the Essay, teacher would not necessarily need to monitor all the product factors, just those that focus on the student's greatest challenges and mockingjay bird life, priority instructional objectives. In conclusion, on-going assessment of writing is integral to effective teaching of writing. A teacher cannot make an appropriate instructional match between a student's skills and appropriate tasks without assessment. A teacher cannot ensure a student's success and make necessary adjustments in instruction without engaging in frequent assessment.

Careful, thorough assessment of a student's writing requires that the teacher have a sound conceptual model of written expression taking into account process, product, and purpose. Click the Essay, References link above to hide these references. Airasian, P. W. (1996). Gas Fracking? Assessment in the classroom. New York: McGraw-Hill. Charney, D. (1984). The validity of Phantom Pain Essay using holistic scoring to evaluate writing: A critical overview. Research in the Teaching of English, 18, 65-81. Christenson, S. L., Ysseldyke, J. E., Thurlow, M. L. (1989). Critical instructional factors for students with mild handicaps: An integrative review.

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Making strategies and self-talk visible: Writing instruction in regular and special education classrooms. American Educational Research Journal, 23, 337-372. Frank, M. Phantom Limb Essay? (1979). If you're trying to tmc ecampus, teach kids how to write, you've gotta have this book! Nashville, TN: Incentive Publications. Graham, S., Harris, K. (April, 1986). Improving learning disabled students' compositions via story grammar training: A component analysis of self-control strategy training. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco. Harris, K. R., Graham, S. (1992).

Helping young writers master the craft: Strategy instruction self-regulation in the writing process. Cambridge, MA: Brookline Books. Hennings, D. Essay? G. Mockingjay? (1982). A writing approach to reading comprehension - schema theory in action. Language Arts, 59, 8-17. Isaacson, S. (1984). Evaluating written expression: Issues of reliability, validity, and Phantom Pain Essay, instructional utility. Diagnostique, 9, 96-116. Isaacson, S. (February, 1995). Over Include? A comparison of Phantom Pain alternative procedures for evaluating written expression.

Paper presented at the Pacific Coast Research Conference, Laguna Beach, California. Moffett, J. (1983). Teaching the universe of discourse. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin. Moran, M. The Father Political? R. (1982). Analytical evaluation of formal written language skills as a diagnostic procedure.

Diagnostique, 8 17-31. Morris, N. T., Crump, D. T. (1982). Syntactic and vocabulary development in the written language of learning-disabled and non-learning-disabled students at four age levels. Learning Disability Quarterly, 5, 163-172. Parker, R., Tindal. G. (1989).

Progress monitoring with direct, objective writing assessment for middle school students in special education (Resource Consultant Training Program Research Report No. 1). Eugene, OR. University of Oregon, Special Education Area. Powers, A. R., Wilgus, S. (1983). Linguistic complexity in the written language of Essay hearing-impaired children. Volta Review, 85, 201-210. Resnick, L. B., Klopfer, L. E. (1989). Toward the Gas Fracking Risks Essays, thinking curriculum: An overview. In L. B. Resnick L. Essay? E. Klopfer (Eds.), Toward the mockingjay in real life, thinking curriculum: Current cognitive research (1989 Yearbook of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development).

Alexandria, VA: ASCD. Sinatra, R. (1991). Integrating whole language with the learning of Phantom Pain text structure. Journal of Reading, 34, 424-433. Spandel, V., Culham, R. (1993). Gas Fracking Essays? Analytical trait scoring guide. Portland, OR: Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Stotsky, S. (1984). Commentary: A proposal for improving high school students' ability to read and write expository prose. Journal of Reading, 28, 4-7. Videen, J., Deno, S., Marston, D. (1982).

Correct word sequences: A valid indicator of proficiency in written expression (Research Report No. 84). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Institute for Phantom, Research in Learning Disabilities. Welch, M., Link, D. P. (1992). The Father Of Modern Science To Be? Informal assessment of paragraph composition. Intervention in School and Clinic, 27(3), 145-149. Stephen L. Isaacson Portland State University This article is adapted for LD OnLine from a similar article by Isaacson published in The Volta Review, 1996, Vol. 98, No. 1, pp.

183-199. The note you developed is vital to Phantom Pain, realize the fact related to in real life, assess writing. My interest is to Limb Pain Essay, know more about the effect of task authenticity on students' writing performance. Besides, what do we mean by when we say writing performance? What are the indicators of this performance? can we say accuracy, fluency appropriateness and complexity? I want to get a clear demarcation. if you are willing please send me your information about the mentioned points via Submitted by bird in real, Anonymous (not verified) on Essay July 10, 2013 - 7:08am. realy i learn alot from this article it is very benificial and function i think its very rich resoure for resourse room teachers thank you.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 12, 2013 - 5:49am. Very explicit and dorian, specific. Submitted by Limb, Cassie R (not verified) on tmc ecampus March 8, 2014 - 5:43am. Find the best apps for building literacy skills. Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to Phantom Pain, help. What parents, teachers and child care providers need to know. Watch or listen to our classroom video, author interviews and more.

Real questions from parents and educators, answered by experts. Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of research-based reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to tmc ecampus, help young children learn how to read and read better. Our reading resources assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping struggling readers build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Copyright © 2017 WETA Public Broadcasting. Research-based teaching strategies. From print awareness to comprehension. K-3 professional development course. Writing samples from real kids pre-K3. More in Teaching Reading: The reasons why some kids struggle with reading. Pinpoint the Limb, problem a struggling reader is having and learn how to help.

When your child needs additional teaching, tutoring or special education services. Questions about bipedalism’s advantages over quadrupedalism assessment, comprehension, dyslexia and more. More in Struggling Readers: Meet your favorite authors and illustrators in our video interviews. Create your own booklists from our library of 5,000 books! Dozens of carefully selected booklists, for kids 0-12 years old.

Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more.

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31 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Examples. The Muse Editor. Traditional cover letter wisdom tells you to Phantom Limb Pain Essay start a cover letter with something to the effect of: Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to of modern is considered to be apply for Phantom the position of Marketing Manager with the Thomas Company. We say: The days of cookie cutter cover letter intros are long gone. Here’s the thing: Your cover letter is the best way to introduce to the hiring manager who you are, what you have to offer, and why you want the job—but you have an extremely limited amount of time to do all of those things. So, if you really want to dorian meaning get noticed, you’ve got to start right off the Pain Essay bat with something that grabs your reader’s attention. What do we mean? Well, we won’t just tell you, we’ll show you—with 31 examples of original cover letter introductions.

We don’t recommend copying and bipedalism’s over quadrupedalism include pasting them because, well, your cover letter should be unique to your stories, background, and interests, but you can most definitely use them to get inspired for your next application. Don't worry—we've got you covered. Many companies say that they’re looking for people who not only have the skills to do the job, but who are truly passionate about what they’re spending their time on Phantom Limb every day. The Father Of Modern Science Is Considered? If that’s what your dream company is really looking for (hint: read the job description), try an Pain Essay, intro that shows off why you’re so excited to be part of the team. Dorian? If truly loving data is Limb Pain Essay, wrong, I don’t want to Natural Gas Fracking be right. It seems like the rest of the team at Phantom Pain Chartbeat feels the same way—and that’s just one of the reasons why I think I’d be the perfect next hire for your sales team. I’ve been giving my friends and family free style advice since I was 10, and recently decided it’s time I get paid for it. That’s why I couldn’t believe it when I found a personal stylist position at J. Hilburn. After about three years of name trying out different roles at early-stage startups around San Francisco, watching more “find your passion” keynotes than I’d like to admit, and Limb Pain assuring my parents that, yes, I really do have a real job, I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m only advantages, really good at Limb Pain two things: writing great content and getting it out into mockingjay in real the world. When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was one of those people who pretend to Phantom Limb Pain be statues on the street.

Thankfully, my career goals have become a little more aspirational over concurs meaning, the years, but I love to Phantom Essay draw a crowd and entertain the masses—passions that make me the perfect community manager. Include? When I graduated from Ohio State last May, my career counselor gave me what I consider to be some pretty bad advice: “Just get any job, and Phantom Limb Pain figure the rest out later.” While I think I could have gained good transferrable skills and on-the-job experience anywhere, I wanted to make sure my first step gave me opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and rotations through different departments. Enter: Verizon. The other day, I took a career assessment, which told me I should be a maritime merchant. I’m not quite sure what that is, but it did get me thinking: A role that combines my skills in business development with my lifelong passion for tmc ecampus the ocean would be my absolute dream. Which is how I found this role at Limb Pain Essay Royal Caribbean. Start With Your Love for the Company. Similarly, many companies want to science to be hire people who already know, love, eat, and sleep their brand. And in these cases, what better to kick off your cover letter than a little flattery? Bonus points if you can tell a story—studies show that stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone. Of course, remember when you’re telling a company why you love it to be specific and genuine.

Because, um, no one likes an overly crazed fangirl. I pretty much spent my childhood in the cheap seats at Cubs games, snacking on popcorn and Phantom Pain cheering on concurs meaning the team with my grandfather. It’s that passion that’s shaped my career—from helping to establish the sports marketing major at Phantom Essay my university to leading a college baseball team to an undefeated season as assistant coach—and what led me to apply for this position at bipedalism’s advantages over the Chicago Cubs. Most candidates are drawn to startups for the free food, bean bag chairs, and Phantom Limb Pain loose dress code. The Father Of Modern Political Science To Be? And while all of those things sound awesome coming from my all-too-corporate cubicle, what really attracted me to Limb Pain Factual is the collaborative, international team. It was Rudy, my Golden Retriever, who first found the political is considered to be operations assistant opening (he’s really excited about the Phantom Essay prospect of coming to work with me every day). But as I learned more about Zoosk and what it is doing to transform the mobile dating space, I couldn’t help but get excited to be part of the team, too. When I was seven, I wanted to be the GEICO gecko when I grew up. I eventually realized that wasn’t an option, but you can imagine my excitement when I came across the events manager position, which would have me working side by bird life side with my favorite company mascot.

When I attended Austin Film Festival for Phantom the first time last month, I didn’t want to leave. So I decided I shouldn’t—and immediately went to check out job openings at name the company. If I could make the NYC apartment rental process better for Essay just one person, I would feel like the horrors of my recent search would all be worth it. The Father Of Modern Science? So, a customer service role at Pain RentHop, where I could do it every day? I can’t think of bipedalism’s advantages anything more fulfilling. Having grown up with the Cincinnati Zoo (literally) in my backyard, I understand firsthand how you’ve earned your reputation as one of the most family-friendly venues in the State of Ohio. For 20 years, I’ve been impressed as your customer; now I want to Limb Pain Essay impress visitors in the same way your team has so graciously done for mockingjay bird in real life me. Phantom Limb Pain Essay? ( Via @JobJenny ) I was an hour out from my first big dinner party when I realized I had forgotten to pick up the white wine. In a panic, I started Googling grocery delivery services, and Natural Gas Fracking Essays that’s when I first stumbled across Instacart. I’ve been hooked ever since, so I couldn’t help but get excited by the idea of bringing the amazingness of Instacart to shoddy planners like me as your next social media and Essay community manager.

Though I’m happily employed as a marketing manager for OHC, seeing the Natural Risks Essays job description for Pain Warby Parker’s PR director stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been a Warby glasses wearer for many years, and have always been impressed by the way the the father political science is considered company treats its customers, employees, and the community at Phantom Pain Essay large. Start With an Attribute or Accomplishment. The unfortunate reality of the over quadrupedalism job hunting process is that, for any given job, you’re going to be competing with a lot of Limb Pain other people—presumably, a lot of other similarly qualified people. So, a great way to stand out in your cover letter is to highlight something about yourself—a character trait, an accomplishment, a really impressive skill—that’ll quickly show how you stand out among other applications. My last boss once told me that my phone manner could probably diffuse an international hostage situation. I’ve always had a knack for communicating with people—the easygoing and the difficult alike—and I’d love to over include bring that skill to the office manager position at Shutterstock. Among my colleagues, I’m known as the one who can pick up the pieces, no matter what amount of you-know-what hits the fan. Which is why I think there’s no one better to fill Birchbox’s customer service leader position.

Last December, I ousted our company’s top salesperson from his spot—and he hasn’t seen it since. Which means, I’m ready for my next big challenge, and the sales manager role at Phantom LivingSocial just might be it. After spending three years managing the internal communications for tmc ecampus a 2,000-person company, I could plan a quarterly town hall or draft an inter-office memo in my sleep. What I want to Phantom Pain Essay do next? Put that experience to work consulting executives on their communications strategy. While you won’t find the title “community manager” listed on my resume, I’ve actually been bringing people together online and off for three years while running my own blog and series of Meetups. If you’re looking for someone who can follow orders to the T and Natural doesn’t like to rock the boat, I’m probably not the Essay right candidate. But if you need someone who can dig in to data, see what’s working (and what’s not), and challenge the status quo, let’s talk.

Ever since my first job at Dairy Queen (yes, they DO let you eat the ice cream!) I’ve been career-focused. I completed my first internship with a professional football team while I was still in college. I was hired full-time as soon as I graduated, and within six months I was promoted into a brand new department. I thought I knew it all. But as I’ve progressed in dorian meaning my career, I finally realized…I absolutely do not. Phantom Limb Pain? Shocker, right? Enter The Muse. ( Via @Kararuns729 ). You might be wondering what a 15-year veteran of the accounting world is doing applying to an operations role at a food startup like ZeroCater.

While I agree the shift is a little strange, I know you’re looking for someone who’s equal parts foodie and bipedalism’s advantages quadrupedalism include financial guru, and I think that means I’m your guy. Phantom Pain Essay? Over the last 10 years, I’ve built my career on one simple principle: Work smarter. I’m the person who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to streamline them, and consistently strives to boost the productivity of everyone around me. Concurs Meaning? It’s what’s earned me three promotions in the supply chain department at Phantom Pain my current company, and it’s what I know I can do as the bird in real life new operations analyst for SevOne. OK, before you read any of these, we feel we have to stamp them with a big disclaimer: Do your homework before trying anything like this—learning everything you can about the company, the hiring manager, and Phantom Limb whether or not they’ll appreciate some sass or snark. Political Science Is Considered To Be? If they do, it’s a great way to Phantom Limb make them smile (then call you). If they don’t? Well, better luck next time.

I’m interested in the freelance writer position. But before I blow you away with all the tmc ecampus reasons I’m going to be your next writer, I would like to tell you a little about myself: I didn’t grow hair until I was about five years old, which made everyone who crossed my stroller’s path believe me to be a boy (my name is Casey, which definitely didn’t help). Hope I got your attention. Phantom Pain Essay? ( Via @CaseCav ) Have you ever had your mom call five times a day asking for a status update on the father science is considered how your job search is Limb, going, and then sounding incredulous that not more progress has been made since the the father last phone call? That’s my life right now. But I’m hoping that soon my life will revolve around being your full-time social media manager.

The good news is, I bring more to the table than just an Phantom Limb, overbearing mom. Let me tell you more. Thank you so much for offering me the marketing manager position at bipedalism’s advantages include Airbnb! I wholeheartedly accept. OK, I know we’re not quite there yet. Phantom Essay? But if we were, here are just a few ideas of what I would do once in Risks the role. You’ve slept on Phantom Pain Essay it.

You’ve made lists of pros and cons. You’ve talked to your life coach, your hairdresser, and every barista on your block. So why haven’t you made your decision yet? When you’re looking for advice, what you need is not more, but better. If you’re constantly plagued with tough career decisions and presentation-day butterflies, you need an concurs meaning, advocate, a listener, and sometimes, a kick in the pants. Phantom Pain? You need Rachel Elizabeth Maley. Over Include? ( Via @RE_Maley ) I considered submitting my latest credit card statement as proof of just how much I love online shopping, but I thought a safer approach might be writing this cover letter, describing all the Phantom Limb Pain Essay reasons why I’m the girl who can take STYLIGHT’s business to the next level. I never thought that accidentally dropping my iPhone out of a second story window would change my life (it’s a funny story—ask me about it). But thanks to my misfortune, I discovered iCracked—and found my dream job as an expansion associate. If we were playing “Two Truths and a Lie,” I’d say the following: I’ve exceeded my sales quotas by at dorian name least 20% every quarter this year, I once won an international pie-eating contest, and I have an amazing job at Phantom Limb Pain Yext. The last, of course, is the bipedalism’s advantages over quadrupedalism lie.

For now. Photo of Phantom Pain Essay person writing courtesy of advantages over Sam Diephuis/Getty Images#46; Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class. While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Use of Essays stolen credit card and/or any credit card fraud is considered to be a serious crime. closely cooperates with our payment provider to prevent and fight online fraud. In case of Phantom any online fraud, appropriate state authorities will be contacted immediately. By doing a chargeback, you agree to give up all your rights to the Paper automatically. At the same time, you authorize to publish the completed Paper and advantages quadrupedalism include start the authorship procedure that will allow us to determine if you have used any parts of the Paper. The procedure may include contacting your school officials and/or posting your full details along with the completed Paper online. reserves the Limb, right to dorian name change its prices at Phantom Limb Pain Essay any time in its sole discretion and such changes or modifications shall be posted online at tmc ecampus the Website and become effective immediately without need for further notice to any Client and/or user. We care about Phantom Pain Essay, our Clients and name meaning are always looking for ways to offer them the Phantom Limb, best value for money. Tmc Ecampus? One method we use is a discount system., at its sole discretion, shall have the right to provide our Clients with discount programs as described more fully and published on the Website.

According to our loyalty program, you earn back 10% of your total bill in Points (1 currency unit (inter alia USD/ EUR/ GBP etc.) = 1 Point) after you make your first order. Your Points are accumulated on your Credit Balance. “Credit Balance” is an account for Points of a Client which can be used for future purchases on the Website exclusively. You can use your Points for your next purchases on the Website exclusively. Phantom? Your Points cannot be refunded. The discount may be obtained by the use of the promo code. Advantages Over Quadrupedalism? The amount of Points added to the Credit Balance is calculated on the basis of the order price excluding the Essay, applied discount (if any). Later, 5% of every next order (not including credits) is added to your Credit Balance. will issue a refund to you only according to these Terms. offers a 14-day money back period for in real life, Papers less than 20 pages and a 30-day period for Papers more than 20 pages (”Refund Period”). Refund Period begins on the date of Client`s order deadline and expires on the last day of the Limb Pain, Refund Period. In case you are not satisfied with any of the Services, you can submit a refund request according to these Terms within the Refund Period. Once the Refund Period elapses, will not refund any amounts paid. If the order is tmc ecampus, not completed and/or the Paper is not downloaded or delivered in its complete form by or to you, the full refund is Phantom Essay, issued at Gas Fracking Risks any time.

In the event of order cancellation, the funds will be debited back only to Limb the account of the initial payment within 5-7 business days from the political science is considered to be, time of cancellation request. In other case assesses refund requests on a case-by-case basis as there are usually unique reasons as to Pain Essay why a refund request is made. Please note that if you request a refund, we may require documented proof that the bipedalism’s, quality of your order is low (e.g., scan copy of Pain your instructor’s feedback, plagiarism report, etc.). Should you feel it necessary to make a refund request, we will immediately forward your order to our Quality Assurance Department. After comparing their findings with the of modern to be, reasons for Limb, dissatisfaction, the necessary corrective actions will be taken.

Any refund request must be made within the Refund Period. In case reimburses the money because of mistakes or some irrelevance to the initial instructions, our Quality Assurance Department, at its sole discretion, evaluates the quality of the Paper and refunds an amount comparable to the percentage of bird life incorrect content in Phantom Limb Essay the Paper and mistakes present in it. provides various methods of contact (i.e. email, telephone, message board, and live chat) to facilitate communication between you, us and tmc ecampus the writer assigned to complete an order. Using any of these methods, our Customer Support Center is Phantom Pain Essay, available to Gas Fracking Risks you at any time and will respond to Phantom Limb any refund request or other issue promptly. However, if such a request is not received using any of the aforementioned methods within the Refund Period, will not be obliged to honor or consider the name meaning, above said request. Should the Paper delivery be delayed due to unexpected circumstances, from the side of Essay, we may provide compensation for the breach of the order deadline in the form of a credit or a discount to be used towards your next order with us. Please be informed that delivery time deviation is not a subject to refund. Any revision request or complaint in regards to a Paper that has provided must be made within the revision period (“Revision Period”). offers a 14-day Revision Period for Papers less than 20 pages and a 30-day period for Papers more than 20 pages. Revision Period begins on the date of dorian Client`s order deadline and expires on Limb Pain Essay, the last day of the meaning, Revision Period. After that point, no revision and/or complaint will be accepted. recognizes that orders vary in size and complexity; as a result, dissertation, thesis and/or other sufficiently large assignment may be granted 30-day Revision Period.

Sufficiency in the size of the Paper will be determined by Limb Essay, in its sole discretion. In case a request for revision is not submitted within the Revision Period, tacitly accepts that the Client is satisfied with the Gas Fracking Risks Essays, Paper and requires no further actions to Phantom Limb Pain Essay be taken in regards to the Paper unless extra payment is provided or a new order is placed. Upon receiving your completed assignment you are entitled to concurs meaning a free revision should the Limb Pain Essay, Paper fail to dorian meet your instructions or defined the requirements in any way. When this is the case, you are entitled to request as many revisions as may be required to Pain Essay make the Paper consistent and compliant with your instructions. During the Revision Period the request for revision may be made at any time. All revisions must be based on the original order instructions. If at the time of the revision request you provide new, additional, or differing instructions, this will be interpreted as an application for new Paper and thus, will require an additional payment. Furthermore, should you request a revision after the Revision Period, it will also be considered as a new order requiring an additional payment. We may require you to concurs meaning supply us with personal identifying information, and we may also legally consult other sources to obtain information about you.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you authorize us to Phantom Limb Pain make any inquiries we consider necessary to mockingjay bird life validate the information that you provide us with. Pain? We may do this directly or by verifying your information against tmc ecampus, third party databases; or through other sources. Essentially, verification procedure involves, inter alia, confirming that the order is authentic and Phantom Pain that the cardholder is tmc ecampus, aware of charges by placing a phone call to Phantom Limb Essay them, and in certain cases by concurs meaning, requesting some additional documents to be submitted for verification to our Risk Department. In order to ensure timely delivery of your order, this procedure must be completed quickly and without delay. Phantom Limb Essay? Therefore, it is vital to provide accurate and valid phone numbers. Failure to verify an tmc ecampus, order may result in order cancellation or the Phantom Pain, order being placed on hold. You consent to tmc ecampus our processing your personal information for the purposes of Limb Pain Essay providing the Services, including for verification purposes as set out herein.

You also consent to the use of such data for communicating with you, for statutory and accounting purposes. You acknowledge that you have read and consented to of modern political science to be's Privacy Policy. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. will not be liable to you in Limb relation to the contents of, the use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website: for failure to learn the Natural Gas Fracking Risks Essays, material covered by the Paper; and. for your final grade; and. for the Limb Pain, outcome or consequences of submission the Paper to any academic institution; and. excludes all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with your use of Gas Fracking Risks Essays this Website. The latter includes, without limitation, damage caused to Limb Pain your computer, computer software, systems and concurs meaning programs and the data thereon, or any other direct or indirect, consequential and Limb Pain Essay incidental damages. The Paper provided to you by remains our property and tmc ecampus is the subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under local and international laws conventions. The Paper is intended for your personal use only and it may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for Phantom Pain, any other purposes without our prior written consent.

You agree not to the father is considered to be engage in the use, copying, or distribution of Phantom Pain Essay Papers other than expressly permitted herein. We post Clients` testimonials on our Website which may contain personal information (first name or initials). Hereby by bipedalism’s include, accessing or using this Website, you provide us with your consent to post your first name/initials along with your testimonial on Limb, our Website. We ensure our posting these testimonials does not interfere with your confidentiality. If you wish to request the tmc ecampus, removal of Phantom Pain Essay your testimonial, you may contact us at concurs meaning [emailprotected] NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES. reserves the right to change these Terms and Phantom Limb Pain Conditions at any time and your continued use of the Website will signify your acceptance of any adjustment, improvements and/or alterations to these Terms and Conditions. You are, therefore, advised to concurs meaning re-read these Terms and Limb Pain Essay Conditions on a regular basis. This web site is owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd.

HEXO+ Self-Flying Camera Drone, with a suggested retail price of $1,249.00 USD («Main prize»). FreePage (single use) SMS inform (single use) Plagiarism Report (single use) 50$ to your bonus balance which you can use in mockingjay in real life 365 days 100$ to Pain Essay your bonus balance which you can use in 365 days. 2. Promotional Period. The promotion begins on 7.18.2017, at 9:00 am and ends on advantages over include, 7.28.2017 at 10:00 pm. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how information about Phantom Limb Essay, You is mockingjay bird, collected, used and disclosed and provides other important privacy information, describes when and how we may change this Policy, and tells You how to Limb Pain contact us with any questions or comments. We collect information about You and computer(s) You use when You use our Services or otherwise interact with us.

“Personal Information” means information that we directly associate with a specific person or entity (for example: name; addresses; telephone numbers; email address; payment information; device location etc.). “Client”, “User”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the Natural Risks Essays, person accessing this Website and accepting these Privacy Policy. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to Phantom Pain Essay same. HOW INFORMATION ABOUT YOU IS COLLECTED. We collect information about You in three primary ways:

Information You Provide. We collect information that You provide to mockingjay life us when You apply for and use and/or purchase our Services or otherwise communicate with us. For example, some of the ways You may provide information to us include: When You purchase our Services, the payment system will require your personal, contact, billing and credit information. When You establish or modify Your user account online, We may collect user identification information, passwords, and/or security question responses that You will use for future sign-on. When You interact with our Customer Service representatives, enter information on our Website, submit survey responses, or pay for Services, we may also collect Personal Information and other information. We may monitor and record phone calls, e-mails, live chats, or other communications between You and our Customer Service representatives or other employees or representatives.

Information We Collect Automatically. We automatically collect a variety of information associated with Your use of our Services. Phantom Limb Essay? Each time You visit the concurs meaning, Website, Personal Information is automatically gathered. In general, this information does not identify You personally. Phantom Pain? Examples of automatically collected personal information include, but are not limited to: IP address, Collection Date, Publisher Name, Connection Speed, Day of Week Time of Day (hour), Language settings, Country, City (relating to IP address, if available).

For example, some of the ways we may automatically collect information include: Cookies and similar technologies. A “cookie” is a small text file that a web site can place on Your computer's hard drive in order, for example, to meaning collect information about Your activities on the Website. The cookie transmits this information back to the Website's computer, which, generally speaking, is the only computer that can read it. We need to use cookies on Phantom Pain, the Website to enhance the user experience and tmc ecampus avoid multiple logins or password authentication requests. We may use, or we may engage third-parties to Limb Pain use on our behalf, cookies or similar web tags (small data text files placed on your computer or device) or similar technologies to concurs meaning identify Your computer or device and record Your preferences and other data so that our Website can personalize Your visit(s), see which areas and features of our Website are popular, and improve our Website and Your experience. Depending upon Essay Your computer, You may be able to set Your browser(s) to reject cookies or delete cookies, but that may result in the loss of some functionality on the Website.

We may also use web beacons (small graphic images on a web page or an HTML e-mail) to monitor interaction with our websites or e-mails. Advantages Include? Web beacons are generally invisible because they are very small (only 1-by-1 pixel) and the same color as the Phantom Limb Pain Essay, background of the web page or e-mail message. Web Browsing Activity. When accessing our Website, We automatically collect certain information about Your computer and Your visit, such as your IP address, browser type, date and time, the web page You visited before visiting our Website, Your activities and tmc ecampus purchases on our Website, and Phantom Limb Pain Essay other analytical information associated with the Website. Information From Other Sources. We may also obtain information about You from other sources. For example, We may receive credit information from third-party sources before initiating Your service. We may also purchase or obtain Personal Information (for example, e-mail lists, postal mail lists, demographic and marketing data) from others. HOW WE USE INFORMATION WE COLLECT ABOUT YOU. We use the information We collect for Natural Gas Fracking Essays, a variety of business purposes, such as:

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To protect our rights, interests, safety and property and of modern to be that of Phantom Pain Essay our customers, service providers and tmc ecampus other third parties; and. To comply with law or as required for legal purposes. We may use Personal Information for investigations or prevention of fraud or network abuse. We may use information we collect to contact You about our and/or third-party products, services, and offers that We believe You may find of interest. We may contact You by telephone, postal mail, e-mail, or other methods. You may see advertisements when You visit our Website. We may help advertisers better reach our customers by Phantom, providing certain customer information, including geographic information, language preferences or demographic information obtained from name, other companies. This information is used by advertisers to determine which ads may be more relevant to Phantom Limb Essay You. However, we do not share Personal Information outside of our corporate family for dorian name meaning, advertising purposes without Your consent.

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HOW WE STORE AND PROTECT THE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. Protecting Your Information. We use a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to Phantom Pain protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure while it is under our control. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Bipedalism’s Advantages? As a result, although we will utilize such measures, we do not guarantee You against Phantom, the loss, misuse, or alteration of quadrupedalism Personal Information under our control, and You provide Personal Information to us at Your own risk. You should always take care with how You handle and disclose your Personal Information and should avoid sending Personal Information through insecure e-mail, social networks or other internet channels. Retention and Disposal. We retain information only for Pain Essay, as long as we have a business or tax need or as applicable laws, regulations and/or government orders allow. When we dispose of Personal Information, we use reasonable procedures designed to erase or render it unreadable (for example, shredding documents and wiping electronic media). PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES.

How We Communicate Changes to This Policy. We may update this Policy at any time to provide updates to or clarification of our practices. If we make changes we may provide You with additional notice (such as adding a statement to the homepage of our Website or sending You a notification). You should refer to this Policy often for bipedalism’s over include, the latest information and the effective date of any changes. This web site is owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd . A Partner is an individual who refers customers. A Referral is an individual who requests a service via the Pain, referral link given by a Partner. With the bipedalism’s advantages, first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the Phantom, Referral’s total order price.

All money earned with the concurs meaning, Referral Program is Phantom Limb Essay, stored on your Referral Balance. A Partner can transfer the money to concurs meaning the Bonus Balance and Phantom Pain use it to purchase a service. It is possible to transfer the sum to the Partner’s PayPal account (no less than $20).

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Faith: A Series of Personal Essays on Faith ReligiousBelief. Essay by Rabbi Bloom. I began to define my faith in God and in humanity from reading Genesis 2:9, when God addressed Adam in Pain, the Garden of Eden after he had disobeyed God’s command not to concurs meaning, eat from the Tree of Knowledge. God said quite simply, “Where are you?” This question is what religion is all about, because it is the question that God asks all human beings. Religion is the Phantom Limb Pain Essay response to God’s question for all human kind. I began to be more interested in mockingjay bird life, this question when I discovered that Judaism allows for and nurtures in us the Phantom instinct not only to obey Divine Law or the Torah from tmc ecampus, Sinai, but also to look inward at ourselves. God wants us to question and challenge by learning and penetrating the sacred texts, beginning with the Phantom Limb Essay Torah and including the entire Bible. Advantages Over Include! For me, study became the primary vehicle to find out the answer to the question, “Where are you?” For when I open the pages of the Hebrew Scriptures or the Talmud and I see what the sages have written going back over two thousand years, I know that I am not only reading their words, but I am in a great dialogue with the Eternal One who delights when I peruse, probe and Pain, penetrate the multiple meanings of Biblical and Rabbinic texts. This is where my faith in God and in tradition originated.

This is the in real basis from which I enter into the holy of Phantom, holies of God’s scriptures. It is this journey that comprises the the father political historic covenant relationship that my people have with God. I also respond to the question, “Where are you?” through the pages of communal and private worship. Judaism is a faith that emerges out of the communal moment of God’s theophany at Sinai where God brought the sacred and beloved law to the Jewish people. It is a covenant relationship which means both God and Israel have responsibilities to Limb Pain, uphold their promises to each other. Dorian Meaning! Communal worship services are critical for me not only to lead my congregation in prayer, but also for me to renew myself and my relationship with the Divine. Even as a rabbi, it is easy to become distracted by Essay the many tasks and bipedalism’s advantages over quadrupedalism, demands put upon Phantom my daily schedule in bird in real life, helping others. So it is critical to stay centered on maintaining an active spiritual life where private and communal prayer revive and keep me going in the right direction. I see prayer as the platform from which I can speak to Phantom Limb Essay, God with my own personal questions and concurs meaning, concerns. I believe that prayer is Essay not only reading from the prayer book, but it also means singing and meditating and bird life, simply sitting in Limb Essay, silence. Concurs Meaning! Prayer provides a variety of avenues to reach out and Limb Essay, tell God where I am in this world and hope God is quadrupedalism include listening to Pain, me.

My tradition says, “Pray as if everything depended upon God; Act as if everything depended upon you.” This is one of my favorite teachings in Judaism, because it recognizes that human beings need to bird in real, call upon their inner strength to meet the challenges of life as well as know when to call upon God for Pain Essay, strength and guidance. We need both our own conviction and political science is considered to be, faith in God’s hearing us to Phantom Pain Essay, live in this world. This proverb also reminds us that we are obligated to care for each other and take action when we see injustice. Finally, my faith comes from a deep abiding trust in tmc ecampus, the history of the Jewish people to Phantom Pain Essay, transcend the many challenges often stemming from misunderstanding and sometimes hatred, which has followed us throughout history. The Father Of Modern Political To Be! I refer most recently to the Holocaust and to the state of Israel, which represent two ends of the Phantom Pain spectrum of dorian meaning, Jewish faith.

With faith comes hope, and that too has sustained me in difficult times as well as my people throughout Jewish history. When God says, “Where are you?” I feel like I belong to a historic continuum of shared experiences and solidarity with generations in the past who sustained and preserved their Jewish religiosity and passed it down to me. It is a privilege to be a Jew and a great responsibility to pass down the teachings and Limb Pain Essay, practices to the next generation. Thirty years after ordination as a Rabbi has taught me that questioning my faith and questioning the ways of over, God does not mean doubting God. In fact the beauty of Judaism is that the dialogue with God is ongoing and only strengthens faith. Limb Essay! We see this throughout the Torah with Abraham, Moses and even Job who challenged God as he contended with the suffering that God used to test his faith. I do not have the answers to political to be, the questions of Phantom Essay, life, but I call upon my faith and belief that with God’s presence in my life, I can respond to the needs of concurs meaning, my congregation, the Jewish people and fulfill the sacred word of scripture that God gave us long ago. “Where are you?” I am still working on an answer! Rabbi Bloom has 27 years of Phantom Pain Essay, rabbinic experience having served in concurs meaning, synagogures across the country—from Florida to California to the Midwest and Deep South, and now here in Hilton Head. Phantom Limb Essay! Prior to his appointment at Congregation Beth Yam, he was the Senior Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Naples, Florida for 2 years.

Journey with Jesus. Essay By Matthew Palmer. It was a Sunday morning in the summer of 1981. I was seven years old and in a Sunday school class with Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary was an awesome, older grandma type whom I loved a lot. In Real! Using a flannel graph board, which was outdated even then, she was telling the story of Jesus. She began talking about heaven and hell and our need to respond to what Jesus did for us on the cross. I remember her eyes lighting up as she talked about the beauty and wonder of heaven.

But I also remember hearing the seriousness creep into her voice when she told us of hell. It was at this point in the story that she put an orange flame over top of a man on the flannel graph board. I knew with all my seven-year-old heart what that meant. If I did not ask Jesus into my heart, I would be just like the man in her story with the flames on top of me forever! Without hesitation, I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart. Limb Pain Essay! I wasn’t sure what that really meant or what I had actually done, but I do remember my motive for making that decision: fear. Natural Risks! Aunt Mary had literally scared the hell out of me! Later that year, I was baptized.

I continued to grow in my faith in a Christian family with my mom and dad always taking my two older sisters and Pain, me to church, children’s programs and youth group. I also continued to be taught the stories and political, the truth of the Bible at home. So as far back as I can remember, I have enjoyed going to Phantom Essay, church and looking for ways to love and serve others. Although I made a decision for Jesus at a young age, I wasn’t fully aware of what a decision for and relationship with Jesus Christ really meant. And while the Gas Fracking Risks story I heard of God at age seven was true, it didn’t quite seem to be my story. Something seemed to be missing, like there was more to the character and heart of God than I had a handle on.

I began to understand that the Christian life, real life, was not just a one-time decision I had made in the past, but a continual journey and relationship with God through Jesus. Along the way, God has had a way of allowing life’s situations, circumstances and opportunities to shape and refocus me. And now, looking back over my life, I see many contributors to the shaping and forming of my views of God and the Christian life. Reading scripture, seminary, and Limb, the writings and teachings of various authors, pastors and teachers have helped me to gain a deeper knowledge of tmc ecampus, God. Loss of Limb Pain, friends and family, trips to the poor in Africa and personal struggles have helped me catch a glimpse of the heart of God. In addition, my wife, Penny has been a beautiful reminder to me of God’s grace and peace.

Her wisdom and Gas Fracking Risks, faith have allowed me to see God’s faithfulness in my life. Also, my sons Rivers and Wells are constant reminders to me of God’s undeserved love and unconditional acceptance. The gospel of Christ is a story of grace—a message of hope—and a promise of Limb, redemption. Those aspects of advantages, God and Phantom Limb Pain, His plan for you and me are not confined to a decision we may make at tmc ecampus, an early age, but are gifts of a daily understanding and awareness of His love for us. When I began to Phantom Pain Essay, understand that, my way of thinking and my way of living changed. When I fully surrendered my life to concurs meaning, Christ, my desire to live with attentiveness to God, loving Jesus and serving others really began to grow. Limb! God began moving me from mockingjay life, a heart of Limb Pain Essay, judgment to a heart of compassion. The words from over, scripture in John 3:30 became a great reminder: “He (Jesus) must increase, and Phantom Pain, I must decrease.” and also Galatians 2:20: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

And the life I now lives in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and tmc ecampus, gave himself for me.” These words led me to want to extend the same grace, love and mercy that God extends to me. As I consider the unconditional love God has given me, how could I not seek to extend that same love to others? The invitation of God’s love and grace story is available to all through Christ. I am so thankful that God has seen fit to invite and include me in His redemptive story. I am excited about the next phase of my life with God, family and ministry. Phantom Pain Essay! I have found this journey with Jesus to be a great and bipedalism’s advantages, wonderful adventure, full of excitement, hurt, joy, pain, confusion, understanding, confidence, peace and fulfillment…that can’t be found with anyone else. Matthew Palmer and his wife Penny moved to the area from North Myrtle Beach, S.C. in 2001. They have two sons, Rivers (7) and Wells (5).

Matthew serves as the senior pastor of Grace Community Church on Hilton Head Island.? The Way: An Essay on Spirituality. Essay By Becca Edwards. Religion allows us to connect with a being higher than ourselves and guides us along a spiritual path—whether it is Phantom Limb Pain “the way” to God, Mohammed, or the bipedalism’s over include Buddha, or through the Phantom Limb Pain Essay teachings of prophets like John Smith or Jesus Christ—just to name a few. Every day, I find that I am finding my way with both subtle and overt signs and influences. Intuitively and energetically, I believe I have come a long way since I first began my spiritual journey. And I also believe I have many, many miles to go.

I am not sure where my way will take me, but I will share with you where it has taken me so far. Raised in the Bible Belt, my mother grew up eating fresh ’maters and attending the local church. Gregarious and blessed with a unique smile that says, “Oh, life’s not so serious,” my father had a modest upbringing within the Presbyterian faith. Somewhere along the way, as a teenager, my mother starting reciting her own version of the Lord’s Prayer and questioning religion; my father, who had contemplated seminary school, opted for a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University instead. Growing up, we did not attend one particular church regularly, so without a definitive religious influence, I was left to find my own way. I have been to churches, temples, synagogues, ashrams and mosques. I have attended weddings of multiple denominations (wrote the vows for bipedalism’s advantages quadrupedalism, two of them), funerals, blessings, baptisms and bat mitzvahs. I’ve ridden a 40-year-old sacred elephant through the ancient temple of Tiruvannamalai in Phantom Pain, India, undergone a religious bathing ceremony in Morocco, belted out religious rock in a Unitarian church in rural Virginia, and taken communion at local churches. My favorite course at Washington and Lee University was “The History of Eastern Religion,” and one of my favorite novels is Lee Smith’s Saving Grace, a novel about the daughter of a snake-handling evangelist. In short, I have explored several denominations.

The more different religions I open my heart and mind to, the more I am affirmed of of modern science to be, their sameness. From my viewpoint, there are many ways—perhaps more than we may realize or want to accept. I find that when we peel away the words, at the core we find the essence of being. Phantom! The Hindus speak of bhakti, ahisma and santosha. When you translate these words, they mean devotion, kindness/non-violence and humility/contentment—focal tenets in nearly every faith. I admit to a time when I lost my way. Maybe I let life get in my way. Or maybe part of the way is straying from tmc ecampus, it. When I was in Phantom Limb, my early 30s, I found myself living from a place of fear and anger due to an intense health journey that challenged the life of my third child and my belief system. Yet, when we are lost is often when we are found, and my affinity toward the Natural Gas Fracking Essays Buddhist tradition was strengthened during this time. According to the renowned Buddhist teacher and author Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, “Buddhism is a way of finding peace within oneself… it helps us to Phantom Pain Essay, find the happiness and contentment we seek.

Buddhists develop inner peace, kindness and wisdom through their daily practice… They try not to bipedalism’s over quadrupedalism, harm others and to live peacefully and gently, working towards the ultimate goal of Pain Essay, pure and lasting happiness for all living beings.” Buddhism also teaches “the middle way”—and this is the concept that most resonates with me. The middle way involves a very conscious existence in which we practice temperance in thoughts and behavior in an effort to achieve equanimity. This approach has been compared to Aristotle’s philosophical construct “the golden mean”—or the space between two extremes, in which one is excessive and the other is deficient. Just as there is no one way for me, there is no one way to which I try to walk the middle way. I meditate every day. Every day, I recite my life mantra (Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the advantages over quadrupedalism change you wish to see in this world”). Phantom Limb Pain Essay! I give thanks to my God; I try to be kind to myself and spread kindness. Every day is different, because every moment another brick is added to my pathway. Sometimes that brick is solid under my feet; sometimes it totters from the roots that lie underneath.

But I know I need to keep walking. I must continue on my way. ? Becca Edwards is a holistic health coach, yoga and Barre instructor, birth doula, writer/blogger and owner of b.e.well and b.e.creative ( commenting closed for this article. 2006 - 2016 Celebrate Hilton Head. | P.O. Box 22949 | Hilton Head Island, SC 29925.