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Nov 17, 2017 Personal essay introduction,

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How to introduction, Write a Great 6th Grade Book Summary. How to roams with, Write a Great 6th Grade Book Summary. Give us great information about the book itself. No, not information about personal, what happens in Company, the book we want to personal essay, know about the book. Information could include: The publication date The genre The basic theme Other books in the green river killer, the series (or other books with similar themes this authors written) Awards the personal introduction, book has been nominated for of neighbours or won The audience the introduction, book is Essay Rights in Healthcare, intended for The popularity of the personal, book (is it a bestseller?) Was it made into a movie, a video game, toys, TV shows, cartoons? Whats your opinion of the book? If theres an illustrator, who was it? Heres an example Ive written for of neighbours my book summary: The Lightning Thief is personal introduction, a fantastic fantasy story by Rick Riordan.

It is example of empathy, a story of personal essay introduction Greek Mythology set in modern times. Written in 2004, The Lighting Thief is book one in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The book won the Rebecca Caudill award, and the Percy Jackson books have been nominated for dozens of roams with other awards. The Percy Jackson books are all on essay the New York Times bestseller list, and the series has become one of the micros pos, most popular kids book series since Harry Potter. Now its time to tell us some more about the person who wrote your book. Personal. Information about the joseph lenin, author could include: why/how they came up with the essay introduction, idea jobs theyve had before writing where theyre from, especially if that has anything to example of empathy, do with the setting of the personal essay, book you read other books theyve written family or friends that influenced or impacted their writing or a million other things. Rick Riordan is a former middle school teacher from Texas. He used to Fitzgerald Essay, teach Greek Mythology to his students, and he told the introduction, myths to roams, his son as bedtime stories.

One night he ran out of Greek stories to personal essay, tell his son, so his son asked him to essay, make one up. Essay Introduction. Riordan began telling the with the sea, story of introduction a boy in micros pos, modern times that meets all sorts of personal essay introduction heroes, monsters, and gods from the essay, Ancient Greek tales. Personal. Eventually, Riordan wrote the my soul roams the sea, stories down and personal introduction, they became the Percy Jackson books. The character Percy Jackson has many things in common with Riordans son, including learning problems like ADHD and dyslexia. Rick Riordan is the green river killer, also the introduction, author or The Red Pyramid and The Challanges Faced by the Coca-Cola, 39 Clues. This section is personal introduction, all about The Challanges Essay, your books protagonist (or main character or good guy).

You should write about the introduction, character, not what they do in the story. Things you could include are: their name something about with, their personality how old they are or something else that gives us an idea about age like their year in introduction, school their job or role in society (besides being a student) hobbies they have that are important in micros pos, the story anything about personal, their family or friends that makes them who they are and Faced by the Company, anything else interesting about them. Essay Introduction. The two parts you have to include are: The main character of The Lightning Thief is The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald Essay, a 6th grader named Percy Jackson. Percy lives in a world where the stories from personal, Greek Mythology are real. The Great Scott Fitzgerald Essay. His mom is human, but his dad is one of the introduction, Ancient Greek gods, which makes Percy a demi-god or half blood. The Challanges Coca-Cola Essay. Half bloods like Percy have some amazing super powers, and introduction, Percy uses his to Essay on Patients', battle evil monsters and fight for personal good. Who Was The Green River. Unfortunately, Percys powers also make it difficult for essay introduction him to get along with other kids, and he often gets in fights and doesn#8217;t do well in The Challanges Coca-Cola Company, class because the powers also give him ADHD and personal, dyslexia. Micros Pos. By the time the book starts, Percy has been kicked out of personal several different schools.

This section is my soul, about the essay introduction, books antagonist (bad guy). Of Empathy. You should include important information like: their name their relationship to the protagonist their job/role/hobbies their personality traits why they are against the protagonist and their strengths and weaknesses. Essay. (Of course, if you are reading a Man vs. Nature story, the list changes a little). Micros Pos. In a man vs. nature story, you need to personal introduction, list the Essay in Healthcare, things that nature is personal essay, doing to prevent your protagonist from solving their problem. In the Faced by the Coca-Cola Company, book Hatchet, Brian is trying to essay, survive in the wilderness after a plane crash. At first he has no idea how to hunt or fish, and he doesnt know what plants are edible, so he may starve.

Second, the importance of neighbours essay, nights are very cold, so he needs to personal, find shelter. There are also a bunch of dangerous animals in Company Essay, the woods. Personal. Brian has a run in with, with a porcupine, is attacked by a moose, and barely avoids a conflict with a bear. At one point in personal essay, the story, a terrible storm hits Brians camp, and joseph lenin, he realizes that there are medical supplies in the plane, which has sunk far down to the bottom of a lake. To survive, Brian must find food, build shelter, and personal, avoid dangerous animals its not an my soul the sea, easy task. Heres the introduction, example of Gatsby by F a more typical antagonist (this time its from the third book in the Percy Jackson series): The antagonist in personal essay, The Titans Curse is Luke, a teenager who used to Essay Rights and Responsibilities, be one of essay Percy Jacksons close friends. Joseph Lenin. Luke is the personal introduction, son of the my soul, Greek god Hermes, but he has gone evil, because he is jealous of personal introduction all the attention other half-bloods like Percy get. In Healthcare. Luke is essay introduction, one of the best sword fighters in with the sea, the world, but his power is personal introduction, often weaker because he loses his temper and his patience. Luke is my soul with the sea, working with some other characters from personal essay, Greek mythology to with, take over the world. Part 5: One Other Character. This section is about one other character in personal, the book, just pick the micros pos, most important character in the book (thats not the personal essay, protagonist or antagonist).

When talking about the essay, other character include: their name their relationship with the essay, protagonist their role in the story some stuff about their personality. Joseph Lenin. One more important character in introduction, The Lightning Thief is Grover. Grover is a satyr, a mythological creature that is half human, half goat. By F. Grovers job is to essay, look after new half-bloods and protect them, but Grover is not a good fighter, so hes usually scared and weak during Percys adventures. Grover is importance of neighbours, a good friend, is personal essay introduction, always loyal, and and Responsibilities, even though he cant fight well, he always has Percys back. Personal Essay. Next is a paragraph about who was the green, your books time period. Personal Essay. First you should give us an who was river, idea of when your book takes place. You could give specific years or an personal essay introduction, era of history (you could use a decade, a war, or the micros pos, name of an personal introduction, era like The Middle Ages or The Great Depression). Roams. If you dont know a specific year(s) or era, use context clues like historical events, pop culture references, and any technology (or lack of personal introduction technology) that are in by the, the story to essay, help you figure it out. Next, tell us about the season or time of year (if its important to the story). The Great By F Scott. How much time passes in personal, your book (a day, a year, a lifetime)? Whats going on in the world to give us some context? How the time period is joseph lenin, different than now (if its a modern book skip that one)? Finally, if your book is personal essay introduction, takes place over more than one time period (like a time travel book) be sure to micros pos, explain that. It is personal introduction, difficult to talk about time when discussing The Titans Curse. Importance Of Neighbours. Many of the characters in the book come from essay introduction, Ancient Greek myths and micros pos, are thousands of years old, but the essay, story itself takes place in modern times. The story takes place over the course of the The Challanges Coca-Cola, summer after Percy Jacksons 8th grade year.

The world of the Percy Jackson books isnt like the personal introduction, world we live in. In the books, Ancient Greek monsters, gods, and Gatsby Scott Essay, heroes are real, and some of the monsters are trying to take over personal essay, the world. My Soul Roams With The Sea. Writing about where your story happens takes a few steps. Personal Essay Introduction. Start out with the big picture: tell us the name of the country, state, city, or even planet where you book takes place. If the place isnt named, you can just describe the Gatsby Scott, environment (is it mountains, country, city, small town, swamp, desert). Personal Essay. Some of you will be able to who was the green river killer, do a little of personal both. My Soul. Next youll zoom in personal introduction, and tell us about joseph lenin, some of the specific locations your book uses. Think about if your book was being written as a play what sets would we have to introduction, build on the stage a classroom, a bedroom, a playground, the The Challanges Company, beach, a museum If its important, you can tell us about the things like climate and weather. Personal. Then tell us what makes the Essay and Responsibilities in Healthcare, world your characters live in different from introduction, ours. The Lightning Thief is a fantasy story that takes place in the green, several locations around the personal introduction, United States. The book starts in upstate New York, follows the with the sea, characters to New York City, and essay, continues as the heroes travel across the country to micros pos, Los Angeles.

There are several important settings in essay, the story. Yancy Academy, Percys school, is example, where the personal essay introduction, story begins. We also see a museum in micros pos, New York, the essay introduction, St. Louis Arch, an amusement park in The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald, Denver, an arcade in essay, Las Vegas, and example, the ancient Greek Underworld. Personal Introduction. Percy travels to by F Fitzgerald, many different places across the country while on a quest to retrieve a stolen lightning bolt for personal essay introduction the Greek god Zeus.

The story is loaded with humor and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to river, find how Percy saves the introduction, world. Of Empathy. The conflict section should cover: What your characters life was like as the essay introduction, book began. The inciting incident. By F Scott Fitzgerald Essay. (And it all changed when) The major problem the personal, character has to who was, deal with because of the inciting incident. A few steps of the conflict building. Personal Essay. WITHOUT GIVING AWAY THE ENDING OR ANY SURPRISES. At the beginning of The Lightning Thief , Percy Jackson has just found out of empathy hes being kicked out of another school. On an personal essay, end of the year field trip, Percy gets in Rights and Responsibilities, trouble with his teacher Mrs. Dodds.

When she pulls him aside to talk about it, Mrs. Dodds suddenly turns in to personal, a horrible monster and attacks Percy. Of Empathy. Somehow, Percy manages to personal introduction, kill her. Example Of Empathy. Percy finds out that he is a half-blood, half human and personal, half Ancient Greek god, and Gatsby by F, hes been accused of personal stealing Zeus lightning bolt. To clear his name, Percy has to find the real lightning thief. Along the way, Percy has to escape monsters like the importance, furies, Medusa, the introduction, Chimera, and the green killer, angry gods like Hephestus and personal essay introduction, Ares. Its a race against micros pos time, so Percy has to find the bolt and return it to personal introduction, Mt. Olympus before the gods begin a war against The Great Gatsby Scott Fitzgerald each other that may end the world. The Other Things could be a whole bunch of stuff. You get to choose. Introduction. We do 8 book summaries per year, so its probably a good idea to try and The Challanges Faced Coca-Cola Essay, choose something different each time, but thats up to personal essay, you.

When you get to this section, you can write a paragraph about example of empathy, any of the following: Theme #8212; What is the underlying message of the book? Is there a lesson? What is the author trying to personal introduction, say with this story? The Heros Journey How do the Rights in Healthcare, events of the book change the character, help them grow as a person, as the essay introduction, story goes on. Give specific examples from the book. Who Was River. Mood/Tone What is the mood or tone of the story? What are the feelings you get from essay introduction, this book? Are there any emotions the of empathy, author is trying to personal introduction, play with? Point of who was killer View What is the point of personal view? Who is by the Company, telling the story?

How does this narrator affect how the story is personal, told? How do they affect the mood/tone? Do you feel this point of the green river view is the best way to tell the personal essay introduction, story? Authors Style What makes this authors voice different than other writers? Do you like this authors style? Connection to the World If your book is a historical story, a realistic story, or even sometimes a sci-fi story, it may have connections to the real word. Does it? How?

Connection to Other Literature Is there another book or story that your book reminds you of? Take some time to explore that connection. Example Of Empathy. Part 10: Book Recommendations. If we liked the book that you just read, tell us some other books we might like. Include at least four books we might like. Personal. Only use one other book by micros pos, the same author, but dont use any books from the same series.,,, and essay, Destiny in Essay, the LRC are all good tools to help you find other books similar to the one you read.

This is gonna be awesome! When its done of personal course#8230;. Faced Essay. whats everyone doing 4 there book? YOU ROCK MR. C! ugh ur hitting us with a spitt ball one after one#8230; I#8217;m kind of mixed up with the antagonist because my story is personal, a man vs. Who Was The Green River. nature story. Personal. In a man vs. nature story, you need to list the river, things that nature is doing to essay introduction, prevent your protagonist from on Patients', solving their problem. For example: In the book Hatchet, Brian is trying to personal introduction, survive in my soul roams, the wilderness after a plane crash. Personal. At first he has no idea how to hunt or fish, and he doesn#8217;t know what plants are edible, so he may starve.

Second, the Faced Coca-Cola Company Essay, nights are very cold, so he needs to find shelter. There are also a bunch of essay dangerous animals in the woods. Brian has a run in with a porcupine, is attacked by micros pos, a moose, and personal introduction, barely avoids a conflict with a bear. Joseph Lenin. At one point in the story, a terrible storm hits Brian#8217;s camp, and he realizes that there are medical supplies in introduction, the plane, which has sunk far down to the bottom of a lake. To survive, Brian must find food, build shelter, and my soul with, avoid dangerous animals it#8217;s not an easy task. Personal. oh, ok. Thank you! The Time paraghraph seems realy hard. It is. The point of who was it is to make you think about the time period and the amount of time lapsed in essay introduction, your book. As you read books now, you#8217;re going to pay closer attention to those ideas. Once you start doing that, hahahahahahahahaha, in Faced by the Company, my sneaky way I made you a better reader. (that was an personal introduction, evil laugh over on Patients' in Healthcare, there) Mr.

Curtis, for time what would you say for personal your book? Im very confused because Billy is of empathy, talking about things we have today when he#8217;s telling the story from the old west#8230;#8230; so what would you do for essay that kind of story? There are a few clues in The Great Gatsby by F, there. Merv fights in what he calls the #8220;states war.#8221; What war could that be? Think about the lack of technology there#8217;s no computers, cell phones, or even cars. What does that tell you? OH#8230;. ok#8230; the states war could be like the essay introduction, civil war#8230;.. so around like the importance of neighbours essay, later 1800#8217;s? Or it could be a bunch of personal introduction weirdos living in today who think its still the old west#8230;.. I agree, they might be weirdos, but would that explain the micros pos, lack of cars? #8230;for my other character I wanted to talk about Smedly, the mostly naked cowboy, but he#8217;s not important. I would choose Merv, Sloop, Percilla, or Lincoln Caine if I were you. yea#8230; i did Merv#8230;#8230;.. Personal Essay. but just wait till you read my summarie#8230;.. you#8217;ll laugh your pants off#8230;#8230;. so make sure your wearing a belt tomorrow. The book summary seemed hard but then i started it and of empathy, i had so much fun looking at other peoples summaries and personal introduction, writing mine.

Thank you Mr.Curtis for my soul the sea writing how to write a 6th grade summary. This helped me a lot while I work on essay introduction this project. The Great By F Scott Fitzgerald. all of this is so easy. i thought the book recommendations were going to personal introduction, be hard because i tryed to go on destiny and see which books went with The graveyard book but destiny go all messed up. Faced By The Coca-Cola Company. But when i did it this time for Fablehaven, everything was picture perfect. This is hard,but I haven#8217;t ripped out my hair yet.Besides I#8217;m only introduction, 3 points away from example of empathy, getting a B.Hurray. Essay. I think I already did.

I can#8217;t seem to who was, get a B at least! i was surprised I didnt rip my hair out either, I think I was pretty close to it though! Now that I have had all my practice with the first book summary, this 2nd one was super easy. Did anyone else think this too? I agree,Arianna.I#8217;m literally flying through the personal, 2nd book summary! AAARRRRRRGH. Gatsby By F Scott Fitzgerald. TEN PARAGRAPHS. This is a nice trip though memory lane#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230; Thank you so much this is so useful, I#8217;m a home schooler and this makes it easy for a 10 year old to write a good paper.

Hey this is nice mr.c I have a. Book report and personal, I gave it in using these steps and my teacher is really proud of me ur the best thank you.

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Personal essay introduction

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Nov 17, 2017 Personal essay introduction,

Buying essays online - How do I write the introduction to a personal essay? This personal

Remembering An Event Essays and Research Papers. Remembering an Event It was spring, and the weather was just right for softball season. Friday night, the big stadium lights . were shining right down on us. We were actually here I thought to myself we really made it this far. My softball team and I were playing for a chance to go to the state tournament, which was something unexpected coming from personal essay introduction a team that was never ranked in pre-season or throughout district but until now. Throughout our season we lost two games against a team that was good. Game , Hotel , NBC 1330 Words | 3 Pages. English 101 February 16, 2012 A new life. The Challanges Faced By The Coca-Cola. In my life I have experienced many memorable events and occurrences.

I have lived through the . good and introduction, survived through the unpleasant endeavors. Everyone has lived through a few events that have made an impact on themselves. The event that made an imprint on me the most happened in joseph lenin, 2003. It was the birth of my son when I was sixteen years old. It was the beginning of June, a steamy summer day in Florida. School was in recess so I was able to sleep. Anxiety , Emotion , Experience 778 Words | 3 Pages. ended up in tragedy for our entire family. I began to look at my life completely differently, and I now cherish every day with loved ones. Our . group of essay college friends still meets, as we promised, every year, but nobody brings up the Gatsby Fitzgerald, skiing event . Personal. Unfortunately, Mike will not be able to stand on the slopes again.

He was not able to regain a level of health and strength that would allow him to be back on the snowy slopes. Mountain rescue , Rescue , Search and rescue 1318 Words | 4 Pages. door. Joseph Lenin. I got into my car and essay, went straight home without even realizing what had happened a few minutes ago. I got home and immediately went straight to Gatsby by F Scott bed . because I was exhausted. The next morning I felt like my life had changed because of that event . One thing I will for sure not do is stay out so late. Everything that I do in life now I think twice before. Nathans mom definitely gave me a call the next morning, and told my mom everything that happened that night. Closeted , Coming out personal, , English-language films 989 Words | 3 Pages.

working, I have learned to by F Fitzgerald Essay adapt. Personal Introduction. Death, sickness, hateful family members, confused or combative residents, and joseph lenin, unhappy fellow co-workers have changed my . perspective of personal essay introduction life. As I press towards acquiring my Registered Nurse degree, I recall all these events . They encourage me and push me to The Great by F Essay further my education. Continuing to watch the television shows, to talk with family members, and to study hard will help me succeed in reaching my goal. Personal Introduction. . Certified Nursing Assistant , Emergency medical services , Emergency medical technician 1340 Words | 4 Pages. ? Jose . Buenrostro 10-8-13 Dr.

Lind English 101 Remembering an Event The most significant event that has happened throughout my life was when I first joined my high schools wrestling team. Joining the Gatsby Scott Fitzgerald Essay, wrestling team changed me in many ways. Wrestling taught me not to essay introduction give up on The Challanges by the Coca-Cola my goals and to personal keep on micros pos going if I want to achieve anything. College , English-language films , High school 660 Words | 3 Pages. ?Wells 1 Melissa Wells Professor Kieloch English 1013 11 September 2014 Remembering an Event Essay The Day my Mother Died . At one point in my life death came as a surprise, now after loosing so many family members it has become normal.

If not normal than it is something that I am all to familiar with, death is not hard for me anymore. Of all the people I have lost the death of my mother still lingers the most in personal essay, my mind. She was only thirty six, to young, she had so much life left to live. Brain tumor , Cancer , Death 598 Words | 2 Pages. ?Macy Dr.

Long Composition I September 3, 2013 My Favorite Memory There are many memories throughout my nineteen years of life that are very special to . me. Nevertheless, so far there is one memory I recall never failing to put a huge smile on The Challanges Coca-Cola Company my face. And that was Christmas. I have had many great holiday memories, however my favorite Christmas memory was my freshman year in high school. Traditionally, my family would travel during the introduction, holidays to Memphis, Tennessee to example visit both sets of. Christmas , Family , Present 985 Words | 3 Pages.

I remember that day very clearly. It was Halloween October 31, 2003. It was a school day, a long school day as I recall. Essay Introduction. It was a long day because the next . Example. day was important for me; I had the SAT test and my very last home volleyball game. It was my senior night. Personal. I was in frenzy all day.

I remember English class and my teacher returned my About You essay. Micros Pos. I read over it one last time to see how I scored, and was glad to receive an A on essay the paper. I read the part about my best friend, Ginny Blackburn. A Good Day , Aerosmith , Black-and-white films 1072 Words | 3 Pages. Group 1 Events Management Group members: Gelyn Gudes Charmaine dela Pena Mara Joanne Angeles Rodilyn Bengado Bahan Golda May . Descargar Jelie Ruth Villahermosa Daphne Ofilas Aloha Grace Supatan Jerome Carabeo Clejever Cabreros Section: BH802E Submitted by: Mrs. Berodita Prestoza EVENT MANAGEMENT Aims amp; Scope Event Management, an International Journal, intends to importance essay meet the research and analytic needs of personal essay a rapidly growing profession focused on events . This field. Ceremony , Event management , Event planning 1526 Words | 7 Pages.

Mutually Exclusive Events Two events are mutually exclusive if they cannot occur at the same time. Another word that means . The Great Gatsby By F Scott Fitzgerald Essay. mutually exclusive is disjoint. If two events are disjoint, then the probability of introduction them both occurring at the same time is 0. Disjoint: P (A and B) = 0 If two events are mutually exclusive, then the probability of with the sea either occurring is the sum of the probabilities of personal introduction each occurring. My Soul The Sea. Specific Addition Rule Only valid when the events are mutually exclusive. Addition , Conditional probability , Event 775 Words | 3 Pages. Janil Gada MBA MC1 - 0016 10 Genres of Events 1. Entertainment amp; Leisure Events : * Parikrama * Vedas . * Nirvana * Swedish House Mafia * Nichelback Rockstar * David Guetta * Norah Jones concert * Sun Burn * Tomorrow Land * Burning Man * Boom Festival * Nakshatranche dene * Sur aur taal * Sa re ga ma pa * Indian Idol 2. Government amp; Civic Events : * MNS campaign * Election campaigns * Barack. Aishwarya Rai , Festivals in India , Gujarat 355 Words | 5 Pages. on-site activities that have to be conducted at the actual events . Introduction. Daily tasks and activities (routine) Searching and adding contacts to . My Soul Roams. database Updating the websites Contacting potential sponsorship partners Organizing/editing event schedules and documents Mailing letters to clients Researching upcoming events Marketing and essay, promoting events Writing and posting about events Maintaining budgets of events The tasks and projects that I have worked on The Great by F Scott Fitzgerald during my. Entertainment , Event planning , Management 840 Words | 4 Pages. To what Extent can Gemmy be regarded as Representing a Paradigm Shift in personal essay introduction, the Mind Set of the Settlers? In the novel Remembering Babylon by . David Malouf, the example of empathy, character Gemmy causes the settlers to change their attitudes towards Australia.

At first, the settlers have a very negative view of the personal essay introduction, land that they had colonised, but when Gemmy joins them he makes them realise that it is not so bad after all. He teaches them some of the things that he learned from of empathy his time living with the Aborigines. These. David Malouf , Indigenous Australians , Mind 1157 Words | 3 Pages. Is there a difference between remembering something and knowing something? along with other theorists such as Tulving, Mandler and Schacter in order to help me conclude if they are the same thing, inter-related or completely . Essay. different.

Tulving (1985), distinguished between two quite different recollective experiences: remembering , which is someone's concrete awareness of micros pos oneself (autonoetic consciousness) in the past, which is driven by the prefrontal cortex, allows people to personal mentally represent past, present, and future experiences in micros pos, a highly personal and essay introduction, subjective manner. Amnesia , Declarative memory , Episodic memory 1555 Words | 5 Pages. Book Review of Remembering Scottsboro: The Legacy of an Infamous Trial. did the case of the Scottsboro boys. In Remembering Scottsboro: The Legacy of an my soul the sea Infamous Trial, James A. Personal Essay Introduction. Miller explores how the famous case . of 1931, in joseph lenin, which nine young black men were accused of raping two white women on a freight train, continues to resonate throughout American culture after nearly 80 years. Personal. In this novel, Miller focuses primarily upon the ways in which the Scottsboro Narrative has been told and retold over the years. Remembering Scottsboro covers a range of illustrations. International Labor Defense , National Association for example the Advancement of Colored People , Powell v. Alabama 1526 Words | 4 Pages. For my SSR project I read Remembering Mog.

The main character in my book is Annie who has a very loving heart. In the introduction, book, she goes threw . many things but she never loses the joseph lenin, love for her family. Her age changes through out the book, in the beginning shes about personal, 15 or 16 and at the end she is in college. Micros Pos. The book shows her grow into a stronger person. In the essay, beginning of the book she didnt know what to example do with her feelings but towards the end she took charge and got help. Personal Essay. One thing that really. Annie and Clarabel , Character , Fiction 1003 Words | 4 Pages. Unit five: Principles of supporting business events Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. The first thing . you need to of neighbours do is essay introduction, save a copy of this document, either onto joseph lenin your computer or a disk Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly When youve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference Then, go to introduction and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area make sure it is clearly. Communication , English-language films , Management 882 Words | 5 Pages. Principles of Supporting Business Events. Unit five: Principles of supporting business events Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. The first thing . you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly When youve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference Then, go to Faced by the Coca-Cola Essay and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area make sure it is clearly.

Management 1265 Words | 5 Pages. Remembering, Feeling and Thinking Worksheet. University of personal essay introduction Phoenix Material Remembering , Feeling, and Thinking Worksheet Part I: Motivation, Emotion, and Behavior Explain the . relationships between motivation, emotion, and behavior. How does emotion affect motivation? Give an example of a specific behavior and by F Fitzgerald, the motivators and emotions that can be behind that behavior. Your response should be at least 300 hundred words Motivation can be defined as the driving force behind all the personal essay introduction, actions of an individual.

The influence of an individual's. Cognition , Emotion , Feeling 930 Words | 3 Pages. are becoming enthusiastic in events according to their interests. Events have occupy our newspapers and television screens as . well as much of The Great Gatsby by F Fitzgerald Essay our free time and enrich our lives (Bowdin et al., 2011). Moreover, events have a substantial contribution to personal the national economy. In UK, the event industry generates over ?36 billion every year, which sustain at with the sea least 530,000 full-time jobs (Bladen et al., 2012). Under the trend, the business sector has take events and events sponsorship into consideration. 2012 Summer Olympics , Advertising , Brand 2368 Words | 7 Pages. Event Marketing Introduction An event may be defined as something happening or repeated occurrence or social gathering with . a purpose. Event marketing may be described as the marketing discipline focused on face to introduction face interaction via live events , trade shows and example of empathy, corporate meeting among other events . Event marketing is concerned with designing and developing a live theme based activity (eg: - sporting event , Musical festival) to promote a social cause, a product or an organization Event.

Event planning , Festival , Management 1890 Words | 7 Pages. EVENT MANAGEMENT Professor Donald Getz (1997) defines Events from essay two perspectives : 1. By The Essay. From sponsoring/ organizing . viewpoint : A special Event is essay introduction, a one-time or infrequently occurring event outside the essay, normal programs or activities of the sponsoring/organizing body. 2. From customer view point : To the customer or guest, a special event is an opportunity for leisure, social or cultural experiences outside the personal introduction, normal range of choice or beyond everyday experience. Dr. J. Goldblatt. Ancient Olympic Games , Ceremony , Event management 1367 Words | 6 Pages. A study on the Effectiveness of of empathy Events Management in the Brand Management Process Events Management refers to the application . of project management to the creation and development of festivals, events and conferences. It involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, conceptualizing the event , planning the logistics and personal introduction, coordinating the essay, technical aspects before the event takes place. Essay. Experiential marketing allows customers to engage and interact with brands, products.

Advertising , Brand , Brand equity 1547 Words | 5 Pages. ? Event management is the part of project management, including festivals, event and conference. Example Of Empathy. Event develop be . come our central of essay culture. Nowadays industry of event has including Olympics Game, company annual meeting, festival celebrations, personal and organization celebration. Allen, OToole, McDonnell and The Great by F Scott Fitzgerald, Harris (2008) have point out that governments now support promote event as part of their strategies for introduction economic development, nation building and destination marking. Of Empathy. Event industry is.

2000 Summer Olympics , 2004 Summer Olympics , 2008 Summer Olympics 1583 Words | 12 Pages. the size, form, and content of events in this context: explain how the various events are classified and introduction, why (think globally) . Business Events : Business events can come in all shapes and sizes; both public and of empathy, private, from a grassroots computer-swap-meet in ones locality to personal international trade conventions and car shows in exhibition centres. If there is joseph lenin, a product, there is essay introduction, a business event to promote it. Importance. A business event is an umbrella term for any event where the aim is to personal introduction . The Challanges Faced Coca-Cola Company. enhance. Canton Fair , Demographics , Export 909 Words | 4 Pages. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about standard rodeo events Thesis Statement/Central Idea: There are six standard rodeo . Essay. events , three in the timed category and my soul roams with, three in the riding category. Introduction I. Experience or knowledge with horses? II.

Inform about standard rodeo events III. Three timed events , three riding events IV. Participated in personal, and spectated many rodeos V. Micros Pos. 6 events I. Timed events A. Steer wrestling B. Calf roping . Cattle , Cowboy , Equestrianism 495 Words | 3 Pages. ensure that the event is properly executed it must incorporate the six As, anticipation, arrival, atmosphere, appetite, activity and . Essay Introduction. amenities. Example Of Empathy. Anticipation is the first dimension of an event experience and is created with the announcement of the event . The anticipation of the hospitality reception will be delivered through invitations to the 200 selected customers. The invitations will provide specific information regarding the event such as the time and location, theme of the essay introduction, event , and additional. Activity , Catering , Company 891 Words | 3 Pages. Unit five: Principles of supporting business events Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. Micros Pos. The first thing . you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly When youve finished, print out a copy to keep for introduction reference Then, go to and Coca-Cola, send your completed Assessment to personal your tutor via your My Study area make sure it is clearly.

Management , Problem , Support 882 Words | 4 Pages. every four years, is Faced by the Company Essay, a sporting event in which countries who have qualified are able to compete against each other in personal introduction, a range of . events . Of Empathy. This paper concerns the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, a theatrical and musical show to celebrate the initiation of the competition. The purpose of this essay is to explore the global significance of this event using media events theory. In order to do this it is first necessary to define the nature of a media event and introduction, discuss in what way the London. 2008 Summer Olympics , 2012 Summer Olympics , International Olympic Committee 2328 Words | 6 Pages. an event planner. Many industries from small businesses to large corporations hire event planners for a variety of joseph lenin different . reasons.

Ranging from a bachelor degree in personal essay, hospitality management to a masters program East Carolina University provide the knowledge and The Great Gatsby by F Fitzgerald, experience needed to succeed in the event planning industry. Personal Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to of neighbours essay discus the programs East Carolina University offers to future event planners as well as examine the various roles and functions of an introduction event planner. Academic degree , Bachelor of Science , Bachelor's degree 793 Words | 3 Pages. Introduction Event management is a continuous process that revolves around the utilization of project management practices, in the . creation and programming of events such as conferences, seminars, festivals and business exhibitions (Polivka 1996). It involves the micros pos, planning, monitoring and personal essay introduction, controlling of activities and The Challanges Faced Essay, resources that would be used, as an personal event evolves from a preliminary concept into an active and operational implementation. The process of event management involves studying the.

Event management , HIV , Joe Goldblatt 2149 Words | 6 Pages. Event Management Market - India June 2010 Executive Summary Estimated to be worth INR 15 bn in 2010, expected to grow to INR 23 bn in . 2012 Market is highly unorganised having huge opportunities for growth Main segments in my soul roams with the sea, the event management market are Corporate, Cultural, Leisure, and personal essay introduction, Personal, with a rising demand of importance management in the corporate sector Drivers: Growth in consumer spending and disposable income, increase in below the line promotion among establishments, rising need of organized. Consumption , Event management , Household income in the United States 1143 Words | 6 Pages. Event Planning Administration Tour08007 Coursework A Submission 2012/2013 Student No: B00242497 Title: TITP Word . Count:1,981 Contents Introduction T in the Park is a music event which takes place every year which is essay, usually held on joseph lenin the second week of July. This event is personal essay, growing more and importance of neighbours essay, more popular as the years go on and as soon as the tickets are available it is almost an instant sell-out. This music event was first.

Entertainment , Event planning , Event scheduling 1955 Words | 7 Pages. Management event proposal I. Personal Essay. Event Proposal Give time to your health marathon Date: July 13, 2014 (Sunday) Time: 5:00am to . 9:00am (4hour) Venue: Sm mall of asia Seaside (Pasay City) To Cultural Center of the Philippines, CCP (Radial road, Pasay City) Proponent: Jerico, Apas Other comitte members: Dejan, Christian Duarte, Felix Garcia, Alexander Ontolan, Gary Sorongon, Rheo II. Event Description It is a event for the employee`s that has no time for their health so this event is the. Health , Makati City , Manila 602 Words | 9 Pages. Festival and Events Industry 4. Assignment No: Assignment 2 5. Lecturer Name: Dr.

Susanne Coates 6. Submission . Date: August24, 2012 People all over the world celebrate different types of joseph lenin festival in different occasion. There are different types of personal event or festival such as religious, cultural, musical, sports, personal, corporate etc. Example Of Empathy. People celebrate all of these events with great festive mood. The objective of this assignment is to prepare a plan for an event and also. Bangladesh , Bengal , Event management 1968 Words | 6 Pages.

INTRODUCTION We are registered for Events , Travels Tours. We have showcased events in the past and now planning to hold . FATHER CHRISTMAS FUNFAIR with your kind support and assistance. We are writing to personal introduction power this educative/entertaining funfair for the children. This event which will definitely make the invited children enjoy every moment of the of neighbours essay, day and also have a valuable memory of your brand has been tagged FATHER CHRISTMAS FUNFAIR. THE EVENT . Advertising , Christmas , Concept 753 Words | 3 Pages. Hosting major Sports Events : Hidden Costs and Policy Dilemma The recent wave of protests in Brazil may have started with transport issues . but it was soon clear that even that most prized cultural asset, football, was drawn into the mix of essay introduction factors provoking the rioters. The country was playing host to a select number of The Challanges by the foreign teams playing a pre-World Cup test event called the Confederations Cup. It was the rising costs of hosting the former, which was seen as less important than other social. 2008 Summer Olympics , 2014 Winter Olympics , Beijing National Stadium 1063 Words | 3 Pages. Event Management Examine the changes in the event industry throughout the years.

Where do you think the industry is heading . to? An event is an action of personal introduction occasional communication, temporary and purposive gathering of people. There are temporary in nature, often display of ritual and they are unique occurrence. My Soul Roams With The Sea. Events are destined to personal essay introduction mark people with a specific goal. The event started when the humanity began to see each other to exchange, to share time together. With the micros pos, new generation.

A New Era , Better , Event management 1979 Words | 6 Pages. Event Proposal On the 14th December 2010, Trinity University Foundation degree students will be hosting a Multi-skills activity . Introduction. event , for children from Schools in the local community. The event being proposed is a multi- skills event , which has been organised by a group of 6 undergraduate students who are currently studying in, Supporting Learning: Physical Education and Health. The group have joined together to plan a multi-skills activity event , aimed at Primary School children in years 5. Critical path method , Event management , Event planning 1579 Words | 5 Pages. INDIVIDUAL REPORT A. Example Of Empathy. Brief description about introduction, your event Our event is about a valentines party with a twist, because . we invited children from a baranggay.

Our theme is Mickey and Minnie Mouse, even if its a valentines party we made sure that children would love it. We planned the The Great Scott Essay, event for (3)three month to made it perfect. Personal. We invited 15 preschool students together with their (3) three teachers to micros pos help us guide the essay, children. Importance Of Neighbours. Our event titled Spread the personal, Love in valentines, we came to this. Mickey Mouse , Minnie Mouse , The Pavilion 907 Words | 3 Pages. Event -marketing As we know company marketing strategy is built on entirely standard set of tools: mass advertising in the media, . participation and organization of events , sponsorship, PR support, promotions, direct marketing, etc. Nowadays event marketing being out of the common mix of ATL BTL and PR is The Challanges Coca-Cola, becoming increasingly popular. Thats why it immediately affects several communication channels and personal essay introduction, successfully complements opportunities to the above established instruments of direct. Advertising , Brand , Brand management 682 Words | 3 Pages. The process of learning is an on-going event that occurs in each stage of human development.

Human beings acquire a great deal of their . personal qualities and micros pos, characteristics through a variety of different learning methods. Through the work of educational psychologist Robert Gagne, a better understanding of learning and instruction can be found. Gagne presented the idea that there are different types of personal essay introduction learning and joseph lenin, that different instructional methods are needed to accompany these learning types. Developmental psychology , Educational psychology , Intelligence 1875 Words | 5 Pages. Event Planning Carson Stokes English Honors 4B Stephens March 29, 2012 Carson Stokes English Honors Stephens March 29, 2012 . The Wonderful World of Event Planning What is event planning? Other than my dream job, event planning is the process of planning special occasions such as but not limited to fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, sweet sixteens, birthdays, graduations, conferences, political rallies, fashion shows, and memorials. Event planning includes budgeting, establishing. Event planning , Management , Party 1064 Words | 4 Pages. ? EVENT PROPOSAL DATE : 13 14 DECEMBER 2013 PLACE: STADIUM UiTM SHAH ALAM ORGANIZE BY : STUDENT OF BACHELOR OF SPORT . MANAGEMENT FACULTY OF SPORT SCIENCE AND RECREATION UiTM SHAH ALAM 1.0 Introduction Now a day, skill of introduction communication and how to deal with people and public is very important. Based on concern on this matter, we have to take this challenge to organize an event . Joseph Lenin. This event is an activity will give the experience to students from Faculty of Sports Science.

Public relations 889 Words | 7 Pages. SECTION 12 ORGANISING EVENTS AND PROJECTS It is no accident that this is the personal essay introduction, last section as many of the skills and knowledge you need to . organise events and projects has been covered in the previous sections. Organising a successful event or project takes good planning, team work and an eye for detail particularly as all activities that involve the joseph lenin, safety of people are governed by law. How to Action Plan Through action planning you and your committee or your team of essay willing volunteers. Event planning , Form of the my soul with, Good , Liability insurance 1290 Words | 5 Pages. ?A. Preparation 1. The Rationale (Why must the event be held?) This event entitled I speak to conquer the world This . seminars must be offered to essay introduction our dearest fellow lyceans, this seminar event is all about Oral Fluency and Communication skills enhancement that would give to our fellow lyceans the ability to communicate with confidence and my soul, encourage them not to hesitate trying to personal express their self in foreign language (English) . We as a future pioneers in the field of hospitality industry must. Communication , Event management , Hospitality 1258 Words | 4 Pages.

Never Event Oluwatosin Eleyinafe HSA 268 Professor Garcia November 22, 2012 Healthcare facilities are very active institutions. . Roams. Each part must be functioning correctly, from delivery systems and issues of Managed Care and essay, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), to the National Quality Forum (NQF). These different parts of healthcare facilities are constantly dealing with many different situations that arise. Sometimes circumstances that should not take place occur. Of Empathy. These types. Health care , Health care in personal, the United States , Health care provider 1823 Words | 6 Pages. ?Asian Games is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia.

The Games are recognized by the International . Olympic Committee (IOC) and Scott Essay, are described as the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games. Personal Essay Introduction. In 2006, although Hong Kong bid for the Asia Games did not succeed, but this in turn raised community awareness importance of sport. More than 10 years have passed, sport in example, Hong Kong has continued develop, moreover, Hong Kong have successfully hosted and. 2008 Summer Olympics , Ancient Olympic Games , France 1647 Words | 8 Pages. Let's look at some of the key advantages of the proprietary corporate event . Personal. When creating a proprietary corporate event , the . marketer has nearly complete control of the customer's experience with the company. Example Of Empathy. You can shape the essay, event to suit the needs of with your audience and meet your corporate sales and marketing objectives. Corporate events are an essay introduction excellent venue for relationship building with key customers, from end-users, to technical personnel, to purchasing officials, to senior executives.

Business , Customer , Customer service 1187 Words | 4 Pages. Melbourne was held from 15 to 26 March 2006, it was the micros pos, largest multi-nation sporting event of that year in Australia, 71 countries and 4500 . athletes participated in total of introduction 26 sports and 24 disciplines over 10 days of period (Lockstone, 2008). Micros Pos. Melbourne is the second largest city in personal, Australia, and its the by F Fitzgerald Essay, capital city of essay introduction Victoria, known as the of neighbours, city of fashion, gastronomy, greening, entertainment and sports event . Personal Essay. Melbourne has named the worlds most livable city by Population Action International. 2006 Commonwealth Games , 2010 Commonwealth Games , Australia 1459 Words | 5 Pages. Today major sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup are being held around the world. Micros Pos. Hence to accommodate international athletes, . Introduction. such sporting events have to be organized in large cities having state-of-art facilities. Hosting sports events certainly benefits the host nations which is The Challanges Faced Company, evident by the intense bidding to bag the introduction, rights to host one. Major sporting events bring more to a city than fan excitement. In addition to the thrills of game action, these events funnel millions of dollars. 1988 Summer Olympics , 2008 Summer Olympics , 2012 Summer Olympics 1270 Words | 4 Pages. Tutor: Peter Haigh Event Industry Arsalan khan 21146310 Tutor: Peter Haigh Event Industry Arsalan khan 21146310 . The Challanges Company Essay. Critically discuss the negative and introduction, the positive impacts of the London Olympic Games from the perspective of example of empathy all stakeholders, including the local community, the sponsors, the guests, the organisers, the volunteers and paid workers?

Author: Arsalan Khan Module code: TH40009E Tutor: Peter HAIGH Module name: Event Industry Critically discuss the negative and the. 2012 Summer Olympics , Ancient Olympic Games , Germany 631 Words | 3 Pages. question below 2. Think about personal, how to organize ideas in each paragraph. Example Of Empathy. A) Based on personal essay introduction a drama that you have learnt, write about an event . that you like the most. Provide suitable reasons to importance support your answers. Personal Introduction. INTRODUCTION ( P1 ) Name of the drama name of the event . BODY (P2 ) Brief explanation about the event , the first reason why you like the event . BODY (P3 ) - the Faced by the Essay, 2nd reason why you like it. Essay Introduction. CONCLUSION (P3 ) Your hope B 1 ) Based on a drama that you have learnt, write about. AirTrain Newark , Instrumental value , Literature 420 Words | 3 Pages. Properly accounting for subsequent events is important because investors opinions could be dramatically altered by the events . and transactions that occur after year end.

If subsequent events are not given proper consideration, the financial statements that are issued at year-end may be misleading. Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 855 provides guidance on the proper accounting for and disclosure of micros pos subsequent events . Due to the potential impact subsequent events may have on the financial statements. Annual report , Balance sheet , Event planning 1188 Words | 4 Pages. shows progress in planning event and Evaluation of the personal introduction, organised event . Of Empathy. For our event , we have ogerniced an . exhibition of photographs it did take place in Yang Sing Restaurant at 6.00pm on the 18th March 2009. In the group of five people which are Anna Wolnik, Anna Lekstutis, Iram Khan, Mariah Arfan and Ashley Huges. The exhibition of photographs what we did prepare was a theme which is called 'the beauty of the personal essay, city'.

We had different photographs taken for the event and we arranged for importance essay this to. Coffee , Event management , Event planning 1247 Words | 4 Pages. Computerized Event Planner with SMS Technology for personal introduction ITSC of by the Coca-Cola Company Essay STI College Caloocan A Project Proposal Presented to the Faculty of STI . College Caloocan In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology by: Ang, Genghis Khan C. dela Cruz, John Carlo A. Lazaro, Julius D. Personal Essay Introduction. Mr. Bernard Mendiola Project Adviser October 2013 STI College Caloocan ADVISERS RECOMMENDATION SHEET This Project Proposal entitled Computerized. Critical path method , Gantt chart , Genghis Khan 505 Words | 4 Pages. ? EVENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT EV304 404 The Word of roams Hospitably 2013 Lecturer: Ms. Sofia Rodrigues . Personal Essay. Date: 23th May 2013 PGDEM Yicheng (Jason) Wang wayi150590 Contents Introduction Report Purpose In this report, the The Great by F, author will be writing about evaluation of introduction service department in the world of hospitably event . Then the author will compare with organization and operation to evaluate service department to state whether. Event management , Leysin , Management 1510 Words | 8 Pages. ?The 5 cs of of empathy event designing Event is a well organized and well planned happening Concept Costing Canvassing . Customization Carrying out Concept: it is defined as the 1st stage of personal idea generation on the basis of which the event is taken forward or given as well defined shape.

The concept plays a very important role as this is at micros pos this stage, they are dropped or accepted and it is personal essay introduction, only from here that the next 3 stages which of costing, canvassing and customization takes place. A good. Concept , Definitionism , Event management 895 Words | 2 Pages. organise an outside event on behalf of a client and it will look at some important factors of the joseph lenin, event such as the personal, location, the . number of micros pos guests it will be accommodating, special requirements, the menu, date and time for the event , staffing and their responsibilities and most of all the personal introduction, health and safety of the guests and the staff. Before the importance essay, event is underway I will have to find out what the clients requirement are.

This will help on what skills I will need to improve on during the event According to. Alcoholic beverage , Coffee , Event management 1798 Words | 5 Pages.

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essay on monomyth JANE EYRE AND ROCHESTER: SOUL- MATES IN SEARCH OF THEIR ESSENTIAL SELVES. by Orah Rosenblatt. Come Baby find me, Come Baby remind me. Of where I once begun; Come Baby show me,

Show me you know me, Tell me you're the one. It's like my whole life never happened. When I'm with you, as if I've never had a thought; I know this dream It might be crazy, But it's the only one I've got. Introduction? (Bob Dylan, Emotionally Yours) Each of us carries within us the importance seed of a unique plant.

When circumstances conspire to caringly nourish that seed in the manner most appropriate to personal essay its true nature-- circumstances which, sadly, are as rare as they are fortunate--the germ of our original selves is likely to flourish. When, however, this tender seed receives attention which is essay insufficient or antithetical to its essential inclination, growth is inevitably blighted in personal introduction some way. Weaker or more sensitive seedlings may wither outright; others will be irreparably stunted. Stronger plants may yet grow to imposing heights, but they will be bent and The Challanges by the Essay twisted at the places where their needs were unmet, and may well feel eternally compelled to somehow loosen the knot of those deforming deprivations, so as to come closer to their originally intended shapes: Jane Eyre and Rochester are two such plants; driven by an indomitable will to find and follow their essential selves, they discover in each other a vital key to the realization of that end. As every conscientious parent knows, a child needs both roots--love and security--and wings--belief in, and encouragement of, his autonomy--in order to mature. While gifted with the latter--the drive for essay introduction self-realization previously mentioned--Jane and Rochester have been severely deprived of the foundation of the former. They are both outsiders. The identities they have succeeded in forging for themselves thus have a quality of rare integrity, for they primarily have come from within, not from the outer prompting to please and emulate others.

At the same time, these characters lack the sense of security and micros pos connectedness which is the vital prop of such gifts. When the two meet, that mysterious chemistry [which] usually links partners who are virtually psychological twins (Napier and Whitaker, The Family Crucible , p. 116) enables them to quickly recognize their kinship, the great strength and intense neediness both share. The bond forged between them serves as a dual link for personal both--back to the sense of belonging which both lacked In their most impressionable years, and forward to the recognition and realization of their individual true selves. That one must frequently go back in order to move ahead is a principle well known in both religion and psychology. In Judaism, the word teshavah means both repentance and return. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, an early nineteenth century sage, stresses the theme of descents and micros pos ascents: Each time one wishes to rise to a new stage of spiritual development, one is generally forced to descend first, in order to reclaim the lost sparks of potential holiness buried in the excrement of prior confusion and misdeeds (Nachman of introduction Breslov, M'Shivath Hefesh ). The radical psychotherapist R. D. Fitzgerald? Laing calls this process regression and progression: If the schizophrenic wishes to spend hours staring at a blank wall, well, then he should be encouraged to do so; he will eventually break through; after all, when Zen monks do it it's called the search for enlightenment (R.

D, Laing, The Voice of essay introduction Experience ). In many ways, Jane appears to be further advanced than Rochester in joseph lenin this inner work of personal regression/progression. In part, this may be due to the early spiritual guidance of the saintly Helen Burns. We see evidence of Jane's increased maturity and compassion in example of empathy the objective, forgiving way she re-encounters, and introduction masters, those demons of her childhood, the Reeds. Jane has apparently come far in healing the wounds of her old bitterness and by F Scott Fitzgerald Essay anger; this letting go of old grievances is essential if she is to move on and grow.

Other events and personal essay introduction characters in this novel similarly test Jane's ability to confront situations reminiscent of my soul roams with the sea childhood conflicts, where she must weather a threatened loss of self in order to emerge with that self chastened, strengthened and renewed. During the three days she spends homeless and hungry after fleeing from Rochester, she re-experiences the utter aloneness and rootlessness of personal introduction her early years yet retains her faith in G-d's will; rescued by the Rivers family, she is rewarded by Providence with the The Great Gatsby Scott Essay elevating discovery of a true kinship--in blood as well as spirit such as she has always longed for personal essay but never before known. Her relationships with both Rochester and St. John Rivers involve Jane in the regression of sexual self- surrender, threatening the joseph lenin immersion of her hard-won identity in theirs. Her refusal to be Rochester's pseudo-wife constitutes Jane's triumph in her most crucial spiritual test, as she makes the personal essay introduction wrenching choice between her idolatrous love for him and her belief in G-d. Gatsby By F Essay? Though her bond with Rochester provides her hardest trial, it also gives her the essay introduction clarity and strength to successfully avoid what would have been another, probably fatal, snare to her self development--the marriage proposal of St.

John Rivers. St. John, too, is stamped with an inviolate integrity of self, but he sees Jane solely as an instrument for his own ends and acknowledges only joseph lenin, those parts of her nature which dovetail with his own designs. Personal? It is because she has experienced Rochester's sincere, if flawed, love and appreciation, that Jane is able to recognize the inadequacy and destructiveness of this proffered bond. Rochester, while yearning for what is good, honest and pure, and joseph lenin attracted to essay introduction those redemptive qualities in Jane, must overcome the hubris and narcissistic self-indulgence which has goaded him into example of empathy, self-idolatry, placing the gratification of his own desires above the will of G-d.

In his regressive flirtation with Blanche Ingram, reminiscent of essay introduction his initial attraction to Bertha and his various mistresses, he re-confirms his preference for inner, rather than outer, beauty in a mate. Of Empathy? His desertion by Jane and the subsequent loss of personal his arm and eyesight return Rochester to a state of alienation and despair from which only humility and importance of neighbours belief in G-d can redeem him. In the end, by introduction placing G-d first in their lives and accepting His chastisement, both Jane and Rochester are rewarded by joseph lenin reunion with one another, their separate salvations of self crowned by the redemption of re- unification on personal a higher level. The sense of acceptance and of empathy belonging which they experience with one another, and the recognition each feels for long-denied facets of the other's true nature--Rochester for Jane's passion, Jane for Rochester's yearning for honesty and goodness--has helped both to re-connect with their original essential selves. Because the love between Jane and Rochester--despite its darker, inevitable element of power struggle--is rooted in this recognition of, and respect for, each other's true selves. I found the final felicitous resolution of their relationship to be satisfying and acceptable, and was even able to wink and overlook the improbable and melodramatic route that resolution took (though I do wish it could have been reached without the taint of Rochester's disempowerment). There is something moving and beautiful about these two people, indefatigably reaching for love: like two trees in essay a dense, dark forest, bending, twisting and inter-twining to reach an aperture of warm, bright sunlight, more beautiful to my mind than their unblemished brothers.

CIVILIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS IN WUTHERING HEIGHTS. By Marsha Beitchman. Our view of nature as a force in need of taming goes hack to roams prehistoric times when our ancestors recognized the need, for their own survival and the continuation of the species, to gain some control over themselves and their environment. Paleolithic man was but a small figure in a vast landscape and surely felt a strong sense of vulnerability in regards to personal introduction the overwhelming odds he faced. Roams? Artifacts dating back to this period indicate man's efforts to understand, placate and hopefully subdue the often hostile yet profoundly awe inspiring forces of nature. From these attempts evolved a system of essay alliances and codes for interaction that we know as civilization. Civilization is The Challanges Company based on cooperation. Its success depends on individuals working together for personal introduction the welfare of the group. Importance Essay? It requires a balance between our instinctual needs and personal essay desires and the demands placed on us by society.

But not all individuals perform in ways that promote the general welfare, nor do all of us share equally in the benefits that civilization claims to offer. The powerful forces that reside within us are related to the elemental forces of Gatsby by F Fitzgerald nature. Civilization does not transcend or eliminate the underlying violence within each of us, it sublimates it and attempts to direct it into essay introduction, socially acceptable outlets. Unfortunately, in the name of justice and self preservation, civilized man has been known to commit atrocities. Wuthering Heights is an attempt to understand and reconcile those natural forces within us with the expectations of society. Heathcliff is an importance of neighbours, example of the effects of cruelty, deprivation and alienation that are the by products of civilization. His brutality is a direct result of his having been denied the fundamental need for nurturing that children thrive on. Abandoned as a child, uncared for personal essay introduction and unloved, he was left to fend for himself in what must have seemed a hostile and frightening world. Joseph Lenin? Constant rejection and humiliation stimulated his desire for revenge.

Having been rejected he in turn rejects the system that spawned him and he sets out to destroy it. He attempts to turn the cruelty he experienced back on those whom he feels have wronged him and essay thereby relieve his own suffering. He substitutes hate for example love, violence for peace, and disorder for harmony. He brutally separates those whom he considers his enemies from their comforts and essay security, their honor, and finally from those for whom they care. Importance Of Neighbours Essay? Unable to accept the need to personal introduction control and modify his passions as a means of partaking in the love and acceptance he craves, his efforts leave him lonely and tormented. He finds himself no closer to the retribution for the love he lost nor the peace of The Challanges by the Coca-Cola Company Essay mind for which he desperately longed. Heathcliff was an exile and an outsider from the first. On his arrival at Wuthering Heights, Nelly describes him as dirty and personal essay ragged, of unknown origins and speaking gibberish. He is immediately regarded as a source of discord.

Catherine's reaction is to spit in his face and Nelly leaves him in The Challanges Faced by the Coca-Cola Company Essay the hall overnight in the hope that he will disappear. Hindley loses no time in expressing his disdain for Heathcliff; bitterly resenting his father's alienation of affection in favor of his imp of Satan, he persecutes Heathcliff relentlessly. Hindley's treatment of Heathcliff, in Nelly's opinion, was enough to make a fiend of a saint. In spite of this adversity Nelly remembers Heathcliff as the gentlest child that was ever watched over. as uncomplaining as a lamb. Heathcliff's relation with Catherine was the only comfort he had. They formed a bond that enabled them to endure the harsh treatment they were subjected to by Hindley after the death of old Earnshaw, when Hindley became master of Wuthering Heights and vindictively reduced Heathcliff to introduction the status of a servant. Turning to each other, Heathcliff and Catherine found acceptance and understanding and they became inseparable until the incident at Thrushcross Grange.

It is here that they get their first taste of the beauty and luxury of cultured life. By The Essay? Catherine is immediately accepted but Heathcliff horrifies the Lintons by essay his appearance and his manners. They call him a thief and a gypsy, a wicked boy at all events and quite unfit for a decent house, and Isabella wants the frightful thing to be put in the cellar. Heathcliff returns alone to Wuthering Heights and spends five lonely weeks there while he awaits Catherine's return. However, on her arrival he perceives an alteration in her attitude toward him. When the young Lintons visit the following day, already feeling a sense of rejection for joseph lenin his untamed ways in favor of the civilized life at the Grange, Heathcliff takes offense at a condescending remark of Edgar's and he sets off a crisis that concludes with Heathcliff's banishment from the essay introduction festivities. He feels frustration at example, his inability to essay introduction compete with Edgar, and he is furious at Hindley's humiliating treatment, so he begins to plot his revenge. His anger is Faced by the further aroused when he overhears Catherine's plans to marry Edgar and, overwhelmed by what he interprets as her abandonment of him, he impetuously flees the moors. On his return, several years later, Heathcliff discovers that Catherine has in fact married Edgar Linton. He grows more vindictive and morose.

The more pain he feels, the more sinister he becomes. He marries Isabella only to torment Edgar, his rival. He destroys what little there is left of Hindley and personal introduction he takes on the `education' of young Hareton. With Catherine's death Heathcliff's anger and frustration peak and his behavior verges on madness. He is unable to consider a life without his beloved. He is essay incapable of personal essay introduction being consoled and he turns before Nelly into a savage beast. The Great By F Fitzgerald? He is consumed with an unspeakable sadness and in personal essay desperation he retreats from The Challanges Coca-Cola Company, reality. He is driven on by the desire to revenge his loss and alleviate his pain.

In this state of mind Heathcliff forces the marriage of his son Linton and young Cathy and in doing so his efforts to destroy Edgar are finally achieved. Shortly after young Linton succumbs to personal essay introduction the brutal treatment he found at his father's hand. But Heathcliff's obsession with Catherine never ceases. For the eighteen years that followed her death he saw her image everywhere, just out of his reach. Joseph Lenin? He confides to Nelly that the entire world is personal introduction a dreadful collection of memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her. Her physical appearance is reflected in the faces of young Cathy and Hareton, who eventually find consolation in each other. The Challanges By The Company Essay? Their love is so painful a reminder to Heathcliff he can longer abide their presence and personal essay introduction he withdraws into joseph lenin, his own world.

Close to personal introduction death he makes a final desperate but unanswered plea for example of empathy compassion and with this last rejection he dies a broken hearted and essay introduction tormented soul. With Heathcliff's death order returns to Wuthering Heights, and example of empathy with the union of Cathy and Hareton comes a rebirth of the ideals of peace and harmony on which civilization is personal essay based. There can be no doubt as to Heathcliff's inhuman brutality and the deliberate pain and destruction he causes to those he despises. He is not alone, however, in his cruelty. As old Joseph says, there is something of the of empathy other in all of us, and with few exceptions the personal essay introduction characters in of empathy this novel share to some extent a degree of self absorbing pride and a disdain for what they consider to be threats to their own security and happiness that proves to be destructive. It is interesting to personal essay note one of the cruelest scenes in the novel is Lockwood's dream, in which he savagely drags the arm of Catherine's ghost over the broken window pane as she pleads for help. Lockwood has been treated rudely by micros pos his hosts earlier in essay introduction the evening and his suppression of the fear and anger aroused by his humiliation is roams brutally awakened in his dream.

Beneath Lockwood's civilized demeanor lies the brutality that Heathcliff is unable or unwilling to control. In Edgar Linton we find a sheltered, pampered and indulged youngster who grows into a rather self satisfied man, dependent on others for personal introduction his own protection. His wealth, education and position bring him security, comfort and respect, but his seclusion gives him a limited understanding of the feelings and needs of those less fortunate than he. Edgar has mastered the superficial graces of civilized life but he is snobbish and example of empathy often insensitive to those he feels threatened by, and his claims to superiority are offensive and cruel. Edgar's hatred and jealousy of Heathcliff are at first subdued by personal Catherine. But the knowledge that the low ruffian, whose presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous, has a hold on his wife, leads Edgar to strike Heathcliff with the violence and brutality that Nelly says would have leveled a slighter man. Hastily retreating from the scene he leaves his armed servants to example eject the essay offensive blackguard. Neither his education nor his civilized upbringing could restrain his passion and in his effort to separate Heathcliff and Catherine he deals the blow that leads to her illness and finally to micros pos her death.

Edgar's condemnation of Isabella is equally tyrannical. He regards his sister's marriage to Heathcliff as the act of a traitor and he selfishly abandons her without a second thought. She is personal even excluded from Catherine's funeral and is forced to live out her days separated from her family and he friends. Micros Pos? Only on her death does Edgar show her any compassion. In young Linton Heathcliff we also see signs of self indulgence and insensitivity to others. He whines and complains at personal essay introduction, the merest provocation. Of Empathy? Frail and personal essay timid he is unable to withstand Heathcliff's onslaught and the harshness of the The Challanges Faced Coca-Cola Company Essay Heights itself. He selfishly and essay introduction cowardly entraps Cathy in his father's scheme and unsympathetically sides with Heathcliff, who torments her.

He looks forward to his uncle's death when he would become master of my soul roams with the sea Thrushcross Grange, a dream that would never be fulfilled. Ironically it is young Cathy that remains at young Linton's side until his death. She and Hareton are the sole survivors of Heathcliff's rage. They alone are able to accept and introduction transcend their differences. They grow to love and respect one another and thereby find the balance needed to reestablish the peace and harmony that eluded their elders.

Civilization exacts a price from its members. Some individuals, for example reasons intrinsic to society itself, pay more dearly than others. Essay? They become unwilling or unable to abide by its rules! They allow themselves to be governed by example of empathy their fears and their passions and commit acts that lead to a breakdown in the social system. Students of psychology recognize that those who are made miserable tend to make others miserable. Heathcliff represents the personal anger and cruelty that can be produced by a system that claims superiority over untamed nature but can often be just as brutal and inhumane. HUCK FINN'S HERO JOURNEY. In his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces , Joseph Campbell sets forth his theory that there is a monomyth which underlies all folk tales, myths, legends and even dreams.* Reflected in the tales of all cultures, including Chinese, Hindu, American Indian, Irish and Eskimo, this monomyth takes the form of a physical journey which the example of empathy protagonist (or hero) must undergo in order to get to a new emotional, spiritual and psychological place.

The monomyth is a guide which integrates all of the forces of essay introduction life and provides a map for living. Campbell breaks down the cycle into joseph lenin, three main stages: departure, initiation and return. Within these three stages are five to six steps through which the personal introduction hero moves. First, the hero must leave his world and undertake a journey into an unknown world, in effect losing himself and descending into death. Micros Pos? Next, he undergoes a series of tests, assisted by introduction various helpers, which can be very dangerous and threatening. These tests serve as guideposts in his journey, and from each the hero learns something which helps to move him along. Finally, the hero reaches the apex of his journey, where there*is an apotheosis or transcendence.

The hero, having evolved and emerged into his best possible self, must return home carrying with him his new found knowledge or boon to roams restore the world. First, Huck as the hero is not of noble birth whereas most of Campbell's protagonists are princes, princesses or divinely chosen in some way. While Huck Finn is special, he is, nevertheless, an ordinary American boy which other American boys can identify with. Personal Essay? Secondly, magic and micros pos the supernatural play an important role in the tales Campbell uses to illustrate the hero cycle. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , however, there is no magic. There is luck, coincidence (at times highly unlikely coincidence), but there is no magic or supernatural.

This again brings the story to a level that Americans can identify with. Finally, Huck's return is of a different nature than the traditional journey which reflects a particularly American ideal. Huck Finn's adventure begins when he sees his father's footprint in the snow. Up to this point, Huck describes his daily, routine life, but the personal essay introduction footprint signals a change. Huck's father functions, therefore, as the herald signaling the call to adventure by joseph lenin the crisis of his appearance (Campbell, 51). As Campbell states: The herald or announcer of the adventure is often dark, loathly, or terrifying, judged evil by the world; yet if one could follow, the way would be opened through the walls of essay day into the dark where the jewels glow (Campbell, 53). Huck's father is portrayed as dark (morally, not physically), loathly, terrifying and he is indeed judged evil by the world, but it also he who precipitates Huck's journey. When Huck's father moves him into the woods, Huck is in the first stages of his journey. Gatsby By F? He is personal essay away from all that is of empathy familiar to him and the longer Huck remains in the woods, the more he adjusts to the ways of life there. He cannot imagine going back to essay introduction civilization, wearing stiff clothes, minding his manners and all the other ways he has acquired living with the joseph lenin Widow Douglas.

According to Campbell, this alienation from personal essay introduction, his previous life is part of the cycle: The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for micros pos the passing of a threshold is at hand (Campbell, 51). Huck's next step in his journey is what Campbell calls The Belly of the personal essay introduction Whale: The hero . . . is of neighbours swallowed into the unknown, and would appear to have died (Campbell, 90 ). In order to proceed, the hero must leave his world totally and introduction die into himself in order to be reborn again. He must relinquish his ties with this world in order to attain a higher level of existence, which is the purpose of his journey. Because Huck fears for joseph lenin his safety, he realizes that he must leave the woods. Yet he does not want to return to his previous life. Therefore, he elaborately stages his own death, planning every detail carefully so that everyone will think he is dead and will not, therefore, look for personal introduction him and bring him back to the existence he has outgrown. This self-annihilation is absolutely crucial for the journey. After his death, Huck floats down to Jackson's Island and spends three days and three nights by himself (reinforcing the theme of joseph lenin death and rebirth) before the personal essay introduction next stage of his journey. Here, Huck meets up with Jim who is what Campbell refers to as Supernatural Aid: The first encounter of the my soul roams the sea hero-journey is personal with a protective figure (often a little old crone or old man) who provides the adventurer with amulets against the dragon forces he is about to micros pos pass (Campbell, 69).

The fact that the aid often comes from a little old crone or an old man suggests that it comes from someone whom society does not value. To have someone whom society does not value provide essential elements to the journey is ironic. As the provider of supernatural aid to Huck, Jim, a 19th century black man, is not valued in human terms by his society. Indeed, he is not even thought of as human, which further heightens this irony. While Jim does not literally provide Huck with amulets against the dragon forces, figuratively, he does. As Campbell states: what such a figure represents is the introduction benign, protecting power of destiny (Campbell, 71). The Challanges Faced Coca-Cola Essay? Jim cares for and protects Huck, nurtures him and personal introduction loves him, both mothers and fathers him, calling him honey and watching out for his safety.

Most importantly, however, Jim provides Huck with a belief in humanity, where all along the river Huck sees evidence of man's corruption and cruelty. This belief is the amulet with which with Huck will fight off the dragon forces, those forces being man's inhumanity to man. The Crossing of the First Threshold comes after Huck has learned that two men are on their way to joseph lenin the island. Up to this point, Jim and personal Huck exist in a kind of limbo, both having escaped their previous lives, but not going forward. At this point, they must move. Of Empathy? Jim risks being captured and essay sold; Huck risks a return to the life he has outgrown.

They must cross the threshold into the region of the unknown. Although this crossing is dangerous, the The Great Scott Essay hero must move beyond it in order to enter a new zone of experience (Campbell, 82). At this point Huck, as the hero, moves into the second stage of his journey of initiation. It is here where he encounters the Road of Trials: Once having traversed the threshold, the hero moves in a dream landscape of curiously fluid, ambiguous forms, where he must survive a succession of trials . . . . The hero is covertly aided by the advice, amulets, and secret agents of the supernatural helper whom he met before his entrance into this region. (Campbell, 97). These trials are tests for the hero which he must overcome in order to move forward in his journey.

They serve as guideposts along the way, reflecting his progress and growth. By surviving these trials, the hero moves to a point of transcendence. The purpose of the trials is to gain some kind of knowledge or insight which the hero needs in order to complete his journey. Personal? This leads to the question: what is the purpose of Huck's journey? Every episode along the river in some way illustrates man's inhumanity to man. Meeting every walk of life, Huck's confrontation with this world illustrates cruelty and corruption of some kind. While some characters are obviously corrupt (the king and micros pos the duke, for example), all characters are tainted somehow. Personal Essay? Even the most charitable characters--the woman Huck meets while dressed as a girl, the Grangerfords, the Phelps, Mary Jane--are tainted by their attitudes toward blacks or towards other people in of empathy general.

However, Huck's exposure to society's corruption is balanced by the kindness he receives from certain people and by introduction the humanity he learns from Jim. As a product of his society, Huck believes in slavery and also believes he is doing wrong by protecting Jim. But Huck comes to see Jim's own humanity through their friendship. Importance? Jim tells Huck that he is the best and only friend he has, the only white man who has kept his promise to him. Jim's belief in Huck's goodness is essential to Huck's physical as well as psychological journey. This relationship teaches Huck about personal introduction, caring for another human being in micros pos the face of ubiquitous cruelty. This is the more elevated purpose of Huck's journey. Huck learns the techniques for humane survival--how to exist in the cruel world and not be corrupted by it. Huck's trials finally come to introduction a crisis when the king and the duke are attempting to swindle the Wilks girls out of their inheritance. Up until this point, Huck has remained rather passive with regard to their antics. Disgusted by their behavior, however, Huck exclaims: It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race (Twain, 285).

He decides that he must take some action and micros pos his dilemma is over how to help the girls. Previously, Huck has lied to survive but here he realizes that his best option may be to tell the truth. This is a moment of transcendence for essay introduction Huck as he rises above his experience of the past and takes a chance in telling the truth: here's a case where I'm blest if it don't look to me like the truth is better, and actually safer, than a lie (Twain, 299). This test also melds with what Campbell calls The meeting With the essay Goddess. Personal Introduction? Because Huck is only a boy, there will be no mystical marriage with the Universal Mother, the incarnation of the promise of perfection. This is not to be a part of Huck's journey. Yet Mary Jane does inspire Huck. He finds her beautiful and it is because of her that he risks telling the truth and, consequently, he reaches a new level. It is obvious that she has a positive effect on him which propels him in his journey. Huck's description as he flees the example cemetery and passes her house reveals this: [M]y heart swelled up sudden, like to bust; and the same second the house and essay introduction all was behind me in the dark, and wasn't ever going to be before me no more in this world. She was the best girl I ever see and had the joseph lenin most sand (Twain, 309).

For Campbell, the Apotheosis occurs when the hero is raised to personal introduction the level of the Company gods. It is personal essay a divine state which the hero attains after proving himself through his trials. Micros Pos? Because this story is personal introduction not about gods or mythic figures, Huck's apotheosis is reflected through his transcendence over his dilemma about joseph lenin, Jim. Huck really believes he is doing wrong by introduction helping Jim because of micros pos what he has learned in society. He even writes a letter to Miss Watson, revealing Jim's location. But Huck begins to personal essay think about by the Company Essay, Jim and his kindness, loyalty and friendship. He must choose between listening to the voice of society or his inner voice, which values Jim. He cannot violate the personal essay introduction connection he has with Jim.

However, because Huck really believes he is doing wrong by society's standards, it is a true moment of Faced Coca-Cola Essay transcendence for him when he declares: All right, then, I'll go to hell (Twain, 309). Rising above the conventions and the level of society around him, Huck has attained a higher moral consciousness. The next stage in Huck's journey is The Return. After deciding to personal introduction help Jim, Huck finds himself at the Phelps' farm, where they mistake him for their nephew, Tom Sawyer. This is the joseph lenin beginning of the Crossing of the Return Threshold because Huck is now back in a world which directly connects to the world he left behind.

Tom and Huck's attempt to rescue Jim is The Magic Flight. This is the last test, one of the personal purposes of Huck's journey being to free Jim. Campbell states that the Magic Flight can often become a lively, often comical, pursuit . . Example? . complicated by personal essay marvels of magical obstruction and evasion (Campbell, 197). Again, the story does not involve magic, but the attempt to rescue Jim otherwise fits Campbell's description (even if the obstructions are for the most part created by Tom). Something interesting happens with the appearance of Tom. Huck has always looked up to Tom as the standard by which he measures himself. Yet Huck has been on a journey which has raised him above that standard. Curiously, when Tom reappears, Huck recedes, becoming passive. On the first reading, this section comes across as digressive from the normal hero cycle (and somewhat disjointed). It seems out of place with Huck's progression. But it can be reevaluated as a part of Huck's journey in that it serves to heighten the disparity between the two boys and, in doing so, we see Huck's growth.

Huck still looks up to Tom, but he is essay not like Tom and does not use Tom as his model. He even calls Tom ridiculous and introduction foolish, which is very different from his attitude towards Tom in the opening pages of the book where Tom is someone admired and respected. In this section, we see by comparison to Scott Essay Huck how conventional, ordinary, unimaginative and even cruel Tom is. All of Tom's ideas come from books; Huck develops his ideas himself. Tom's idea of style is to make his plans as complicated as possible and take as long as possible; Huck's solutions are always straight forward, simple and personal introduction reveal his common sense.

Tom even plays a trick on the slave who serves Jim which is roams reminiscent of the trick that Huck plays on Jim after the personal introduction fog episode. Example Of Empathy? However, at this point in personal introduction his journey, Huck would never do this. Sometimes the hero is unable to return on his own. At this point, the Rescue From Without occurs: The hero may have to be brought back from his supernatural adventure by assistance from without. That is to say, the The Great Fitzgerald world may have to come and get him (Campbell, 207).

Huck is indeed rescued from without by the Phelps, Tom and Aunt Polly. In an unlikely coincidence, they all appear as a deus ex machina whose appearance isn't logical but serves to bring Huck back. Huck's return is complete when the Phelps discover his identity and Huck learns that Jim is free. Personal Essay? Huck also learns that his father is dead (releasing him from that legacy) and he still has his $6,000. There is a resurrection of his old self. Here, however, Huck's return digresses from the normal cycle. Campbell states: the returning hero, to joseph lenin complete his adventure, must survive the impact of the personal essay world (Campbell, 226). It is hard to say whether Huck accomplishes this. The monomythic hero, after attaining the Ultimate Boon, returns to his community and bestows his wisdom and knowledge for the good the kingdom of humanity. Huck will not return to the Widow Douglas and he will not stay with the Phelps.

He rejects their world and he doesn't want to be civilized. It seems as if he can't survive the impact of the world. But rather than a failed hero journey, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn reflects a particularly American hero quest, the individualistic man going west, with all the joseph lenin inherent dangers involved, a pioneer taming and settling the land. Rather than returning for his old world, Huck's quest is to explore new territories. * Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1973). All further references to this work appear in personal essay introduction parentheses in the text.

** Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in The American Tradition in Literature , ed. George Perkins, et al. (New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1990). All further references to this work appear in parentheses in micros pos the text. THE VERLOCS AT THEIR FINAL ENCOUNTER. The Verloc murder scene depicts the reactions of two people to a crisis situation. It is a significant scene in terms of revealing basic personality traits and in terms of highlighting the essay fragmentation that exists in the Verloc marriage. Conrad makes obvious that the Verlocs perceive their marital roles in fundamentally different ways and that they are really strangers to each other. The Challanges By The Coca-Cola Company Essay? The black veil covering Winnie's face is merely the outward symbol of the secrecy and mystery pervading the Verloc household. Significantly, when Verloc pulls the veil away, he doesn't succeed in unmasking a still unreadable face (p. 211). As this scene of betrayal and retribution unfolds, we see a husband and wife who are totally out of tune with each other's emotions and thoughts.

Verloc is thoroughly enveloped in domestic considerations at precisely the time that Winnie psychologically disengages herself from introduction, any commitment to him. In progressive stages, Winnie perceives herself as being a free woman (p. 209), fears that Verloc will want to keep her for nothing (p. 211), and finally resolves that the importance bargain is at an end (p. Personal Introduction? 215).

Verloc, on the sea the other hand, strives to make it up with her (p. 215) and can't begin to imagine that his wife could give him up (p. 211). The height of irony is achieved when Verloc seeks to woo Winnie as she moves toward him with the carving knife. It becomes clear that Winnie has looked upon the marriage as a transaction, and personal that Stevie's welfare has been the basis for that transaction.

In return for Verloc's support of Stevie, Winnie has been a dutiful wife. Verloc, however, genuinely believes that he is and has been loved for himself (p. Roams? 214). Given his superficial notion of marriage, he just assumes that any woman who married him must love him and that nothing could change that fact. Therefore, although the bargain has been brutally terminated for Winnie, Verloc has no conception of this and his main concern remains the essay maintenance of his domestic tranquility. Indeed, Verloc's thorough domesticity is prevalent throughout this scene. Roams With The Sea? His response to what he considers to be Winnie's sulking in that dreadful overcharged silence (p. 213) is that she's a master in that domestic art (p. 213). Conrad describes Verloc as being tired and resigned in a truly marital spirit (p.

213) and even refers to his voice as a domestic voice (p. 212). Also, it is implicit that Verloc perceives his situation as being comparable to that of peaceful men in domestic tiffs (p. 212). His total domesticity leads him to draw simplistic, familiar conclusions and colors his reading of Winnie's response. Beyond that, however, his preoccupation with his domestic self-image is so strongly stressed here, that we have to assume that it has colored much of his activity in general and that it is very central to his personality structure. (Thus, it is a final irony that he should be murdered by his wife and with a domestic knife.) Verloc is personal essay so totally preoccupied with his own concerns and is so shallow and insensitive, that he doesn't begin to comprehend the horror of his action or the shattering effect it has had on Winnie. Verloc is portrayed as being emotionally flat in this scene.

He undergoes no inner or outer turmoil and there's no sense of vitality about him. Here is a man who faces his wife after causing her brother to be blown to bits, and we get no sense of of empathy any intensity of essay introduction feeling from him. He manifests no remorse--just regret that things didn't work out according to plan--and instead concentrates on self-justifications. His main sensation seems to be fatigue and we get a sense of his indolence as his lies sprawled across the The Challanges couch. Conrad adds his usual ironic touch by having Verloc meet his death lying motionlessly: he dies, as he has lived, in a state of inertia. Winnie, on the other hand, is described as one whose moral nature had been subjected to a shock of which, in the physical order, the most violent earthquake of history could only be a faint and personal essay languid rendering (p. 210). That analogy describes the micros pos magnitude of her emotional upheaval, and lies in essay introduction sharp contrast to Verloc's unfeeling and inert state. A dichotomy exists, however, between Winnie's internal turmoil and her quiet exterior.

The two are fragmented and out of tune with each other. My Soul Roams With? She doesn't scream or get hysterical. All the activity is internal. Personal Essay? Outwardly she remains inscrutable and uncommunicative and she retains tight control on any show of emotion. The Great Scott Fitzgerald Essay? We get a picture here of a woman who has a very intense emotional capacity, but who, characteristically, keeps her feelings locked tightly within her. For a short while, Winnie does attain a harmonious state. A change comes over her appearance as she moves toward Verloc with the carving knife in her hand. She takes on Stevie's facial expressions and Conrad writes that the resemblance of her face with that of her brother grew at every step, even to the droop of the lower lip, even to personal the slight divergence of the eyes (p.

215). This may reflect the strong hold that Stevie still has over his sister. But more significantly, I think, it unmasks the cold, dispassionate facade that Winnie has learned to present. As she commits the murder, Winnie becomes a total creature of passion and the fragmentation between her interior and exterior states disappears. She becomes like Stevie who has an instinctive emotional reaction to an injustice and who must move to Gatsby Essay correct it. For a few moments, her veil of restraint falls away. Conrad describes Winnie as being capable of a bargain the mere suspicion of which would have been infinitely shocking to personal essay Mr.

Verloc's idea of love (p. 213). This description reflects the different expectations the Verlocs have from marriage and how little they know about each other. They live in their separate worlds, are guided by The Great Fitzgerald different and personal unspoken motivations, and seek to The Challanges Company Essay have their own needs fulfilled through their marriage. Neither seems concerned or even aware that the other has needs and priorities too. Each seems to essay view marriage through a tunnel vision--only aware of his or her own perspective. The Verlocs remain isolated from each other and unable to communicate until the very end. Joseph Lenin? Even when the truth stares them in personal the face, the joseph lenin Verlocs remain oblivious to it. Winnie gives no sign of comprehension when Verloc tells her that she shares responsibility for what's happened. Verloc never shows the slightest understanding of Winnie or the reason for her violent response. Even when the knife is upon him, the only explanation this man can conjure up is that his wife has gone raving mad (p.

216). Personal Essay Introduction? The Verloc marriage is joseph lenin enveloped in secrecy and misunderstandings. Using progressive strokes of irony, Conrad depicts the destructive nature and tragic consequences of personal introduction a relationship based on hidden motives and cross-purposes.

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crime scene essays View the personal essay introduction, Bloodstain Pattern scene video. Read the example of empathy, Criminalist BPA mock case report and see the listed evidence items in the report (which match the evidence seen in essay introduction the video).. Criminalist report is joseph lenin, attached to personal essay this assignment. Read AOJ 202 Bloodstain Pattern Mock Scene Analysis document. Use this document to importance of neighbours essay analyze this case. Answer the questions at the bottom of the essay, document. Use reading: Hails, Judy (2014), Criminal Evidence, 8th edition. Watch video: Read Criminalist BPA below:

8800 GROSSMONT COLLEGE DR. EL CAJON, CA 92020. LANGE, RACHEL #1987. On 03/18/2014 at Grossmont College, I met with Tina Young to process a crime scene to determine the order of events that occurred by examining the blood patterns at the scene. The crime scene was a one room apartment. The bloodstain patterns in question were located along the North, West, and South walls. My Soul Roams! Two other blood stain patterns in question were located on the floor by introduction, the south table. All the patterns will be identified by letters. The entrance into the room was on the northeast part of the wall. Behind the door was a fridge in the Northwest corner of the room. To the east of the door, there was a dining glass and wood table with four chairs, one of which was knocked on the side.

On the center of the Gatsby by F Scott, east wall there was a dark brown leather couch with two side tables, one on either side. Personal! The south wall of the room had a round coffee table with John Doe laid across it, with his head facing the northwest corner. The south wall also had a counter with a sink and cupboards. The bloodstain patterns were primarily on joseph lenin the North and East walls, with one pattern on the South wall and two patterns on essay introduction the floor. 1.- 1 gold colored key. Found on importance of neighbours North side of personal essay room by Faced by the Coca-Cola Company Essay, open door. 2.- 1 cell phone with an American Flag cover. North side of room on floor west of the table. 3.- 1 Broken pair of sunglasses.

North side of personal room, south of table. 4.- 1 zip lock bag with clear rock crystals inside. North side of room, south of table by joseph lenin, table leg. 5.- 1 empty 24oz Budweiser can. Southwest wall on the west side of counter. 6.- 1 empty can of Grizzly chewing tobacco. Southwest wall on the west side of counter. 7.- 1 empty clear bottle of Seagrams Daiquiri. Southeast side of room on side table.

8.- 1 empty prescription bottle and lid. Southeast side of room on side table. 9.- 1 red ash tray with 1 Maverick Cigarette butt. Southeast side of room on side table. 10.- 1 box of Maverick Cigarettes. Southeast side of room on side table. Southeast side of room, North of coffee table.

Blood stain pattern A: This pattern was consistent with a medium impact pattern that was located above the dining table. An impact pattern is created when blood received a blow or force resulting in the random dispersion of smaller drops of personal introduction blood. The pattern appears to have originated from the surface of the dining table, fairly close to micros pos the North wall. The shapes of the personal essay introduction, stains appear to have a direction pointing from the lower northeast side of the wall to the upper northwest side of the wall. Blood stain pattern B: This observation consists of passive drips originating from the area of the light switch down towards the floor. A passive drop is a bloodstain drop created or formed by the force of The Challanges gravity acting alone. The light switch is located on personal essay the north wall, east of the door. Blood stain pattern C: This observation consists of of empathy directional passive drips originating from the personal essay, surface of the west side of the dining table to the east side of the dining table. Blood stain pattern D: This pattern is consistent with a medium impact pattern that is located on the northeast area of the wall, slightly above the northeast side table. This pattern has a direction that moves from the of neighbours essay, lower northwest side of the wall to the upper northeast side of the wall. Blood stain pattern E: This pattern is essay, consistent with a medium impact pattern that is my soul with the sea, located on the wall, directly above the personal essay, northeast area of the couch.

The direction of the pattern starts from the lower east part of the wall and radiates up and out on the same east wall. Blood stain pattern F: This pattern is consistent with cast-off, moving from the lower northeast wall to the upper southeast area of the micros pos, wall. Personal Essay Introduction! Cast-off is a bloodstain pattern created when blood is released or thrown off an object from importance, a blood-bearing object in personal motion. Blood stain pattern G: This observation is essay, consistent with directional passive drips on the north side table, originating from the essay introduction, north of the table to the south of the micros pos, table. Blood stain pattern H: This observation is consistent with directional passive drips on the north side of the couch, originating from the north of the couch arm to essay introduction the south of the north couch arm. Blood stain pattern I: This pattern is joseph lenin, consistent with arterial spurting found above the south side of the essay, couch. Arterial spurting is a bloodstain pattern resulting from blood exiting the body under pressure from a breached artery. Blood stain pattern J: This observation is my soul with, consistent with directional passive drips originating from the southeast side of the couch to personal essay the west side of the couch. Blood stain pattern K: This pattern is The Challanges Faced, consistent with cast-off, moving from the essay introduction, lower south wall to the upper south wall and back down again. Blood stain pattern L: This has several patterns/observations.

There was passive blood drips, satellite patterns and wipe patterns were on the coffee table under John Does right hand. A satellite pattern is small droplets of importance of neighbours essay blood that are distributed around a drop or pool of personal essay introduction blood as a result of the blood impacting the target surface. A wipe pattern is micros pos, a bloodstain pattern created when an personal object moves through an example existing stain, removing and/or altering its appearance. Blood stain pattern M: This observation is personal essay, consistent with satellite patterns from the blunt force injuries and sharp injuries from John Does head and neck. This pattern is located directly under John Does head on the floor by the north side of the coffee table. Blood stain pattern N: These two observations are consistent with a transfer pattern located west of the my soul roams, coffee table on the floor under the personal, sink and cupboard.

A transfer pattern is created when a wet, bloody surface comes in contact with a second surface. A recognizable image of Faced by the Company all or a portion of the original surface may be observed in the pattern. These two patterns look like a shoe impression and essay a knife impression. Assuming all the blood present in the crime scene belonged to the victim, the following is one possible scenario based on the examination of the scene. Following the initial attack, the victim was struck at least once with a blunt force object creating the micros pos, medium force impact above the dining table creating a cast off pattern on the south wall (Blood Stain Pattern A K). The victim then moved east across the table, creating the directional passive drips (Blood Stain Pattern C), to the northeast corner of the essay, room where the victim was struck again, creating another medium impact pattern (Blood Stain Pattern D). The victim then traveled in example of empathy the south direction, creating directional passive drips on the north side table to the north side of the couch (Blood Stain Pattern G H). The victim was then struck again creating another medium force impact pattern (Blood Stain Pattern E) and a cast off pattern with a downward force (Blood Stain Pattern F).

The victim then moved to the south side of the couch where a sharp trauma took place, creating the personal essay introduction, arterial spurts on the east wall (Blood Stain Pattern I) and The Great Gatsby by F directional passive drips on the couch going in the west direction (Blood Stain Pattern J). The victim then traveled west, coming to a final rest on the coffee table creating the passive blood drips, satellite patterns and swipe patterns (Blood Stain Pattern L). As the victim was laid over the table, the satellite pattern was created (Blood Stain Pattern M). A transfer pattern of what appears to be a knife was laid on the floor west of pattern M. Another transfer pattern of what appears to personal essay introduction be a shoe impression was next to the knife transfer pattern (Blood Stain Pattern N). Blood stain pattern N appeared to be from the suspect. The scientific method was applied to joseph lenin all aspects of assignment six.

For the crime scene room imparticular, the personal essay introduction, first step applied was data collection. The evidence as well as the blood patterns were collected in order to explain the actions of the scene. A hypothesis was then formed based upon the evidence. Testing was another step performed in this assignment. The Challanges By The Essay! In order to understand the patterns viewed in the crime scene room and in the crime scene photos, experimentation needed to take place. Introduction! Blood pattern reconstruction was performed in order to explain the series of events that took place within the crime scene. Another theory was then formed based on my soul with what was seen at both the crime scene and in the experimentation. If a hypothesis was executed multiple times, a theory can be formed and the final report on personal essay the findings can be drafted.

1. A. Of Neighbours! View the Bloodstain Pattern scene video. 2. B. Read the Criminalist (Bloodstain Pattern Analyst) report and see the listed evidence items in the report. 3. C. Additional Evidence and Information not listed in personal essay the Criminalist report: ? Nancy Grace met John Doe at a drug rehabilitation program as both Grace and my soul roams the sea Doe were methamphetamine addicts. When they were users, both Grace and essay introduction Doe purchased their meth from a local drug dealer named Freddy Krueger. Faced By The Coca-Cola! Krueger usually dealt drugs away from his family, but there was one time that Krueger invited Grace to purchase drugs at his home in personal essay San Diego. It was at The Great Gatsby by F Scott Essay, this time that Grace met the mother of Kruegers baby; the mother was named Laura Ingalls. Personal Essay Introduction! Krueger and Ingalls were not married and lived together off and importance of neighbours on. Grace remembered that Ingalls had a voice that reminded her of Minnie Mouse (very unusual voice). ? The night of the murder, Grace was on personal essay the phone with Doe.

Doe told Grace that he was in trouble. My Soul! He slipped back into essay introduction using meth and he was desperate to get his hands on it. He told Grace that he messed up big time but didnt explain what he meant by that. The last thing that Doe said to Grace was, Im home Ill call you later when I have things figured out. Before they hung up, Grace could hear Doe yell, Freddy! No! and example then she heard several thumps and the sound of things falling.

Grace then heard Ingalls high-pitched Minnie Mouse-sounding voice say, lets get out of here, Freddy! Grace disconnected the call and essay then called 911. ? The first officer on scene, discovered Doe was Dead on Arrival (DOA). The crime scene was John Does apartment where he lived alone. The officer secured the scene. Homicide detectives and the crime lab were called out. ? A forensic technician processed the of empathy, crime scene, creating the video (bloodstain pattern scene video) and took photos of the scene. The forensic tech collected each evidence item seen in the video as well as swabs of blood throughout the scene.

A Bloodstain Pattern Analyst (BPA) was not called out initially. ? After the essay introduction, scene was processed, it was released to the apartment manager. Two days later, the Deputy District Attorney assigned to the case received copies of the micros pos, crime scene photos, which were very limited and contained few images of the bloodstain patterns. Personal Introduction! The Prosecutor asked the homicide detective if a BPA was called to the crime scene. The detective said no. A District Attorney Investigator went to the apartment complex and discovered that the apartment remained locked and had not been cleaned.

A BPA was called to the apartment to analyze the bloodstain patterns in the scene. ? The BPA received a copy of the original crime scene photos, crime scene video, list of evidence items, crime scene diagram, and conducted analysis of the bloodstain patterns of the of empathy, scene. The BPA then wrote a report on the analysis of the bloodstain patterns (Criminalist report). ? Freddy Krueger and Laura Ingalls were arrested for the murder of John Doe. Additional Evidence: o Detectives discover that Ingalls used to be a professional burglar and was an expert at essay, picking locks. o Fingerprints on the alcohol bottles, cigarettes and importance of neighbours tobacco come back to both Krueger and Ingalls. o Ingalls prints are located along the exterior door lock and essay introduction interior frame of the door. o Kruegers prints and DNA is located on the handle of the hammer.

Does DNA is located on the head of the hammer. o The knife is never recovered. o All blood swabs are identified as Does. o The cell phone records confirm that Grace was on the phone with Doe at the time of the murder. ? The case goes to essay trial. The defense claims that the defendants were invited over and were partying with Doe when Doe went nuts and tried to attack both of them with a big knife. Krueger hit Doe with the hammer a couple of times in self-defense. Essay Introduction! Both ran out of the of empathy, apartment and personal essay never called police because they didnt think the police would believe them. At the start of the trial, Ingalls requests to make a deal with the prosecution (probation) if she testifies against Krueger. 1. The Challanges By The! List the direct and circumstantial evidence of essay introduction this case.

List the scientific evidence of micros pos this case. 2. Who should the Prosecutor call as a witness and why (list all witnesses that should be called by the Prosecutor)? 3. Essay Introduction! Would any witnesses be voir dired? Explain. 4. How would the prosecutor lay the foundation for the evidence in this case? 5. Does Krueger have a privileged relationship with Ingalls?

Could Ingalls testify against Krueger if she works out a deal with the Prosecution? Explain. 6. What evidence should the defense try to get thrown out and why? 7. What type of cross-examination should the defense use against the prosecution witnesses (list the name of the witness the strategy that the defense should use when cross-examining the witness. Assume Ingalls is a witness for the Prosecution.) 8. Would character be an issue that the defense would want to bring up against any of the Prosecution witnesses? Explain. 9. Do you believe the jury would find Krueger guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

Explain why you feel this way. If Ingalls cant work out a deal with the Prosecution, do you think she would be found guilty? Explain. 10. Joseph Lenin! If there is a conviction, do you see any issues that might be brought up in appeals?

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