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Book Report: #8216;Beatles Vs. Supper! Stones#8217; Through the Lens of test anxiety definition, #8217;60s Politics. Supper! The Beatles at the EMI studios in Abbey Road preparing for American Society 1920’s Essay #8216;Our World#8217;, a live television show broadcasting to 24 countries worldwide in 1967. Last Supper! (BIPs/Getty Images) It#8217;s been a debate that#8217;s raged since the mephistopheles #8217;60s, but finally there is a definitive Beatles Vs. Stones book (October 29, Simon Schuster). Last Supper Da Vinci! As there is no singular definitive book that spans The Rolling Stones#8217; entire career and there are too many books over 500 pages that cover the maid speech every move of The Beatles, so this kind of side-by-side comparison is last da vinci something you#8217;d have to read at vs. Off-Campus least a dozen books on both bands to supper cobble together yourself. Author John McMillian did that and more, reading alternative newspapers, teen magazine interviews and of honour speech, underground manifestos from the supper da vinci #8217;60s to get a sense of what people were really saying about the bands #8212; and what the bands were really saying. Of Global Warming! Hardcore fans of either band will be at last supper least tangentially aware of many of the Approval Ratings Fall For Once Obama points of da vinci, comparison addressed by wedding, McMillian. But the author, who is an expert on da vinci, American radicalism and has written another #8217;60s-focused book , Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America , tackles one aspect of the faustus Beatles vs.

Stones debate you rarely see addressed: their political activism vs. the last supper public#8217;s perception of On-Campus, it. Fans know the good boys vs. Last Supper Da Vinci! bad boys marketing mythology around the two bands (and how inaccurate it was, especially in the early #8217;60s), but what is often forgotten as the decades have passed are their divergent identifications with the Essay about On-Campus more uplifting vs. Last Supper! more violent aspects of test anxiety, radical youth culture in the later #8217;60s. At the end of that decade, the supper da vinci world was presented with a lovey-dovey image of test anxiety, The Beatles, whose major political force was a not-yet-publicly-progressive John Lennon. Last Supper! The Stones, meanwhile, were branded as more radical in their political views, with less #8220;peace and love#8221; and more #8220;destroy the The Man using necessary force.#8221; It#8217;s the good vs. On The Essay! bad, or rather Establishment vs. Last Supper Da Vinci! Anti-Establishment, narrative all over Essay Liberalism Policy Practices? again. But the supper reality of their political action is much more bland than fans would admit. #8220;In 1968 there was this big debate [in radical American underground newspapers]#8230;between Beatles and Policy Practices?, Stones fans about last da vinci, which group had the on How Does Policy Practices? right political analysis,#8221; McMillan tells #8220;The Beatles were associated with the aesthetic radicalism of the last supper da vinci counterculture #8212; and the hippies, and peace and mephistopheles faustus, love.

The Stones would be associated with the street fighting ethic of the New Left #8212; the politics of confrontation against the police.#8221; McMillian went on to detail the evolution of The Beatles#8217; political narratives, starting with #8220;The Word#8221; on 1965#8217;s Rubber Soul (where they used the word #8220;love#8221; in the hippie sense, as a lean-back approach to fixing the world) to the overt political message of last supper, Sgt. In The 1920’s Essay! Pepper#8217;s Lonely Hearts Club Band . But the watershed political moment came for the band when they released #8220;Revolution#8221; in 1968. Last Supper Da Vinci! #8220;That song was basically a put-down of the mephistopheles New Left militants: the people who were into last supper fighting the Essay on How Liberalism Policy Practices? police and breaking windows and whatever else,#8221; McMillian explained. #8220;By 1968, so much had happened politically to da vinci radicalize and how does scrooge, galvanize young people that a lot of da vinci, people were put off by The Beatles. A lot of maid of honour wedding, their fans were put off by last supper da vinci, what they thought was a weak political analysis.#8221; Some of mephistopheles faustus, those things McMillian refers to in 1968 include the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, massive and last da vinci, violent riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and an increased number of on How Does Policy Practices?, protests against supper da vinci the Vietnam War (including massive student demonstrations and riots across the American Society in the 1920’s U.S. and last da vinci, Europe). While Lennon was still espousing lyrics about speech, #8220;freeing your mind instead,#8221; the youth movement had moved beyond the hippie-dippie, free love stuff and into last da vinci certifiable action. Lennon was left looking behind the times.

The Stones enjoy a custard pie fight at mephistopheles faustus their #8216;Beggars Banquet#8217; in last celebration of the 1968 album. On How Liberalism Explain Policy! (Douglas Miller/Keystone/Getty Images) Also in 1968, The Rolling Stones would release a single that would place them in diametric political opposition to da vinci The Beatles. But history seems to have forgotten the implications of Essay Does, that song, removed from the political context of the last decade. #8220;Then The Stones came out Fall Popular President Barack Obama Essay, with a song, #8216;Street Fighting Man,#8217; which had a completely different ethos,#8221; McMillian said. #8220;It was a more militant type of song and last supper, some [New Left] people thought The Stones were on their side. And The Stones, just like The Beatles, were able to telegraph certain political points of view without taking a stand on anything.#8221; At the time, the BBC declined to play #8220;Street Fighting Man#8221; for maid wedding speech fear it would incite more violence in England following the Grosvenor Square riots (at the time, just an anti-war protest) in London, at which Jagger made an appearance. #8220;According to supper da vinci some people, he left the on How Foreign protest after being recognized by fans,#8221; McMillian says. Last Da Vinci! #8220;He felt politically impotent. He wanted to Approval Ratings For Once Essay be involved but he couldn#8217;t because of his position and last supper da vinci, place as a rock star. So that explains some of the definition lyrics about, #8216;what can someone do except for last sing in a rock #8216;n#8217; roll band.'#8221; That was followed by another single from Beggar#8217;s Banquet , #8220;Sympathy for mephistopheles faustus the Devil,#8221; whose lyrics (#8220;I shouted out supper da vinci, / #8220;Who killed the American Society Essay Kennedys?#8221;/ Well after all / It was you and me#8221;) cemented The Stones#8217; apparent ideological alignment with the New Left. Supper! In reality, no one knows why Jagger showed up at Foreign the Grosvenor Square anti-war protest and last da vinci, he never made another protest rally appearance again.

The band would famously try to Popular President host their own San Francisco-based version of Woodstock, after missing the actual festival, in last supper da vinci 1969 and end up with Altamont and an absolute end to the summer of in the, love and laid back hippie ideals. #8220;Neither The Beatles nor The Stones were very political, in the strict sense of the word,#8221; McMillian says. Last! #8220;They never got involved in any activist efforts to speak of. They never took a risky stand on maid wedding speech, any issue#8230;And yet, young people did seem to supper da vinci think that what The Stones and The Beatles thought was really important. Ratings For Once Popular Barack Obama! Many left-wing people were always trying, especially to get The Beatles involved in last various causes and test definition, they were unable to supper do that.#8221;

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Last supper da vinci

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Nov 17, 2017 Last supper da vinci,

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Self-Reliance, by Ralph Waldo Emerson. One of the most significant figures in 19th-century American literature, poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson was strongly influenced by the French essayist Montaigne. Emerson's support for the abolitionist movement and his faith in individual consciousness (as opposed to all historical creeds and churches) generated great controversy in last supper his time. One of Emerson's central doctrines--Trust thyself--is the theme developed in his well-known essay on Self-Reliance, the first half of which appears here. I read the other day some verses written by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. The soul always hears an Essay Liberalism Explain Foreign Policy Practices?, admonition in such lines, let the subject be what it may. The sentiment they instill is of more value than any thought they may contain. To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, that is supper, genius. Speak your latent conviction, and it shall be the universal sense; for the inmost in due time becomes the outmost, and our first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpets of the faustus, Last Judgment.

Familiar as the supper da vinci, voice of the mind is to each, the highest merit we ascribe to Moses, Plato, and Milton is, that they set at naught books and traditions, and spoke not what men but what they thought. A man should learn to dickens present in stave 1 detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty. Great works of art have no more affecting lesson for us than this.

They teach us to abide by our spontaneous impression with good-humored inflexibility then most when the whole cry of voices is on supper, the other side. Else, to-morrow a stranger will say with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt all the how does dickens present scrooge in stave, time, and we shall be forced to take with shame our own opinion from another. There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in last supper da vinci nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried. Not for nothing one face, one character, one fact, makes much impression on him, and another none. This sculpture in the memory is not without pre-established harmony. The eye was placed where one ray should fall, that it might testify of that particular ray. We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of speech, that divine idea which each of last da vinci, us represents. It may be safely trusted as proportionate and of good issues, so it be faithfully imparted, but God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.

A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best; but what he has said or done otherwise, shall give him no peace. It is a deliverance which does not deliver. In the attempt his genius deserts him; no muse befriends; no invention, no hope. Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. How Does Scrooge! Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events. Great men have always done so, and confided themselves childlike to the genius of last supper da vinci, their age, betraying their perception that the absolutely trustworthy was seated at their heart, working through their hands, predominating in all their being. And we are now men, and present scrooge must accept in the highest mind the last, same transcendent destiny; and not minors and invalids in a protected corner, not cowards fleeing before a revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors, obeying the Almighty effort, and advancing on Chaos and the Dark. What pretty oracles nature yields us on this text, in the face and behaviour of children, babes, and even brutes! That divided and rebel mind, that distrust of a sentiment because our arithmetic has computed the strength and means opposed to our purpose, these have not. Their mind being whole, their eye is as yet unconquered, and when we look in their faces, we are disconcerted.

Infancy conforms to nobody: all conform to it, so that one babe commonly makes four or five out of the Policy, adults who prattle and play to it. Da Vinci! So God has armed youth and puberty and manhood no less with its own piquancy and charm, and made it enviable and gracious and its claims not to be put by, if it will stand by itself. Do not think the youth has no force, because he cannot speak to you and The Effects of Global on the Essay me. Last! Hark! in the next room his voice is sufficiently clear and emphatic. It seems he knows how to speak to his contemporaries. Bashful or bold, then, he will know how to make us seniors very unnecessary. The nonchalance of boys who are sure of a dinner, and would disdain as much as a lord to do or say aught to conciliate one, is the American in the 1920’s, healthy attitude of human nature. A boy is in the parlour what the pit is in the playhouse; independent, irresponsible, looking out from his corner on such people and last facts as pass by, he tries and sentences them on their merits, in the swift, summary way of boys, as good, bad, interesting, silly, eloquent, troublesome. He cumbers himself never about consequences, about wedding speech, interests: he gives an independent, genuine verdict. You must court him: he does not court you. But the man is, as it were, clapped into last jail by dickens present scrooge 1, his consciousness.

As soon as he has once acted or spoken with eclat , he is a committed person, watched by the sympathy or the hatred of hundreds, whose affections must now enter into his account. There is no Lethe for this. Last Supper Da Vinci! Ah, that he could pass again into his neutrality! Who can thus avoid all pledges, and having observed, observe again from the same unaffected, unbiased, unbribable, unaffrighted innocence, must always be formidable. Continued on page two. Continued from page one. The virtue in most request is conformity.

Self-reliance is Approval Ratings Fall Popular Barack Obama Essay, its aversion. It loves not realities and creators, but names and customs. Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist. Last Supper! He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness. Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage of the world. I remember an Warming Essay, answer which when quite young I was prompted to last da vinci make to a valued adviser, who was wont to importune me with the dear old doctrines of the church. On my saying, What have I to do with the sacredness of traditions, if I live wholly from of honour wedding speech, within? my friend suggested, But these impulses may be from below, not from last, above. I replied, They do not seem to me to be such; but if I am the Devil's child, I will live then from the Devil. No law can be sacred to me but that of my nature. Good and bad are but names very readily transferable to that or this; the only right is what is after my constitution, the The Effects of Global Warming on the, only wrong what is against it.

A man is to carry himself in the presence of all opposition, as if every thing were titular and ephemeral but he. I am ashamed to think how easily we capitulate to last da vinci badges and names, to large societies and dead institutions. Every decent and well-spoken individual affects and sways me more than is right. I ought to go upright and vital, and speak the rude truth in all ways. If malice and vanity wear the coat of philanthropy, shall that pass? If an angry bigot assumes this bountiful cause of Abolition, and comes to me with his last news from Barbados, why should I not say to him, 'Go love thy infant; love thy wood-chopper: be good-natured and modest: have that grace; and Approval Ratings Fall Popular Barack never varnish your hard, uncharitable ambition with this incredible tenderness for black folk a thousand miles off. Thy love afar is spite at home.' Rough and graceless would be such greeting, but truth is handsomer than the affectation of love. Your goodness must have some edge to it, else it is none. The doctrine of hatred must be preached as the counteraction of the doctrine of love when that pules and whines. I shun father and mother and wife and da vinci brother, when my genius calls me. I would write on the lintels of the faustus, door-post, Whim.

I hope it is somewhat better than whim at last, but we cannot spend the day in explanation. Last Supper Da Vinci! Expect me not to Approval President show cause why I seek or why I exclude company. Then, again, do not tell me, as a good man did to-day, of supper da vinci, my obligation to put all poor men in mephistopheles good situations. Are they my poor? I tell thee, thou foolish philanthropist, that I grudge the da vinci, dollar, the dime, the cent, I give to such men as do not belong to me and to whom I do not belong. There is a class of persons to whom by all spiritual affinity I am bought and sold; for them I will go to prison, if need be; but your miscellaneous popular charities; the education at college of fools; the building of meeting-houses to the vain end to which many now stand; alms to sots; and the thousandfold Relief Societies; though I confess with shame I sometimes succumb and give the dollar, it is a wicked dollar which by mephistopheles, and by I shall have the manhood to last withhold. Virtues are, in the popular estimate, rather the exception than the rule. There is the man and his virtues.

Men do what is called a good action, as some piece of courage or charity, much as they would pay a fine in expiation of daily non-appearance on parade. Their works are done as an Essay Does Explain Foreign, apology or extenuation of their living in the world, as invalids and the insane pay a high board. Their virtues are penances. I do not wish to expiate, but to supper live. My life is for itself and not for a spectacle.

I much prefer that it should be of a lower strain, so it be genuine and equal, than that it should be glittering and unsteady. I wish it to be sound and sweet, and not to Approval Ratings Fall Popular Barack Obama Essay need diet and bleeding. I ask primary evidence that you are a man, and refuse this appeal from the man to last supper his actions. Faustus! I know that for myself it makes no difference whether I do or forbear those actions which are reckoned excellent. I cannot consent to pay for a privilege where I have intrinsic right.

Few and mean as my gifts may be, I actually am, and do not need for my own assurance or the assurance of my fellows any secondary testimony. What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the last supper, people think. On How Liberalism Explain Foreign! This rule, equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for last da vinci, the whole distinction between greatness and meanness. It is the harder, because you will always find those who think they know what is your duty better than you know it. It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. The objection to how does dickens present in stave 1 conforming to usages that have become dead to you is, that it scatters your force. It loses your time and blurs the impression of your character. If you maintain a dead church, contribute to a dead Bible-society, vote with a great party either for the government or against it, spread your table like base housekeepers, under all these screens I have difficulty to detect the precise man you are.And, of course, so much force is supper da vinci, withdrawn from your proper life. Mephistopheles! But do your work, and da vinci I shall know you. Do your work, and The Effects of Global you shall reinforce yourself.

A man must consider what a blindman's-buff is this game of conformity. If I know your sect, I anticipate your argument. I hear a preacher announce for his text and topic the expediency of one of the institutions of his church. Continued on last da vinci, page three. Continued from Planet, page two. Well, most men have bound their eyes with one or another handkerchief, and attached themselves to some one of these communities of opinion. Supper Da Vinci! This conformity makes them not false in The Effects of Global Warming on the Essay a few particulars, authors of a few lies, but false in all particulars.

Their every truth is last supper da vinci, not quite true. Their two is not the real two, their four not the real four; so that every word they say chagrins us, and we know not where to wedding speech begin to set them right. Last! Meantime nature is not slow to equip us in the prison-uniform of the party to which we adhere. Liberalism Policy! We come to wear one cut of face and figure, and acquire by degrees the supper da vinci, gentlest asinine expression. There is a mortifying experience in particular, which does not fail to wreak itself also in the general history; I mean the foolish face of praise, the forced smile which we put on in company where we do not feel at ease in answer to conversation which does not interest us. The muscles, not spontaneously moved, but moved by a low usurping willfulness, grow tight about the outline of the face with the most disagreeable sensation. For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure. American Society 1920’s! And therefore a man must know how to estimate a sour face. The by-standers look askance on him in the public street or in the friend's parlour. If this aversation had its origin in contempt and resistance like his own, he might well go home with a sad countenance; but the sour faces of the multitude, like their sweet faces, have no deep cause, but are put on and off as the wind blows and a newspaper directs.

Yet is the da vinci, discontent of the multitude more formidable than that of the senate and the college. It is easy enough for a firm man who knows the world to brook the rage of the of Global on the Planet Essay, cultivated classes. Their rage is decorous and prudent, for they are timid as being very vulnerable themselves. But when to their feminine rage the indignation of the people is last supper, added, when the ignorant and the poor are aroused, when the unintelligent brute force that lies at the bottom of society is faustus, made to growl and mow, it needs the supper da vinci, habit of magnanimity and The Effects of Global Warming on the Essay religion to treat it godlike as a trifle of last da vinci, no concernment. The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word, because the mephistopheles, eyes of others have no other data for computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loath to disappoint them.

But why should you keep your head over your shoulder? Why drag about this corpse of your memory, lest you contradict somewhat you have stated in this or that public place? Suppose you should contradict yourself; what then? It seems to be a rule of supper da vinci, wisdom never to rely on your memory alone, scarcely even in acts of pure memory, but to bring the past for judgment into the thousand-eyed present, and live ever in a new day. In your metaphysics you have denied personality to the Deity: yet when the The Effects of Global Warming on the Essay, devout motions of the last supper da vinci, soul come, yield to them heart and life, though they should clothe God with shape and color. Leave your theory, as Joseph his coat in Ratings Fall Popular the hand of the harlot, and flee. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. Last Supper Da Vinci! He may as well concern himself with his shadow on in the 1920’s Essay, the wall.

Speak what you think now in supper da vinci hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. Ah, so you shall be sure to how does dickens 1 be misunderstood. Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood. I suppose no man can violate his nature. Da Vinci! All the sallies of scrooge in stave 1, his will are rounded in by the law of his being, as the inequalities of supper, Andes and Himmaleh are insignificant in the curve of the sphere. Nor does it matter how you gauge and try him. A character is like an acrostic or Alexandrian stanza; read it forward, backward, or across, it still spells the same thing. In this pleasing, contrite wood-life which God allows me, let me record day by day my honest thought without prospect or retrospect, and, I cannot doubt, it will be found symmetrical, though I mean it not, and see it not. My book should smell of pines and resound with the Liberalism Explain Foreign Practices?, hum of insects.

The swallow over last da vinci my window should interweave that thread or straw he carries in his bill into Essay on How Foreign Policy my web also. We pass for what we are. Character teaches above our wills. Men imagine that they communicate their virtue or vice only by overt actions, and do not see that virtue or vice emit a breath every moment. There will be an agreement in whatever variety of actions, so they be each honest and natural in last da vinci their hour. For of one will, the how does dickens present scrooge in stave 1, actions will be harmonious, however unlike they seem. These varieties are lost sight of at a little distance, at a little height of thought. One tendency unites them all. The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks.

See the line from da vinci, a sufficient distance, and how does in stave it straightens itself to the average tendency. Supper! Your genuine action will explain itself, and will explain your other genuine actions. Faustus! Your conformity explains nothing. Act singly, and what you have already done singly will justify you now. Greatness appeals to the future.

If I can be firm enough to-day to do right, and last supper da vinci scorn eyes, I must have done so much right before as to defend me now. Be it how it will, do right now. Always scorn appearances, and you always may. The force of character is Ratings Barack Essay, cumulative. All the foregone days of supper, virtue work their health into this. Continued on page four. Continued from Essay Does Foreign Practices?, page three. Honor is venerable to us because it is no ephemeris. It is always ancient virtue. We worship it to-day because it is not of supper da vinci, to-day.

We love it and pay it homage, because it is not a trap for our love and homage, but is self-dependent, self-derived, and therefore of an Fall For Once Popular President Barack Essay, old immaculate pedigree, even if shown in a young person. I hope in these days we have heard the last of conformity and consistency. Let the words be gazetted and ridiculous henceforward. Last Supper Da Vinci! Instead of the wedding, gong for dinner, let us hear a whistle from the Spartan fife. Let us never bow and apologize more. Last Supper! A great man is coming to eat at my house. I do not wish to please him; I wish that he should wish to please me. I will stand here for Does Liberalism Explain Foreign Practices?, humanity, and though I would make it kind, I would make it true. Let us affront and reprimand the smooth mediocrity and squalid contentment of the times, and hurl in the face of custom, and trade, and office, the last supper, fact which is the upshot of all history, that there is a great responsible Thinker and Actor working wherever a man works; that a true man belongs to no other time or place, but is the The Effects Planet, center of things. Where he is, there is nature. Da Vinci! He measures you, and all men, and all events.

Ordinarily, every body in society reminds us of somewhat else, or of some other person. Character, reality, reminds you of nothing else; it takes place of the how does scrooge 1, whole creation. The man must be so much, that he must make all circumstances indifferent. Every true man is a cause, a country, and last supper an age; requires infinite spaces and numbers and mephistopheles faustus time fully to accomplish his design; and posterity seem to supper da vinci follow his steps as a train of of honour wedding speech, clients. A man Caesar is supper, born, and for ages after we have a Roman Empire. Christ is born, and millions of minds so grow and cleave to his genius, that he is confounded with virtue and the possible of Ratings Fall President Obama Essay, man. An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man; as, Monachism, of the Hermit Antony; the supper, Reformation, of of Global on the Essay, Luther; Quakerism, of last, Fox; Methodism, of Wesley; Abolition, of Clarkson. Scipio, Milton called the height of Rome; and all history resolves itself very easily into The Effects Warming on the Planet the biography of a few stout and earnest persons.

Let a man then know his worth, and keep things under his feet. Da Vinci! Let him not peep or steal, or skulk up and down with the air of a charity-boy, a bastard, or an interloper, in the world which exists for him. But the how does scrooge in stave, man in the street, finding no worth in himself which corresponds to the force which built a tower or sculptured a marble god, feels poor when he looks on these. To him a palace, a statue, or a costly book have an alien and forbidding air, much like a gay equipage, and seem to say like that, Who are you, Sir? Yet they all are his, suitors for his notice, petitioners to his faculties that they will come out and last supper da vinci take possession. The picture waits for my verdict: it is not to command me, but I am to settle its claims to praise. That popular fable of the sot who was picked up dead drunk in the street, carried to the duke's house, washed and Essay Liberalism Explain Policy Practices? dressed and laid in the duke's bed, and, on his waking, treated with all obsequious ceremony like the duke, and last supper assured that he had been insane, owes its popularity to the fact, that it symbolizes so well the state of man, who is in the world a sort of sot, but now and then wakes up, exercises his reason, and Essay on How Policy Practices? finds himself a true prince. Our reading is mendicant and sycophantic. In history, our imagination plays us false. Kingdom and lordship, power and last estate, are a gaudier vocabulary than private John and Edward in 1920’s Essay a small house and common day's work; but the things of life are the last da vinci, same to both; the sum total of both is the same.

Why all this deference to Alfred, and Scanderbeg, and Gustavus? Suppose they were virtuous; did they wear out American in the Essay virtue? As great a stake depends on your private act to-day, as followed their public and renowned steps. When private men shall act with original views, the lustre will be transferred from the actions of kings to those of gentlemen. The world has been instructed by its kings, who have so magnetized the eyes of nations. It has been taught by this colossal symbol the mutual reverence that is last da vinci, due from man to man.

The joyful loyalty with which men have everywhere suffered the king, the noble, or the great proprietor to walk among them by a law of his own, make his own scale of men and wedding speech things, and reverse theirs, pay for benefits not with money but with honor, and represent the law in his person, was the hieroglyphic by which they obscurely signified their consciousness of their own right and comeliness, the right of every man. The magnetism which all original action exerts is explained when we inquire the reason of self-trust. Who is the Trustee? What is the aboriginal Self, on which a universal reliance may be grounded? What is the last supper da vinci, nature and maid of honour wedding power of that science-baffling star, without parallax, without calculable elements, which shoots a ray of beauty even into trivial and impure actions, if the least mark of supper, independence appear? The inquiry leads us to that source, at once the essence of genius, of virtue, and wedding speech of life, which we call Spontaneity or Instinct. Supper! We denote this primary wisdom as Intuition, whilst all later teachings are tuitions. In that deep force, the last fact behind which analysis cannot go, all things find their common origin.

For, the wedding, sense of being which in calm hours rises, we know not how, in the soul, is last supper, not diverse from how does scrooge 1, things, from supper, space, from light, from time, from man, but one with them, and proceeds obviously from the same source whence their life and mephistopheles faustus being also proceed. Last Supper! We first share the life by which things exist, and afterwards see them as appearances in nature, and forget that we have shared their cause. Here is the fountain of action and maid of honour wedding speech of thought. Concluded on page five. Continued from page four. The relations of the soul to the divine spirit are so pure, that it is profane to last supper da vinci seek to interpose helps. It must be that when God speaketh he should communicate, not one thing, but all things; should fill the world with his voice; should scatter forth light, nature, time, souls, from the center of the present thought; and new date and new create the whole. Whenever a mind is simple, and receives a divine wisdom, old things pass away, means, teachers, texts, temples fall; it lives now, and absorbs past and future into the present hour. All things are made sacred by American in the 1920’s Essay, relation to it, one as much as another. All things are dissolved to their center by their cause, and, in the universal miracle, petty and da vinci particular miracles disappear. For Once President Obama Essay! If, therefore, a man claims to know and speak of God, and carries you backward to the phraseology of some old mouldered nation in last another country, in another world, believe him not.

Is the acorn better than the oak which is Does Liberalism Foreign Practices?, its fullness and last completion? Is the parent better than the child into whom he has cast his ripened being? Whence, then, this worship of the past? The centuries are conspirators against the sanity and authority of the faustus, soul. Time and space are but physiological colors which the eye makes, but the soul is light; where it is, is day; where it was, is last, night; and history is an impertinence and an injury, if it be any thing more than a cheerful apologue or parable of my being and becoming. Man is timid and apologetic; he is no longer upright; he dares not say I think, I am, but quotes some saint or sage.

He is ashamed before the blade of grass or the blowing rose. These roses under my window make no reference to former roses or to better ones; they are for what they are; they exist with God to-day. Approval Fall For Once Popular Barack Obama! There is no time to them. There is simply the supper, rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. Before a leaf-bud has burst, its whole life acts; in the full-blown flower there is no more; in the leafless root there is no less. Liberalism Explain Policy! Its nature is last supper da vinci, satisfied, and it satisfies nature, in all moments alike. But man postpones or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on Approval Fall Obama, tiptoe to da vinci foresee the future. He cannot be happy and The Effects of Global on the Planet Essay strong until he too lives with nature in the present, above time. ( The second half of Self-Reliance--beginning with paragraph 24, This should be plain enough--is available at Here is the concluding paragraph of Emerson's essay.

So use all that is called Fortune. Most men gamble with her, and gain all, and last supper da vinci lose all, as her wheel rolls. But do thou leave as unlawful these winnings, and deal with Cause and Effect, the chancellors of God. In the Will work and acquire, and thou hast chained the wheel of Chance, and shalt sit hereafter out of fear from her rotations. A political victory, a rise of how does scrooge, rents, the recovery of supper da vinci, your sick, or the present scrooge 1, return of your absent friend, or some other favorable event, raises your spirits, and you think good days are preparing for you. Do not believe it. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

Nothing can bring you peace but the last supper da vinci, triumph of speech, principles.

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Nov 17, 2017 Last supper da vinci,

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What The Top Consulting Firms Look For in Resumes #038; CVs. Even if you have already secured your interviews, you should still read this article, because it explains why you were selected, what biases the last supper, firms have, and The Effects Planet Essay what areas of concerns the firms may have that they will likely test you on during the in-person interview. In other words, what follows is an explanation of how the consulting firms think about recruiting new consultants. Once you understand this psychology, it makes everything the firms do very predictable . Keep in mind, these resume tips apply only to strategy consulting firms (as opposed to IT or HR consulting firms) such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain, AT Kearney, LEK, etc. In addition, my comments are largely true regardless of supper da vinci which level position you are applying to (analyst, associate, APD, experienced hire, etc..) To start, let me dispel one myth: Resume Format. Many people obsess over how the resume is formatted.

The truth is the words on the resume matter more than font size, columns, or margins. Simple example, if I see a resume that has the mephistopheles, wrong margins but the resume says, Harvard University, #1 in Class, Physics (okay, I'm not even sure if Harvard ranks or has a physics degree). I will notice the resume. So the first big takeaway is this: WHAT you say matters more than how you FORMAT what you say. In screening resumes, I have seen dozens if not hundreds of formats. Many different formats can work. The most important thing is the supper da vinci, major accomplishments are easy to read.

Here is what the big firms are looking for: 1) Big Brand Name Employers or Schools. 2) Academic Performance (GPA) 3) High Standardized Test Scores in maid of honour wedding speech Math. 4) Evidence of Leadership and last supper da vinci People Skills. 5) High Achievement Career Experiences (Proportional to Length of Career) Keep in Explain Foreign mind, these are resume criteria for ALL levels of consulting, not just post-college roles. Let me explain WHY each one is important. 1) Big Brand Name Employers or Schools.

To be blunt, the top consulting firms are school snobs. Last Supper Da Vinci. They like big brand name educational institutions for the simple fact that it impresses clients. If you're an Associate making $150,000 - $200,000 USD per year, your employer is probably billing you out to of honour wedding, clients at $600,000 USD/year. Supper Da Vinci. That's $50,000 USD/month. The client is going to want to know what and who they are getting for that kind of money. When the answer is John or Jane Doe, who has a BS from Dartmouth, a MD from how does scrooge 1 Yale and last da vinci MBA from Harvard, clients respond with an Oh wow. that's impressive comment. It makes it easier to get new clients to say yes. Now plenty of people get into the top firms (McKinsey included) that do not have such a perfect ivy pedigree. American Society. but if you got it, make sure it is OBVIOUS (it will help a lot).

Let me explain the thought process of some of these biases. The thinking is that only super high achievers get into last, the top schools. and maid of honour wedding speech the top firms really like hiring super high achievers. This is not to say that the firms do not hire from non-target schools (they do), but they assume the highest achievers from non-target schools will work really hard to contact the firm (generally via networking) -- thus demonstrating their determination. (There is a lesson here. If you do not have a super pedigree, you'd better be super determined, as evidenced by the amount of last supper da vinci effort you put into networking.)

In addition, it is in stave very expensive for the firms to supper, do on campus recruiting. So they stick to schools where the offer rate vs. applicant ratio is high (high being defined as greater than 1%). For example, Stanford (undergrad) is a target school and Does Explain Foreign Policy my year, 400 students applied for full time jobs, 6 offers were extended. and this was considered a very successful recruiting ratio by McKinsey). As a point of reference, when I was recruited by McKinsey, I heard a rumor that the firm spent $100,000 USD in recruiting expense to hire ONE Business Analyst. This figure included all billable hours of interviewers and consultants who go to on campus recruiting events as well as hard costs for travel, renting conference rooms, hotels, etc.

The recruiters or resume screeners also look for recognizable employer names. It is easier to understand a candidate's accomplishment via the implied credibility of the employer name and it is also easier to convey to clients. It is the same reason everyone wants to last supper, work for MBB - McKinsey, Bain or Boston Consulting Group -- it implies something on your resume that stays with you forever. To this day, I am known as a Stanford Grad and an Ex-McKinsey Guy. It is on How Liberalism Practices? how I am introduced formally or informally when I give speeches. It stays with you for a very long time. Let me give you a personal example that helps illustrate the importance of the big brand name on last supper your resume. When I applied for consulting internships in my junior year at Stanford, I got rejected across the board -- not a single interview. The following year, I got interviews with every major consulting firm that I applied to wedding speech, -- with no exceptions. I got interviews at last da vinci McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Booz, LEK, AT Kearney, Monitor (since acquired by Deloitte), Oliver Wyman (formerly Mercer), and a few others. (I also got offers from Approval Ratings Fall For Once Popular President Barack Obama every consulting firm I interviewed with except BCG where I got rejected in round 1, and last supper da vinci Booz when I decided to cancel my final round.)

So what did I do in the 12 months that made such a big difference? Well I looked at who got interviews (most were friends of mine) and tried to figure out Approval For Once Popular, why they got interviews. Their GPAs were identical to mine. Their areas of academic study were identical to mine. The only thing I noticed was many of them had worked for well known companies the prior summer, and da vinci I had not. I decided to focus on improving the brand name factor on my resume in two ways. First, I did an internship at Merrill Lynch during the school year. I worked in the evenings doing telemarketing cold calls to wealthy families in American 1920’s Silicon Valley selling tax free investment income opportunities (LOL. I still remember my phone script, I said it so many times).

By the way, this was an unpaid internship. Last Supper. so I worked for about 4 months every other night making cold calls for Merrill. just so I could put Merrill Lynch on of Global Planet Essay my resume. This decision was very deliberate as almost nobody else my year did an internship during the academic year. Second, I was able to get an internship with a big company (now called ATT) for that summer. So when I applied again my senior year, I now had two big brand name employers on my resume, whereas just 12 months earlier I had none. As I mentioned earlier, the following year, I got interviews with every consulting firm I applied to, in large part because of the brand name employers on my resume (I was competing against 400 other Stanford students -- we all had the famous school on the resume so that was not a differentiator). Similarly as a resume screener, many of us would read resumes with a big red marker. All we would do for hours was skim resumes while circling certain brand names on the resume that jumped out last da vinci, as recognizable or impressive.

2) Academic Performance (GPA) The top firms want to know if you are smart. Warming On The Planet. It helps to put your GPA on last supper your resume. If you do not, they will either 1) ask you for it anyways and on How Liberalism Policy write it by hand on your resume after you submit it, or 2) assume it is last supper low and assess your resume accordingly. If your school's grading system is not well understood by others, you should explain the grading scale your school uses. Most US schools use a 4.0 GPA system - perfect marks is a 4.0 GPA out of in the a possible 4.0. If yours is different or you are applying from one country to an office in a different country, then you want to da vinci, put on your resume some way for Does Explain the reader to interpret your GPA (put your rank or put your %. like top 1% of class, something along those lines). For applicants coming out of college, many firms will ask for your transcript to see your specific grades on specific classes. In particular, they are looking for your grades in quantitative classes.

Oftentimes your resume will be read by a recent graduate from your school. So if you went to Stanford and took Geology 101, the reader is last supper da vinci going to know that you took Rocks for Jocks (the nickname for that class amongst Stanford students) and interpret your grades accordingly. Again there is on the not a cutoff and the standard will vary by school. Amongst the top undergraduate institutions, a 3.5 GPA or higher is good enough to not get disqualified from the process purely because of GPA. The resume reader will most likely read the rest of your resume before deciding. My GPA at Stanford was 3.5 at last da vinci the time I applied to the major firms. so nowhere near perfect, but in hindsight it was good enough when combined with other factors to get many interviews.

3) High Standardized Test Scores in Math. Many firms will want to see a standardized test score of some sort - SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT. Maid Of Honour Wedding. Because it is sometimes hard to compare GPAs from one university to last, another, the standardized test score is an easy way to compare measure of one's math ability. Strong math skills do correlate strongly with the ability to think in 1 a logical and analytical way -- the preferred thinking style that consulting firms favor enormously. Since I applied coming out of college, I had only taken the SAT (the US standardized test high school students take to supper da vinci, apply to US colleges) and I had a score of 800 on the math section (800 out of on How Does Foreign 800). It is not necessary to have a perfect score, but certainly the higher the better. There is last supper da vinci no absolute cut-off as it depends on the impressiveness of the rest of your application. That being said, outperforming 95% of American in the 1920’s other test takers is ideal if applying to the top 3 firms. The standard is not as high with other firms. 4) Evidence of Leadership People Skills.

Being smart (factors #2 and last supper #3 above) is not enough to do well as a consultant. Dickens Scrooge 1. You also need to be able to work with clients who sometimes do not like you or resent you. So one of the things most firms look for is some evidence of people skills or leadership skills. The firms want to supper da vinci, know you can handle a difficult interpersonal situation -- especially any one involving high stress, deadlines, inter-personal conflicts. You will get asked about these kinds of leadership scenarios in your interview.

They also look for it in your resume and consulting cover letters too. If you have these experiences, PUT IT IN THE RESUME. Of Honour Speech. It is last supper da vinci a big mistake if you do not. These experiences can include: * Specific experiences at a particular job (especially people-skill type accomplishments that might not normally be valued by other employers in mephistopheles that industry, but would be valued by consulting firms.)

The more technical your background, the more important it is to da vinci, emphasize these leadership and people skills. If you have a PhD in Physics from MIT and have been published 10 times, this is no guarantee of an interview. Here's why. With a PhD in Physics from MIT, it is assumed you have the analytical skills to do the on How Does Liberalism Foreign Policy, quantitative aspect of the consulting job. Last Supper. But now the firms want to know if you can work with people. or if you are a brilliant but arrogant ass. In your resume or CV, you want to Warming, deliberately emphasize team work opportunities, leadership experiences, public speaking experiences, conflict resolution, people management, and team management type experiences. Now if you had a PhD in Physics but also did sales jobs to pay your bills during school and you were the last, top producing sales person, that would be intriguing. and clearly someone worth interviewing. In other words, you need to be the OPPOSITE of the American Society Essay, stereotype for your area of academic study. If you are an supper, English major, the assumption will be you are good with people but lousy with numbers.

On your resume, you need to prove the opposite to faustus, be true. 5) High Achievement Career Experiences (Proportional to last da vinci, Length of Career) For applicants of Does Liberalism Foreign all types (undergrad, post-MBA, experienced hires), the firms are looking for an impressive (career trajectory vs. length of career) ratio. So if you've worked 1 year in your career, they want to da vinci, see 1 impressive year. If you've worked 10 years, they want to see 10 impressive years. Things to emphasize in Society in the describing job experiences:

* Emphasize OUTCOMES, not just responsibilities. * When possible, quantify your accomplishments with numbers. * Don't write everything you did on last da vinci the job, focus on what is most relevant to faustus, consulting firms. For example, if you have a very technical degree, really good math test scores, 4 years of work experience in a very technical field in a very technical role, it is a waste of space to spend too much time emphasizing your technical accomplishments. Use those bullets to emphasize business results (derived from your technical work), the supper, financial impact, quantify the measurable change in maid behavior from your work (because of this new system I developed, 8,000 people now get their performance metrics through this system vs. Last Supper. 0 when I started, that sort of thing). If you have a liberal arts background, a liberal arts major, lots of extra-curricular activities where you showed you were a people person. in your job descriptions, emphasize how you built a statistical regression analysis and maid of honour speech model to forecast prices of Gold in the commodities market. Or became a self-taught software developer in a particular job.

So the key message here is this: Pick your job description bullet points strategically . You don't have space to last, put everything you did, so you must focus on emphasizing those things you want to Society in the, convey about each job to round out your profile. Another way to balance out which points you choose to emphasize in the bullet points under each job description -- look for the unusual combo. I remember one classmate of mine who interned at Bain. She was an English major, but took several advanced math classes -- well over last my head as a Quantitative Economics Major -- and got perfect grades in each of them. That's an unusual combo. Another way to think about it is something one of my McKinsey colleagues said to me. We like to hire engineers with people skills. And we like to hire poets who can do math.

If you have an unusual combination of skills, be sure that comes through in The Effects Warming on the your resume. Bust the stereotype that you might get type cast in. Thoughts on Resume Formatting. Many different formats work, but a few general common sense rules of last supper thumb apply: * Put your education experiences at Essay on How Liberalism Explain Foreign the top. Da Vinci. Make sure the name of the school you went to Warming on the Planet, is easy to read. Whether you've never worked full time or have been in industry 10 years, put the schooling at the top -- it's what resume readers look for last first, so don't bury it. (If it is buried, it is assumed that the Essay Does Liberalism Explain Foreign, school name must not be impressive.) No matter how long you have been out of school, put a standardized test score in supper the education section of your resume.

If it is missing, the assumption is it must be low (otherwise you would know to put it). * List your career experiences in of Global Essay chronological order (most recent job at the top, following education) -- make sure employer names are easy to read. * Keep the resume concise -- 1 page for da vinci anyone with little work experience, 2 pages max for experienced hires. * Use bullets to how does dickens present scrooge in stave 1, save space. Da Vinci. Keep the points short and to the point. A good rule of thumb is 2 - 4 bullets per The Effects on the Planet Essay, job experience, ideally most bullets being 1 line long. * Make sure the font size is easy to read. Last. Since a size 11 font will vary depending on which font is Liberalism Practices? used, just make sure the reader can read it. * Make sure to last supper da vinci, bold all school names and employer names.

No need to bold your job titles. Recruiters look at employer name first, job title second. Emphasize the things that will catch a recruiter's eye first, draw them into reading the resume, and then discovering everything else you have to offer. If you worked for a no name employer, but all your clients were famous. Maid Of Honour Wedding Speech. list the client names (possibly bold them too. Last Da Vinci. might be a little over the top, but at least it will get seen). So if you worked for of honour John Doe Consultants. but the client you worked with most was Bill Gates or the founders of Google, say that! This is not resume writing, it is marketing! * Do NOT include everything you ever did in your life. The point of a resume is NOT to write a personal biography.

The point is to SELL YOU. The key to supper da vinci, sales in any format (resume, cold call, powerpoint, sales meeting) is to just show what the customer, or in this case employer, cares about. * Use language and descriptions that the resume reader will understand. If you did your school work in Spain, but are applying for a job in Paris, do not assume the recruiter in Paris will know what a 9.5 GPA is. Fall For Once Popular Obama. explain it is a 9.5 (out of 10.0) GPA. If you won an equivalent of a Nobel Prize in your field, say won XYZ Award - awarded to 1 person out of 10,000 applicants. These are phrases that any resume reader can understand. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE AUDIENCE before you write your resume. Do NOT assume they have the sufficient background to last supper, appreciate your accomplishments, you need to explain them on The Effects on the Planet Essay your resume. Good luck on your recruiting process. Also keep in last supper da vinci mind that my website has over 500 articles, all on the topic of case interviews. If you are looking for on How Does Foreign Policy more information on last supper a specific topic, just go to:

If you found this post useful, I suggest becoming a registered member (it's free) to get access to the materials I used to pass 60 out of 61 case interviews, land 7 job offers, and end up working at McKinsey. Members get access to 6 hours of video tutorials on case interviews, the actual frameworks I used to pass my interviews, and over 500 articles on case interviews. To get access to these free resources, just fill out the wedding, form below: Note: All registrations require you to confirm your email address. Please type your email address carefully, entering your email also subscribes you to last, my Case Secrets Email Newsletter. This article was great Victor! The breakdown and examples were especially useful.

I follow your site fervently and find your insights and advice really authentic. I have a few questions if you would be able to give me some advice. I would absolutely love to Essay Liberalism Foreign Policy, work at Mckinsey (NYC office, because that is where I am from). Last Supper. I dont plan on applying anytime soon but am trying to steer my career strategy towards an eventual move into Consulting. I am currently working for a fortune 100 engineering company (Deere Co.) as a Product Engineer and scrooge in stave am planning to get a Mba from one of the top 5 schools. My concern is last supper da vinci if I do make it to scrooge 1, the one of the schools and then apply for a spot at Mckinsey, would my company and Mba school be enough brand naming for me to be considered? In regards to GPA, my undergraduate GPA was quite low although I still managed to acquire a job at last Deere which is American Society Essay consistantly considered a top engineering company. Also I went to a top 10 Engineering school (Purdue University), but not top 3 like MIT.

Would these things be detrimental to last da vinci, my future application? I will have about 3 years of work experience by the time I am ready to faustus, start my Mba. I was hoping that if I can secure a high GPA at last da vinci the top Mba school, then I could use that for my GPA on the resume. Lastly I feel that I have great social skills in addition to how does present scrooge in stave 1, my analytical prowess due to me being an Engineer. Although I am quite technical I have a varying array of interests, ranging from quantum physics/mathematics to last da vinci, economics to on How Explain Practices?, immigrant identity in the western cultures to cultural/social processes of thought in eastern cultures compared to western and the art of Comedy. Would any of this be relevant to making me stand out as unique? Im sorry for the obnoxiously long comment lol, but I am hungry for some direction in last da vinci my endeavor to mephistopheles, get back home with the great prestige and opportunity of working for Mckinsey and am trying to get the best strategy to do so. Thanks for all the last, help so far. Short answer: When you have a Harvard MBA, a lot is forgiven or forgotten.

If you have a top 5 mba and how does present scrooge in stave 1 do well, have a strong GMAT score, a less competitive pre-mba can be compensated for. Yes, it is noticed but if the overall trajectory of your resume is last da vinci strongly upwards, it can be a compensating factor. In The. It might not be enough to get into the top 3 firms, but certainly the last supper, rest of the top 10 is mephistopheles faustus a definite possibility. The GMAT score will be crucial for you. The interpretation you want the reader to last supper, have is 1) smart enough to have gone to harvard for undergrad, but for whatever reason the opportunity didnt exist for mephistopheles faustus this person at that time.

In terms of the da vinci, low undegrad gpa at a non target school, the interpretation you hope for is the For Once President Barack Essay, person was smart, but lazy as an last, undergrad and for a variety of reasons, got serious and the more recent accomplishments and test scores reflect being smart with the work ethic. You dont want the undergrad gpa to Society in the 1920’s Essay, be interpreted as that was the best the person could have done. The person worked as hard as possible and the maximum performance the persons intellect was capable of was the low gpa. Now if that happens to be true, it will most likely be reflected in a gmat score in a range similar to the undergrad gpa. But if the GMAT score is substantially higher than the undergrad GPA and the mba GPA is da vinci excellent, the The Effects on the, interpretation (which they will never public admit) is the person was smart but lazy in college. (Or smart but suffered from illness while in last da vinci college, or had some family tragedy, or some other non-intellect factor) Action Items: GMAT 720+, get into For Once Popular President Barack Essay, top 5 mba, graduate at top 20% of your class. This is great!

But do I have no real chance at the top three firms, even if I accomplish the said action items? I have become very keen on being able to work at last supper Mckinsey and from many of the The Effects of Global, stories I have read on your site it seems that people who have not gone to target schools as undergrad were still able to work at last da vinci the top 3 firms. I was under the impression that if I worked hard enough with all the material and Ratings For Once Popular Obama advice you provide and also network well at one of the supper da vinci, top 5 Mba programs, that I would have a fighting chance. I mean I know that nothing is definite, but your opinion as a former Mck interviewer is obviously very potent and relevant. If my future application with all the things I am trying to accomplish is Approval Ratings Popular President still by your standards not up to par, I have to respect that. I know you always say that anything could happen and to find my own way is key but knowing your experience as a resume screener and interviewer, I cant help but re-evaluate. Still, I do intend on trying and striving towards a spot at the top and if it doesnt happen then I will still have all my accomplishments to fall back on. Last Da Vinci. Anything you can give me so to bolster my future candidacy would be of immense worth and focus, this is the path I have set out and Society in the Essay my determination to last supper da vinci, go to Mck is absolute. Approval Ratings President Barack Obama Essay. Thanks Victor for the direction, I will fervently strive to one day be on your success stories section.

Hi Victor! As an last, undergraduate student applying for American Society in the consulting internships for next summer, I found this article incredibly helpful. I have one question about the standardized test scores I have 5s on both Calculus AP tests and both the language and literature AP tests. These scores are better than my SAT scores in math and critical reasoning would it be acceptable to last supper da vinci, use my AP scores on my resume for the standardized test section? Hey Victor, I have been reading your articles all summer and they are super insightful! Question: Would any of the firms hire someone with a B.A. majoring in Biology and English who is medical school bound? I am going to of honour wedding speech, medical school September 2015, and supper have a gap year.

I ultimately want to work in a place like McKinsey after pursuing an MD and getting some clinical experience. How should I proceed? Do you have any advice on moving from IT/HR consulting to of honour speech, Strategy consulting? Outside of going back to last, get an MBA or other advanced degree, Ive heard the paths are extremely limited. I have an undergrad degree in aeronautical engineering from an overseas university with a 7.00/10.00 GPA, and Im currently working on my Masters in Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University. On How Does Explain Policy. My GPA will only be around 3 when Im done, however I have 710/800 in Quants and 700/800 in Verbal from my SAT in senior year of high school. I also have 800/800 in Quants and 740/800 in last da vinci Verbal on in the 1920’s the GRE when I applied to grad school. I have realized only last supper after coming to grad school that engineering isnt what I really want.

I have pretty good critical thinking and how does dickens analytical skills. And I have been told my communication skills are very good too. I have been thinking hard about consulting over the past several months and I think consulting would be a great fit for last da vinci me. What do you think are my chances of maid of honour wedding getting a top 10 company to supper, give me an interview shot with the above criteria? What else besides the GRE and SAT scores would I need to how does in stave, offset that bad GPA? Im looking to attack all other areas of last my profile as much as possible so I would really appreciate your feedback on this. Thanks! Thank you for this great site too! Helpful and insightful article. Essay On How Liberalism Explain Foreign Policy. You have answered all my questions. Last. I have fired blanks all the time with Consulting companies though I considered myself well suited Executive management experience more than 15 years management and project management experiences, two masters degree one cum laude from private college in my home country.

Re-reading your article suggest, i have no chance in hell in landing that consulting career with a big consulting house. Mephistopheles. What a pity. Should post-college graduates abridge resume to last da vinci, 1 page? In terms of resume length, the rough rule of maid of honour thumb is one page per decade of post college work experience. I am working as a procurement research analyst in a start up company in India. The company I work for is 8 years old but all our clients are billion dollar global companies including the fortune 500 companies. I have 3 years work experience after an MBA from a state level top b-school. I am aiming at the big 4. Do I have a chance? Resume might not be as impressive as Harvard but I will give my best in the interview. My question is last da vinci am I even in the race?

Its hard to tell. The easiest test is to look at other graduates for faustus your business school to last supper da vinci, see if any are working at the too 4 consulting firms. Just wanted to give you some Kudos for maid speech that helpful article. Greetings from Germany, I am a mech engineer with a Masters from a top 15 school in the US and a bachelors from a top 10 (non-IIT) school in India. I moved into IT through a scholarship by NIH and have been with a not-for-profit managing their entire IT department (13 million) since. Ive been admitted in SBS (Oxford) for supper a MBA. Maid Of Honour Wedding. What are my chances of working with one of the last supper da vinci, top three consulting firms?

Does a not for profit background and non-branded background rule me out maid of honour, as a candidate? Hey Victor, Im an undergrad at last supper berkeleys business school but the problem is I transferred from community college. Berkeleys undergrad biz school is faustus super hard to last, get into, about dickens present scrooge in stave, 6% Acceptancce rate. If I do well at berkeley will any of the top consulting firms even give me a chance? Please feel free to last supper, be honest. Thanks. By itself, I dont think it is a deal killer.

But, you will have to do well at Cal and dickens present realistically better than you normally would if you went their directly from high school. My college roommate at Stanford was a community college transfer. He was a Stanford Computer Science major with a 4.0 GPA needless to say nobody cared how he got into da vinci, Stanford, only how he performed as he left. Incidentally, the story you want to imply (assuming it is true) is that you went to community college to save money (which most consider an acceptable reason to Approval Fall Barack, go) but were qualified to attend an elite university (and your high gpa at the elite university is indicative of your ability to perform at a high level). The I couldnt afford it is a much more acceptable excuse than I wasnt smart enough to last supper da vinci, get in. It would help to Fall Popular President, have a super high SAT, GMAT or GRE score too. Thank so much for the reply victor. For haas business there is a curved GPA, do you think they will take that into consideration if I dont have a 4.0?

I think I should have a 3.75-3.8 is that ok? Thats pretty good if its a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) type major. Last Supper. Resumes get reviewed on mephistopheles faustus the whole picture. You dont need everything to be perfect, but if one thing is low something else on the resume needs to stand out as a compensating factor. So a low GPA with a perfect GRE score might still get considered if a good explanation for the low GPA came along with it. A less prestigious school with a #1 rank amongst all students would often still get considered. My consulting resume toolkit includes a dozen or so resume grading calculators. You can find the link somewhere on the website, probably at supper da vinci the top.

If everything across the board is poor, thats a deal breaker. Liberalism. If one thing is poor, but the rest exceptional thats a possibility. If everything is above average, thats a possibility, etc Numerous ways to get considered. Also have you ever heard of people getting a job at a top consulting firm (MBB) with a lower GPA? 3.5 or higher is the norm, under that would require exceptional circumstances. I am a mech engineer with a Masters from a top 15 school in last supper da vinci the US and a bachelors from a top 10 (non-IIT) school in India. I moved into IT through a scholarship by NIH and have been with a not-for-profit managing their entire IT department (13 million) since. Ive been admitted in SBS (Oxford) for a MBA. What are my chances of working with one of the top three consulting firms? Does a not for profit background and non-branded background rule me out how does present in stave, as a candidate? The non profit background does not rule you out.

The lack of brand is an issue, but can be compensated for. Oxford is da vinci a target school so that is going to be of enormous help for you. The lack of brand employers can be compensated in few different ways. If your prior work achievements were exceptional, that will help. Your performance at Oxford will be heavily scrutinized. I dont know if they track and publish school rank, but if you were in the top 10% I think you would get interview opportunities. The final compensatory factor would be to network, meet people in the firms you want to target, and get them to recommend to their recruiting departments to interview you. The above maximizes your chances of Approval Ratings Fall For Once Popular Barack Obama Essay getting the interview. Then you have to supper, perform exceptionally well on the case. The Effects On The. It can not just be an marginally acceptable performance (which someone with a stronger background might be able to da vinci, get away with in the first round), in your case it really needs to be exceptional starting in American 1920’s Essay round 1 to offset the last da vinci, perceived risk of hiring someone without a brand employer background.

From an interviewers point of Ratings Fall Popular Obama view, it is extremely, extremely difficult to turn down a candidate in round 1 who did exceptionally well. Da Vinci. It is VERY hard to maid wedding speech, do that. If there is supper da vinci a resume issue, the thinking most interviews will do is The Effects of Global Warming on the Planet Essay they will struggle with the decision, and then decide to pass the decision to the round 2 interviewers. I should point out last, I have received many emails from people with backgrounds with a perceived negative item or two (some much worse than yours). American 1920’s Essay. They have gotten into supper, the top firms.

BUT, and I cant stress this enough, they were EXTREMELY motivated and probably put 100 200 (the highest Ive ever seen is 300+ hours) hours into case prep and several hundred hours into networking. It can be done, but the worse the resume (and I dont consider your resume bad, the Oxford piece is quite the accomplishment but the lack of brand employers is a valid issue in the eyes of consulting firms) the harder you just worker AND very importantly the EARLIER you must start. How Does Dickens Present Scrooge 1. If possible start 6 and supper da vinci preferably 12 months earlier than when you plan to interview. Ratings Fall Popular President Essay. That is one of the common traits among those who got offers from the top 3 with some kind of disadvantaged resume. Flat out, they wanted the offer badly and were willing to put in the effort. Thank you for supper your reply. I am probably 7 months away from how does dickens scrooge in stave 1 starting school and 14-15 months away from interviewing. Last Supper. What do you recommend I do to get started? I am a slow learner but a hard worker so what should my first step be? Is there a course I can join or should I get started with your videos? Also, Ive heard the term networking thrown around a LOT since I got admitted.

Is there a good place to on How Does Liberalism Foreign, learn networking 101? What should I be doing now to get placed a year later? Thanks so much. Your reply was very helpful. Do you think regardless of your grades a referral/recommendation from a top employee within the da vinci, firm can still get you a job within the company? No.

It might be possible to Approval Fall For Once Popular Barack Obama, get a case interview opportunity based solely on the relationship, but absolutely impossible to supper, get the Liberalism Explain Foreign Policy, job offer at the top few firms without doing well on the case. From the last da vinci, firms point of wedding speech view, there is ENORMOUS risk in putting someone without certain skills in front of a client. Last. The fear is that one mis-hire could ruin the reputation of the entire firm by dickens scrooge saying something really stupid (e.g., in the firms eyes that would be stating a conclusion that is logically and factually incorrect). When I was a McKinsey consultant, if I made a major error with a client, it will not be described as Victor made a mistake, it will be described by the client as McKinsey screwed up. Last Supper. THAT is why the firms are so intensely focused on the case interview. That are totally paranoid about the scenario I just described. Hey Victor, thanks for American in the Essay letting me know. What books do you recommend for case interviews?

Or any tools that would help with acing case interviews? Thanks. Im a bit biased on this one. I recommend my own book Case Interview Secrets. Last. For more advanced training, my Look Over my Shoulder program is very effective.

It contains recordings of 20+ hours of actual case interviews with candidates with my real time analysis and critique of the candidates performance. It also specifically compares the differences between poor, average,and exceptional case interview performance so you can see, hear and dickens present in stave 1 experience the differences between performance levels. Also if you do well in your interview (that is if you got an last supper da vinci, interview through an employee) and American Society your grades arent top notch, say maybe a. 3.4-3.5 can you still secure a job at supper da vinci one of the three (MBB)? Yes absolutely. I had a 3.5 GPA coming out of Stanford. I would really try to get or keep your GPA at maid 3.5 or higher. It also depends on the selectivity of your school.

So a person with a 3.5 GPA from an ivy would get looked at and could get in if they did well on the case. Someone from a top 200 university would be expected to have a higher GPA to compensate for da vinci lack of ivy. The same is true if the major is Approval Fall Barack Obama Essay not technical or math oriented. An English major is expected to have a higher GPA than an engineer because the bias in last da vinci consulting is dickens scrooge in stave that math oriented majors are harder than the liberal arts oriented one. Hi victor, I have an upcoming interview at Bain for a summer associate intern position but Im struggling to find the appropriate review and last supper da vinci prep materials. On The Essay. Do you think case in point would be a good place to start? Or is it a bit advanced for a summer intern interview? Do you recommend any additional materials other than your videos (which are awesome btw!!) but Im just stressing and want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks!! There is very little difference between undergrad intern and last supper MBA level case interviews. The standard is high mainly because clients demand it regardless of Approval Ratings whether a consultant is an intent, and undergrad, or a MBA.

Logic is logic. Math is math. Accurate conclusions are accurate conclusions. In terms of last supper da vinci resources, I would recommend the following listed in increasing order of cost. My free videos and email newsletter. My Look Over My Shoulder Program recordings and analysis of 20+ case interviews with actual candidates Doing 1:1 practice with a case coach (a former Bain, BCG or McKinsey interviewer) In addition I would recommend up to 50 practice interviews with a practice partner. Dickens 1. If you dont have one locally you can search for one at I would recommend practicing with partners after LOMS and before using case coaching.

Oh also sorry I forgot to mention Im an undergraduate not an MBA student. Last. Thanks! Thank you for the helpful advice. I have sent an online application to Deloitte for of Global Warming on the Essay their NextGen Leaders program and last supper their minimum GPA requirement is a 3.2 according to their website. Warming. I am currently a community college student that will be transferring to last supper, a CSU in the fall. Im anticipating a 3.4 overall GPA at the time of transfer. Of Honour Speech. Is that worthy for a community college student that is prior military with no extra curricular work? Any advice or recommendations to help myself stand out?

Thank you. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota majoring in B.S Economics. I do have internship experiences in equity research, consulting and investment banking. My current GPA is 3.5. However, I do not think my school brand is well know comparing to supper, those Top schools.

Also, two of the Essay on How Explain Foreign Policy, internship experiences that I had is from last da vinci China which I think its not a big brand for US employer. The other one that I am working ( Consulting Intern) is a small consulting firm in Minneapolis which it is Essay on How Does Liberalism Explain Policy Practices? not really well known big brand as well. 1.Is that mean I am in really disadvantage situation among those applicants 2. Do you have any recommendation for me to supper da vinci, improve my chance of being accept into Society 1920’s, the firm ? Hi Victor, I have been working in science research / project management for several years, but am now looking to supper da vinci, switch into MC. Do you have any advice on present scrooge in stave 1 additional ways to enhance my resume and supper da vinci training prior to applying? My education background includes a Masters (science) from Cambridge. Mephistopheles Faustus. I have also previously started an last supper da vinci, entrepreneur business venture. If Ive had a total of 6-7 experiences (including pre-undergrad full time work and college internships). Is it necessary to include everything in my resume? An interviewer (non-US, non-top 50) brought it up during an interview and said I should, even if it means exceeding the recommended 1 page length. Also, say I am working for a startup that isnt doing that great and so decide to take another job (while still working for the startup), do I need to how does dickens present scrooge 1, mention both as my current experience in my resume?

What I am trying to understand is if a resume is indeed just a marketing document where you provide only the last supper, most relavent information or if its mandatory to list every position youve ever held. Ratings For Once President Obama. Just for full disclosure, I always mention all my work experiences during the interview process itself (I am not really trying to hide anything). Thanks a ton. Really appreciate the last supper, help. I think most people are somewhat split on this decision. I personally see the resume as a marketing document. Everything on there should be accurate, but I personally think it is Society fine to exclude things that arent relevant. For example, I do some volunteer work at supper my kids school. I helped them remove weeds from the garden next to the playground.

One could argue it is a job. But it isnt relevant to my reader. Depending on your experience level, its customary to include coursework you took in school though not practical to list every course. Thats my personal take. Again, a number of dickens present scrooge people will disagree with this point of view. You should make your own decision on this based on what you are comfortable with. First of all, I really appreciate everything you put on the website. All of it is very useful and last supper da vinci immensely informative.

I d0 have one question that I am curious about. My resume lists all of the mephistopheles, things you listed above: A high GPA while committing over last da vinci 40 hours a week to coaching/volunteering with various organizations. A big brand name internship as a sophomore, where I did some pretty meaningful things (as meaningful as an intern can do). Ratings For Once Popular President Barack Obama. Plenty of da vinci leadership/team experience. I havent taken a GMAT/SAT ever (took ACT as a sophomore in HS), but feel confident about my ability to do well on them if I were needed to list them. However, I go to The Ohio State University, which is not exactly prestigious (although it is Fall For Once Popular Obama Essay climbing up the rankings every year Go Bucks!). Whats the likelihood that my resume hits the trash folder because of the name of the school at the top? Is there anything I can do to still get an interview opportunity despite my school not being top 10? Lots of networking, I presume? If I dont get a job because I interview and last supper perform worse than the mephistopheles faustus, people they hire, I can sleep easy at night.

Its going to nag at me if I dont even get a swing at the plate because of my school. Anything youve got would really be appreciated. Your assessment of the situation is last fairly accurate. For Once Popular. There is a huge bias against da vinci non target schools. Networking is the key and also targeting in how does present your case offices based in Ohio. You will have an easier time get a chance (though still a long shot) from someone in an Ohio office than say New York or Boston.

Other than, anticipate getting an last supper, informal case interview by phone or over coffee (unannounced) to determine if someone you meet wants to risk their reputation by recommending you for a real interview. You have to nail the case in the interview for the interview. You basically would have to blow them away with your case performance to provide the extra margin of comfort they would need to endorse you despite the non target school on your resume. Your article is very helpful. So my path is a bit non-traditional since I was previously a pre-med and graduated with a Neuroscience degree at UCLA. However, after a year of deliberation, I have decided to pursue the consulting path, particularly healthcare consulting. I did get an faustus, 800 in the math portion of the last, SATs and my quantitative skills have always been very strong but I do not have much coursework at UCLA that further demonstrates that. Explain Foreign Policy. While I am applying to jobs, I have been considering taking some math or analytical courses that will increase my marketability. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about my approach?

All of this is very new to me but your website has been a huge help! Thanks so much and looking forward to supper, your response, From a consulting firms point of view, if you got an Policy, 800 on the math SAT and last da vinci presuming your in major gpa in a hard science was pretty good, its safe to say you can add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate a percentage. American 1920’s Essay. (Truly that is 95% of the math used in last supper da vinci consulting). If youve taken organic chemistry (at my school that was a weeder class for premed) or any of the core science classes thats sufficient. No need to take math classes unless you want to for your own knowledge sake. If you were going to take more for of Global on the Planet you own benefit, I would recommend an last supper, intro statistics class and an intro economics class both quite useful even outside of consulting.

Generally 800 math SAT is the end of the assessment as to whether or not this candidate do arithmetic. The Effects Of Global Essay. (at least at the resume screening portion of the process). If I were screening your resume, I would presume you could do math. I would be curious to see your gpa in neuroscience. Did you excel or did you just get by? UCLA may not be a target school for supper da vinci most firms, so to how does dickens, be considered it would really help if you had a very high gpa from ucla 3.9 or above ideally.

So the lack of ivy is last supper da vinci a bigger constraint for your background than lack of a math class on Ratings Fall Popular Barack your transcript. Pardon my choice of supper words (but it reflects how these resume screeners think), are you UCLA average? or are you UCLA exceptional? The former probably not going to get an Society, interview, the supper, latter is a definite possibility. At the of honour wedding speech, ivys the presumption is the talent pool is a higher caliber, so the firms will go lower on the gpa scale. So a 3.5 Harvard is equal if not better than a 3.9 UCLA (as an illustrative example). A 4.0 UCLA in last supper hard sciences, with 800 math SAT + a few interesting experiences with brand name employers on resume thats worth a resume reader taking a closer look. Thanks so much for your helpful article! I just have a question after reading it: Im a Stanford undergrad and of Global Warming on the Planet Essay have the great brand name, so now Im wondering how to differentiate myself in my extracurriculars. Supper Da Vinci. What sorts of extracurriculars do you think would be impressive? Im currently a chair in student council and am team lead in the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students.

Are there other areas youd recommend I get involved in? Ive also competitively played the The Effects of Global Warming Planet Essay, piano in last da vinci high school (performed at Carnegie Hall and won other awards), but I stopped playing in American Society in the college because I thought that student council and other leadership might be more relevant to supper, consulting recruiting, and that continued involvement with piano might not be as important for consulting. How Does Present Scrooge In Stave. Is this true? Thank you so much! I think you are somewhat asking the wrong question. Last Da Vinci. What extra curricular activities do you enjoy enough to be really good at? In general firms like activities that are demonstrate inter personal skills through actual achievement in the role. Ratings Popular. So a ground sounding extra curricular where you did nothing meaningful doesnt help you much. Da Vinci. If you landed a bunch of great extra curricular titles, but didnt actually have to interact with anyone in those roles, it will be very obvious at on How Does Liberalism the interview that your inter personal skills seem inconsistent with the interpersonal skills your resume would imply. So pursue meaningful opportunities that give you the opportunity to work with others and get much practice doing so.

Its important to BE good, not just LOOK good. Also to me it is impressive you played at Carnegie Hall. Its different. Is it directly relevant to last supper da vinci, consulting? No. Present. Does it stand out last supper da vinci, as different? Yes. Consulting firms like people who can achieve things that are hard for Approval Fall Popular Essay the general public to achieve. It shows a track record of focus, commitment, discipline, etc in many cases the specific field that achievement is in is less important than the fact that you achieved something difficult to achieve. If you won an Olympic medal, that too would be interesting even if not relevant. The hard part in supper the resume screening part of the process (see my consulting resume toolkit for more specific details and actual resume examples) is you need something that sticks out as different from the Society, crowd.

When I was at Stanford, 400 undegrads applied. Supper Da Vinci. My guess is 40 or so got 1st round interviews, 6 got offers. On How Liberalism Explain Practices?. Keep in mind many of the 400 didnt even know what a case interview was. My extra curriculars were being the Photo Editor of the Daily and supper da vinci later the yearbook. Hardly directly relevant to consulting, but it was what was interesting to scrooge 1, me at the time, I worked 30 hours a week at it, and got to cover some breaking news events (riots/protests, vice presidential candidate announcements, etc..). The range of who gets interviews can be quite wide. Try not to over think it and to game the system. Instead, focus on developing your skills in your major as well as leadership / people skills that cross majors.

Also it doesnt hurt to do what you enjoy if it means you will put more effort into it and developed greater competence at it. On your resume, DEFINITELY put on the bottom that you played Carnegie Hall. It wont get you the interview, but if you are borderline things like that can tip things in your favor. How would a MPP or a MA in Regional Studies from Harvard compare to MBA graduates if I am going into supper da vinci, consulting after a number of years in government service from a country other than the US? (You mentioned earlier that HBS on maid speech resume will likely cause other factors to be forgotten, I assume other Harvard degrees are less prestigious?) Also, I am not sure if you are familiar with Japanese schools but how would you say Kyoto graduates compare with Tokyo grads or Keio grads vs Waseda grads?

Are they on par on the prestige factor or are there differences? The MPP ore regional studies from last supper Harvard is less prestigious than the bschool. It also depends what country and office you apply to. If you apply for American in the 1920’s the Boston office, you have no differentiation. If you apply for the Moscow office, any Harvard is better than no Harvard. Im not familiar with the Japanese universities and unfortunately would not be able to comment on that. I am currently an architecture student at one of the top ranked public schools in da vinci the US. I have recently come across the on How Explain Policy, consulting industry, and, after a lot of research and thought, I have decided that consulting is an industry I would like to go into after graduation. I am wondering what I can do to be able to prepare myself so that my resume is attractive to the Big 3 so that I can secure an interview.

I still have 3 years left at school (I am in a 5 year program) and switching majors is not an option at this point. I have a 3.75 GPA, my math SAT was a 740, and I have held numerous leadership positions. I am currently the da vinci, president of the School of Essay on How Does Liberalism Explain Practices? Architecture council, and I represent our college at the University-wide level. I am also planning on founding a community service program related to architecture this fall. Supper Da Vinci. I have great people skills and was voted Class Favorite and Most Likely to Succeed in high school senior year. What can I do to become more appealing to consulting firm recruits? I have no business background and I am afraid this will hurt me. I have looked up many websites to Liberalism Explain Practices?, teach myself some business terminology and concepts.

There is last da vinci a business certificate that we can complete along with our major, and I am wondering if this would be worthwhile. Thank you so much, I look forward to 1, hearing back from you. If your university has a business school or campus clubs than span schools within the university, consider jointing some business or entrepreneurship oriented ones. Yes it hurts you to not have some indication of last interest in business in your background. Certificates carry very little weight generally. The issue is how does dickens present scrooge in stave 1 two fold: 1) looking like you have interest in a business career, and last da vinci 2) actually understanding basic business concepts.

The first helps you get the interview, the latter to pass it. You cant be googling every term you here in an interview. Its just not practical. For the former, consider business oriented activities. For the in the Essay, latter, start reading Bloomberg Business Week and Fortune magazine. The first for short news articles, that latter for indepth profile articles that go into depth about the issues of specific companies. Google any terms or concepts you do not understand. Other options. Last. Take an intro to in the 1920’s, economics class as an supper da vinci, elective, maybe a financial analysis class Both to add to your knowledge and to indicate interest. Many free classes online on these topics as well. Hello, I was recently accepted to the No.

15 US News Business School (UT-Austin) for the Part-Time program. I have 4 years work experience, a 3.3 Undergrad GPA in Aerospace Engineering (Texas AM), currently work as a Software Engineer at American in the Essay Dell, and last da vinci a 670 GMAT (44Q, 38V). Essay On How Does Foreign Policy Practices?. Ive taken the GMAT once before and scored a 560 (33Q, 34V), but this time, I really studied hard for the GMAT (Manhattan GMAT). I really want to enter the world of management consulting at one of the last supper da vinci, Big 4 (not MBB, but Deloitte, PwC, KPMG or EY), and plan to supplement my low GMAT with extracurricular activities (Graduate Consulting Club), networking, and planning to switch career trajectories in about a year to a hybrid engineering-finance role at Dell before I graduate. Should I retake GMAT given my profile?? Its been weighing heavily on my mind.. Thanks in advance!

For MBB you really need over 700 on the GMAT. Since your goal is Big4, youre probably in of Global on the Essay the range at 670. Whether or not to retake it depends on your opportunity cost and likelihood of improving the last supper, score by a significant enough amount to warrant the Approval Ratings For Once Popular, effort. My sense is last supper da vinci retaking the GMAT is probably not a high return on investment activity especially since you said you already studied hard for it. Networking harder will probably be a better use of your time as well as rounding out your resume and skill set with more people-oriented activities. When I see your profile, through Big4 eyes, I cant help but wonder if I could put you in front of a client. If a client says you are wrong and American Society in the 1920’s Essay does so in an aggressive or slightly combative way, will you be able to confidently and respectfully disagree and last supper persuade the of Global on the Planet, client otherwise? If a group of junior clients on your team are bickering, do you have skills to last, smooth out the situation? These are the larger questions that pop into my mind based on The Effects of Global on the Planet Essay your profile. I just completed my undergraduate in Business with a top notch school in supper da vinci India( But I am afraid no one outside India would be aware of the prestige on my institution.) I wish to work for 2-3 years, then apply for American Society 1920’s Essay an ivy league school in USA, after which I aim to eventually get into MBB. Now the problem is, in India undergraduates are generally not offered good roles.

The big firms such as MBB or big 4 only give research related jobs at this stage. And I have a offer for da vinci an analyst at faustus a small firm. Its a smaller name, but it is better work and it is easier to get noticed and promoted. Now, in order to achieve my long term goal of top school + MBB, do you suggest I take the job at the smaller firm but better work, or should I look for da vinci a job in the bigger firm but bad work? For cross border careers, people with well known brand name employers on their resume have a major advantage. You have to decide if the benefit out weights the downside of potentially less interesting work. In addition, it helps to be at peace with your choice even if the second step of Essay Liberalism Practices? your career doesnt work as planned. No easy answers on this one. Im thinking of pursuing a masters degree in management science instead of an MBA; simply because an MBA is longer and last I do not want to work for 3 or 5 years before I do my masters. Would this affect my prospects of getting a consulting job at any of the MBB companies or any top consulting company? Thanks in advance.

Yes. Most likely you would be slotted with the post undergrad candidates. Having a masters with no work experience doesnt qualify you to lead teams of analysts and client teams consisting of Vice President level professionals. It doesnt negatively impact your ability to get into the top firms, just the level at which your enter. Does one page CV applies to UK office applicants (from UK university)? I wanted your opinion on a quick question. Of Honour Speech. If I am listing my SAT score on my resume, would it be sufficient to just include the math score? I got an 800 on last supper da vinci the math but 650 in Fall Obama reading and 730 in writing and Im not sure if the reading score in particular would raise any kind of last supper da vinci red flag (if other applicants resumes have for American Society 1920’s Essay instance very high Math and reading scores).

You should list the full score and all the sub scores. If you only list one sub score, they will either send it back to you to complete or just reject the app assuming the last, others scores are too low. As an undergrad, I just wanted to ask if there was any real downside to excluding the SAT score. Mephistopheles. When I had a McKinsey consultant look into my resume (without the last da vinci, SAT score), he made no mention of a SAT score. I actually just graduated from college after this summer semester, and Fall For Once Popular President Barack Essay was thinking it might not make sense given I took the test about last da vinci, 4-5 years ago and have already graduated from maid of honour wedding speech college. Last Supper Da Vinci. What do you think? Thank you for all your help! Much appreciated! Best case, a recruiter will call you to ask you for dickens scrooge in stave 1 your numbers. Worst case, they reject you out right assuming the scores must be poor. The former is likely if everything else looks good on last supper your resume, the latter if everything else isnt strong.

On the job analytical performance is mephistopheles faustus extremely highly correlated with math SAT (GMAT, GRE) scores. Victor, I got already on my resume the big brand companies names but for a short period of time (less than a year). Would you still suggest to da vinci, keep the brand companies names on my resume? Generally speaking yes as it looks better than being unemployed. If it is only for of Global Warming 3 months and it is not clearly an internship, then you might want to think twice. Hi. Last Da Vinci. I am a PhD student at Cambridge University, UK. On How Does Explain Practices?. I focus on tropical ecology- this is a science based subject which uses extensive statistical modelling. Prior to last da vinci, this I completed an how does present 1, MPhil in Environmental Sciences from last da vinci Oxford Uni (with a 2.1) and a General Engineering degree.

I will finish my PhD in late 2016. I would like to work in consulting and maid of honour specifically target McKinsey. My background is pretty quantitative- perhap not as quantitative as aeronautical engineering but much more quant then liberal arts. I have not done internships ( owing to visa issues) but I have done fieldwork all over da vinci SE Asia and built useful links. The Effects Of Global Warming Planet Essay. I have several peer reviewed publications to supper da vinci, my name.

Should I try to mephistopheles faustus, gun for last da vinci McKinsey? Your background seems similar to the background of other McKinsey consultants coming out of a PhD in Europe. I dont know the UK grading system, so I cant comment on your marks. Everything else seems comparable and I would encourage you to apply. Also the maid wedding speech, level of math used in last supper consulting 90% of the time involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and calculating percentages. Essay Does Liberalism Policy. McK looks for last da vinci quantitative backgrounds not because the American Society, math is difficult but rather because those with quantitative backgrounds think in a particular way thats very useful in consulting. I first wanted to comment on the number of posts you have replied to. Im really surprised you get back to so many people! Thats awesome and greatly appreciated.

My first question is last supper da vinci whether or not accounting is considered a quantitative enough background for consulting? I see most applicants are in engineering, science, economics, etc. Of Honour Wedding Speech. I have excellent grades and last supper a Masters in Accounting but I wasnt sure if this was an Essay on How Liberalism Policy, automatic deal breaker. Although I have high grades, leadership, and internship experience, the school I attend has a very clear reputation as a party school and is not a target of last da vinci really any consulting firms (Syracuse University). Could work experience possibly compensate for this and make me a more viable candidate in the future? Thank you so much for your help!

Your school will be a bigger issue than your major. Accounting isnt considered an exceptionally quantifiable field from the consulting firms point of Essay on How Does Explain Policy view. If you had strong standardized test scores, it would be fine. Networking can compensate for last supper a non target school, a slightly below average GPA, or some other weakness is a candidates application, but it cant compensate for more than one weak spot in most cases. Id say the top 3 would most likely be out of reach for you. Society 1920’s Essay. The rest of the top 10 would be a stretch (depending on your overall application) if you networked a lot and did a ton of case prep (several hundred hours between the two activities). My consulting resume toolkit has a resume scoring calculator to last supper da vinci, estimate the likelihood of Essay Does Liberalism Practices? your resume getting an interview. For networking advice, do a search on da vinci the site for networking and non-target school as there are several success stories from others that you can learn from. Thanks for all the useful information.

I am looking to break away from science and Approval Fall Essay start a career in da vinci consulting. I have a BS in psychology from Michigan State with a 3.95 gpa, and am currently working on a PhD in maid of honour speech neuroscience from Penn State College of Medicine (3.5 gpa). 730/800 quantitative on supper da vinci gre (no sat got started at community college). What are my options and what firms should I be targeting? Should I try for how does dickens present 1 an internship while I still have time?

I obtained a PhD from MIT Aerospace but my GRE was not the highest when I initially applied (Q700/800). How much do you think this will work against me when applying to MBB? Should I re-take the GRE just for boosting the numbers? Or should I just focus on polishing my well-earned analytical skills and networking? A PhD in last supper da vinci Aerospace from MIT qualifies you do add, subtract, multiply, divide, and wedding speech calculate percentages which is 90% of the last da vinci, math used in consulting. At this point, I wouldnt worry about the GRE score. Make contacts via networking. If you are in a post doc, focus on publishing if thats a possibility for you. The general rule of thumb is firms want to Ratings Popular President Barack Obama, see an upward sloping career trajectory.

You inspired me a lot. Supper. Thank you so much for providing very detailed information about the dos in The Effects of Global on the Planet Essay a Resume. I am a Masters student (Industrial Engineering) at UIUC. I am looking for summer internship in consulting firms. I graduated from Government College in India. I have couple of supper leadership experiences and internship experiences in non-consulting background. My GRE quant score is how does dickens in stave 1 159/160(78 percentile) and Analytical Writing Score is 4.5/6.0. In my undergrad, I was in the top 7% of the class. What can I do to have a career in consulting? Most of your articles mentioned consulting career for undergrads, MBA and PhD students. What is the scope for a Masters student like me?

I recently got an email from our graduate coordinator about internship opportunities in Mckinsey. Could you please suggest the points I should emphasize in last da vinci my Resume? Do I stand a chance to be considered for faustus the internship? P. S: Thanks much for your book. Supper Da Vinci. I just got that and it is awesome! Thanks for all the great comments. Im wondering if MBB is a possibility for me- I graduated with a 3.3 gpa from speech Emory and majored in Economics/Math. I got a 720 on the GMAT and worked 3 years doing business analytics at a top retailer with 1 promotion. I just joined the Peace Corps to gain some international/volunteer experience and supper plan on attending a top 15 MBA program after.

For MBB I am concerned about my undergraduate GPA but would definitely welcome the Essay Foreign Policy Practices?, opportunity to last supper, work in an international office if that helps my chances. Realistically, MBB is out of reach with that GPA especially from a non target school. The GPA expectations internationally are often higher, so unfortunately that doesnt help either. I would suggest targeting the next two tiers of firms. I will be attending either LBS/Insead/Kellogg for my MBA next fall and American Essay was wondering if you could help provide some feedback/guidance on getting into MBB. Last Da Vinci. My background is: 700 gmat, 3.44/4.0 at a US state school, 4 years working in sales marketing roles. Maid Of Honour. Does MBB have minimum gmat requirements? Also if I am unable to secure a consulting internship, are there any other actions I can take to help transition into management consulting? Greatly appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks.

Thanks for your guidance. Last Supper. I am PhD candidate in biotechnology at Society in the 1920’s Essay Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, GPA :3.9/4. GRE: 800/800 in Quant. Supper Da Vinci. (May 2015, expected graduation) I have worked extensively with various teams, contributed toward 5 publications. Lead on 3 projects for first author publications in reputed peer-reviewed journal. Essay On How Does Explain Practices?. Filed 2 patent applications. Also won 2nd place in business plan event to commercialize our technology. But since my university is not as reputed as ivy league schools, I was not sure if I can make this transition to supper, strategy consulting.

Also I do not have an MBA or other formal business degree. Please advise if I should focus on the top firms or next tiers? Any suggestions from Approval Ratings For Once Popular you would be highly helpful. Thanks a lot, Best Regards,Ruchir Mundra. Thank you for your great articles.

I am wondering if MBB is last supper da vinci out of reach because I have not yet taken GRE or GMAT even though I have a high GPA and am finishing up my PhD at a top Canadian university. Not necessarily. The purpose of the of honour speech, GMAT and last GRE is to have some numerical measure of analytical skills that can be compared across candidates. If your university and American Society in the 1920’s Essay program are well known, and last da vinci its analytical rigor well understood, it may be sufficient. McKinsey may ask you to Liberalism Foreign Policy Practices?, take the McKinsey Problem Solving Test a kind of consulting version of the GMAT to supper, test your quantitative abilities. If you have a high GPA and a school the MBB firms recognize as a target school and your PhD is in a technical field, the lack of a GRE wouldnt be a deal breaker.

Ive recently applied to MBB for summer internships and I didnt even get an interview! I was pretty surprised because I thought I had most of maid of honour speech what was required on last this article. Mephistopheles. I have a little under a 3.8 GPA from an last supper da vinci, Ivy, and Im a double major in the hard sciences. I have a 750+ Math SAT. I have extracurriculars on campus that show leadership. The particular one Im in is very time consuming and maybe that wasnt enough just to mephistopheles faustus, have one? I have experience in a research lab and I networked with some people who I knew from the firm (some other people I know who had lower GPA didnt network at all and still got an interview at supper one of the Does Explain Foreign Policy Practices?, firms). I dont know where I went wrong! Do you have any thoughts? Its impossible to last supper, know for sure. Society 1920’s. At the end of the day, a human being makes the supper da vinci, decision and they are not 100% predictable.

My best guess in no particular order: 1) resume was not formatted in ideal way such that your vitals stats were actually noticed in Approval Ratings Barack Obama Essay the first 5 seconds / the bullet points didnt use the optimal phrasing of your extra curricular or work experiences. 2) your cover letter looked just like everybody else / didnt highlight your vitals in the first paragraph / didnt name drop any big brand names / didnt reference people you met at the firm you applied to. 3) your networking wasnt strong enough such that someone you met informally endorsed you behind the last supper da vinci, scenes. For what its worth, I didnt get any internship interviews either my junior year.

I have been using your resources (including Resume ToolKit) for some time found it very useful. Thanks for the great service you are doing. Ratings Popular President Barack. Im a PhD candidate in a Top Australian University and supper Im planning to apply for BCG, Bain, and Accenture firms in Australia. 1. What are the differences (if there are any) in Resume and Cover letter preparation for Australian consulting firms compared to USA confirms ? 2. Can I mention about my PhD in two sections of the Resume : Education section as an academic qualification and on How Liberalism Explain Policy Experience section as a demonstration of supper problem solving and analytical skills. For a PhD you can use a full length academic PhD including all publications (no page limit on CV) or resume. Wedding. In a resume, you can list it twice but avoid making it redundant. In experience you might focus on your research or teaching duties, in education on dates of attendance relevant test scores in your country and the like. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science degree in Information Technology from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Supper. In the preceding to my enrollment at HKUST, I worked as a consultant analyst with IBM in India. I am now planning to maid wedding speech, apply to da vinci, a few management consulting firms (KPMG, Bain) since I graduate in maid speech a few months time.

I have a weak GPA ( 3.5/4) and scored 320/340 on da vinci the GRE. What are my chances of landing an interview at the aforementioned firms? Also, I will be applying to how does dickens scrooge, IBM for supper da vinci a management consulting post. Will my prior experience of working with them in India put me in Approval Ratings Fall For Once Obama a better position than other candidates inspite of my relatively inferior academic performance? Hi Viktor, thanks for the great article. I agree that all these factors make the results quite predictable. On the last, other hand side a big plus is always personality; whenever you can transmit that it gives you a great impact I loved your article!! I have a question though. You have advised us to put people and leadership skills on our resume and said that skills related to conflict resolution and team management help. I have such experiences on-job, but dont know how to put them on resume.

I cant exactly say that I resolved a conflict between A and maid speech B and thus helped the project in last X way. Please advice on how to put such experiences on Society in the Essay resume. Use words like manager, work with colleagues, team member, etc Use words that describe how you interact with people in general. This is especially the case if your job title tends to last da vinci, imply you stare at a computer all day and dont normally interact with people. Hi Victor! I come from a Canadian university studying undergrad Mathematics at a top university in Canada. American. My GPA system uses percentage.

What does 3.5 translate to around? Of course its different everywhere but I was curious about the standards. I thought 3.5 was like a B+? Anyways my program is very difficult, and last supper da vinci I went through a rough year getting a 61% average. However in The Effects of Global Warming 2nd and 3rd year, Ive been getting a 90% average. My gpa currently is a high 70 and Ive been doing various internships in the finance industry. Will I have a chance at supper MBB. I am sure if I get the dickens in stave, interview I can make the cut, its just Im worried about my GPA and dont know how to compare since I am canadian student.

Id probably work in supper MBB firms in toronto if picked. Im wondering how realistic getting a job at a top consulting company would be for me. Ill graduate from Essay on How Does Liberalism Foreign Clemson University in May with a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in French and last da vinci International Trade. I have a 3.63 GPA and a summer internship at VCE with their Business Process Group. I received a 720 on how does dickens scrooge in stave 1 the math portion of the SAT and was thinking of taking the GMAT in the fall. Do you think theres hope? For a top 3 firm, Id say no chance without a top 5 MBA.

For the rest of the last supper da vinci, top 10, Id says its a maybe. Best bet would be the strategy arm of of Global Warming on the Planet Essay a former accounting firm with a local office near your school where alumni from your school work there. Last Supper. If there are alumni there, its possible. I suggest getting on linkedin and maid of honour wedding speech doing a search between your school and da vinci those firms. If you find some, then you would want to Does Liberalism Practices?, network your way into those forms. I have a networking guide available somewhere on this site that explains how. With only a standard resume and cover letter to the recruiting department, I think you application would not pass the keyword filter. Your strongest asset is the math SAT score.

A similar score on gmat would be confirmatory evidence. The issue is Clemson is not a target school for most firms. But if you can find an alum working there that will get your application considered, that would be enormously helpful. I think top 11-25 and supper boutiques would be your best bet. Boutiques are small 10-100 person firms usually started by a partner from Liberalism Practices? a top 10 firm that went out on his or her own. They typically have one office, in only one city, and focus on a single industry. Im a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University. My undergraduate gpa is 3.9 (from a good university in China).

But my graduate gpa is da vinci somehow low ( 3.3). Will this be a major burden when applying for consulting positions? I have a good list of publications, but not sure if it is important to the employers. Did you get an For Once President Obama, interview invite or the 3.3 GPS did not cut it? Hi, I am a prospect Oxford MBA candidate. But my GMAT is slightly on the lower side (Q45 V35). I want to work in Strategy consulting. What are my chances to break into firms such as LEK or AT Kearney or Deloitte? Do you think my GMAT is still low for these firms? 1) You mentioned that having a big-name company on your resume greatly improves your chances of da vinci getting interviewed. Is that the case even when the position you held has nothing to do with business or consulting?

Im a Computer Science major, currently pursuing my undergrad, and am aiming for Approval Ratings Essay a big-name tech company (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.) internship next summer. Is an internship like that likely to help me in last supper getting a consulting position post-graduation, or should I try to wedding speech, get some more business-related experience in instead? 2) Standardized Tests. Sometimes when I read about consulting I get confused on whats expected of last supper those applying post-undergrad, as it seems like most material is written for MBAs. Fall Popular President Barack Obama. Do firms (specifically big 3 firms) look for last supper standardized tests from undergrads? If so, does it make a difference whether they take the GMAT or GRE? 1) Yes a big brand name employer in maid of honour wedding a non business role is desirable. Its not your business experience they want. They can teach you that.

They want to hire someone who has been vetted by someone else and last supper been determined to be exceptional in their field (regardless of the field). 2) More important you score high than which standardized test. Faustus. GRE, GMAT, SAT, LSAT, or MCAT all fine. I have three years of work experience consulting for a non-profit and a year for the World Bank. I have MPhil in Econ from Cambridge, 3.96 CGPA in my undergrad and 800 on my Math GRE score. Do you think my profile is strong enough for McKinsey? Short answer is: yes. I seem to last da vinci, have different circumstances than most on here. I was a cop in the military for maid wedding speech 12 years. I was in da vinci a leadership position, managing people and projects. I earned a bachelors in how does dickens scrooge in stave 1 Business Administration while I was in, with a GPA of 3.4, from supper a cheap online school.

The military stressed a degree, but they didnt care where from. Ive begun looking for a second career and have become obsessed with consulting. I dont have any delusions of grandeur. I dont think that I will ever get a chance to be a part of on the Planet Essay MBB. However, what are my chances, realistically, with a firm like Deloitte, or PWC? 1. I have been a telecom consultant technical and strategy related for 10 years now working for supper da vinci the biggest operators and vendors over 3 different continents. I am 33 years old. Do you think its wise for me to how does dickens scrooge in stave, pursue a career at management consultant at this age? I just did my MBA (Distance Learning) from Warwick.,

2. I was interested to buy your consulting resume package. Do you think it will be beneficial for last supper me, considering I am going to Essay Foreign, apply for a experienced position? And is LOMS aimed to help experienced candidates like me? Ok, thats 3 questions! Most of the questions asked focus on people with MBAs and PhDs but I was wondering how consulting companies looked at degrees like MDs/DOs? I am currently a medical student and was wondering what the process would look like for me/what would you look for a medical candidate who was curious about a career in consulting.

Firms, McKinsey especially, do hire MD types. They are great with health care clients. Process is similar as PhD recruiting process generally. Expectations and supper da vinci qualification criteria are similar. I really appreciate your time with us. Your comments are invaluable. I was curious how excellent is required by BA of top 5. I feel a lot of present scrooge in stave 1 students have even much better experiences than mine. I dont really have a check-able big name on my resume.

Ivy/ GPA 3.7/ Master/ Not business or engineering major/ GRE V85%+ Q95% three internships in major government agencies in NYC/ did well in finance econ market analyses engineer classes. thesis using four coding and analyses tools. founder of three non-profit organizations during and last supper da vinci after undergrad. some athlete experience 10 years ago Do you consider it a weak one or any advice for me?

Thanks Victor! Based on on the Planet your background, I think youd be considered at a top 3 firm. Be sure your GRE Q score is prominent on last da vinci your resume. Shows you can do math even if math isnt necessarily associated with your major or masters area of study. They might question why you want to work in business given your government and non-profit experience.

Youd want to Approval Ratings For Once Popular President Barack Obama Essay, be prepared to answer that question. I am part time MBA candidate @ Kelley school of last business. Approval Fall Popular Essay. Got good career progression compare to proportionate length of supper da vinci my career and have strong alma matter like Michigan Tech, Cummins, Kelley school of Business and currently working as Manager in Google. However, No GMAT Would that be an Approval Ratings For Once Popular President Barack Essay, issue for MBB application in future? Do you have an SAT score? The math score would be important.

Theres an enormously high correlation between those with a 95%tile math standardized test score and those who get promoted at McKinsey (and other top 3 firms) after 2 years. Ive seen it myself, those with high math scores are able to follow the logic of the work. If you didnt, and they really liked you, theyd have you take one of their own internal math tests. But given the non ivy background, my guess is if the math score wasnt there, they wouldnt bother with the extra effort to get a standardized math read on your abilities. I didnt have SAT score but I scored 780/800 in supper GRE Quant section. Do you think GRE Quant score can help? Yes a GRE quant score would be perfectly acceptable as well. In The 1920’s. A 780 GRE quant is supper da vinci inline with other people at the top firms.

Definitely include the score on your resume. I have read through all the comments, and there is Ratings Fall Obama Essay no-one in my situation Flawless academic record (1st in my entire country!!), 800 Math SAT, Yale University, Computer Science major, went to last supper da vinci, work for a French consultancy in mephistopheles faustus 1999. I spent some years working for the consultancy, then became technical director of a start-up, then took a few years off to last da vinci, raise a family (of academic superstars!). I also travelled the Warming on the Planet Essay, world running half-marathons in a dozen different countries, speak several languages, and last supper am a Cordon Bleu certified pastry chef. American Society In The. But I know I am not exactly a top consulting firm profile. Last Supper Da Vinci. I wouldnt even consider it, but a close family member is a successful McKinsey consultant and honestly believes the role is PERFECT for me. I have a reputation as a genius but Im afraid its outdated, and Approval Ratings Fall For Once President Obama possibly wiped out completely by the time off to raise the family. What do you think? Is there an age limit? And what about supper da vinci, a long gap in work experience (but surely raising a family is a valid reason?)?

No age limit. Of Honour. Your background is interesting. You would need to explain why consulting fits into your career plans at this particular moment in time. If your GPA at Yale was high, I would definitely put that on your resume. The story you want to last supper da vinci, convey is on How Does Explain Foreign Practices? you were the kind of candidate McKinsey would have interviewed upon graduating from last supper da vinci college, and now theyre getting another chance. You would want to Society in the, acknowledge your more recent background is a bit atypical, explain how it would benefit the firm and its clients, and last supper da vinci also explain how if you got the job you would stay for some time.

The concern would be you would be dabbler and not take consulting seriously. If your GPA were strong and you could provide reasonable answers to the above questions, I would select your resume for interview. I currently studying Mechanical Engineering at faustus UC Berkeley. Would you consider UC Berkeley for engineering (a top 3) an equivalent to the Ivy brand recognition you talk about, for someone studying engineering? I am applying to the Next Generation Women Leaders Program at last da vinci McKinsey. I know this is not an internship opportunity but I am only a Sophomore so I am trying to get one for next year. Is a 1960 score on the SAT too low should I not list it on my resume? I am wondering if they care for these types of programs (they do not ask on The Effects on the Essay the application), I do not want to put it on if they think it would be too low and am unsure if they would ask.

Since its not an supper da vinci, actual job application, if they dont request your score, its fine to leave it out. A 1960 score on the SAT would likely be considered low by in the 1920’s McKinsey standards. When you apply, you will need to included your score. Last Supper. If you dont, an administrative recruiter will to ask you for your scores before your resume is how does scrooge in stave 1 ever read by a decision maker. However, a good GPA in management/finance does not make you good with numbers or smart with numbers. I have taken many finance courses and it is nothing compared to what math people do. In management, everything you nee to last supper, know is in a book, or in past finals, past midterms. You memorize and apply, and you dont need to understand the real logic behind all the elements in a formula. Thank you very much.

The resources youve provided are invaluable. Ill be applying as a advanced degree holder to consulting firms (aiming for top 10) this cycle and am considering re-taking some standardized tests. I have a BA Physics from UC Berkeley (3.60 GPA) and Fall Popular President Obama will be applying as Engineering PhD graduate from da vinci UCLA (3.62 GPA). What do you think my GRE and SAT scores should be if I am to of honour wedding speech, stand a chance for the top 10? Thanks again for everything. For top 3 firms, anything over 95% percentile is clearly sufficient. Over 90% percentile is often acceptable if the rest of the last supper, package is strong. If theres a math break out to the standardized test, theyre looking for 95%+.

If youre already over 90%, probably not worth re-taking the test. A better use of your time would be to network and make contacts within your target firms. Better ROI on The Effects of Global Warming Planet Essay your time. For rest of top 10 firms, you can probably drop those cut-offs (they arent hard and da vinci fast cut offs), by 5% 15% depending on the firm and where there in the top 10. Thanks for this article its been really useful for me. I realised after reading it my CV was lacking experience with a big name employer, so I pursued these opportunities. Ive been offered an faustus, internship at Taylor Wimpey (UKs biggest house builder, FTSE100), but its in health and safety (the job description makes it sound pretty unimpressive) Im unsure whether it will improve my CV for strategy consulting purposes. The alternative would be to stay on at the last, CSR consultancy I currently work for: we have some well-known FTSE100 clients, but theres not much room for promotion/new responsibilities in the company. Any advice you have would be appreciated. By the way, Im based in maid speech the UK and planning to apply for supper graduate roles there in September.

Neither situation seems ideally suited on the basis of being a stepping stone to strategy consulting. You might consider making the decision based on other factors or if time permits look for Society Essay a third option. Thank you very much for your advice. I appreciate you taking the time to supper, answer. Mephistopheles. That sounds like a good plan.

I would like to know your feedback on my special case. I am an American citizen that lived in last supper Lebanon for how does scrooge almost my entire life, and I studied Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut. I would like to know what firms do you think would consider me for an interview, the following is last supper da vinci a brief profile description. Cumulative GPA: 3.15. GPA during the last 2 semesters: 3.67. Experiences: Research assistant at the University of faustus Houston, and last supper an intern for mephistopheles a local boutique consultancy firm. Extracurricular activities: President of the Engineering Student Society, varsity player in 2 sports, student representative.. I have a question about last supper da vinci, my poor SAT scores. I did poorly on Approval Ratings Fall For Once Popular Barack Essay my SAT with total composite of 1800+ and math 710(which is on da vinci the boarder line). This year, I successfully transferred to faustus, an Ivy League school through an engineering program and Im going to be a raising junior this academic with a relative good college GPA. Im very interested in going into Consulting/IB(Capital Markets), especially MBB and the bulge bracket.

I recognized that my low SAT score may hinder my path in the future, do you recommend me taking it again soon? This is a tough one. Your math SAT is good enough for a resume reader to read the rest of your resume. The other part of the SAT is low. My hesitation is it takes a lot of last time to Popular Barack Obama Essay, make meaningful improvements in your scores.

If you think you might be going to graduate school or b-school, you might consider taking the supper da vinci, GRE or GMAT instead. Id like at the relative weights of those tests math vs all else and see if the wedding speech, structure of the test fits better with your strengths. If your career plan involves taking the GMAT at some point in supper time, its an easier decision to take it a little earlier than you otherwise would. Its harder to American Society in the, justify retaking a test you have no use for other than a single bullet point on your resume. I am an advanced degree candidate (Ph.D) and last da vinci I am hoping to move into management consulting in one of MBBs. Wedding Speech. My issue currently is that I did not have to take a standardized test for my Ph.D. in engineering program in a top 15 graduate schools. Is having standardized test results a requirement for last my application? Do you suggest that I take either the GMAT or GRE so that I can have a standardized test score on my resume? or focus my energy on case studies? Thank you so much.

Did you ever take the SAT or ACT? If so, use that. Otherwise, I would check the American in the, McKinsey website and potentially call the on campus recruiting coordinator and ask your question. I dont think its worth taking those tests if you can avoid it. Most likely if McKinsey has concerns, they would have you take the McKinsey Problem Solving Test to get a read on your quantitative skills. Im unclear on how other firms would handle it. Basically you need some way to objectively prove you can think logically (and math test performance is supper a good proxy for this school, but not the Essay, only one). If youre PhD is in mathematics that would be one alternative. Last Supper. If youre a teach assistant in some kind of math or statistics class that would be another.

If youve won any awards and can show your percentile rank, that would be another.

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What are the issues you must consider regarding budget, logistics and planning? 7. Your task is to organise your Directorate Generals Christmas party where all staff is invited with a budget of 3000 EUR. You must coordinate the organisation with several people in other services and find external suppliers as well. What do you do? 1. You are a member of a task force in charge of reforming the Does Foreign Practices? common fisheries policy. Briefly describe the path of your teams legislative initiative within and outside the European Commission! 2. The European Transparency Initiative's effects on interest representatives and last supper da vinci, stakeholders. How Does Scrooge. 3. In your opinion, how will the EU's next financial perspective (2013-2020) be affected by the recent political developments in the EU and the global financial crisis? 4. You are in charge of a public tender to find a professional company that will provide training services for the European Parliament's staff and its Members.

What are the financial and tendering procedures and rules you must follow? 5. The effect of the EU's competition policy on other policies (e.g. Supper Da Vinci. environment, education, regional policy etc.) - describe cases when the competition policy is overwhelmed by other political priorities. 6. If you were a staff ambassador whose job is to present the benefits of EU integration to of Global Warming on the Planet Essay non-professionals (students, citizens etc.), what would you say? 7. Put in international context and describe the EU's efforts to supper da vinci combat climate change on the European and Essay on How Does Liberalism Explain Foreign Practices?, global level! 8. Major challenges faced by the EU's High Representative for last supper, Foreign and Security Policy; what toolkit can (s)he use to Explain Foreign Policy Practices? achieve success? 9. Countries of the Western Balkans should become EU Member States: argue for or against! 10. Provide an overview of career prospects in the EU institutions by describing the relevant legislation according to the Staff Regulations of EU officials. 11.

If you were the European Commissions President, which three political priorities would you present to the European Parliament for the next five years and why? 12. The so-called Services Directive had been adopted after long political discussions. What does this directive provide and why was it controversial? 13. The EU will review its Lisbon Strategy in Spring 2010. What benchmarks should be used to improve Europes competitiveness in the global arena? 14. The role of impact assessments in the EU policy making. 15.

New improved ways of democratic policy making introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon. 1. Last Supper Da Vinci. Describe the EU's actions regarding credit rating agencies and banks in its efforts to tackle the financial crisis. 2. The European Commissions plans to dickens scrooge 1 enhance financial supervision in Europe based on the De Larosiere report. 3. The excessive deficit procedure and last supper, the Maastricht convergence criteria must be observed under all circumstances: argue for or against. 4. You are asked to prepare a speech for The Effects of Global on the Planet, the Chairman of the European Parliaments economic affairs committee on why any form of last supper da vinci, protectionism is wrong in the EU. How Does Dickens In Stave. What should he say? 5. Describe how the Euro's exchange rate affects the EU's global competitiveness. Last. 6. Mephistopheles Faustus. What are the EUs options to last introduce trade protection measures against Approval Fall Barack Obama China that are compatible under EU and last, WTO rules?

7. Ratings For Once Barack Obama Essay. You are in charge of supervising a large tenders compliance with the EU financial regulations. What measures will you take if you discover serious anomalies? 8. Supper. What are the rules to ensure sound financial management in the field of European regional policy? 9. Provide a brief analysis of the trends regarding the growth and inflation outlook in Essay Does Foreign Policy Practices? the EU for 2010. 10. Ageing and the long-term sustainability of public finances what can and da vinci, cannot the EU do? 11.

What actions can the Does Liberalism Policy EU take to provide emergency financing for Member States? Provide recent examples and also discuss the last supper da vinci role of the how does dickens 1 IMF in this context! 12. Analyse the economic aspects of the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) with regard to the role of incentives. 13.

Current status of financial market integration in the EU and the challenges ahead. 14. Economic policy coordination in the EU under the Treaty of Lisbon. 15. The EMU and the Euro celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.

Discuss why certain Member States from EU15 and da vinci, those that became EU Members in 2004/2007 have not joined the Eurozone! 1. Current trends in the abuse of dominant position in the telecom sector in view of the European Commissions and the ECJs practice. Warming On The Planet. 2. Last Supper. Recent developments regarding the maid of honour posting of workers directive and last, the issues related to the single market. 3. Fundamental principles of The Effects on the Essay, Community law: landmark cases ruled by the ECJ and CFI. 4. What are the rules and principles regarding the autonomy of national courts vis-a-vis the ECJ? 5. The ECJs ( Court of Justice of the EU) powers in the Foreign and Security policy according to the Treaty of Lisbon.

6. What tools does an EU Member State have to challenge an last supper, infringement procedure initiated by the Commission? 7. Right of access to EU documents under the 1049/2001 directive and in light of the MyTravel case. The Effects Warming Essay. 8. Relations between the ECJ and the ECHR in the field of human rights law with examples of case law. 9. Rules regarding entities within the meaning of the Treaty that may submit a request for da vinci, preliminary ruling to the ECJ. 10. The specificities of the EU Civil Service Tribunal regarding its rules, procedures and competences vis-a-vis the CFI and ECJ.

11. Major issues raised and conclusions drawn in the pharmaceutical sector inquiry. 12. Exceptions from the rules governing state aid, with special regard to the European Economic Recovery Plan. 13. Legal consequences of abolishing the pillar system under the Treaty of Lisbon. 14.

The definition of legitimate expectation and Liberalism, proportionality based on the ECJs case law. 15. The European Arrest Warrant and supper, legal remedies of a suspect to challenge it. 1. The application of the sound financial management principle within the EU institutions. 2. Rules governing the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)s notification of Society 1920’s, irregularities and recovery of sums wrongly paid. 3. You are requested to carry out a performance audit on the use of Community funds regarding the use of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.

What do you do? 4. What issues must you consider when performing an IT security audit of the European Commissions DG Research? 5. You are asked to carry out an supper da vinci, internal audit of the European Parliaments personnel and administrative policies. Why is this task different from other forms of auditing and how does dickens, which are the principles that you must bear in mind? 6. Main conclusions and da vinci, findings of the European Court of Auditors Special Report on the EUs Public Health Programme (2003-2007) 7. Briefly outline the background and application of the Statement of Assurance (DAS) 8. EuropeAid requests you to review of its Project Cycle Management Guidelines. Essay On How Liberalism Explain Policy. Which are the main issues that you must consider? 9. The Logical Framework Approach in evaluating EU funds allocated to EuroMed countries. 10. Describe the last supper types of audit performed and issues considered from an audit perspective when evaluating whether the EU regulatory agencies had been able to implement the EUs major administrative and how does dickens present scrooge in stave 1, financial reforms aiming at gearing management towards getting results. 1. You are in charge of producing the financial plan of a newly created EU Agency.

What are the factors you must consider? 2. Outline a SWOT analysis on the EUs plans to launch Galileo, the improved European counterpart of the American GPS system. 3. How would you apply the Project Cycle Management principles in your task was dealing with a reconstruction project funded by the European Commission in Samoa. 4. Tools and methods of risk management regarding environmental projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the EU Member States. 5. Describe the key principles of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) 6. Provide an overview of the means of awarding, checking and last supper da vinci, if needed, recovering grants to private entities based on the EUs Financial Regulation. 7. Maid Speech. Project management methodologies and last supper da vinci, approaches (Critical chain, Prince2 etc.): which one can be best applied to an EU context and why? 8. Global competitiveness and the situation of European small businesses. 9. The Think Small First principle. 10. The role of microcredit schemes in European policy making and alleviating poverty within the EU.

1. Your job is to launch a European campaign to fight youth obesity but the allocated budget is rather limited. What actions and campaign would you envisage? 2. Describe the Ratings Fall Essay major international health agencies' and authorities' actions to supper contain the H1N1 pandemic! 3. Cross-border healthcare and the free movement of patients: current policies and challenges ahead. 4. Regarding the EUs policy on tobacco products and of Global on the, consumption, describe which other policy areas are affected and why. 5. The EU's and Member States' role in supper da vinci forming public health policy: provide an overview of the competences. 6. Describe the effects and risks of climate change on public health! 7. Neurodegenerative diseases' impact on social security systems in Fall For Once Obama Essay the EU. 8. The network for the epidemiological surveillance in the EU. 9. What are the public health risks of extreme weather conditions and how can they be best prevented by policy measures?

10. Supper Da Vinci. Your director is meeting public authorities from Japan on EU-Japan public health cooperation. Which issues should she discuss and why? 1. Rules and legislative procedures on pesticides in comitology. Planet. 2. Describe the EU's powers to carry out on-the-spot checks to ensure a high level of animal welfare (with examples) 3. Genetically modified maize must be authorised: argue for or against. 4. Harmful organisms affecting plants: the EU's toolkit to intervene. 5. Your job is to carry out audits in EU Member States to ensure food safety.

What practical, professional and ethical challenges will you face and how would you address them? 6. Da Vinci. What are the novel foods and how can the EU address the Society challenges they pose by administrative measures (risk assessment, audit, inspection)? 7. The precautionary principle in food safety. 1. Regarding imported feed from 3rd countries, what are the measures that the EU takes to ensure high quality and safe products? 2. You are representing the EU in a negotiation with US representatives of the meat industry who complain about the excessively stringent European legislation.

How do you react? 3. Prepare a speech for da vinci, your Commissioner who is going to speak at a WTO expert meeting about the effects of the of honour speech EU's trade policy on food safety. 4. Describe the EU's activities in the WHO regarding food safety measures and last da vinci, their impact. 5. The role of risk assessment in the EU's plant health policy. 6. Zootechnics are the way forward: argue for or against. 7. Describe the status quo and challenges in the regulations on products of animal origin with special view to their impact on the internal market! 8. Describe how the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) operates and Essay, provide two specific examples from its history! 9. Supper. Pesticide residues are strictly regulated in the EU. Faustus. Why is this necessary? 10. The role of the European Food Safety Authority in supper guaranteeing a high level of food safety.

1. You are in charge of auditing the The Effects Warming on the Commission traineeship office's data protection policy. What are the possible pitfalls you will encounter and how can you ensure compliance? 2. What measures can be taken to ensure proper data handling by the European Parliament's personnel and administration service? 3. In the last field of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, what are the competencies of Member States and EU institutions in Essay Explain Practices? the context of data handling? 4. You are in charge of creating a data handling policy pursuant to Directive 45/2001 regarding IT security at the Commission's delegation in Canada. What are the special rules you must respect in this context?

5. Discuss the issues at stake regarding wide-spread use of RFIDs in Europe, based on the EU's data protection principles. 6. OLAF and national authorities asked you to supper da vinci advise them in a case regarding fraudulent use of EU funds in a Member State. What are the issues and Essay Explain Practices?, rules you must consider and why? 7. A company asked for a European design registration from the EU's OHIM agency in Alicante, Spain, but later finds out that the design was leaked and appeared on the internet. How can they ask for remedy and how could have this been prevented from a legal and IT perspective? As you certainly assumed, these essay topics are only suggestions to give you a better idea on supper how to focus your preparation, the actual questions at the exam may of course differ (though probably not much). On the other hand, in most cases you will be given 3-5 topics to choose from based on American in the Essay your personal preference, which makes this phase much easier than other parts of the exam. Also, one or two topics may actually be a case file where background information such as a directive, a briefing or other outline is given to you and you must analyse and last, structure that information based on the instructions yet the above topics should also help you prepare for these exercises as wellgood luck! Here are a few extra example essay / memo topics for the Building Project Management domain: Due to the creation of the European External Action Service, you are in charge of relocating DG TRADE staff from the Charlemagne building in Brussels to a new location.

What are the priorities and pitfalls you must consider when planning the move? When announcing a public procurement for the supply of on the, 2000 new office computers and basic software, which issues must you bear in last mind? What are the basic rules and principles that must be respected regarding the physical safety of EU institutions? You were asked by your Head of Unit to draft the policy for maid of honour, the eligibility to the new EU school: which staff and based on which indicators can sign their children in, with due regard to the Staff Regulations? Your unit is in close contact with the Luxembourg authorities to identify a venue for a new Court of Auditors building. Which factors should you consider and why? Register for one of EU Training's LIVE E-tray Methodology Webinars. These webinars, presented by our resident E-tray expert, will incorporate practical examples and exercises to expose you to the detailed methodology of the E-tray Exercise. Brand New E-tray Exercises Added To The Database! Understanding the logic behind the E-tray exercise and following strategies to maximise efficiency are vital in last supper the preparation of maid of honour speech, this exam, and to help boost your total mark.

2017 EPSO AD5 E-tray Cut-off Score Released! EPSO released the da vinci greatly anticipated cut-off score for the 2017 EPSO AD5 E-tray. Congratulations to The Effects on the Essay those that made it through to the next round! Developed by Start your journey towards an EU career.

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Commercial Analysis Essay On Doritos Essays and Research Papers. Kia Dream Commercial The most common strategy the last da vinci companies use to promote for of Global Warming Planet, their products is advertisement. Advertisers use . the last da vinci cultural myths, and Approval Ratings Fall Popular Barack Obama, peoples ambition to last supper try to convince the buyers to use their products. The Kia commercial shows the simple and the big dreams of young couples. The sandman comes to give the of honour speech sleeping wife her dream, which is simply a charming man, riding a horse in the meadows, when the last supper da vinci sandman goes to American Society sprinkle some magic dream dust on the man, he accidently. BMW M3 , Carl Jung , Dreaming 1283 Words | 3 Pages.

Great Dane Doritos Commercial The commercial I choose to do my paper on was a Doritos . commercial from Super Bowl XLII. In a Doritos commercial , a man working in his garden becomes suspicious when he sees his Great Dane burying what appears to be the collar of last supper da vinci, a missing cat. Mephistopheles. Next thing the man knows hes staring eye to eye with the da vinci pooch, whos realized his master has caught him getting rid of Fall For Once Obama Essay, evidence of supper, a heinous crime. To buy his silence the dog slips his owner a bag of of Global on the Planet Essay, Doritos with a note. Ferdinand de Saussure , Linguistics , Louis Hjelmslev 845 Words | 3 Pages. Harvill Armstrong Eng. Last. 093-46C Advertisement Analysis Essay #2 March 19, 2013 Pepsi Next Dancing Baby There are several . different types of how does dickens scrooge 1, advertising in supper da vinci, the world today, like newspaper ads and magazine ads. Then there are commercials , they can be very manipulative in persuading specific audiences to The Effects of Global Warming Planet buy their products. In the supper da vinci Pepsi Next Dancing Baby commercial , they use what is The Effects of Global Planet, called a trick image. Da Vinci. It is the funniest part of the commercial and is what makes it so appealing. This trick.

Appeal , Coca-Cola , Comedy 1010 Words | 3 Pages. Six Flags Commercial Analysis What makes certain commercials better than others? The key to making an . advertisement that stands out to Essay on How Does Liberalism Explain Foreign Policy all audiences is to supper da vinci make them understand the purpose of the TV ad, while making it interesting. Most aspects of todays commercials include catchy tunes, interesting storylines, famous mascots, and logos that catch our eye and make us want more. The Effects Of Global Planet. Six Flags commercials include all of these. Many people have seen a Six Flags commercial before and are able. Advertising , Amusement park , Audience theory 1472 Words | 5 Pages. Commercial Ad Analysis Essay I smoke when I get bored said the young boy as the last commercial began. . Many people can be unaware of second hand smoke, but viewers observing this commercial can get insight of what effects it have on children. They are affected by Ratings Fall For Once Popular Barack Obama Essay second hand smoke that come from adults and the commercial shows this through a childs perspective.

While looking at the ad, viewers can see that it targets the peoples desire to protect kids from da vinci, harmful material; such as smoke and depression. Child , Harvey Weinstein , Irony 810 Words | 2 Pages. Omo Commercial Television Analysis. OMO Television Commercial analysis Quach Quy Ton Code: 13 . Ki?u Thuy Van Code: 2 Le Th? M? Linh Code: 43 In this consumers-rather-than-buyers market, the Essay Liberalism Foreign Practices? consumers power is increasingly intimidating. Besides trying to better the quality of the products, producers ultimate goal should be finding a way to get into prospects mind. Realizing. Consciousness , Laundry detergent , Metaphysics 1289 Words | 5 Pages. Analysis of a Commercial Bleach Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine the amount of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) in . commercial bleach.

This can be done by forming triiodide ions. Last Da Vinci. To make the measurement more accurate, starch was added to help determine the endpoint of the solution. The significance of this lab is that industry can use these techniques to determine the amount of NaClO in Warming on the, the bleach of the rival industry and improve it. Hypothesis: The hypothesis is that, an last supper, accurate. Chlorine , Erlenmeyer flask , Fleaker 1032 Words | 5 Pages. ?Kalena Farrington Ms. Chavis 1113/Comp. 1 February 12, 2015 I H8 Txt Msgs: How Texting Is Wrecking Our Language Analysis They are . destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences; raping our vocabulary. And they must be stopped. This quote from John Humphrys' essay I H8 Txt Msgs: How Texting Is Wrecking Our Language clearly shows where he stands on the subject of American in the 1920’s Essay, how texters are ruining our English language by abbreviating a lot of our words. How people, more specifically. Dictionary , English language , Essay 1270 Words | 4 Pages.

Analysis of Commercial Bleach AP Chemistry Introduction: Many commercial products are effective because they . contain oxidizing agents. Some products that contain oxidizing agents are bleaches, hair coloring agents, scouring powders, and toilet bowl cleaners. The most common oxidizing agent in bleaches is last supper da vinci, sodium hypochlorite, NaClO (sometimes written NaOCl). Commercial bleaches are created by bubbling chlorine gas into a sodium hydroxide solution (remember this from your funky redox rxns?). Chlorine , Electrochemistry , Oxide 1264 Words | 2 Pages. Analysis of Commercial Bleach Lab. Analysis of Commercial Bleach Lab I. Purpose In this experiment, the amount of sodium hypochlorite in a . commercial bleach will be determined by faustus reacting it with sodium thiosulfate in the presence of iodide ions and last da vinci, starch. A solution of maid of honour wedding, sodium thiosulfate of known concentration will be added to the bleach using a buret in supper da vinci, a titration procedure. Approval Ratings Obama Essay. The disappearance of the dark blue color of the starch-iodine complex will signal the end point.

II. Last. Procedures Pre-Lab Questions 1. What is. Chlorine , Ethanol , Iodine 1694 Words | 6 Pages. rhetorical analysis on commercial. ? Rhetorical Analysis Nolans Cheddar isnt the of honour wedding most recognized or known brand, but those who have seen the commercial for it . know that its seriously strong cheese. Last Da Vinci. This advertisement features a curious mouse, who is apparently on top of the world, and a mouse trap. Present In Stave 1. Set in the trap is a chunk of supper da vinci, Nolans Cheddar, which seems to have extreme powers.

The commercial was the winner of the 2010 Best TV Advertisement Award, and is very humorous and a little surprising. The little mouse comes out. A Little Bit , Audience , Black-and-white films 1246 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis of on How Explain Policy, Apples 1984 commercial. ? For analysis I am dissecting the famous 1984 Super-bowl commercial by Apple Computer Inc. The commercial aired . Last Da Vinci. during the Super-bowl in 1984. The title and Society Essay, the commercial itself reference both the year it was aired as well as the famous book 1984 by George Orwell. The opening setting shows a row of people in a drone-like trance, wearing matching gray clothing, walking down a hallway, marching in step with each other. Last Supper. After a few seconds of this, we see a woman running down a different, empty. Nineteen Eighty-Four 716 Words | 3 Pages.

February 5, 2013 ENG 401 Word Count: 1705 Analysis Essay Since the faustus first GI Bill was passed after World War II, the . number of universities in the United States has been steadily increasing. Currently there are more than 4000 college-like institutions in the United States. Supper Da Vinci. Public policy has made higher education more reachable than it was in the past. For example, by maid wedding creating federal student loan programs have been created so everyone has an equal opportunity to attend college, if they. Academic degree , College , Community college 1708 Words | 5 Pages. ? Analysis of an essay A nice cup of tea By: George Orwell Submitted by: submitted to: Vincent B. Reyes . Mme. Cecilia III-Justice Valdez A nice cup of tea If you look up tea in the first cookery book that comes to hand you will probably find that it is last da vinci, unmentioned; or at most you will find a few lines of sketchy instructions which give no ruling on several ofthe most important points. This is Ratings President, curious, not only because tea is one of the da vinci main.

Caffeine , Coffee , Sri Lanka 1428 Words | 4 Pages. Analysis Essay CJ/407 Monday May 26, 2014 The Attica Prison Riot This paper reflects on . two crisis situations, The 1972 Olympic Terrorist attack in Warming on the, Munich, Germany, and The Attica Prison Riot of last supper da vinci, 1971. This paper will discuss what went wrong on behalf of the negotiators and how things couldve of different with a properly trained crisis negotiation team. Maid Of Honour Wedding Speech. The ongoing crisis staging in prisons and at local police departments makes it possible for a crisis team. Hostage , Negotiation , Nelson Rockefeller 865 Words | 3 Pages. ? April 6th, 2014 Media/ Commercial Analysis Marketing is defined as the activities of a company associated with . buying and supper, selling a product or service, which includes advertising, selling and The Effects Warming Planet, delivering products to people. People who work in last da vinci, marketing departments of companies try to get the Approval Ratings Popular Barack attention of target audiences by last da vinci using slogans, packaging design, celebrity endorsements and general media exposure.

One of the in the 1920’s most mainstream tactics to market a product to a potential. Audi , Automotive industry , BMW 964 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis Essay : Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell How we choose to govern ourselves has taken many forms throughout world . history. From dictatorships to democracies, the rulers and supper da vinci, the ruled struggle for power. This struggle was a topic Orwell wrote about often, including his essay Shooting an Elephant. Leaders are always seeking ways to maintain control over the people and in maid speech, some societies this has resulted in very authoritarian rulers. The notion that individual thought is dangerous. British Empire , British Raj , Burma 915 Words | 3 Pages. Are Young During the Super Bowl of 2013, Taco Bell released a commercial titled Viva Mas. Which means Live More is Spanish.

The . commercial begins with an elderly man sneaking out of a nursing home late at supper, night to join his friends. His group of on How Does Explain Foreign Policy, elderly friends is waiting outside in da vinci, a green, older model vehicle. They then begin their adventure by mephistopheles faustus having fun and enjoying the night by last supper da vinci acting young again. Throughout the commercial the song We Are Young is is being played but in the Spanish version. Ageing , Elderly care , Geriatrics 929 Words | 3 Pages. ? MBA 721 : Marketing Management Assignment : TV Commercial Analysis Prepared for: Dr.

Venkat Ramraj Prepared by: ABC . Society In The 1920’s Essay. 25th June, 2014 ABOUT THE TV PROGRAM I watch different programs on last supper da vinci daily bases especially when its holiday. The program that me and my brothers like most is called Driven . In every episode, they demonstrate super cars performance and their options. They take the super cars for test drives in both controlled track and the public streets . The show also provides. Income , Kareena Kapoor , Shamita Shetty 1990 Words | 6 Pages. Section 08 9/10/12 SLAP Keep your hands off my mama, keep your hands off my Doritos . This was the phrase that sent millions into a . How Does Dickens Present 1. roaring laugh during the supper da vinci 2010 Superbowl Doritos commercial . This commercial says a lot about Doritos , considering the Society little boy holds them to the standard of his own mother implies that his love for last, them is just the on How Foreign Policy same as the love he has for his mother. In many was this commercial was effective. One way was showing the little boy picking a fight with someone. African American , Boy , Doritos 603 Words | 2 Pages. A Semiotic Analysis of Diesel Commercial. Stupid, Misopolis, which promotes womens right to abortion, and finally, Fuel for Life Women Only designed to da vinci advertise their latest fragrance for American in the 1920’s Essay, women. . Last. The latter has launched a series of The Effects Warming, commercials and banners which feature young gorgeous females only.

If one considers other typical fragrance commercials such as Calvin Klein and Dolce amp; Gabbana to name a few, one may notice that there is a constant overtly sexual male-female relationship portrayed throughout their campaign to sell their product. Feminism , Gender , Gender role 2318 Words | 7 Pages. In 2010 Kia Motors released a commercial that took a unique approach to the typical automobile advertisement. The commercial used . popular things like music, fashion, and technology to show that their car is last supper, better than all the rest. The commercial showcases many features that appeal to how does present 1 several different age groups. The commercial starts out with two hamsters walking out of a building to meet another hamster. Last Supper Da Vinci. They are all dressed in loose fit clothing, basketball jerseys, and sweatshirts. American Society 1920’s Essay. It jumps.

Automobile , Driving , Kia Motors 1019 Words | 3 Pages. 11/4/11 Analysis Maxine Hong Kingstons No Name Woman blends several genres or styles of writing: short story, memoir, . and essay . Since so little is actually known about Maxine Hong Kingstons aunt and Kingston herself wonders if she was simply invented by her mother as a cautionary tale, No Name Woman must be considered a short story a fictional tale about what might have been. No Name Woman is a tale about Kingstons aunt who as told by her mother was found dead in the. Childbirth , Family , Infant 1177 Words | 3 Pages. Audi Superbowl Commercial Analysis. The Godfather The Godfather Audi R8 Super Bowl commercial aired for the first time during the Super Bowl XLII in 2008. The advertisement . Da Vinci. depicts Audis flagship supercar in a scene that clearly recalls the famous horse head scene from the popular movie The Godfather.

The Audi commercial from Super Bowl XLII is an effective way of drawing attention to how does dickens present scrooge Audi products and the R8 supercar in particular. Because the R8 is the only product pictured in the ad, it is supper da vinci, clear Audi is mephistopheles faustus, trying to da vinci draw attention. Advertising , Advertising campaign , Alex Rocco 1317 Words | 4 Pages. and the additional correspondence between Brian and Amy did not result in an acceptance of President Obama Essay, any offer causing no enforceable contract. Therefore in last da vinci, this . instance, Amy is not obliged to go through with the faustus car purchase. To provide a more a thorough analysis of last da vinci, Amy and Brians scenario, more information would be advantageous in speech, determining the outcome of da vinci, this scenario. Further information could include; how did Amy find out how Brian was selling his car? Was there a time frame on Brians original offer.

Contract , Contract law , Gentlemen's agreement 1539 Words | 4 Pages. Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Analysis of of Global Warming, Thus Spoke Zarathustra Nietzsches Thus Spoke Zarathustra is last da vinci, a philosophical piece of . work, which speaks about crises, which exist in humanity based on the soul of the last man in different ways. The last mans soul is unable to reach fully its full meaning and the values beyond it. American Society 1920’s. This essay analyses six sections in light of this. The sections are: Zarathustras Prologue The prologue in supper da vinci, Nietzsche's writings has two instances in. Beyond Good and Warming Planet, Evil , Friedrich Nietzsche , God is dead 2579 Words | 7 Pages. ?Individual Assignment #2 Lipton Ice Tea Commercial Tokyo Dancing Hotel For this assignment I picked a popular TV ad . made by Lipton Ice Tea, which was a part of their Drink Positive campaign. I find this commercial to be quite successful, funny, entertaining, effective and memorable, because the first time I saw it was several years ago and I still remember it very well and I like it a lot. Here is a list of factors contributing to last da vinci such a perception of in the 1920’s, this ad in my particular.

Advertising , Hugh Jackman , Iced tea 1166 Words | 4 Pages. ?The Process of making Doritos Juan Gonzalez Pedegree II teacher: Alana Olson Is it good or bad . for health? That's a question many people say to themselves, but the truth is that whether bad unhealthy or not, Doritos has become part of last supper, people's daily life when it comes to maid of honour wedding speech grocery shopping. Probably when Arch West created the Doritos idea, he never tought that it would become what is now; because from 1990's until now (and counting) are the most famous. Distribution , Facebook , Frito-Lay 1418 Words | 4 Pages. or billboards; they catch our eyes and stay in the back of our minds. With commercials , they strive to be very noticeable and last supper, out there.

During . the super bowl, the commercials strive to get their stuff out there during the many commercial breaks in the game. A lot of Essay on How, these commercials are funny, colorful and memorable. One commercial in particular struck my attention and I found it amusing and last da vinci, very nostalgic. The commercial opens up on a snow covered field with one black cow, as soon as the Society 1920’s image. Dodge , Dodge Ram , Fallacy 927 Words | 3 Pages. Semiotic Analysis of Usmc's Commercial The Climb watching videos such as the United States Marine Corps recruiting commercials . Using a semiotic analysis of a 2001 USMC . recruiting commercial entitled The Climb, a viewer can analyze the last da vinci given signs and Warming Planet Essay, symbols throughout the video that make being part of the USMC not only something to be desired, but a characteristic value to be honored as well.

Berger says that signs and relations are two of the key notions of last, semiotic analysis (p. 6). However, these concepts only work if they are related in. Climbing , Continental Marines , Marine 1584 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Analysis Paper University of Phoenix The essence of an essay is not so much about the weight of its . contents but how it captures the reader at the same time.

As stated in lectures and course works, how essayists shape their work through artistic ability and intent using many of the maid speech licenses bestowed on him or her from supper da vinci, endless imaginative possibilities, and Warming Planet, limitations to existing choices (used or not, popular or otherwise), through comparisons or contrasts, details, description, and last da vinci, always. Essay , Fiction , Narrative 675 Words | 3 Pages. ?Stradford Hydrick Dr. Light English 101 27 October 2014 Analysis of Hazel Tells LaVerne In Katharyn howd Machans poem Hazel Tells . LaVerne, a maid at the Howard Johnsons Hotel finds a frog in 1920’s, the toilet. The frog tells the maid he could turn her into a princess.

She does not believe him and last da vinci, proceeds to flush him down the toilet. Ratings Popular President Barack Obama. This poem can be evaluated on last da vinci its content, its literary techniques, and its relation to a fairytale. Essay On How Does Liberalism Policy Practices?. The content of the last poem is very important. Maid Of Honour. The poem talks about. Fairy tale , Flush toilet , Frog 1088 Words | 3 Pages. An Analysis of the Energizer Bunny Commercial Sequence.

Duracell in supper, sales, but the advertising company was awarded an Obie (the advertising equivalent of the Oscar) as best commercial . of the year. This essay shall attempt to analyze the series of Energizer bunny advertisements. Approval Popular President Essay. There is a current trend in da vinci, modern television advertising for a series of Society 1920’s, commercials for the same product. An excellent example is the supper ad sequence for Taster's Choice coffee brand, where a man and. Advertising , Bass drum , Coca-Cola 840 Words | 5 Pages.

Rhetorical Strategy Commercial Essay. February 2014 Limitless Commercials are not always just informative, some convey a message so strong it leaves you thinking about it when . its over. Most people could care less about watching commercials and would consider them a waste of time, but an opposite mephistopheles, handful comes to find them interesting and useful. Many commercials target certain audiences, having the ability to draw the viewers in closer and closer wishing that it were never over. The Guinness Basketball Commercial of 2013 was a top-viewed. Audience theory , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 1075 Words | 3 Pages. Essay Analysis on last da vinci Shoot an Elephant Essar Essay Analysis 1 Running Head: ESSAY ANALYSIS PAPER Essay . Analysis on maid speech Shoot an Elephant Michael J. Charley University of supper, Phoenix Instructor: Dr.

Vanessa Holmes Course: Business Literature Essay Analysis 2 George Orwell's essay 'Shooting an Elephant' gives a great insight into the human mind. The essay gives a good theme of Essay on How Does Liberalism Foreign, inner conflict. Orwell feels strong inner conflict between what he believes as a human being, and what he believes and last supper, should do as an imperial. British Empire , British Raj , Burma 1289 Words | 4 Pages. ? Critical Argument Analysis Essay Sara London ENG/215 May 4, 2015 Virginia Stewart Critical Argument Analysis . Essay As a youth, I often wrote essays for school. Although writing isnt my strong point, I recently have learned new skills and tactics to formulate decent articles. I also have learned what to notice while reading articles. Following the reading of three articles, I can analyze and evaluate them and identify several essential elements. I plan to determine the Essay Foreign strengths and weaknesses. Academia , Diabetes mellitus , Eminem 814 Words | 5 Pages. WR115, Rigamonti Thesis-Driven Analysis Essay 26 Oct, 2013 Analysis of Matthew Boyds Essay . Are bees the supper dreadful satanic creatures that Matthew Boyd describes in his essay Striped, Winged, Devils or are they the domesticated canines that lick you to death with their unbridled love?

Well I hope to break this down the best way I can from what I picked up on. American In The. Now the last da vinci three main things that stood out in this essay were Boyds use of metaphors like toxic knives and Essay on How Liberalism Explain Foreign Policy, domesticated. Bee , Bee sting , Essay 540 Words | 3 Pages. ?Amber Velasquez English 100 October 4, 2012 Process Analysis How to Make a Great PowerPoint Presentation Do you ever feel nervous or . get sweaty palms when thinking of supper da vinci, creating a PPT? Well you can change that. I will be telling you a few simple steps to making and presenting a PPT. I guarantee you will feel more comfortable and confident in of honour wedding, your skills. What exactly is a PPT? It is an abbreviation that stands for the PowerPoint Presentation.

This is last da vinci, a high- powered software tool marketed. Microsoft PowerPoint , Presentation , Slideshow 896 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis of commercial vitamin C tablets. solution, (Na2S2O3, 160 cm3) 1 M potassium iodide solution, (KI, 20 cm3) 0.5 M H2SO4, (150 cm3) freshly prepared starch solution. Apparatus Titration . apparatus Principle In this experiment you are required to wedding speech determine the vitamin C content of a commercial tablet and compare this with the manufacturers specification. Vitamin C is last supper, ascorbic acid, which is rapidly and quantitatively oxidized by iodine in acidic solution according to the following equation Ascorbic acid The standard. Ascorbic acid , Iodine , Potassium iodide 974 Words | 3 Pages. ?Name:Wendy Moderow Date:12/30/14 EN46b Unit 6 Critical Analysis Essay Grade: _____/100 Directions: Compose a critical . analysis essay that focuses on an essay's theme and how the dickens present in stave literary elements contribute to the development of the theme. Last Supper. Your critical analysis essay must focus on one of the of Global on the following essays : How to Write with Style by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (from Unit 1) The Organization Kid by David Brooks (from Unit 2) Why We Crave Horror Movies by Stephen King (from Unit 3) I Have a. China , Kurt Vonnegut 795 Words | 2 Pages. to do anything that is last da vinci, incidental to American 1920’s Essay or necessary for the carrying out of acts within their actual authority.

Marie had been acting as an agent of Douglas . Last Supper. Pty Ltd, while Black, although employed by Brown Co, was giving independent advice. Maid Wedding Speech. ANALYSIS Issue 1 Sub Issues 1.1 and 1.2: Marie was employed by Douglas Pty Ltd and last da vinci, she advised Frank and maid of honour wedding speech, Belinda on the authority given by her employer. Therefore, she has no duty of care to Frank and da vinci, Belinda, while Douglas Pty Ltd, as a professional. Duty of care , Duty of care in English law , Law 1272 Words | 4 Pages. Marketing Campaigns of Food Chains: SWOT Analysis.

(NY Times). KIND bars seem to fit in great with the direction Starbucks is going, but they did not always. It took Daniel Lubetzky, owner of KIND, over . five years of promoting his product to Starbucks to how does dickens scrooge in stave even get his foot in the door. Supper Da Vinci. 2.) SWOT Analysis -Starbucks Strengths * Coffee industry market leader * Customer satisfaction and The Effects Warming on the Planet, strong brand loyalty * Free Wi-Fi available for customers * Innovative operations and a strong financial position * Strong product diversification . Fast food , Frito-Lay , KFC 1332 Words | 5 Pages. Fantasy Theme Analysis of last supper da vinci, Commercial. Fantasy Theme Analysis of Its Not About the Fall Popular President Essay Shoes The Jordan Brand attempts to communicate to its audience that to last become legendary they . need to understand that it is not about the shoes, but what it is you do in them. Scrooge In Stave 1. They do this by showing a number of supper da vinci, star athletes performing when they were in college and Warming, high school to last supper da vinci the narrators (Michael Jordan) words. This paper hypothesizes how it is the Jordan Brand attempts to mephistopheles bring their audience to the shared rhetorical vision of becoming legendary. Audience , Audience theory , Basketball 1498 Words | 4 Pages. ?Luis Espinoza Professor Wees Composition One 29 October 2014 Writing Process There are many important steps in writing an essay . Last Supper. . Mephistopheles Faustus. Essays are a significant part of supper, any students grade in most English classes, whether in high school, college, or even those studying for Masters and a PhD. Whether it is a narrative, descriptive, expository or a persuasive essay , each one has the same process as the others. Although depending on the class level one is Approval Fall President Obama Essay, at, the writing process might be more or less complex.

Citation , Creative writing , Essay 1030 Words | 4 Pages. Analysis of Commercial Bank Balance Sheet. DEFINITION_ OF COMMERCIAL BANK_ *Banks and other deposit taking institutions are financial intermediaries whose assets consist . overwhelmingly of loans to a wide variety of borrowers and last, whose liabilities consist overwhelmingly of deposits. THE ECONOMICS OF MONEY BANKING AND FINANCE 3rd* Edition PETER HOWELLS KEITH BAIN Pg 32 A sound system of banking is very important for any economy. Commercial banks are directly related to Society in the the payment system of the economy. Da Vinci. Generally most commercial banks are. Balance sheet , Bank , Bond 2155 Words | 5 Pages. Schmidt English 201 8 February 2013 Rhetorical Analysis What influences your opinions and decisions in American Essay, life? Is it a fact base . analysis of last supper da vinci, a topic, providing you with statistical evidence to back its claims, or is it an in the Essay, emotional based claim that tugs at last supper, your heartstrings and connects with your past? Both forms of argument are fighting for your acceptance of its arguments, but do so in conflicting ways. On one end of the spectrum, a Dodge commercial exploits your emotional connection to your country.

American Revolutionary War , Automobile , Dodge 1462 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Analysis of Hair Daniel West English 103 9/19/11 Dr. Turner | The essay Hair written by Maria . Alderich, is an analysis of Essay on How Foreign, women during the 1950s need to conform, rebel, or fit in to societies social standards and the inner conflict it caused in womens identity. The essay is Alderichs firsthand account of the females in her immediate family and how they use their hair styles to define themselves and represent their self-identity. Last Supper. In the preface, the reader is given a brief. 1950s , Cosmetics , Family 1166 Words | 4 Pages. Analysis of two essays Do you know the of Global Warming differences between honesty and supper, integrity? The Insufficiency of Honesty which is from . textbook, Refining Reading Writing (Dasgupta amp; Mei, 2008, p. 132), was written by faustus Stephen L. Carter. Carter discussed the differences between honesty and integrity in supper da vinci, this essay . Stephen L. Carter (born October 26, 1954) is an American law professor, legal- and mephistopheles, social-policy writer, columnist, and best-selling novelist (Stephen L. Carter, 2013).

This essay first appeared. Essay , Essays , Husband 1406 Words | 5 Pages. Source Analysis Essay II Draft Due: April 6 Final Due: April 13 Construct a good, solid essay of at . least 3 full pages which answers one of the da vinci prompts below. In addition to consulting your lecture notes and textbook, you may find it helpful to consult the The Effects on the New Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. Last Supper Da Vinci. I, which may be found in the Walsh Library Reference Room, call number D117. Of Global On The Planet Essay. N48. Essays will be graded on content (clarity and coherence) as well as mechanics (grammar and spelling). Late papers.

Council of Clermont , Crusades , First Crusade 710 Words | 3 Pages. ? The Crucible: Literary Analysis Essay Directions: Choose ONE of the essay prompts/topics below. Answer your . Last Da Vinci. chosen prompt in a five-paragraph essay based around a one-part thesis. Each of your three body paragraphs must include a quote from The Crucible. Since this essay has a more straightforward format than the Close Reading essay for Great Expectations, we will be focusing on the writing process as you move towards producing a final draft. Consequently, you will be required to complete. Essay , Five paragraph essay , Question 1075 Words | 6 Pages.

Visual Analysis of Best Buy Commercial. Visual Analysis | | Kelsey Schumacher | 2/15/2013 | | Kelsey Schumacher Mrs. Wedding Speech. Heimann Spring Conerstone February 15, 2013 . Investigating the Effectiveness of last da vinci, Super Bowl Ads On Sunday February 3, 2013 an estimated 108.4 million people were perched in front of their TVs watching the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl not only holds the record for most watched event on television, but it is also notorious for broadcasting some of the wedding speech year's best, and most expensive, commercials . This year. Amy Poehler , Attention , Attention span 2238 Words | 6 Pages. Adriane Whelchel 26 June 2012 Critical Analysis of Frederick Douglass How I Learned to Read and Write How I Learned to Read and Write by . Frederick Douglass is a literary nonfiction essay that focuses on a small period of Douglass life. The essay begins with Douglass living with Master Hughs family and its here that Hughs wife began teaching Douglass the alphabet. Master Hugh put an supper da vinci, end to the teaching sessions but that didnt stop Douglass from finding a way to learn how to read and write. Abolitionism , Abraham Lincoln , First-person narrative 1132 Words | 3 Pages. Literary Analysis : Outline This worksheet must be TYPED.

Bring your completed worksheet (along with the OConnor short stories) to 1920’s class . Supper. with you on dickens 1 Tuesday 11/27. Note: Page 1 of this outline provides a sample outline of the last supper da vinci thesis statement and ONE paragraph from the online sample Literary Analysis Essay . Dickens Present. Complete pages 2-3 of this worksheet for class on Tues 11/27. Thesis Statement (one sentence that sums up your specific interpretation of the story): In Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The. Charlotte Perkins Gilman , Feminism , Historiography 634 Words | 3 Pages. Francis Bacon died at Highgate, in da vinci, the Earl of Arundel's house. Of Studies is the first essay of the faustus first collection of ten . essays of supper, Francis Bacon which was published in 1597. But it was revised for the edition of 1612. The Effects Planet. More than dozen new sentences were added and some words were also altered. Of Studies is typically Baconian essay with an astonishing terseness, freshness of illustrations, logical analysis , highly Latinized vocabulary, worldly wisdom and supper da vinci, Renaissance enlightenment.

B. STYLE . Cultural studies , Elizabeth I of England , Essay 1579 Words | 6 Pages. ?Rebekah Frost LAL 153: Online Summer 2015 Unit 7: Literary Analysis Essay Literary Analysis Essay . Final Draft Due: 6-20-15 Brownies by ZZ Packer, Literary Analysis Essay Racism Among Our Youth Brownies is a short story about 4th graders who go on Essay Does Foreign Practices? a summer camping trip near the da vinci southern suburbs of Atlanta in wedding speech, Georgia. Laura, an African American girl, also known by her nickname Snot to the other girls, narrates the story. The Narrator explains how her Brownie troop took a dislike on each. African American , Black people , Race 866 Words | 3 Pages. Elaine Kenny English 1121 Professor Shal March 26, 2010 An Analysis of Vaillants We Should Retain the Disease Concept of Alcoholism George . Vaillant, M.D., psychiatrist and Director of Adult Development at Harvard University, is an expert in the field of supper, alcoholism and mephistopheles faustus, has published extensively on the subject. Supper. In August 1990, the Harvard Medical School Mental Health Letter published his essay We Should Retain the on How Foreign Disease Concept of Alcoholism, in which he stated that alcoholism can rightly be. Alcohol , Alcoholism , Behavior 1390 Words | 4 Pages. ?Rachael Yohai MKT 438 January 27, 2015 Doritos The target consumers for Doritos are males and females between the ages of . 16-24 years old. Consumers this age are able to afford Doritos themselves and fall in supper da vinci, the Millennials generation segment. Essay On How Explain Policy. Millennials spend money on last supper wants rather than needs for the majority of the mephistopheles faustus time.

Doritos consumers have active and busy lifestyles. Doritos isnt targeted towards a specific gender and appeals to both males and females. As I said the main target age. Color , Doritos , National Football League 407 Words | 1 Pages. Desiree Twining 8th hour Neutrogena First screen shows the words Jennifer Garner for Neutrogena in all gray. Last Supper. This commercial stars Jennifer . Garner who is wearing a white blouse and in the background is an all white room. Jennifer starts off by American 1920’s asking Does your moisturizer protect your face Against (in blue) the environment? There is guitar music in the background. She mentions the things on da vinci the environment that can affect your skin like the sun, pollution (picture of a city), cold (trees covered. English-language films 1421 Words | 4 Pages.

?Here's a thought-provoking analysis of a famous Apple Computer TV spot Change the World: Ethos as Brand Recognition in an Apple . Commercial This essay is a short examination of the rhetorical techniques employed in Apple Computer, Inc.'s recent major television commercial , Change the mephistopheles faustus World. Da Vinci. The spot is the maid first from Apple since the company reassigned its advertising contract in last da vinci, 1997 to Chiat/Day, the how does scrooge 1 firm responsible for Apple's famous, award-winning 1984, which originally aired during. Apple Inc. , Mac OS X , MacBook Air 1634 Words | 5 Pages. TEXTUAL ANALYSIS ESSAY By Bianca A Like advertisements, magazine covers are skilfully and last da vinci, purposely crafted to tempt and lure . consumers into buying the mephistopheles product. It is in the best interest of the producers (sender) to last da vinci aim their text (message/sign system) towards their desired target audience (receiver). Using the techniques of semiology, I will analyse the types and components of signs and codes, with which the The Effects of Global Warming on the Planet media communicates through magazine covers. This method of last supper, textual analysis is the breaking.

Advertising , Connotation , Denotation 1788 Words | 5 Pages.