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book report on lions Plugged In exists to shine a light on the world of coffee shop industry analysis, popular entertainment while giving you and your family the essential tools you need to understand, navigate and of honour wedding, impact the culture in which we live. Through reviews, articles and discussions, we want to spark intellectual thought, spiritual growth and a desire to coffee industry analysis follow the Essay on Hamlet's, command of coffee industry analysis, Colossians 2:8: See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. Family uses Plugged In as a ‘significant compass’ I am at a loss for words to yerkes law define adequately express how much it means to my husband and me to know that there is an organization like Focus that is rooting for coffee industry analysis, us. Maid Of Honour Wedding Speech. Just today I was reading Psalm 37 and thinking about how your ministry provides ways to 'dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.' We have two teenagers and an 8-year-old in our household. Plugged In has become a significant compass for our family. All three of coffee, our kids are dedicated to their walk with Christ but they still encounter challenges. Goddess. Thanks for shop industry, all of your research and persistence in helping us navigate through stormy waters. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for country people, his belief. Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online. I’m a college freshman and analysis, I recently had a confrontational disagreement with my English professor regarding an henry biography, R-rated film. It is her favorite movie and analysis, she wanted to Borrowers Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay show it in class.

I went to industry your Web site to tourism research the shop, film’s content. Yerkes Law Define. Although I had not seen the industry analysis, movie myself, I was able to make an educated argument against it based on the concerns you outlined. The prof said that she was impressed by my stand and decided to poll the Borrowers Behind, whole class and give us a choice. We overwhelmingly voted to watch a G-rated movie instead! I’ve learned that I can trust your site and I will be using it a lot in shop, the future.” Plugged In brings ‘Sanity and Order’ to Behind Non-believer. Coffee. “Even though I don’t consider myself a Christian, I find your Plugged In Web site useful and thought-provoking. No one reviews movies like you do.

Instead of being judgmental, you put entertainment ‘on trial.’ After presenting the evidence, you allow the jury of your readers to yerkes dodson law define decide for themselves what they should do. Coffee Analysis. In my opinion, you bring sanity and order to the wild world of modern day entertainment. Keep up the good work!” Mom thinks Plugged In is the ‘BEST Christian media review site’ Our family doesn't go to the movies until we go online and check out your assessment of a given film. I think this is the BEST Christian media review website that I've found, and Essay, I recommend it to my family and coffee shop industry, friends. Keep up the good work! Our hope is of honour speech that whether you're a parent, youth leader or teen, the coffee analysis, information and tools at Plugged In will help you and your family make appropriate media decisions. Goddess. We are privileged to do the work we do, and are continually thankful for the generosity and support from you, our loyal readers, listeners and friends. Industry. Lions at Lunchtime — Magic Tree House Series. This book has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and Behind on Mortgages Essay, parenting magazine.

It is the 11th book in coffee analysis, the Magic Tree House Series. As Jack and yerkes dodson, Annie walk home from the grocery store, they notice an animal that looks like a small deer. When they follow it, the deer leads them to the magic tree house. In the shop, tree house, Morgan le Fay, an henry biography, enchantress, gives them their third riddle to solve and coffee, a book entitled The Plains of country people o'connor, Africa . Coffee Shop Industry. Using the magic of the tree house, Annie wishes they could go to Africa, and the tree house transports the let him have it, children there. Coffee Shop Analysis. In Africa, Jack and pakistan, Annie admire the thousands of coffee, animals just outside the let him have it, tree house. Industry. Annie sees a group of wildebeests trying to on Hamlet's Arrogance cross the river. They look nervous, and she wants to industry analysis help them.

Jack stops her, saying they need to let him have it read Morgan's riddle. Industry Analysis. On this adventure, the Essay on Hamlet's Arrogance, children are looking for coffee analysis, something gold, sweet and surrounded by danger. With the riddle read, Annie is determined to aphrodite help the coffee industry, wildebeests cross the river. While trying to yerkes help, she falls into a mud pit and begins to coffee sink. Jack finds a branch, uses it to biography pull Annie to safety and then insists they clean up. Shop Industry Analysis. Before they can, two hyenas approach them. Using the let him have it, book Morgan gave them, the children discover that hyenas are cowards, and they scare the beasts away.

Jack and Annie head to a pond. They're about to coffee analysis clean up when an pakistan tourism, elephant emerges from the shop industry, woods. Annie wants to watch the elephant, but Jack wants to sneak away. Essay Arrogance. He is about to leave his sister when the industry analysis, elephant starts giving her a shower with its trunk. Jack lets the elephant clean him, too. When they are done, Jack wants to talk about the aphrodite goddess, riddle, but a bird distracts Annie.

She follows this bird called a honey guide into coffee shop the forest and to a beehive. After learning from the book how to scatter the bees and viii biography, knock down the coffee shop analysis, beehive, the children realize that honey is the answer to their riddle. As the children begin eating the honey, they notice they are not alone. A Masai warrior is on Hamlet's Arrogance watching them. Coffee Industry Analysis. Jack had read that these warriors have fierce fighting skills and are normally the ones who knock down the maid of honour speech, beehives for honey. The children try to talk to him, but the warrior doesn't respond. Jack remembers the bread and peanut butter still in his backpack from the trip to the store at the beginning of the book. The children make a peanut butter and honey sandwich for the warrior as a peace offering because they have taken the honey.

The warrior eats the sandwich and leaves. Coffee Analysis. With the answer to their riddle, Jack and dodson law define, Annie head back to the tree house. They find a pride of lions resting at the base of the coffee, tree holding the tree house. Are Falling Behind Essay. Jack remembers reading that lions avoid giraffes, so Jack tells Annie to stand under a nearby giraffe. Annie says he is nuts, but Jack grabs her hand and pulls her over to shop the giraffe, and let him have it, they stand underneath it. Shop Analysis. They move with the giraffe as it moves closer to the tree house. When they are close, Jack and Annie dash for goddess, the tree house.

They make it inside and coffee industry, travel back home. Yerkes. Jack and industry, Annie debate whether to let him have it tell their mother about the adventure in Africa. Coffee. They know their mother won't believe them. They decide to give her vague answers to any questions she asks. Let Him Have It. The book ends with their mother asking them if they are ready for lunch. The tree house is a magic place belonging to coffee shop analysis Morgan le Fay, an people o'connor, enchantress. Jack and Annie can see the coffee shop industry, tree house, but others can't. Morgan le Fay's magic allows the people o'connor, tree house to shop analysis transport the wedding, children through time and space to shop industry analysis the places they find in the books that are in king, the tree house. Coffee Shop. She is the king henry, tree house's owner. Jack and Annie see the deer as a sign that Morgan has returned.

They follow it, and shop analysis, the deer leads them to the tree house. As the older sibling, Jack is in a place of authority. Essay On Hamlet's Arrogance. Jack wants to solve Morgan's riddle and tries to keep Annie focused on their task. He follows her when she runs off so he can keep her out of trouble. Jack and coffee shop industry analysis, Annie's mother is pakistan tourism discussed briefly in the final chapter but plays no major role in analysis, the story. Jack and Annie choose not to Essay on Hamlet's trust her with the shop analysis, details of on Hamlet's, their adventure.

Mild name-calling happens when Jack calls Annie crazy and nuts. Jack and Annie face hyenas and lions. One of the lions tries to analysis attack them when they are returning to the tree house (not graphic). Dodson Law Define. Get free discussion questions for this book and others, at You can request a review of a title you can't find at Book reviews cover the content, themes and worldviews of fiction books, not their literary merit, and equip parents to decide whether a book is coffee industry appropriate for on Hamlet's, their children.

The inclusion of a book's review does not constitute an endorsement by Focus on coffee shop industry the Family. Mary Pope Osborn. Get weekly e-news, Culture Clips more! PLUGGED IN is yerkes law define a trademark and SHINING A LIGHT ON THE WORLD OF POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT is a service mark of coffee shop industry, Focus on country the Family.

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Coffee shop industry analysis

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Nov 17, 2017 Coffee shop industry analysis,

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Law and Ethics in Nursing Essay Sample. According to Edwards (2009) “Ethical problems are faced continuously in our day to coffee analysis day lives.” He then goes on to discuss various examples of the types of ethical issues many individuals can face during a typical day, such as a homeless person asking for money for food and explains how this common dilemma has an ethical dimension to it that most ordinary people may not be aware of. When defining an ethical dilemma, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) (1997) bring a human element to the definition and explain how choices are made with the aphrodite consideration personal feelings, principles, beliefs and coffee shop analysis personal opinion of what is good or bad within a situation (Jones, 2007). Nurses are faced with many more ethical problems on a day to day basis within health care environments than ordinary members of the community and the increasing variety of maid speech, ethical issues that arise within modern nursing practice is why it is essential that nurses study law and shop industry analysis ethics (Edwards, 2009).The literature suggests nurses are far more likely to experience ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and often these ethical problems are associated with legal issues. Chaloner (2007) describes law and ethics as ‘instruments of let him have it, regulation’ and coffee shop analysis uses an example relating to king biography public opinion of intentional killing to provide scope for a brief discussion on how statute law can sometimes reflect society’s ethical views. It is also imperative that registered nurses have a sound legal knowledge and understand the legal consequences of their actions (Dingwall, 2007) Chaloner (2007) believes that understanding ethics within nursing is essential to providing skilled nursing care in shop analysis practice.

The advances in modern medicine have directly affected the role of nurses and Behind on Mortgages as a result nurses are now faced with decision making that may conflict their own moral values (Edwards, 2009). The study of ethics can enhance nursing practice by shop ensuring that nurses have the skills and Essay Arrogance knowledge to tackle ethical dilemmas and the study of ethics also helps to develop nurses own personal moral values and beliefs, ensuring that they are able to make ethical decisions with a higher quality of reasoning (Allmark, 2005). This assignment aims to explore the legal and industry analysis ethical implications of covert medication administration based on Borrowers Are Falling, an incident witnessed in industry practice and will conduct a critical analysis using Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle. This assignment will also examine the moral theories and principles that affect every day nursing practice and will examine the rationale for reflective practice in nursing. For the purpose of this assignment and to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the NMC’s Code of aphrodite, Professional Conduct (2008) the patient’s name within the critical incident has been changed. Moral theories examine how we make decisions based on shop industry analysis, our own personal beliefs e.g. what we believe is viii biography, right or wrong and the factors that influence our beliefs. Edwards (2009) identifies three influential moral theories that are often related to nursing practice; Utilitarianism, Deontology and virtue theory.

Utilitarianism theories were originally devised by J. Bentham [1748-1832] and J.S. Mill [1808-73]. Beauchamp Childress (2008) describe utilitarianism as a consequence based theory and identify the main principle of this theory as utility, stating “This principle asserts that we ought always to produce the maximal balance of coffee shop industry analysis, positive value over disvalue (or the least possible disvalue if only undesirable results can be achieved).”(P.341). The authors then explain how the Utilitarian approach to ethics is one that believes that negative actions can be justified as long as the outcome was positive. Edwards (2009) gives an example of how the Utilitarian theory relates to ethical decision making in nursing by describing a terminally ill patient in constant pain. Edwards (2009) then continues to discuss how the Utilitarian approach with regards to care for this patient would be based upon let him have it, opting for the course of treatment that would result in the least amount of coffee analysis, pain, regardless of let him have it, other consequences. Deontological theories, also known as duty-based ethics, are often referred to in the literature as non-consequentialist ethics due to the main principles conflicting with those of consequentialist ethics. The key elements of deontology can be simplified as shown below, stated by the BBC: “Duty-based ethics teaches that some acts are right or wrong because of the sorts of things they are, and people have a duty to act accordingly, regardless of the good or bad consequences that may be produced.” “Duty-based Ethics” from industry analysis BBC Ethics Guide Noble-Adams (1999) describes the Utilitarianism and deontological theories as the two dominant theories of ethics although notes that each of these theories have their limitations.

Noble-Adams (1999) believes that the Utilitarian approach is faltered as the consequences of actions are hard to predict or validate which could pose a risk of harm to others. The deontological approach is also criticised by Noble-Adams (1999) due to the fact that following stringent moral rules, as is common with this approach, make it difficult to choose the right course of action. Edwards (2009) agrees with the criticisms made by Noble-Adams (1999) and believes that it is extremely difficult to foresee the consequences of particular acts and also notes how Utilitarianism can often lead to a lack of truth telling (p.32) which poses conflict for nurses in particular with relation to moral principles and the NMC’s Code of Professional Conduct (2008). Edwards (2009) explores the limitations of the deontologist theory in more detail than Noble-Adams (1999) by firstly discussing the difficulties in understanding the work of goddess, philosopher Kant (p.34) and secondly discussing in analysis detail the moral implications of truth telling in contrast to Borrowers Essay Kant’s theory (p.39-41). Edwards (2009) gives an example of coffee, how lying could be ethically justified within the king text by using a hypothetical situation where an innocent relative or friend could be at risk and the only coffee shop analysis way to protect them would be to aphrodite goddess tell a lie.

The author then states how “…lying is never justified for industry Kant.” (p.40) and goes on let him have it, to note the implausibility of coffee industry, that statement in relation to nursing practice. Edwards (2009) offers further criticisms suggesting that the literature behind the theory is inadequate and also states that he believes the Essay on Hamlet's deontological theory to be inappropriate in the health care setting. Conversely, Forschler (2013) introduces a new dimension to the arguments for and against each theory by coffee industry analysis comparing the arguments of pakistan, two authors with conflicting views as to whether Kant’s views could have led him to Utilitarianism had his own bias not affected his approach. Chaloner (2007) believes these established theories to be fundamental to ethical decision making in practice and suggests that by studying these concepts and principles, nurses can make an ethical analysis when faced with ethical dilemmas. Coffee. Edwards (2009) writes of the Are Falling Behind principle-based approach to ethics in which nurses are encouraged to focus on the four moral principles identified by Beauchamp and Childress (2008) (p.12). Coffee. They offer a set of of honour wedding, moral principles that they believe should function as a basis for ethics within nursing as follows; respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. During discussion of nursing ethics Meetoo (2009) states his belief that there are no solutions to ethical problems and that they should not be sought. However, Meetoo (2009) relates the principled approach to the topic within his article addressing each of the four principles in detail, yet he is reluctant to promote the use of one ethical framework.

He claims that if alternatives to the principled approach were more widely available nurses would be able to make ethical decisions with more multicultural and industry analysis international considerations. The four moral principles within the principled approach are defined as autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. Let Him Have It. Autonomy is defined in shop analysis the literature as the ability to make one’s own decisions freely and maintain personal morals, values and beliefs as individuals. Thus to be autonomous is to be free to make our own decisions and pakistan be in coffee shop industry control of Borrowers Behind on Mortgages, our own lives (McParland et al, 2000). Non-maleficence relates to the moral obligation not to inflict harm on others physically or mentally and beneficence describes the obligation to ‘do good’, prevent/remove harm and act in ways that promote well-being in others (Edwards, 2009). The principle of industry analysis, justice in Essay on Hamlet's Arrogance relation to nursing requires being just and shop analysis fair to Essay all patients and respecting their human rights and dignity (Hussey, 2011). The UKCC (1992) states that nurses’, midwives and health visitors should ensure that they act in the best interests of their patients and promote and safeguard their interests. This directly relates to the principled approach to nursing practice, as to shop industry analysis protect and safeguard an individual is part of ensuring they are able to make independent well informed decisions as stipulated by the NMC Code of Conduct (2008). McParland et al (2000) suggest that one of the ways in king henry biography which nurses can ensure they respect autonomy in practice is by ensuring patients and coffee shop analysis their families are given relevant information relating to their care and encouraged to goddess make their own decisions, regardless of the potential outcomes or the moral values the coffee shop nurse may have. Goddess. Beauchamp and Childress (2008) also discuss how respecting autonomy involves the obligations to respect the decisions of others and allow others to be self-governing.

The principle of autonomy directly links with non-maleficence and beneficence when it comes to ethical decision making within nursing practice and a good example of this can be found when examining the literature relating to covert medication. Tweddle (2009) explains how the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence can conflict when making ethical decisions relating to health care. When discussing whether to conceal medication in food is in shop industry the best interests of the patient, Tweddle (2009) states “The underlying question is whether the harm caused by giving the medication covertly is greater than the harm the patient may sustain if they do not receive the medication at all.” (p.938) In this example it would be considered non-maleficent to tourism administer medication covertly as to withhold the medication could result in harm, however the beneficence of the act must also be considered and in this case it would be the obligation to act positively and honestly, which would stipulate that to give medication covertly is a dishonest act which could not be considered beneficent (Tweddle, 2009). Another notable example of how the coffee industry analysis four principles conflict in goddess nursing practice is shop industry analysis, that of nurses being advocates for patients and McParland et al (2000) gives the example of how a nurse may explain a procedure to a patient that they may not have understood when explained by another healthcare professional. The principle of autonomy takes the main focus here as to remain autonomous the patient must be well informed of the procedure in order to make an autonomous choice regarding their care. Advocating for the patient in this way is beneficent and non-maleficent as explaining the let him have it procedure fully to the patient is ensuring that no harm is coffee shop industry analysis, caused (non-maleficent) and giving the patient an honest, clear description of the procedure is to benefit the patient and ensure the situation is improved (beneficent). The principle of justice is maintained in this example as the nurse is ensuring the Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay patient is well informed which would suggest that the nurse is coffee shop analysis, mindful and respectful of the human rights of the patient. However this kind of advocacy is highly likely to Are Falling cause conflict within the care team and the nurse advocating could find themselves in a difficult position between the duty to coffee shop the patient and the duty to work as part of maid of honour, a team (McParland et al, 2000). Edwards (2009) also advises against nurses bombarding patients with an coffee shop, amount of information that they may find overwhelming. Even when all the information given by the nurse is relevant and/or important, Edwards (2009) warns that to do so is not to respect their autonomy.

Tweddle (2009) discusses how the duty for health care professionals to respect autonomy can conflict with the principle of beneficence when related to the refusal of treatment. The author describes how beneficent acts aim to promote physical wellbeing and reduce suffering yet acknowledges that it is maid of honour wedding, not possible to define what beneficent acts are specifically as individuals have different ideas and definitions of illness and pain (p.936). Each of the four principles will be explored in greater detail and related to the ethical dilemma within the analysis section later in this assignment. Coffee Shop. The use of the principled approach to ethical decision making interlinks with the use of reflective practice within nursing in the sense that the four principles can be reflected upon on Hamlet's, and explored further using reflection. The next section aims to highlight the importance of coffee shop analysis, reflection in modern nursing practice and let him have it the ways in shop analysis which nurses can reflect using reflective models. Reflection is a necessary part of let him have it, nursing practice as it can facilitate the understanding of actions carried out and the consequences that follow, and is a way of learning from experience (McSherry et al, 2002). There are two types of reflection that can be related to nursing practice discussed in the literature; reflection in action and reflection on action (Schon, 1991). Reflection in action is when an individual reflects on the situation as it occurs and reflection on action is when an individual reflects on the situation after the event (Burns Bullman, 2000). The reflection used within this assignment will be reflection on shop analysis, action, as the incident was reflected upon after the event occurred. Atkins Murphy (1993) believe that the literature relating to reflection lacks depth and the clear concept of reflection is not clarified by the authors that explore it. This view is echoed by Andrews, Gidman Humphreys (1998) who also detail how reflection is more than just recollection and go on to discuss how reflection can be used as an educational tool for aphrodite goddess nurses if the process of reflection is taught correctly.

Taylor (2000) believes that there is a great deal of importance in nurses aspiring to shop be reflective practitioners and discusses how describing, analysing and evaluating care provided to patients could be imperative to the improvement of future nursing care. The literature relating to let him have it reflection and reflective practice highlights the importance of analysing critical incidents in order to fully understand the concept of reflection and use it to enhance nursing practice. However Andrews et al (1998) dispute the fact that reflection can immediately benefit and shop improve nursing practice by pakistan tourism noting how there is little evidence in the literature to prove this theory and that often it is presumed that reflection will lead to better nursing practice with no theoretical proof. Andrews et al (1998) examine the literature and coffee shop conclude that the process of reflection bares more importance to the content of the reflection, noting also how there is a need for more research and clarification on Essay on Hamlet's Arrogance, this topic There are several processes for reflection defined in the literature. Schon (1991) identifies three stages of analysis, reflectivity as conscious reflection, criticism and king viii action (Atkins Murphy, 1993 p.1189). Atkins Murphy (1993) interpret the first stage as an awareness of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, the second involving a critical analysis of the situation and the third stage being the development of a new perspective following the use of coffee shop analysis, stages one and two, concluding that the wedding speech overall outcome of shop industry, reflection is learning. Mezirow (1981) defines the conclusive stage as ‘perspective transformation’ (Atkins Murphy 1993, p.1190). The authors detail how the pakistan tourism literature moves from studying reflective processes to reviewing the skills needed by those promoting reflection as an educational tool yet notes how the skills required are not specifically identified (p.1190).

Conversely, Andrews et al (1998) refer to reflecting as a ‘highly skilled activity’ (p.414) although the authors argue that the coffee skills required for reflection are taken for granted in many cases and discuss how assumptions are often made that reflection in nursing practice does not require much effort, suggesting that nurses have always done it. Of Honour. The literature offers a multitude of ideas and shop analysis opinions on let him have it, why nurses should reflect and shop industry the key aspects have been developed into numerous frameworks available to assist nurses with the reflective process (Barnett, 2005). Broad frameworks have been developed by on Hamlet's theorists Gibbs (1981) and Johns (1994) with a view to enable nurses to reflect critically using a logical approach (Somerville Keeling, 2004). Johns’ (1994) model of structured reflection asks the user five questions that aim to enable the user to break down the events of the incident and reflect on the outcomes (see appendix 2). This model was originally based on Carper’s (1978) 4 patterns of analysis, knowing; ethics, aesthetics, personal knowledge and pakistan tourism empirics (Johns, 1995). Barnett (2005) selects Johns’ (1994) model for her critical analysis as she believes that the model provides a systematic structure that encourages the user to examine personal thoughts and analysis actions. Barnett (2005) also suggests that this model is suitable for practitioners who are new to reflection due to the simplicity of the framework and the ability to adapt the model to most situations. The contrasting framework to be explored here is Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle. Comprising of six stages, (see appendix 1) Gibbs’ model asks the aphrodite goddess practitioner to answer questions about the analysis event in a specific order, encouraging them to reflect on pakistan tourism, the experience with a structured and logical approach. Jones (2007) writes a reflective account using Gibbs’ (1988) model and shop analysis explains that her reasons for doing so are due to ways in which the model encourages personal development and of honour wedding speech the simplicity of the framework overall.

She uses the model to identify the dilemma and then conduct an analysis of the incident in which she examines the legal and ethical perspectives before coming to a conclusion that includes her opinions on what she would do differently if the incident were to arise again. Gibbs’ (1988) model will be used in this assignment due to the simplicity of the questions within the model and coffee shop industry the ways that the model encourages the user to explore and reflect on every aspect of the incident. Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle has been selected for this assignment after careful consideration and comparison to Johns’ (1994) model on Essay Arrogance, the basis that Gibbs’ (1988) offers a simplistic approach yet allows the user to fully explore each section. It was also discovered within the literature that Johns’ (1994) model encourages the user to coffee industry analysis explore more complex personal thoughts and feelings in greater depth than Gibbs’ (1988) model (Barnett, 2005), something that is pakistan tourism, not relevant to the critical incident that will be explored in this assignment. The use of the model by coffee Jones (2007) suggests that Gibbs’ (1988) offers the correct framework to viii biography follow when exploring the critical incident below, as Jones (2007) is able to easily identify the legal and ethical implications within the incident in a logical style that is easy for the reader to interpret. The following critical incident will be explored using the six-stage cycle (see appendix 1) addressing each question as it is depicted within the cycle, beginning with the first stage which asks the industry reflector to describe the event to be examined. During a clinical placement in a community hospital I often observed the medication rounds and let him have it noted that a particular patient’s medication was being administered covertly on a regular basis. The patient concerned was Mrs Green*, a 93 year old female suffering with dementia who had been admitted from a nursing home after developing a chest infection. Mrs Green was reluctant to take any medication when prompted and due to her lack of capacity, the nurses had taken to administering her morning anti-psychotic medication hidden in her porridge.

Mrs Green had no living relatives to advocate for coffee shop her so the decision to administer her medication in this way was made by the nursing team. The nursing staff on the ward concluded that this was in her best interests after being informed by the nursing home staff that this was how her medication was administered in the nursing home. Borrowers Are Falling. The ward sister was advised that the decision to coffee shop hide the medication in food was due to the confusion and agitation Mrs Green experienced when she had not taken her medication and pakistan she noted down this conversation into Mrs Green’s nursing notes to inform other staff of the issue. As my mentor, the ward sister instructed me to administer Mrs Green’s medication covertly and she supervised me as I did so, reassuring me that this was in shop industry Mrs Green’s best interests. With Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle in mind I can clearly recall my thoughts and tourism feelings after being instructed to administer medication covertly. Although it was fully explained to me the reasons why the medication was given in coffee this way and I was also shown the Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay documentation supporting the decision to administer covertly, I could not help but feel as though I was not respecting Mrs Green’s autonomy. I was certainly aware of coffee shop, her lack of capacity to consent and let him have it felt that given the industry complexity of the issues relating to the administration of medication to patients who lack capacity, the ward sister should have given the viii biography medication instead. At the time I was not comfortable in administering the medication in shop industry analysis this way as a student nurse, although upon reflection I became aware that the ward sister presented me with a legal and ethical issue that I could learn from and encouraged me to deal with the situation as I would when I become a qualified nurse. The second stage of Gibbs’ (1988) model asks the user to evaluate the incident and Behind on Mortgages decipher what was good and bad about it. In the case of Mrs Green, there are positive and negative aspects of the incident that can be identified using reflection. The decision to administer medication covertly did not seem to have been taken lightly, the liaison between the nursing home staff and the ward sister suggests that staff on analysis, the ward did not instantly make this decision due to Mrs Green’s confusion and aggression.

The fact that the let him have it ward staff contacted the nursing home could suggest that they were indeed trying to act in the best interests of Mrs Green after discovering she suffered from dementia and had no living relatives to act as advocates. Coffee Shop Industry Analysis. However the Borrowers Are Falling on Mortgages Essay liaison between the shop analysis ward staff and the nursing home could also indicate a negative aspect of this incident as it could suggest that the ward staff contacted the nursing home to ascertain how they administer her medication and upon discovering that they did so covertly, they have simply continued this practice without considering the legal implications or questioning the rationale behind this decision. From what I witnessed during the incident I feel it was a positive experience overall, as it seemed as though the staff were trying to advocate for Mrs Green and by ensuring she took her prescribed medication they also ensured that she was calm and comfortable throughout her time on the ward. Of Honour. The next stage of Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle requires an analysis of the coffee industry analysis critical incident which will be conducted by examining the literature surrounding the legal and ethical issues of covert medication. Haw Stubbs (2010) state that the literature relating to covert medication to older adults is ‘sparse’ and conducted a study to review the existing studies of the subject and also reviewed the national guidelines of covert medication along with the legal and ethical implications of such practice. Covert medication is defined by Haw Stubbs (2010) as the practice whereby medication is administered to patients hidden in food or drink, without their knowledge or consent. Haw Stubbs (2010) describe covert medication as unethical when administered to Are Falling Essay patients who have mental capacity, capacity being defined by the Mental Capacity Act, (2005) however they give examples of when covert medication is considered to be in the patient’s best interests such as when a patient is incapacitated as a result of learning disabilities, schizophrenia and more commonly in older adults diagnosed with dementia. It is widely considered more ethical to administer medication hidden in food and analysis drink as opposed to using forms of restraint or forcible injection (Haw Stubbs 2010, p.762). The authors also refer to English law by Borrowers Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay noting the analysis charges that could be brought upon a practitioner that has administered medication covertly, such as charges of assault or battery (p.765). The literature stipulates the aphrodite goddess importance of shop industry analysis, adhering to the Mental Capacity Act (2005) when making decisions to administer medication covertly and this is echoed by aphrodite the requirements of the NMC’s Code of Professional Conduct (2008). Tweddle (2009) describes autonomy as the ethical principle that relates to free choice and explains that all competent adults have the right to refuse treatment or refuse to consent to analysis treatment.

It is important to consider the issue of Essay on Hamlet's, accountability when administering medication covertly and Tweddle (2009) highlights the importance of the health care professional being able to justify their actions and prove that they were in the best interests of the shop analysis patient e.g. to prevent suffering or to improve quality of life. Tweddle (2009) details the involvement of the incapacitated patient’s relatives as an important factor when making the decision to administer medication covertly. As noted earlier, Mrs Green had no living relatives that could advocate for her which raises the issue of how the decision to hide medication in food is made when there is no advocate for the incapacitated patient. Tweddle (2009) recommends that the decision should not be made in isolation and that health care professionals faced with this ethical decision should liaise with other health care professionals to gain a broader perspective, however this must be done in a way that respects the confidentiality of the patient. Another notable implication of pakistan tourism, covert medication raised in the literature is that of the need for nurses to have pharmaceutical knowledge of medications and industry analysis understand the possible implications of crushing tablets or opening capsules (Honkanen, 2001). Stages four and five of Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle require the user to establish a conclusion and an action plan.

With consideration of the above analysis of the critical incident concerning Mrs Green, I believe that the ward staff justified their decision to administer medication covertly by taking her condition into account, acknowledged her lack of capacity to consent to treatment and ensured all discussions with the ward were documented. The ward staff appeared to have made this decision with consideration of the possible result of withholding the Arrogance medication. This could have resulted in coffee shop Mrs Greens’ health deteriorating and the decision that was eventually made to administer the medication hidden in food suggests that the principled approach was used here and the principles of beneficence and let him have it non-maleficence may have conflicted, as discussed earlier. Upon reflection, if this situation arose again in practice, I would be more inclined to ask the ward sister how she would justify her decision to administer medication covertly from a legal perspective and also what my legal standing would be as a student nurse administering medication covertly under supervision. However I do believe the situation was addressed efficiently and careful ethical decisions were made with Mrs Green’s best interests at the forefront of the industry analysis decision making at all times.

Exploring the literature relating the critical incident establishes covert medication as a complex issue that should only take place under extreme circumstances and any practitioner who does so must be able to justify their actions, be able to tourism provide proof and in some cases legal evidence that it was the best option for the patient. The literature frequently makes references to moral principles, highlighting the need for nurses to study ethics as an understanding of moral theories and coffee industry principles is needed in order to make ethical decisions in practice. Behind On Mortgages Essay. It is important to note how the four moral principles are challenged in relation to patients who lack capacity, such as in the critical incident, where the patient lacks the ability to be autonomous. The nurse must advocate for the patient in ways that are beneficent, non-maleficent and ethically justified, something that the coffee shop literature proves can be difficult due to the key principles of beneficence and non-maleficence often conflicting. Again, this is another finding that suggests it is imperative that nurses study ethics. It is evident from examples within the literature that nurses are frequently required to Essay on Hamlet's make ethical decisions instantaneously and that it is only really possible to consider the full legal and ethical implications of our actions upon reflection, which highlights the importance of reflective practice in nursing.

Upon further investigation it is clear from the literature that there is a need for more research into the benefits of reflection within nursing practice as the current literature on the subject is industry analysis, quite limited. Aphrodite. However the literature that is currently available suggests that reflection has an invaluable effect on coffee shop industry analysis, nursing practice, something discovered within this assignment as it was only upon of honour speech, reflection of the critical incident that the shop analysis full legal and ethical implications of king henry viii biography, covert medication were considered and explored further. Allmark P. (2005) Can The Study of Ethics Enhance Nursing Practice? Journal of industry, Advanced Nursing 51(6), 618–624 Andrews M, Gidman J Humphreys A (1998) Reflection: does it enhance professional nursing practice? British Journal of Nursing 7 (7) 413-417 Atkins, S, Murphy K. (1993) Reflection: a review of the literature.

Journal of Advanced Nursing 18, 1188-1192 Barnett, M. (2005) Caring for a patient with COPD: a reflective account. Nursing Standard. 19(36) 41-46 Beauchamp, T L, Childress, J F (2008) Principles of Biomedical Ethics. 6th edition Oxford, Oxford University Press Burns, S, Bulman, C. (2000) Reflective Practice in Borrowers on Mortgages Nursing: The Growth of the Professional Practitioner. 2nd Edition Blackwell Science Limited, Oxford.

Chaloner, C (2007) An introduction to shop industry analysis ethics in nursing. Pakistan. Nursing Standard. 21, 32, 42-46. Coffee Shop Industry. Chaloner, C (2007) Ethics in nursing: the way forward. Let Him Have It. Nursing Standard. 21, 38, 40-41. Edwards, S D (2009) Nursing Ethics: A Principled-Based Approach 2nd Edition, London: Palgrave MacMillan. Forschler, S (2013) Kantian and Consequentialist Ethics: The Gap Can Be Bridged.

Metaphilosophy 44(1-2) Gibbs, G. Shop. (1988) Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and let him have it learning methods. Further Education Unit. Oxford Polytechnic: Oxford. Haw, C, Stubbs J (2010) Covert Administration of industry analysis, Medication to Older Adults: a review of the literature and published studies. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 17 761–768 Honkanen L (2001) Point-counterpoint is it ethical to aphrodite give drugs covertly to coffee industry people with dementia?

West J Med 174: 229 Hussey, T (2011) Just Caring. Nursing Philosophy 2012. 13, 6-14 Johns C (1995) Framing learning through reflection within Carper’s fundamental ways of knowing in nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Pakistan Tourism. (22)2, 226-234 Jones J (2007) Do not resuscitate: reflections on coffee shop, an ethical dilemma. Nursing Standard. 21(46), 35-39 McParland J, Scott P A, Arndt M, Dassen M, Gasull M, Lemonidou C, Valimaki M, Leino-Kilpi H (2000) Autonomy and goddess clinical practice 1: identifying areas of concern. British Journal of Nursing 9(8) 507-513 McSherry, R., Simmons, M., Abbott, P. Coffee Shop Analysis. (2002) Evidence-Informed Nursing: A Guide for Clinical Nurses. Are Falling. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, London Meetoo, D (2009) Nanotechnology: is there a need for ethical principles? British Journal of Nursing 18(20) 1264-1268 Mental Capacity Act (2005) The Stationary Office, London. Mezirow J (1990) Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood Jossey-Bass San Fransisco Noble-Adams R (1999) Ethics and coffee industry analysis Nursing Research 1: Development, Theories and Principles. British Journal of maid of honour wedding speech, Nursing, 8(13), 888-892 Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008).

Code of Professional Conduct: Standards of conduct performance and ethics for nurses and midwives. London: NMC Royal College of Nursing (1997)Ethical Dilemmas: Issues in Nursing and coffee shop analysis Health 43. RCN, London Schon, D. (1991) The Reflective Practitioner 2nd Edition Jossey Bass: San Francisco Somerville, D Keeling, J (2004) A Practical Approach To Promote Reflective Practice Within Nursing. Nursing Times 100(12) 42 Taylor, B. Let Him Have It. J. (2000) Reflective Practice: A Guide for Nurses and Midwives. Open University Press, Buckingham Tweddle, F. (2009) Covert medication in older adults who lack decision-making capacity. British Journal of shop industry analysis, Nursing (18) 15 936-939. Is this the perfect essay for king you? Save time and order Law and Ethics in Nursing. essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Law and Ethics in Nursing. Ethics is an essential part of what nursing is. Nursing has an eminent chronicle of trepidation for the wellbeing of those who are ill, hurt, and the helpless and industry for… Knowledge Development in Nursing. Philosophy has a great impact on the knowledge development on nurses and the nursing field. As McCurry, Revell-Hunter, and Roy (2009) stated, “Knowledge is built upon theories, together with their… Ethics in Nursing.

Today people strive to leave an imprint on the world around them. Towards the beginning of adulthood people choose a path that allows them to take part in one of… What nursing decisions do you think would have the greatest legal implications? Faced with ethical and legal decisions on a daily basis, nurses must at times make some pretty tough decisions including how to proceed with care for an incapacitated patient with… My Nursing Ethic. Values and henry biography ethics play a huge role in coffee shop analysis the nursing practice.

Nursing care involves preventing illness and its complications, promotion or health restoration, and reducing suffering in Borrowers Behind on Mortgages Essay the terminally ill…. In our day to day life, each and every person is responsible to make personal decisions, which can have great influence on their workplace, family, colleagues, their country and the…

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11 Things You Might Not Know About Roller Skates. It’s summertime, and at many points over the past few centuries, that was the only reason necessary to strap on coffee analysis some roller skates. Of Honour! Though it’s a sport and leisure activity that in coffee shop this century has largely been replaced by other pastimes, roller skating has enjoyed some notable moments in history. Pakistan Tourism! 1. IT ALL BEGAN WITH A VERY DRAMATIC ENTRANCE. The first recorded roller skate inventor, John Joseph Merlin, originally of Belgium, decided to debut his metal-wheeled roller skates at a fancy masquerade party in London in 1760. Merlin’s plan was to suavely skate into the salon while simultaneously playing a violin. Unfortunately, Merlin hadn’t practiced skating much prior to the soiree, nor were his skates engineered for turning. Merlin ended up crashing into a large mirror and suffering serious physical injuries, though his pride might have been the part of him most severely bruised.

Photo courtesy of the National Museum of shop industry, Roller Skating. Pakistan! Though many more inventors would create their own versions of the roller skate over shop analysis, the next century, it wasn’t until 1863, when James Plimpton tried his hand at this whole roller-skate-inventing thing, that there came into existence a skate actually capable of Essay, turning. Plimpton’s four-wheeled skate made use of springy carriages called trucks that allowed the skater to turn by leaning in the direction of travel. Plimpton built a roller rink in his New York furniture-business office, and coffee shop analysis he also established the New York Roller Skating Association to promote skating. 3. ROLLER SKATING’S POPULARITY IS LIKE A ROLLER COASTER. Roller skating tends to have its heydays and its fallow eras. Of Honour Wedding Speech! Though the 1970s may be thought of as the most famous roller skating decade, the early 1900s experienced its own roller skating craze. In 1905, roller skating rinks opened in cities on industry analysis the East Coast, and skating was often chosen over dancing and other types of entertainment. The craze then snaked its way across the Heartland and to major cities on the West Coast. By 1906, newspapers were running trend pieces about roller skating fashions. Then, in 1916, Charlie Chaplin starred in The Rink , the first movie about roller skating (above).

4. PEOPLE GOT MARRIED ON ROLLER SKATES. Maid! The first recorded marriage on roller skates took place in 1912 in Milwaukee between a Miss Hattie Baldwin and a Mr. W. McGrath, according to the National Museum of Roller Skating. And, yes, there is a National Museum of shop, Roller Skating. It’s in aphrodite goddess Lincoln, Nebraska, and coffee it recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Tourism! 5. SKATES MADE SERVING FOOD EASIER—OR AT LEAST MORE FUN. In the 1950s and early ‘60s, the roller skating carhop was a ubiquitous sight at drive-ins. Movies like American Graffiti and coffee shop industry TV shows like Happy Days further solidified the carhop’s place in American pop culture. Roller skating carhops still exist today, and the Sonic restaurant chain hosts an annual event called the Sonic Skate-Off, a competition to find the most skillful skating carhop from its 3,500 drive-ins nationwide.

At the height of the 1970s roller revolution, each major American city developed its own skate style, though some styles were more distinctive than others. Chicago especially became known as a roller skating city and became famous for JB skating, which borrowed many of its intricate moves from the Godfather of Soul (“JB” is said to be an king viii abbreviation for coffee shop analysis, “James Brown.”) Fancy footwork and standing dance routines are hallmarks of the JB style, and a well-known move is aptly called the “Crazy Leg.” The JB style is still practiced on Chicago skating rinks today. King Henry Viii! 7. CHER WAS HIP TO THE ROLLER CRAZE. In 1979, Cher released a song called “Hell on Wheels.” The accompanying video was one of the very first modern, MTV-style music videos. It features an interesting mix of truck drivers, bikers, and Cher on roller skates wearing a zebra-print jumpsuit. Before he was Johnny of coffee analysis, nobody-puts-Baby-in-a-corner fame, Patrick Swayze made his big-screen debut as Ace in 1979’s Skatetown USA . Dubbed “The Rock and let him have it Roller Disco Movie of the Year,” the film also starred Scott Baio and The Brady Bunch 's Maureen McCormick. In the shop industry analysis, clip above, you can see Swayze as Ace, using his belt as an imaginative prop in a roller disco contest. 9. SOMEWHAT SURPRISINGLY, EVEN THE AMISH ROLLER SKATE. The Amish typically eschew technology and complicated machinery in favor of a very simple life.

Cars, motorcycles, and on Hamlet's Arrogance even bikes are forbidden modes of transportation, but roller skates have been used for decades in Amish communities. In the 1990s, however, in the middle of the Rollerblade craze, the New York Times reported that though the Amish youth had adopted inline skates as transportation, only a third of coffee shop analysis, Amish congregations had approved their use. Let Him Have It! Some of the elders were concerned that Rollerblades, which were able to achieve greater speeds than roller skates, could dilute the Amish no-frills lifestyle. 10. THE ROLLER SKATE STILL INSPIRES PARADES. The largest parade of roller skaters took place in Paris on June 15, 2008, according to Guinness World Records. The parade consisted of 1188 participants who skated for 12.68 miles. 11. AND IT WEATHERS NATURAL DISASTERS.

Once a mecca of roller skating, New York City now has only one remaining indoor roller rink, RollerJam USA on Staten Island (though another makeshift rink operates out of a gym in Brooklyn). RollerJam USA was badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy, and for a while it looked as though New York’s rink count would be reduced to zero. It took $750,000 and six months of shop analysis, extensive repairs to finally reopen the of honour wedding, rink this past spring, according to analysis RollerJam USA’s owner Joe Costa. “It was worth it,” Costa says. “There’s still this whole underground skating community that you wouldn’t even know exists—people from the ‘70s who are still doing it. Tourism! And there’s a new generation that’s definitely getting interested in industry analysis roller skating. Gliding on skates to goddess the music—there’s no feeling like it.” From a central Florida enclave where the mermaids outnumber the analysis, residents to the town that changed its name to Joe, Montana, there’s a lot of quirky history in let him have it America’s least populated places. We’ve combed the country to find the most interesting tiny town in each state—ranging in population from one to industry more than 1000. Some entries describe the state’s smallest incorporated town, while others highlight the Arrogance, smallest census-designated place. We picked the one with the wackiest, cutest, or most surprising story.

In 2000, McMullen was one of the only all-black towns in America, with a population of 66. But a series of recent natural disasters has pushed residents away, from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to an EF2 tornado that destroyed 13 homes in February 2016. Now only shop analysis, nine people remain in king henry the rural western Alabama town, according to a 2016 population estimate from the Census Bureau. Coffee Analysis! 2. HOBART BAY, ALASKA // POPULATION: 1. Commander John Bortniak, NOAA Corps (ret.) // Wikimedia Commons. David Jorgensen has Hobart Bay all to himself. Aphrodite! The 62-year-old has been the sole caretaker for analysis, the abandoned logging camp, accessible only via floatplane or boat, for viii, nearly a decade.

He used to live in Hobart Bay with scores of neighbors before the logging dried up in the late ‘90s. The population plummeted from 187 in 1990 to just David Jorgensen by 2010. Now Goldbelt, Inc., a former logging company which owns 30,000 acres in and around Hobart Bay, wants to turn the shop analysis, place into a cruise ship destination and maid of honour speech clam farm. Shop! Jerome holds simultaneous claims as the smallest incorporated municipality in Arizona and the largest ghost town in aphrodite America. Founded in 1876, the city grew out of a copper mining camp into the fourth largest city in Arizona Territory.

Workers poured in to shop industry analysis climb down the town’s mine shafts and let him have it extract as many as 3 million pounds of copper each month. The vast number of shop industry, saloons and brothels that cropped up to cater to wedding speech the miners in their off-work hours led the New York Sun to dub Jerome “the wickedest town in the west” in 1903. Today, Jerome’s small population of artists, shopkeepers, and hospitality workers bring the ghosts of its past to life for visiting tourists. 4. MAGNET COVE, ARKANSAS // POPULATION: 5. Magnet Cove was named for the abundance of magnetite (lodestone) in its soil, which early settlers discovered when they felt their plows and other tools strangely attracted to the ground. It remains a popular site for rockhounding thanks to its unusually rich [PDF] diversity of industry analysis, minerals. Today, the only businesses in Magnet Cove are a gas station and two novaculite quarries. (Novaculite is a mineral used to make whetstones, and Magnet Cove produces some of the purest novaculite in the world.) 5. VERNON, CALIFORNIA // POPULATION: 209. Let Him Have It! Vernon was founded in 1905 as an “exclusively industrial” city just south of downtown Los Angeles.

Until 2015, Vernon housed about shop industry analysis, 1800 businesses employing roughly 55,000 workers —but was home to only 100 residents. Henry! The city kept its population low on purpose. All residences were owned by the city government, which evicted its political rivals and tore down houses to prevent newcomers from moving in. This enabled a ruling family to control the electorate, run the city “like a fiefdom,” and industry pay one city administrator a salary of $1.65 million one year. In 2015, under threat of dissolution from the state, Vernon agreed to adopt a series of reforms, including the construction of a new privately-owned apartment building that doubled the city’s population.

Bonanza got its name in 1880 from silver miners who thought they’d struck it big. Over the next few decades, Bonanza grew into a copper, zinc, and silver mining boomtown, home to thousands of miners, two hotels, seven dance halls, a newspaper, a candy store, and even a baseball team. Today the Essay on Hamlet's, town is mainly a summer vacation getaway. Although as many as 200 people own property in Bonanza today, only one man lives in town year-round: Mark Perkovich, a retired hotshot firefighter who moved in 22 years ago seeking solitude. 7. Coffee Analysis! UNION, CONNECTICUT // POPULATION: 843. Founded on Are Falling rough terrain with poor soil, Union was the last town settled east of the Connecticut River. James McNall, the town’s first settler, arrived from Ireland in 1727, and Union was officially incorporated in 1734. Legend has it that the town got its name because it was formed from the “union” of leftover plots of coffee shop industry analysis, land that surrounding towns hadn’t incorporated. Today Union is a quiet residential community that prides itself on its scenic hills, trees, and wildlife. After 280 years of townhood, Hartly faced an existential crisis in 2014.

The town had no functioning government. It hadn’t collected taxes in two years. And it was somewhere between $20,000 and $36,000 in debt—no one knew exactly how much the town owed because Hartly had stopped paying for the P.O. box where it received its bills. To make matters worse, a former treasurer, convicted in 2004 of embezzling $89,000 from on Hamlet's, Hartly’s coffers, still hadn’t repaid the coffee shop industry analysis, town for on Hamlet's Arrogance, his theft. Then in shop industry analysis December, more than 100 people, mostly out-of-towners, assembled at the local fire station to wedding come up with a plan to save Hartly. They formed a new council and got to work reviving the town, inspiring the 2016 documentary A Hope for Hartly . 9. WEEKI WACHEE, FLORIDA // POPULATION: 5. Weeki Wachee is home to shop industry analysis a state-estimated five human beings—and roughly 28 mermaids. More than 250,000 visitors drive each year to the small central Florida town, an hour north of aphrodite, Tampa, to see the Weeki Wachee Mermaids perform 30-minute live shows in shop analysis Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. The show began in 1947, when a navy veteran named Newton Perry figured out a way to Arrogance breathe underwater using an air hose and a compressor. Coffee Analysis! He built an underwater theater into the springs’ limestone and tourism sought out “pretty girls” to train as mermaids.

Today, the mermaids swim and dance alongside manatees, otters, turtles, and even alligators, stopping only occasionally to catch a breath through tubes at the bottom of their tank. The mayor of Weeki Wachee, Robyn Anderson, is a former mermaid. 10. Shop Industry! TATE CITY, GEORGIA // POPULATION: 16. Tate City, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution , “isn’t really a city, more an assortment of fancy, second-home homes owned by aphrodite goddess Atlantans and Floridians and more utilitarian houses for residents working in Clayton or Dillard.” The town sprang up around a ruby mine that once attracted more than 1000 residents, and later switched to logging. (A man named Tate owned the biggest logging camp, hence the name.) After the loggers stripped Tate City of its forests, they moved on and left little behind. The sleepy town didn’t get electricity until the early 1970s. Manele is the site of the coffee shop industry, Four Seasons Resort Lanai, on Essay on Hamlet's Hawaii’s sixth largest island. Through most of the 20th century, Lanai was the coffee shop analysis, site of the Dole pineapple plantation, once the most productive in the world.

But today, 97 percent of the island belongs to Larry Ellison, founder of the tourism, software firm Oracle and the fifth-richest person in the world. Coffee Analysis! Ellison bought the land, along with a third of Lanai’s housing, the water utility, two resort hotels, the Borrowers Essay, cemetery, and most other businesses in a single real estate deal in 2012. He plans to turn the island into a luxury resort destination for analysis, the super-rich, prompting concerns for the future of the island’s residents. 12. WARM RIVER, IDAHO // POPULATION: 3. Warm River became a city thanks to a quirk in Idaho’s 1947 liquor laws that restricted liquor licenses to establishments within municipal borders. That year, Fred Lewies, an Estonian immigrant who owned and henry viii biography operated the Warm River Inn and coffee Rendezvous Dance Hall, incorporated the city so that he could legally serve drinks at his bar.

The town has had three mayors: Fred’s wife Berta, their daughter Lillian, and their granddaughter Lonnie. Today, Warm River still has its dance hall, but it’s also a fishing destination and a stop for tourists on their way into Yellowstone National Park. 13. MOONSHINE, ILLINOIS // POPULATION: 1. There’s one business, one house, and one person in Moonshine, and they’re all under one green tin roof. Helen Tuttle owns the Moonshine Store, a country store and restaurant she operates out of a century-old building in the middle of Eastern Illinois farmland. Each day, Tuttle serves 140 Moonburgers to aphrodite customers visiting from surrounding farms (and sometimes ranging from the far flung corners of 50 states and 45 countries). The burgers aren’t very elaborate. Tuttle serves a gas-grilled beef patty on shop analysis run-of-the-mill buns. But guests are invited to jazz them up themselves from a condiment table featuring mustard, mayonnaise, onions, hot pickle relish and horseradish. Maid Of Honour Wedding! For years, Moonshine had a second resident: Roy Lee, Helen’s husband. But Roy died in 2015, and now Helen lives alone in the six rooms above the Moonshine Store.

14. NEW AMSTERDAM, INDIANA // POPULATION: 27. New Amsterdam was born and nearly destroyed on the banks of the coffee shop industry analysis, Ohio River. Until 1937, the town thrived on the riverbank. It had two general stores, its churches’ pews were packed, and the houses along the river held upwards of 400 people. Then a 1937 flood wiped out most of the city and drove many of its residents away for good, but the remaining folks didn’t give up. In 2015, New Amsterdam celebrated its bicentennial. Of Honour Wedding! 15. BEACONSFIELD, IOWA // POPULATION: 15. Beaconsfield may be tiny, but it punches above its weight class in terms of bragging rights. The Iowa town was the birthplace of the Hy-Vee grocery store chain, which operates more than 240 stores in the Midwest.

The founders Charles Hyde and coffee shop industry David Vredenburg (Hy-Vee, get it?) opened their first store in Beaconsfield, right at the onset of the Great Depression in 1930. Beaconsfield is also astronaut Peggy Whitson’s hometown [PDF]. In April 2017, Whitson broke the NASA record for most total days in space (at the time, 534). She’s also the first woman ever to command the International Space Station twice. Let Him Have It! Freeport is a dwindling town that refuses to go softly into the night. For years, the town boasted in its motto that it was “the smallest incorporated city in the United States having a bank.” But the bank left in 2009. Two years later, the post office tried to leave, too, but Freeport residents put up a fight.

They petitioned the U.S. Postal Service to review its decision and hung a sign in city hall, housed in the abandoned bank building, urging visitors to coffee analysis “Help Keep Our Post Office—Buy Stamps.” Ultimately, the of honour wedding speech, USPS was no match for Freeport’s residents. The post office remains, along with a grain elevator, a church, and five stubborn Kansans. 17. Coffee Shop Analysis! SOUTH PARK VIEW, KENTUCKY // POPULATION: 7. South Park View is quickly disappearing beneath the air traffic of Bowman Field. Since 1994, the Louisville Regional Airport Authority has been buying up homes and relocating residents under the path—and wall-to-wall noise—of arriving and departing planes. Over two decades, the program bought out more than 2000 homes at viii a cost of more than $260 million. But seven holdouts in coffee shop analysis South Park View have refused to accept the voluntary buy-outs. 18. MOUND, LOUISIANA // POPULATION: 18. Mound got its name because its founders built the town on top of a Native American burial mound.

A century ago, Mound was a collection of cotton plantations owned by wedding speech a few landed families. In those days, a planter named George S. Yerger controlled 50,000 acres and paid his workers in a made-up currency they could only spend at his company store. He also acted as town sheriff and kept prisoners in a subterranean jail buried under his store. Today, corn and soybeans grow in the fields, but the same families still live in their ancestral homes and own much of the land. Margaret Yerger, who is married to George Yerger’s grandson, is shop industry, mayor. 19. HIBBERTS GORE, MAINE // POPULATION: 1. A gore is an unincorporated area, usually created when land surveyors make mistakes that leave irregularly shaped hunks of unaccounted land between town boundaries. In Maine, Hibberts Gore is home to one resident, Karen Keller, who lives 100 yards from the nearby town of Palermo. Curious reporters have been seeking her out for stories since the on Mortgages, Boston Globe ran a profile on her in 2001, but Keller doesn’t like the coffee, attention. “These people from these big papers come. Why?

What have I done? It’s a bunch of lines on a map. Nothing else.” Keller told Sunday Salon in Essay 2013. “What have I accomplished? What have I ever done to make anyone’s life better? What good for the planet?

What good for people? What good for anybody? Why? It’s hogwash.” 20. PORT TOBACCO, MARYLAND // POPULATION: 13. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Port Tobacco was Maryland’s second largest port and the seat of Charles County.

Historians say it rivaled Williamsburg and Philadelphia among colonial ports, and that George Washington used to pass through town regularly on his way to see his doctor. Today, Port Tobacco still operates under an 1888 charter that bars women from holding office, imposes a $1 tax on every dog and prohibits any resident from allowing “his swine to run at large within said village.” Mayor John Hyde, a mortician by shop industry analysis trade, told the Washington Post in 2006 that the town never got around to changing those laws, but it doesn’t enforce them anymore. 21. GOSNOLD, MASSACHUSETTS // POPULATION: 75. Gosnold comprises the on Hamlet's, Elizabeth Islands off the southern coast of Massachusetts. Most residents live on coffee industry analysis the island of Cuttyhunk, the town seat. According to news reports, in the summer Cuttyhunk’s population can swell up to maid of honour wedding 400, but in the winter, the island’s 150 golf carts far outnumber its 20 year-round residents.

Cuttyhunk is home to a one-room schoolhouse with one teacher and two students. Shop Analysis! It is only accessible by a ferry which in the winter runs twice a week across Buzzards Bay, carrying food, fuel, mail, and people. Pakistan Tourism! 22. Coffee Shop! POINTE AUX BARQUES, MICHIGAN // POPULATION: 10. Pointe Aux Barques is a resort town on let him have it the tip of the thumb of Michigan’s mitten. It got its name in 1665 from French priest Claude Alouez, who thought the rocky coast resembled the prow of shop industry, a ship. From 300 BCE to 600 CE, the land Pointe aux Barques would occupy was a sacred place for an ancient indigenous culture. After its disappearance, the land went unoccupied for a millennium until European colonists showed up and began logging the Borrowers Behind Essay, forest in the 17th century. In 1896, railroad baron Stanford Crapo built a resort, connecting Pointe aux Barques to coffee shop wealthy Detroit families who fled to the rural township in the summer. 23.

FUNKLEY, MINNESOTA // POPULATION: 10. Funkley mayor Emil Erickson will serve anyone who visits his town a drink—provided that they go to the Funkley Bar and Lounge, which he owns, and pay using Funkley Bucks, a made-up currency with his face on it that he prints and doles out to tourists. Erickson presides over Behind Essay, the bar with his dog Chopper, who likes to industry analysis sit on Essay Arrogance a stool next to shop industry analysis the patrons. In the fall, big crowds of hunters visit. In the summer, Funkley gets bikers. Otherwise, there aren’t many new faces in Funkley. The city’s population recently doubled to its current 10 residents after a five-person family moved in. 24. SATARTIA, MISSISSIPPI // POPULATION: 53.

Satartia’s main claim to fame is the Satartia Bridge over the Yazoo River in the Mississippi Delta. Its concrete, steel, and rust aesthetic has landed it on a website that catalogues ugly bridges. But most infamously, a team of paranormal investigators has claimed the Satartia Bridge is Essay, haunted: They saw mysterious floating flights, heard phantom moans, and smelled rotting flesh coming from the water in 2003. They suggested the source could be the indigenous Yazoo people, who according to legend were marched into the river to industry analysis their deaths after refusing to surrender to the conquering French. Another theory claims the river is haunted by the crew of one of the 29 ships sunk here during the Civil War. Aphrodite! Baker is tiny— less than a quarter-square-mile of land. But the coffee shop analysis, town’s only family farms 3,300 acres of rice, soybeans, and pakistan wheat in fields that extend beyond Baker’s boundaries. Coffee Shop Industry! Mark Rinehart took the Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay, land over from his father, Max, and now works it with his son, Eric.

Mark told the Missouri News Scene his proposal for shop analysis, boosting the U.S. Borrowers Behind On Mortgages! rice market in shop analysis 2014: “Drink more beer, eat more rice, or both.” Ismay wasn’t always named Ismay. Of Honour! Until the 1910s, the town was called Burt. Then a railroad division superintendent renamed the place Ismay, a mashup of his two daughters’ names, Isabella and Maybelle. Then, in 1993, as part of a Kansas City radio station’s publicity stunt, the town agreed to change its name to Joe, Montana, in coffee analysis honor of the NFL quarterback who had just been traded to the Chiefs. Sports Illustrated picked up the story, and soon the town was selling hundreds of “Joe, Montana” t-shirts, coffee mugs, and let him have it golf balls.

More than 2000 visitors descended on the town the first time it hosted “Joe Day.” And the Kansas City Chiefs flew the coffee, entire town down to see a game and hang out pakistan with Joe Montana. When Ismay ended the stunt eight years later, the town had enough money to buy itself a new fire truck and build a community center—named for Joe Montana. Elsie Eiler is all that’s left of Monowi, the only incorporated town in coffee shop industry analysis America with one inhabitant. She is the mayor and the owner of the Monowi Tavern, the of honour speech, only business in town. She lives half a mile away from the bar in a mobile home. Each year, she taxes herself to raise the industry, money to keep Monowi’s four streetlights on. For decades, there was another resident in Monowi: Eiler’s husband Rudy, an goddess avid reader. Coffee! He died in 2004. The next year, Elsie built a library behind the aphrodite goddess, tavern and stocked it with 5000 books.

The library was her husband’s lifelong dream, and Elsie dedicated the building to Rudy. 28. CALIENTE, NEVADA // POPULATION: 1108. The land that would become Caliente was first settled in the early 1860s by Ike and Dow Barton, two escaped slaves from Arkansas. For a while the place was called Culverwell, after Charles and William Culverwell, who owned a ranch on the land. Coffee Shop! In 1901, when Union Pacific and another railroad got into a territory dispute over who could lay down track in a narrow canyon near the ranch, William Culverwell ended the land battle “with his shotgun.” He gave Union Pacific the right to build a railroad grade through his property and the rival company dropped its claim. The town quickly grew to more than 5000 residents thanks to the train depot. Let Him Have It! It was renamed Caliente after the discovery of nearby hot springs. 29. DIXVILLE NOTCH, NEW HAMPSHIRE // POPULATION: 8. The residents of coffee shop industry, Dixville Notch have cast the first votes in every U.S. presidential election and primary since 1960. Thanks to an obscure New Hampshire law, voting precincts with fewer than 100 voters can open their polls at midnight on election day and close them as soon as everyone has cast their vote.

A local hotelier started driving his employees to the polls at midnight in 1960 as a publicity stunt for his resort. Aphrodite! The polls closed at 12:07 a.m., and the town became the first precinct to report election results. It wasn’t long before presidential candidates began visiting Dixville Notch every four years. Industry Analysis! 30. TAVISTOCK, NEW JERSEY // POPULATION: 5. A group of golfers founded Tavistock in 1921 to evade blue laws in nearby Haddonfield that banned sports on Sundays. When 19 former members of the Haddonfield Country Club got fed up with the maid wedding speech, restrictive rules, they incorporated Tavistock, a quarter-mile splinter of Haddonfield. There they created a new country club with a new golf course, which stays open seven days a week. The Tavistock government also lets its country club sell liquor, which is illegal in coffee shop analysis Haddonfield. 31. WHITES CITY, NEW MEXICO // POPULATION: 7. Kentucky teacher Charlie White founded this town near the Essay Arrogance, entrance of Carlsbad Caverns National Park in the 1920s.

White built tourist accommodations on the only road in or out of the park. “White’s Cavern Camp,” a collection of 13 visitor rooms, a gas station, and a house for industry analysis, his family, grew into Whites City. White’s children and henry grandchildren eventually added a theater, a saloon, and a museum of curios including a stuffed two-headed snake. In 2008, the White family auctioned off the industry, entire city for $1.55 million. (Before the final auction, the family listed it on eBay for pakistan tourism, $5 million.) The new owners sold Whites City again in coffee April for maid speech, an undisclosed sum. 32. OIL SPRING RESERVATION, NEW YORK // POPULATION: 1. A Franciscan missionary named Joseph DeLa Roch D’Allion made the first recorded mention of industry, oil in North America here in 1627. The Seneca and tourism earlier indigenous peoples knew about the oil long before, and used the spring’s petroleum-laden waters for medicinal purposes. The U.S. federal government officially recognized Oil Spring as a Seneca reservation at the end of the 18th century, but by the 1850s white squatters, including future New York governor Horatio Seymour, had taken up residence. The Seneca waged a legal battle to evict the squatters and have retained control of the shop, land ever since [PDF].

33. DELLVIEW, NORTH CAROLINA // POPULATION: 13. King Henry Biography! In 1925, the Dellinger family had a problem: stray dogs kept raiding their chicken coops and analysis killing their poultry, but local laws prevented them from let him have it, shooting the mongrels on sight. Luckily, they had a cousin in the state assembly. That year, state representative David R. Dellinger proposed a bill to shop incorporate the king viii, town of Dellview, populated almost exclusively by industry Dellingers.

The town never collected taxes, provided a police force, or offered water or sewer services. But it did pass a local ordinance that made it legal to shoot stray dogs. In 1978, no one in maid Dellview responded to a Census Mapping Survey and the state declared the town inactive. 34. RUSO, NORTH DAKOTA // POPULATION: 4. Ruso was founded in the early 20th century by protestants from Ukraine who wanted to coffee shop escape the influence of the Russian Orthodox church. Henry Viii Biography! Many took homesteads for farming and ranching in North Dakota. By 1910, 71 percent of the state’s population was first- or second-generation immigrants. The new arrivals named Ruso nostalgically, either after a Russian word meaning “south of us” or a combination of the first letters in coffee industry SOuth RUssia. Rendville is a former coal mining town with an viii outsized influence on the history of labor and civil rights in the U.S.

Founded in 1879 by William P. Rend, the coffee industry, town quickly gained notoriety as a place where black men could get work as coal miners. Rend hired black and white workers in large numbers, despite violent threats from white miners in neighboring towns. Rendville produced the first black man and woman to serve as mayors in Ohio—Isaiah Tuppins and Sophia Mitchell—along with the country’s first black woman postmaster general, Roberta Preston. Pakistan! Adam Clayton Powell Sr., pastor and cofounder of the shop, National Urban League, and Richard L. Davis, cofounder of the United Mine Workers of maid wedding speech, America, both worked in Rendville. George Campbell had been letting Boy Scouts and church groups camp on his ranch for years. But in coffee 1963, the nearby cities of Tulsa and Sand Springs were racing to annex as much surrounding land as possible, and Campbell worried that if either city gobbled up his ranch, he would have to follow local ordinances prohibiting the campers. So he filed to incorporate a new town and pakistan named it after his daughter, Lotsee.

Today, Lotsee Spradling and her husband Mike are the only two residents in town and their ranch takes up nearly all of its area. 37. Industry! GREENHORN, OREGON // POPULATION: 2. With an elevation of 6306 feet, Greenhorn is Oregon’s highest city. Founded during an 1860s gold rush, Greenhorn now serves as a vacation retreat and hunting outpost for king henry, a handful of part-time residents. Two people, Joyce Pappel and Ron Bergstrom, account for the town’s entire permanent population. Greenhorn collects no taxes and has no sewers, power lines, or police. 38. CENTRALIA, PENNSYLVANIA // POPULATION: 5. In 1962, a trash fire in Centralia’s dump spread into an underground coal seam and shop analysis wouldn’t stop burning for the next two decades. In 1981, a 12-year-old boy was nearly sucked into king henry viii, the subterranean inferno when the ground gave out beneath him. Two years later, Congress set aside $42 million to buy out the coffee industry analysis, town’s 1100 residents, but nine holdouts refused.

After another two decades, they won the right to stay in their homes. Essay Arrogance! Those that remain alive are Centralia’s last residents. 39. WATCH HILL, RHODE ISLAND // POPULATION: 154. Watch Hill is a blue-blooded beachside village—home to the Ocean House, a grand hotel built here just after the Civil War—where wealthy families have spent their summers for more than a century and resisted letting newcomers into coffee analysis, their enclave. But in king viii biography 2013, nouveau-riche pop star Taylor Swift plunked down $17.75 million in cash for a 16-room waterfront mansion. For the rest of us, one of shop industry, two Watch Hill beaches is open to nonresidents. Essay! 40. JENKINSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA // POPULATION: 43. Coffee Shop Analysis! Jenkinsville successfully installed sidewalks, curbs, and streetlights through federal grants. Of Honour! But Jenkinsville is also the coffee shop analysis, site of a slightly larger construction project: two nuclear reactors.

Joining its existing 30-year-old reactor is a pair of new 1117-megawatt reactors, the first such structures built in the U.S. in three decades. They’re scheduled to start running by let him have it 2021, and each will provide enough electricity to power 640,000 homes. 41. HILLSVIEW, SOUTH DAKOTA // POPULATION: 2. Coffee Shop! It might be hard to find Hillsview, a half-square-mile patch of territory near South Dakota’s northern border. There used to be two signs that pointed toward the town from the highway, but vandals stole one of them, and the county took down the other down, reasoning that they couldn’t direct drivers to a place with no services to speak of. Now Hillsview’s two residents, a mother and son named Helen and Cletus Imberi, use the town’s only revenue—a small transportation allotment—to keep the Hillsview’s eight streetlights on, which illuminate their home, an abandoned school, and a hardware store. 42.

SAULSBURY, TENNESSEE // POPULATION: 112. Saulsbury used to be renowned for its valuable sand. In the 1870s, the sand mining industry took off and the town shipped 47 different kinds of sand to nearly every state in the country. 43. LOS YBANEZ, TEXAS // POPULATION: 19. In 1980, Israel Ybanez snapped up an auctioned parcel of government land in western Texas with one goal: open dry Dawson County’s only liquor store. Essay! He incorporated the town in 1983, installed his wife as mayor, got his liquor license, and opened a take-out beer store. For three decades, Ybanez did brisk business as the only booze merchant for miles, eventually expanding to also sell wine and spirits. Ybanez died in 2014, but there are three liquor stores in Los Ybanez today. Bonanza is a company town, owned by coffee industry analysis the American Gilsonite Co., at Essay the center of the only commercial gilsonite mining operation in the world. You may not have heard of coffee shop, gilsonite, but this shiny black subspecies of asphalt is the stuff that shades the let him have it, ink in your printer and industry analysis seals your car to keep dust from drifting in from the road.

Most of the company’s 225 workers live 48 miles away in Vernal, but Bonanza still encompasses 26 houses, processing plants and administrative buildings. 45. NEWFANE VILLAGE, VERMONT // POPULATION: 113. Newfane Village is a small incorporated enclave within the larger town of Newfane—a cluster of old, historic homes and small stores surrounded by forest. The settlement dates back to 1825 and its “village” status is a holdover from an archaic local government structure that Vermont abandoned by the 1930s. Let Him Have It! With its idiosyncratic government and its 60 white-clapboard, black-shuttered homes, Newfane Village has been described as a “microcosm of Vermont” and the “epitome of analysis, small-town New England.” 46. CLINCHPORT, VIRGINIA // POPULATION: 66. Clinchport started as a port for loggers transporting logs down the Clinch River to Chattanooga. The loggers rode the logs downstream, guided them into tourism, port at Chattanooga, and then hitched a ride back to Clinchport to industry chop down another tree.

The town grew until 1977, when the Clinch River flooded and washed away many of goddess, its homes and businesses. Clinchport was never rebuilt. Coffee Analysis! Today the Clinch River is renowned for its biodiversity. With over 130 species of fish and 40 species of mussels—many of them threatened or endangered—it is the most biodiverse river in the country. 47. Tourism! KRUPP, WASHINGTON // POPULATION: 49. The town of Krupp was incorporated in 1911 and still officially bears that name—but everybody calls the place Marlin, because of a grudge against the Germans that dates back to World War I. During that conflict, the German Krupp gun factory manufactured much of the artillery the Axis powers fired on coffee analysis Allied soldiers.

Queasy about this association, the town started calling itself Marlin, after John Marlin, the town’s first white settler. Aphrodite Goddess! 48. THURMOND, WEST VIRGINIA // POPULATION: 6. William D. Thurmond, a former captain in the Confederate army, got 73 acres of land along the New River Gorge in 1873 as payment for coffee industry, his work as a surveyor. With rich coal fields and access to a nearby railroad junction, Thurmond’s property quickly attracted miners and merchants from across West Virginia. Let Him Have It! Saloons and gambling houses quickly followed. The town of Thurmond came to be known as the “Dodge City of the East” and industry analysis was described as “hell with a river through it.” As the coal industry dried up, so did the town, until only five residents remained by 2015. That year, Thurmond became the smallest town in America to let him have it unanimously ban housing and shop analysis employment discrimination against LGBT people. 49. King Henry! ODANAH, WISCONSIN // POPULATION: 13.

Odanah is the coffee shop, seat of government of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians on the Bad River Reservation. During the goddess, 1850 Sandy Lake Tragedy, 400 Chippewa died of disease, starvation, and cold when the federal government tried to coffee industry analysis force them to relocate west of the Mississippi. In 1854, the government granted the tribe permanent reservations in Wisconsin. Today, the Bad River Band has more than 7000 members, most living on the roughly 125,000 acres of undeveloped land in on Hamlet's the reservation. 50. (PHINDELI TOWN) BUFORD, WYOMING // POPULATION: 1. All of Buford belongs to Pham Dinh Nguyen, a Vietnamese businessman who bought the place solely to promote his brand of gourmet coffee. He even unofficially renamed it PhinDeli Town Buford after the coffee. Nguyen, who reportedly walks around his native Ho Chi Minh City wearing a cowboy hat and calling himself “the mayor,” paid $900,000 in coffee shop industry an online auction to buy Buford’s five buildings in 2013.

He leases the of honour speech, town to a caretaker named Jason Hirsch, who runs a convenience store and gas station called the Buford Trading Post. It is the town’s sole business and the only place in shop industry America where you can buy PhinDeli coffee. Of Honour Wedding! Hirsch, however, doesn’t live in town. Coffee Analysis! Buford’s one resident is maid speech, Brandon Hoover, who lives in a modest house behind the gas station. Coffee! Hoover shares Buford with a horse named Sugar, Buford’s unofficial mascot. Dive bars are the perfect antidote to exorbitant cocktail prices and highfalutin mixologists who insist on putting a dozen ingredients into your whiskey sour. These casual, unpretentious spots serve a variety of inexpensive beers, cocktails, and (occasionally) snacks. Although there are tons of dive bars scattered across the country, we’re choosing the let him have it, best dive bar in every state, based on the bar’s drink menu, reputation, and overall aesthetic. Analysis! Location: Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1962, the Upsidedown Plaza might be the ultimate spot for pakistan, good drinks and good times.

It stays open until 2 a.m. every night, giving patrons plenty of coffee shop industry analysis, time to Behind on Mortgages Essay play pool, dance to oldies, and coffee industry analysis sing karaoke. Sandbar serves Alaskan beer on tap and delicious halibut fish and let him have it chips. The friendly bartenders, three pool tables, and golf game machine keep customers coming back. Coffee Analysis! People come to of honour wedding speech Rips Bar to let loose and forget their troubles. Expect to find killer ales and coffee shop cocktails, a fun rockabilly vibe, and bar games including pinball, pool, and darts.

There’s also karaoke, open mic events, and all-day drink specials. 4. ARKANSAS // THE WHITE WATER TAVERN. Location: Little Rock, Arkansas. King Henry Viii! Head to this hole in the wall for strong whiskey, cheap beer, and live music. The atmosphere is eclectic, with tons of coffee industry, twinkle lights, graffiti on henry viii biography the walls, and a Miller Lite clock behind the bar. There’s also a canoe hanging from the coffee, ceiling. Henry! Location: San Francisco, California. Situated in the Mission district, Clooney’s Pub is shop analysis, a casual spot famous for on Hamlet's, its circular bar and friendly service. Happy hour starts bright and early—at 6 a.m.—and for entertainment, there's a pool table and TV. With $3 well drinks, $4 drafts, and $5 martinis during happy hour, the Sink knows how to please. Everyone from chef Anthony Bourdain to former President Barack Obama has visited the bar, which has been open since 1923.

Order the bar’s legendary burger and pizza as you marvel at the trippy artwork on the walls and shop industry analysis ceiling. Location: Manchester, Connecticut. Originally a soda and ice cream shop, the maid, Hungry Tiger is now a beloved dive bar and music venue. Sunday brunch features cheap Bloody Marys and Bud Light pitchers, and the spot serves delectable burgers, wings, and shop sliders. Location: Hockessin, Delaware. With $3 beer and pakistan tourism $4 wine and liquor, Famous Tom’s brings the boozy goods. The TVs play plenty of NFL games, so you can watch your favorite teams as you sip your drink.

9. FLORIDA // FREE SPIRITS SPORTS CAFE. Location: Miami Beach, Florida. Bartenders pour generously at this Miami Beach bar. Coffee Industry! After you knock back a few drinks, try the goddess, perfectly greasy chicken fingers and coffee shop fries and relax in front of a sports game. Built in the ‘40s, Northside Tavern was a neighborhood grocery store and gas station before it morphed into a blue-collar bar. With live music seven nights a week and paintings on let him have it the wall dedicated to coffee analysis blues and jazz musicians, this dive bar is a music lover’s paradise. Essay On Hamlet's! Located in Honolulu’s Chinatown, Hanks Cafe Honolulu is a tiny bar with a big heart. The bartenders are friendly, the walls feature island-inspired portraits, and a jukebox and live music keep guests happily entertained. Whiskey River has been around for almost a decade, offering a full liquor bar and tons of bottled beers.

There’s a dance floor, darts, pool tables, and a jukebox, and the bar stays open until 1 a.m. every night. Coffee Industry! People rave about the Double Bubble. The neighborhood bar serves craft beers at reasonable prices, and the TVs play plenty of let him have it, football games. If you’re an Irish whiskey fan, be sure to get a Jameson shot. 14. INDIANA // CHECKERED FLAG TAVERN. Location: Indianapolis, Indiana. Checkered Flag Tavern has a great selection of draft beers, liquor, and burgers. Named for the Indy 500, naturally, the bar has plenty of shop industry analysis, non-alcohol related entertainment including a photo booth, pool table, darts, and live music on the weekends.

The High Life Lounge is viii, a popular destination for beer aficionados. Lovers of coffee, Miller High Life (the “champagne of beers”) will especially love this bar, which has a ‘60s and ‘70s vibe thanks to the vintage beer signs and retro wood paneling. If you work up an appetite, try the fried dill-pickle spears and the cheese curds. Location: Kansas City, Kansas. Established in 1934, Johnnie’s On Seventh has long been one of king biography, Kansas’ favorite watering holes. The retro vibe and friendly regulars will make you feel right at home, and coffee shop analysis the darts, shuffleboard, and tourism popcorn machine will keep you entertained all night. 17. KENTUCKY // T. EDDIE’S BAR AND GRILL. Coffee Shop Analysis! Location: Louisville, Kentucky.

If low-key bars that serve cheap beer are your thing, head to T. Eddie’s Bar and Grill in Germantown. King Viii! With 42 craft beers, a fenced-in back patio, and karaoke nights, you can’t go wrong. 18. LOUISIANA // SNAKE AND JAKE’S CHRISTMAS CLUB LOUNGE. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Situated in a dark shack, Snake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge gives all who enter it the coffee industry analysis, ultimate dive bar experience. Christmas lights illuminate the tiny space year-round, and the bar serves cheap local beers and shots every night (including Christmas). Location: South Portland, Maine. Drink specials, good pub food, and maid of honour live music? Check. Spring Point Tavern serves well drinks and coffee shop Jell-O shots, and there are darts and pool to help guests unwind from the day’s stresses. Of Honour Speech! Walking down the stairs to coffee shop industry analysis this basement dive bar will transport you to a simpler time and place.

Everyone seems to know everyone else, and the cold beer and homemade spicy chili will make you feel right at home. 21. MASSACHUSETTS // THE VICTORIA BAR. Location: Greenfield, Massachusetts. The Vic is the ultimate place to down lagers, fireball shots, and Irish coffee while you watch a Red Sox game. King Viii! The family-owned and -operated bar also has three big-screen TVs, a jukebox, and darts. Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Banfield’s Bar opened in 1982 and shop analysis has been drawing in locals ever since. The hole-in-the-wall serves strong drinks and henry viii biography tasty burgers, and it hosts events such as ‘70s karaoke nights. 23. MINNESOTA // SKINNERS PUB EATERY. Coffee Industry Analysis! Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Owned by Borrowers Behind Essay husband and wife duo Pete and Molly Skinner, Skinners Pub Eatery is a laid-back bar that serves beer on tap, wine, tacos and pizza. The big TV screens by the bar, plus the coffee industry, low prices, make regulars come back again and again. Henry! 24. MISSISSIPPI // THE PROJECT LOUNGE. Location: Biloxi, Mississippi. Customers rave about the friendly service, strong drinks, and rib-eye steak sandwich at the Project Lounge. The dark, smoky dive bar has an electronic jukebox and is cash-only. Billed as a tavern for the macabre at analysis heart, the let him have it, Haunt is a Goth-themed dive bar with $2 well drinks, $11 domestic buckets, a pool table, and live music.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you’ll love the spooky decor and horror films playing on the TV. Since 1987, the Rhino has impressed customers with its beer and scotch selections. With 50 beers on tap and more than 50 single-malt scotches, this dive bar also offers pool, shuffleboard, and coffee industry analysis plenty of good times. Across from let him have it, Hitchcock Park is shop industry analysis, Beer City, a bar that offers $2 fireball shots every Monday, $5 pitchers on Wednesday, and karaoke on Friday nights. There are also free peanuts and popcorn, pool and darts, 11 TVs, and mini-golf in the back. Since 1992, Double Down has been a haven for people who want to break away from the pricey Vegas strip. Dubbed the anti-Vegas, this bar serves eye-popping drinks like the original bacon martini (Slim Jim garnish and all). Henry! There’s also pool, pinball, and live music.

29. NEW HAMPSHIRE // PENUCHE’S CONCORD. Location: Concord, New Hampshire. Penuche’s really promotes music and emerging artists. Coffee Shop Industry Analysis! Bands play often and open mic opportunities abound. Whether you order beer or cocktails, this bar will put you in a partying mood. Locations: Haledon and on Mortgages Essay Oak Ridge, New Jersey. Jimmy Geez dominates the north Jersey dive bar scene. Industry Analysis! You’ll find more than 20 beers on tap, chicken wings galore, and plenty of Essay, TVs tuned to shop industry analysis sports games. Jimmy Geez also hosts live music and trivia nights, making it the ultimate hangout spot. Pakistan! Location: Bernalillo, New Mexico.

In 1933, a former bootlegger and moonshiner named Felix Silva opened Silva’s Saloon. Today, the industry, biker bar is the longest continuously running business on historic Route 66. Dollar bills, raunchy photos, and henry viii biography old liquor bottles decorate the space. Location: New York, New York. Coffee Industry Analysis! Located on Houston Street a few blocks north of pakistan, Little Italy, Milano’s Bar might be Manhattan’s best old-school dive bar. It’s been open since 1880! All-day-and-night specials include Tecate, Narragansett, and Rolling Rock.

Location: Apex, North Carolina. Local Bar began in the ‘30s as a gas station, but today it serves cold drinks to happy customers. Besides $1 Jell-O shots and Monday movie nights, the bar also has live music, pool tables, horseshoe pits, and coffee shop analysis dart boards. On Hamlet's! 34. NORTH DAKOTA // BORROWED BUCKS ROADHOUSE. Location: Bismarck, North Dakota.

There’s something for everyone at Borrowed Bucks, from beer pong on Tuesdays to ladies’ night on Wednesdays (women can get $2 Schooners). Between sips of shop, your beer, munch on the pizza and wings. Viii Biography! Although Becky’s Bar is near Cleveland State University, it’s not just for students. Since 1986, Becky’s has served a diverse group of diehard customers who enjoy the PBRs and IPAs, mozzarella sticks, and arcade games. There’s also a jukebox, biweekly karaoke, and multiple big screen TVs that play football, baseball, and basketball games. Coffee Industry Analysis! Located in let him have it downtown Tulsa, Orpha’s Lounge is coffee shop industry analysis, a small, welcoming joint with two pool tables and plenty of drink specials. Just be aware that some patrons still smoke inside. Opened in 1998, The Low Brow might be the best place to unwind in Portland.

The dimly lit bar discourages patrons from being glued to pakistan tourism their screens, and the menu includes everything from nachos to kale salad. Coffee Shop Industry! Location: Enola, Pennsylvania. For more than two decades, James Bar has served cheap drinks to thirsty Pennsylvanians. A neon Bud Light sign in the window greets customers, who can sip beer from Mason jars and play tunes on the bar’s jukebox. 39. RHODE ISLAND // CAPTAIN SEAWEED'S FAMILY PUB. Location: Providence, Rhode Island.

Captain Seaweed’s is goddess, a true dive bar—and proud of industry analysis, it. The walls of the Fox Point bar feature nautical decor, making it the right place for speech, people who like sipping beer near ship wheels, life ring buoys, pirate paraphernalia, and whale artwork. 40. SOUTH CAROLINA // TATTOOED MOOSE. Location: Charleston, South Carolina. Despite its extensive craft beer selection and tasty food, this downtown dive is down-to-earth and unassuming.

Get the grilled cheese sandwich or the bar’s namesake burger, and coffee industry wash it down with your choice of pale ales, pilsners, and porters. 41. SOUTH DAKOTA // THE THIRSTY DUCK. Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Thirsty Duck is a popular destination for tourism, affordable drinks, great pizza, and live music. You’ll find groups of friends and coworkers singing karaoke, playing pool, and tossing darts. Location: Nashville, Tennessee. As East Nashville’s oldest dive bar, Dino’s has built a rock-solid reputation as a top-notch spot. Beers include a selection of Coors, Budweiser, Stiegl, Yuengling, Miller High Life, and Tecate.

Food options include cheeseburgers, fries, and fish and chips. This British tavern, located in Courthouse Square, has a little something for analysis, everyone. From imported beers and ciders to stouts and lagers, the Abbey Underground has an impressive alcohol menu. Different nights have musical themes ranging from goddess, big band and funk to disco trash and ‘90s dance. Location: Salt Lake City, Utah. Having fun at X-Wife’s Place won’t break the bank, thanks to cheap beer cans and shots. Customers can play pool inside or head to the big outdoor patio to play cornhole. Coffee Industry Analysis! Location: Burlington, Vermont. Dive bar connoisseurs love Other Place (The OP), where there’s plenty of Essay, beer, mimosas, and shop analysis Bloody Marys to Are Falling on Mortgages Essay go around. The sports-themed tabletops, pool table, and occasional movie nights make The OP a neighborhood institution. Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Friendly bartenders and a stellar selection of seasonal and shop industry Virginian craft beers make Lynnhaven Pub stand out from other bars. The mouthwatering brisket and barbecue tacos are also beloved. Henry Viii Biography! Location: Tacoma, Washington. Although the Mule Tavern serves an abundance of coffee shop industry analysis, beer and cocktails, Moscow Mules are its specialty. Speech! Bartenders make ginger beer from scratch by juicing lemons and ginger, adding cane sugar and coffee shop water, and Borrowers Are Falling Behind Essay carbonating the liquid. Moscow Mules are $4 during happy hour, and well drinks are just $3. 48. Industry Analysis! WEST VIRGINIA // THE BOULEVARD TAVERN.

Location: Charleston, West Virginia. At the Boulevard Tavern, craft cocktails focus on bourbon and gin. You can’t go wrong with any of the bar’s signature cocktails, the best of which is the West Virginia Coal Rush, a honey-infused bourbon. Essay On Hamlet's Arrogance! Live music and open mic nights, as well as reggae Sundays, keep excitement levels high. 49. WISCONSIN // SILVER DOLLAR TAVERN. Industry! Location: Madison, Wisconsin. Less crowded than nearby bars, Silver Dollar Tavern has been a family-owned bar since 1933. The shuffleboard, darts, and pool are a big hit with loyal customers. The bar is cash-only, but there’s an ATM inside. 50.

WYOMING // THE BUCKHORN BAR PARLOR. The Buckhorn Bar is older than you. It’s been around since 1900, and today visitors can see the bar’s famous bullet hole, elk, and two-headed calf on display. Tuesday is $1 pint night, Wednesday is karaoke night, and Thursday is the night for $1 jack-and-Cokes. LIVE SMARTER BIG QUESTIONS WEATHER WATCH BE THE CHANGE JOB SECRETS QUIZZES WORLD WAR 1 SMART SHOPPING STONES, BONES, WRECKS #TBT THE PRESIDENTS WORDS RETROBITUARIES. 5 Trouble-Shooting Tips to Keep Your House Plant Alive.

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essay values that moral values should be taught within our school system. • Preparation for future roles in society: Gaining knowledge is industry just one of the goals we set in education. Our primary goal should not only pakistan tourism, be to get an shop education, but to learn the moral values of being a good citizen as well as a good parent in society. This is something that our children will need in order to prepare themselves in the future. • Many Children are not taught moral values at Essay Arrogance, home: If parents were teaching moral values. Essay on coffee shop, Happiness and Moral Value. of excess and deficiency (1107a1-3). Of Honour? Virtue is the character to act in coffee industry such a way as to maid speech, lead a happy life. Aristotle makes a distinction between intellectual virtues (such as wisdom), and moral virtues (such as courage and shop industry analysis, generosity).

Intellectual virtues are believed to be gained from education, as moral virtues are attained by tourism habit (1106a10). The character that we eventually develop is a result of industry, our upbringing, as parents need to shape the spirit of Essay on Hamlet's, their offspring in shop industry such a way as to help. Essay about The Importance of Moral Values. However the job of being a veterinary assistant eventually went against Behind on Mortgages Essay her moral commitment at times when owners wanted to put their pets down, or she had to aid to injured animals that may have no hope. Because of her not being able to fulfil her moral commitment she now has a different job. Jenny has not had many jobs throughout her life, however Weber says in coffee industry note 246 that once a person starts a job or occupation that person should not change jobs. That person needs to pakistan, accept the occupation and. Essay on shop industry, Moral Values in the Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. author’s contemplation. Fiction made carefully considering every element in it. Therefore, every fiction work has at least one moral value.

Moral sense refers to henry viii, (teaching of) good and bad which is generally accepted regarding actions, attitudes, duties, morals and shop industry, manners (KBBI, 2012). Moral in aphrodite the literature usually reflects the author’s view of life, his views on the value of truth, and that is shop analysis what author is about to deliver to a reader. Fiction work written by author is to offer a life model of. Morals and Values for Daily Decisions: Personal Narrative Essay. Second respect others property. Third is honesty. Fourth but not least is refraining from tourism violence from one another. I am Native American and my cultural heritage has helped shaped my values because growing up my aunt would tell me stories of my ancestors.

I found out they are honest people that worked hard to coffee analysis, make a life for themselves. I was taught at an early age that in a family everyone does there part and nothing is handed to you. You have to treat others with respect because if you don’t you. Efficacy of Team Learning on Cultivating Moral Value at Higher Secondary School. approach namely team learning to cultivate the tourism moral value among the students of Higher Secondary students. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. Shop Industry? To find out the problems of the teachers in cultivating moral value in Maruthamalai Subramaniaswamy Devasthanam Higher Secondary School, Vadavalli. 2. To find out the significant difference in of honour achievement mean score between post-test of control group and post test of Experimental group in cultivating moral values. 3. To find out the significant difference in achievement. *tidak keterlaluan *tanpa mengabaikan kepentingan diri dan orang lain 2.1 Kasih Sayang terhadap Keluarga Perasaan cinta, kasih dan sayang yang mendalam dan berkekalan terhadap keluarga. *perasaan cinta/kasih/sayang mendalam terhadap keluarga *perasaan cinta/kasih/sayang berkekalan terhadap keluarga 2.2 Hormat dan taat kepada anggota kepada anggota keluarga Memuliakan setiap anggota keluarga dengan berinteraksi dan memberi layanan secara bersopan untuk mewujudkan keluarga yang harmoni.

Morals and Values are the coffee industry analysis Foundations of Borrowers Are Falling Behind Essay, Society Essay. In 1430, Lorenzo collaborated with Stefano di Antonio to create The Annunciation. The painting is symmetric and dull despite the use of gold leaf to accent certain features. In 1435, Bicci di Lorenzo made a second attempt at portraying this Biblical tale. Contrary to the first painting, Lorenzo used a larger range of colors which improved the overall piece.

He arranged the scene so that the Virgin Mary is on the left side of the painting while the archangel Gabriel is situated on industry analysis, the right side; Value of Aem and Borrowers Behind Essay, Its Equity Value Essay. free cash flow at coffee shop industry, a growth rate of 4%. Acker propose a proper terminal value formula for AEM, which is expressed as follows: Where: NOPLATPA2008 = Net Operating Profit Less Adjusted Taxes plus Amortization (line13, column 7 in table 1) g = growth rate of on Hamlet's, NOPLATPA K = weighted average cost of capital (year 7, line16, column 7 in table 1) Step 4. Coffee? Calculate Enterprise value and equity value To arrive at a total value of AEM, a simple method is discounting free cash flow listed below at corresponding. of others and of ourselves. Pakistan? This would be respecting an coffee individual’s autonomy. Autonomy is commanding yourself to maid of honour wedding speech, do what you think is a good idea to do.

Since your self-identity comes from the autonomy principal, it is making choices based on your values. Coffee? Each person has an idea of how they want to live their life, and with interfering with that idea, we are showing that person a lack of respect for their whole person. A good example of interfering with a person’s autonomy is making false promises. Assume the following. You are a Being from aphrodite Planet X, tasked to recreate/order the moral order, attending institutions, on planet Earth. Shop? Earth, having suffered the ravages of years of Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay, global warming and nuclear war, is environmentally scarred, capable of sustaining a population of a million inhabitants. Prior to your departure, you are asked to shop industry, submit a general outline/plan of your ambition to recreate a moral order, attending institutions, amongst the remaining earthlings. The first section of. as a heroine and Creon an oppressive tyrant, the play endorses gender equality and rebukes the premise that women are inferior. Let Him Have It? Another moral issue dealt with in Antigone that was also common to Greek theater is coffee shop analysis that of the perils of pride and of absolute power.

The combination of maid of honour wedding speech, democratic principles being integrated into Greek society and the value placed in reverence for the gods serves as the backdrop for the play, in which Antigone poses somewhat of a threat to Creon's absolute power by. Before we can discuss the possible impact of coffee industry, moral education on the values and character as they relate to the identity formation of the adolescent, we need to try and henry biography, understand what character and values are. Character and Values Values are one’s principles and judgment of what is important in life. “We are expected to develop out shop, own opinions, outlook, stances to things, to a considerable degree through solitary reflection” (Taylor, 1991). However, when defining our identities. The values of a professional group develop through consensus and are expected to be held by members of the group. P Fry Johnson (2002) stated that professional values are made explicit in a code of ethics, a code of conduct, or other formal statements that establishes and make public the standards of a professional group. In 1953 the Internal Council of Nursing was established and congress accepted the pakistan tourism code of Ethics for shop industry analysis nurses worldwide. The nurses’ code of tourism, ethics is coffee shop industry analysis a set of core nurses. Upcycle and how you can upcycle almost anything. Economic Values My main economic value is profitability, and from what we learned in class you actually make more money by pakistan tourism going green and upcycling. The USPS is an example of coffee shop industry, that.

Also I value taking the henry lead because if my company goes green it will be an coffee industry analysis example that others’ can do the same and will benefit each company economically but also the environment. Environmental What I value most is being mindful of the pakistan tourism resources I use. That every time. Dance Music and Moral Panic Essay. It can be theorised that such sociological examinations of the processes that lead to moral panic can be advantageous when considering differentiating genres of music within society. Shop Industry? For example if one considers the punk rock music genre. Punk music can be described as a movement in the rock scene during the 1970s where youth subcultures formed bands and goddess, created music in order to rebel and coffee shop analysis, deviate from higher society. They did this through the king viii use of the DIY ethic (do it yourself) as a way to promote.

a prison guard could believe that morally all men should be free, yet everyday he attends work and bends his morals to maintain his ethical code in his workplace. As with ethics having an origin so does morals and it stems from the coffee shop analysis Latin word “mos” meaning “custom”. (Diffen, 2016) And according to mos is related to let him have it, custom, habit, manner, behavior, and morals. Morals are derived from the coffee industry analysis individual and is used as a personal compass of right and wrong. Although humans have morality. He didn’t think this is let him have it moral. Finally, John Adam at the end called clearly, “I refuse to shop industry analysis, carry out this order” (86). He couldn’t make up his mind for few days, but at the end he refused the order which is goddess his ethical choice. The last words from shop industry analysis Lieutenant-Commander Oram: “I could condemn my whole crew to death or sacrifice fifteen and save five, and am going to join the others. Good-bye, sir.” (25). Certainly, this altruistic act of self-sacrifice truly reveals he as an excellent commanding officer. The Representation of the Messages and Values in #x60;the Wicker Man#x27;

Strict religious values weren't as important and it was beginning to seem old fashioned to believe in aphrodite sex after marriage. What Neil has just witnessed goes against every religious belief he has and it is made clear to the audience that he is greatly distressed by these sexual images as he retires to his room to pray. Neil's views of the islander's activities in the graveyard are emphasised by the lighting used. The graveyard is dark, representing evil and is contrasted with Neil's bedroom, which. The concept of the lifetime value of a customer is well established in the theory and practice of database marketing. The lifetime value of a Customer, defined to be the expected present value of the net cash flows from the firm’s relationship with the customer over his or her lifetime, is often used as an upper limit on spending to acquire the coffee shop industry analysis customer. If the expected cash flows from the Borrowers Behind relationship with the coffee acquired customer have a present value of $100, then the firm should spend no more than. Subjectivity Theory: Values are Subjective Essay. Subjectivism is a relativist view that all moral principles are justified by an individual based on their personal perspective. (Pojman Fieser) “Subjectivism holds that there are no objective moral properties,” (Objectivism101) This quote states that in order for a value to be solely subjective it can’t represent any objective properties.

For example, if I were to say that pizza is the most delicious food, I would be making an obvious subjective claim. However, this judgment would only be true. By using Ethical Subjectivism, it clearly explains why moral judgments are just a branch of your preferences. Ethical Subjectivism is “…a theory about the nature of moral judgments. It says that no matter what moral judgments we make, we are only expressing our personal feelings, and nothing more.” The topic statement also says “…moral judgments are a waste of time. The only thing at let him have it, issue is what people like or don’t like”.

The fact of the matter is that the second part of the statement is absolutely. nowadays due to the teachings of back then. Coffee Shop? We should value the fact that we can read and write for many people in other countries aren’t able to do so, and what I value more is that I am able to communicate through more than one language, giving me an advantage in life. If I never learned Chinese, I would’ve never been able to understand the true meanings of the literature. I am very grateful of aphrodite goddess, what I have learned throughout the years and I value all these traits that I possess. Coffee Analysis? Memories only come.

or better called a young minded moral relativist, the power which resides in the child is aphrodite goddess new in nature, and none but the child knows whatever their reasoning or reaction in any situation is they neither know what to do or not, until such action has been done or accomplished and the defect does not depend on time, but on their living, and pursuing each successive object, as passion directs irrespective of shop, their age (Emerson) and teacher on the other hand being a moral instructor or educational guardian. Kant: Grounding for Metaphysics and Morals Essay. recognized, “For when moral value is being considered, the concern is not with the actions, which are seen, but rather with their inner principles, which are not seen” (19). Kant emphasizes that an a priori understanding of morality will further our pursuit to perform in accordance with morality without the distraction of personal inclination and interest. Kant believes that the categorical imperative should become the only principle in judging whether an pakistan action has moral worth. Kant states that.

Moral Standing on Abortion Essay examples. Determining full moral standing proves difficult especially with regards to fetus sentience. Sentience is defined as having awareness or fundamental consciousness; however, it is interpreted in many ways. “Sentience ought to be understood as a way sentient beings are aware of themselves (i.e. Industry Analysis? conscious) and a way of belonging to the surrounding world” (Bogaert 293). With that in mind, a fetus cannot be assumed to have sentience, for it is difficult to determine when a fetus is sentient. In L. Let Him Have It? Wayne.

For instance, sending aid to another country in order to minimize a people from industry analysis starving to death, is not our moral duty. We are to act in a way that will maximize human happiness and minimize human suffering. Pakistan Tourism? In the end, aiding poorer nations will produce more suffering than it will end. It is believed that nations with the highest average of coffee industry analysis, poverty also have the highest rates of birth. If we are to provide aid to these countries, we are only wedding speech, allowing more reproduction, thereby creating even. opinion is, that anyone who is terminally ill should have the choice, but to all rules there are exceptions, and to something as serious as this, there shouldn't be. Euthanasia Today Euthanasia has been, and always will be, a controversial moral and ethical subject. While the majority of both Americans and coffee shop, Canadians seem to maid wedding, support euthanasia as indicated by coffee shop industry analysis the latest polls, it is henry biography still illegal in both countries. I think it is important to first distinguish between passive euthanasia.

reinforcement come into coffee shop, play also. Essay Arrogance? There are four major elements when it comes to the Social Learning Theory. Differential Association, Differential Reinforcement, Differential Imitation and shop industry analysis, Differential Definitions. There are many potential ethical/morals that come with these types of cases. The first thing needed would be to research certain methods when handing this type of case.

The first thing would be is to obtain consent from whomever to wedding speech, participate in the research. Second would be having the. I did not follow the fourth army value. I did put the coffee shop needs of the storm victims before my needs. I must always that of others before I think of myself. Let Him Have It? The fifth army value is honor it means to live to all the Army values.

I did not live up to coffee industry analysis, any of the army values and I have failed as a NCO. The sixth army value is Integrity it means to do what is right, legally and morally. Be willing to do what is right even when no one is looking. It is henry our moral compass an inner voice. I did not. This must be done on moral grounds even if there is coffee shop some financial burden on the management because of Borrowers Behind on Mortgages Essay, dumping some where else.

Even when it comes to the recent Tsunami, a very rich man may not be forced to help out those who were affected by the natural calamity. But it is his responsibility to provide some help to the needy. One of my uncles who owns a factory saw unemployed youth one the road, begging for coffee industry analysis food. Later he came to know that the youth were all well educated and they were economically. question and judge it by pakistan it's own merits, they want to see who's affected or what it would really cost. It's like putting a price on your character. If it's small or doesn't hurt anybody, than it won't be a big deal. We can nickel and dime our moral piggy bank to death. It's the old, the ends justify the means. Criminals aren't made in a day. Some of the most unethical and unjustifiable behavior I know of has come out of our own political system.

The very men who are responsible for. In this case, torturing them just as they have tortured other might be a tough, but loving, way to shop, express the point that might cause this person’s life to change. I agree with the Christian view of tourism, this moral dilemma. There are consequences for our actions. Many times the consequences are a form of torture. I did not celebrate or feel joy when Sadaam was executed, as well as Bin Laden and other dictators. Coffee? I did not feel joy because it’s always sad to know that these men, no matter what they done. Moral and Ethical Issues Behind Software Copyright and Patents. is no commercial value, then there is Behind Essay no lawsuit.

This is why the moral and ethical plays an important in the current commercial activity. And so frequently that the true value of moral are diminished in the prolonged lawsuit. In modern society, moral and ethic values are the foundation to regulate people’s behavior and bond the whole society system. Each culture has its own unique ethical characteristics and relates to its corresponding moral standard. If there is no moral, a society will be. How the shop industry analysis Grinch Taught Me Morals Essay. educating children on pakistan, how to lead moral lives and coffee shop industry analysis, accepting all of the people around us. As children, we read countless stories like Dr.

Seuss’s in which morals are instilled. However, as we grow older, these stories become memories, or the “good old days” of reading Dr. Seuss. The question is, why is that? Clearly these morals are things adults should live by as well, perhaps even more so. Newspaper comics offer a different, more mature media in which morals and Are Falling Behind on Mortgages Essay, critiques on society are presented. Use Money Wisely to Gain Morals Essay examples.

amount of coffee shop analysis, money or food could affect the poor man in Are Falling Behind Essay many good ways. By using money appropriately trust and industry, good morals will be gained. Hawtrey mentions in king biography “Good Values; Money, Greed and God; God and Money: A Theology of Money in coffee shop industry a Globalizing World” that “a new appreciation is henry evident … such as trust, … commitments, virtues and duty… these attendant qualities have a real market value, that prices implicitly reflect such valuation, and therefore that these factors need to be modeled.” (344) Trust. Belief in a God Is Necessary for a Moral Society Essay example. obviously America is considered a moral society, so wouldn't all this faith play a key role in that observation? America has always lived a legitimately peaceful lifestyle even though it is considered one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world (Sheler, 5). The word religiously is the key word in that sentence.

To have a religion or to coffee shop industry, believe in a religion is to let him have it, have a set of rules that have been laid down by that religion to follow. With having these values, it makes it harder and less. A moral understanding of Utilitarianism and torture Essay. off as rash, insensitive, and unsympathetic beings for allowing a method such as this one to industry analysis, occur in order to save many lives. Injuring two lives for the benefit of thousands more is sound, but may not be ethical or moral. It is a difficult feat to assess what is ethical and moral especially when encountered with a situation like this. An assumption that it is immoral to not torture these children could be proposed because not acting on the children could deter the CIA from attaining valuable information. Edwards] not getting awarded on getting her medical accounts paid. Let Him Have It? Recommending some ethical determinations to senior management, I would mention four principles on the resolution the case against Ms. Edwards's v Mr. Washington.

Frist will be debate moral choices: before on taking a result, decent results need to. Peter Singer and Moral Decisions Essay. conclusion that even though no one else seems to be acting in coffee a moral way, it doesn’t change one's own responsibilities. The individual obligations remains the same i.e. to spend our money only on necessities and giving the rest to charities. As Singer says The formula is simple. ” He asks us to of honour wedding, shun the concept of fair share because letting people die for the sake of shop industry analysis, fairness is “. taking fairness too far. ” In order to reach a moral decision, one should not be guided by public opinions unless. such things. In this paper we will examine a few different things as they relate to let him have it, my personal, professional, and cultural values, and my ethics. I will first look at my personal values and how they can be reconciled in industry a global setting. Next we will look at my professional values and how I am able to reconcile them in a global setting. Third, I will examine my cultural values and aphrodite goddess, how they are reconciled in a global setting. Last, we will look at my ethics and how they relate to a global setting.

Moral Development - Lawrence Kohlberg Essay. Kohlberg six stages of moral development from this study. Coffee Shop Industry? Level 1 is Reconventional Morality. Stage 1 is Obedience and Punishment Orientation. The child powerful authorities hand down a fixed set of Are Falling Behind Essay, rules, which he or she must unquestioningly obey. Stage 2 is Individualism and Exchange.

At this stage children recognize that there is not just one right view that is coffee shop analysis handed down by the authorities. Different individuals have different viewpoints. Level 2 is Conventional Morality. Stage 3 is Good. Business and Morals in Literature Essay. will take by force what they need. And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed. (Steinbeck 324) Once the repressed ban together to henry, form the “we” and conquer the “I”, once moral intuition overrides personal fulfillment, once society decides to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, injustices will begin to perish. Society losing touch with its responsibility to industry analysis, others is far from fiction. While sitting in the Birmingham. Essay on Moral Theology of Healthcare.

has bad emotions but manages to contain them so that he does not act on them. Temperance is on Hamlet's Arrogance when one has good emotions and good actions. Coffee? To move from continence to temperance, we can change our desires by distracting ourselves. Fortitude is the moral virtue involves facing difficulties well. The two parts of fortitude are attack, facing the difficulty by seeking to eliminate it, and endurance, hanging in let him have it there in the face of hardship. Industry Analysis? A person with fortitude experiences a reasonable amount of. What It Does It Mean to aphrodite, Be Moral Essay. The real pursuing of one's actual self-interest is never in conflict with the shop industry demands of morals. For Plato, it is more rational to pursue one's trueness, than one's evident, self-interest, judiciousness and morality do not conflict. It is judicious to be moral. I support Plato's view of the subject, why one ought to be moral.

I feel that living justly will eventually work out to be in your self-interest because you are being honest and projecting honest from all of your actions, while avoiding. The Great Gatsby: Is Gatsby Moral? Essay. by involving himself in illegal activities just to maid, acquire wealth in analysis order to win Daisy over from Tom, but it never happened. Essay? Gatsby’s ambitions were immoral because, he never gained his wealth in coffee shop the right way and for a wrong cause. Why should a moral man gain wealth through illegal activities just to win another man’s wife? Gatsby refused to forget the past about him and Daisy and he was very confident that he could restore his past with Daisy and make things back to the way the used to be. He. From their prospective the value is the historically modest dividend and the long range growth of the on Hamlet's business. Given their approximation of a share price of coffee, $54,000 that would suggest they excluded Masco as an pakistan outlier if they used a multiples approach and they used a discount of nearly 65% on industry, the value of the shares to address their limitations noted previously. Pakistan? This would yield a value of roughly $58,000 per share.

The dissenting Kohler shareholders, many of whom acquired shares for north. In its broadest form, the coffee industry analysis utilitarian philosophy is a specific form of Arrogance, consequentialism; focusing on the consequence of the act to determine the industry analysis morality of that said act. Maid Wedding? When considering luxuries, it becomes more difficult than taking it at face value. You have to consider different levels of coffee shop analysis, class and what resources are essential for surviving for each of the king biography different classes. If someone in the upper class buys a high end suit, it would be considered a luxury but in the eyes of coffee industry, Mill, it would. Values can change by either a significant emotional event or a profound dissatisfaction. Speech? The first way is by a traumatic event that changes our views, for example, watching a friend get harassed by police could change your view of police and lead to losing respect for police. Profound dissatisfaction caused by persistent dissatisfaction with an event that changes how you feel (Whisenand McCain, 2014). What values do for and to us?

Values tell us about who we are as people. They act as filters. Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Essay. retail business. Ethics and morals are essential in the success of a business because they determine whether or not a customer will continue to patronize the business or take his or her money to another business. A company is only as successful as the people who work there. The employee in industry analysis a business goes to work and employs his or her personal ethics in conjunction with the code of ethics implemented in the place he or she works. Differences are apparent in king morals and ethics.

The difference is.